Ralph's Day

Thursday, March 4, 2004

6:18PM - Job Search

Ok, so I really want to go to grad school.

I miss being an academic. I love teaching, don't get me wrong. But when most of the conversations you have in a single day are with 10 and 11 year old kids, its hard to feel like you're doing much to better yourself mentally. And since my job takes up most of my life, I don't even get to read anymore. Grrr.

I want to learn things again. I feel like my brain has begun to atrophy. Of course, I could be feeling my stomach instead. I tend to think with it more often than not, and my chinese lunch is long past. Gary just called though, and he's on his way to meet me for dinner. So that may help.

I guess another factor is that I HATE job applications. They're tedious and repetitive. I have no patience for these things. At least I can cut and paste most of it from one place to another now. They ask stupid questions like "What 3 things are most important to you about being a teacher?" Sounds harmless right? Like there are no right answers? But they're looking for the latest buzz words and educational jargon. Its like a psychological profile, and makes you read and re-read everything a million times to be sure you don't sound like a serial killer.

I don't know. I'm probably just frustrated by the fact that I'd rather watch TV than type this stuff. :) Oh well. Time for dinner!

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