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[04 Apr 2005|05:52pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

today was pretty much like every other day... it sucked but oh well... lucas and i got into a sorta fight last night b/c he told some girl (she had a pic of herself holding a heart that says i love you) that he helped her find her heart or something like that and then said much love. what bugs me about it so much is the whole love thing, even though he said that there is a difference between saying much love and i love you.... im just scared it will turn into i love you.... im too over protective of him..... ugh..... i really do wish that i wasnt like that about all these little girls that flirt with him, but its just so hard to not get upset sometimes... i dunno thou... this girl is like different or something.... shes like way obsessive i think... she says she wants to meet him again b/c it was awesome or something.... if i was to see her at this very moment, i'd prolly get in her face and start to scream.... and it kinda sucks b/c i dont want to be like that but just the things that they say to him make me so MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok i think im done w/ my ranting... ack, my feet are asleep! wow tonight is boring! i have nothing to do... i was going to go job hunting, but my mom said the people that usually hire people have all went home and then she threw a fit b/c i was going to go in blue jeans and so i was like fuck it, i'll stay home, so here i am. i think later im gonna go take a shower and then get back on here and do my earth science.... what an exciting life i have huh???

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