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Drive whips I know they like [29 Jun 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Kanye ]

Ive met a boy. A boy at work. Now he's my boyfriend or whatever you want to call that special person in your life who holds a different purpose in your heart from anybody else.

His name is Travis. He goes to Mahtomedi. And I love him.

And with work and Travis and everything else, I just dont really have time for this journal so it seems pointless.
But because I have a heart, I wont just dump you Blurty, I'll just write in you every so often (once a week? once a month?).

Summer is not a time to be sitting on your ass in front of a computer.

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Travel across the continent of me [07 Jun 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Billy Joel ]

Its not even summer and me and my girls (Jen Lisha and Stina) are already staying up till 6 am partying with older guys.
HAHA it was so fun though!

Too bad James just didnt work. :D

Now school is almost over and Im so excited. AND I leave for Boston and Maine on Thursday.

Can I get a woot?!

Enough of this. Im gonna finish eating my mango. and listening to
Billy Joel.

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Its not as bad as you think [03 Jun 2004|07:30pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | Franz ]

Thank goodness that I changed my classes so that I could be in gym this quarter first period and eat lunch D. Otherwise I never would have met Christina Alisha OR Jenna. Damn its cool how stuff works out.

And if I wouldnt have met them, I never would have hung out with John W. Cory, Wes and Ryan. And I wouldnt have gone to Stina's and then hung out at Nadeaus with Jenna and talked with Ryan Dorner and all those other guys.

I also wouldnt be going shopping with them tomorrow.
Or having our own party on saturday.

And a bunch of other good fun wouldnt have happened either.

I love life. and I love my girls!

-Marks (Dont worry Ale, youre still my favorite!!!)

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A.M. Falco [28 May 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Hoobastank ]

I have the coolest best friend in the world.

We played some soccer, recorded each others voicemails, flirted with 7th graders (no not for real), ate some chips, made fun of peoples yearbook pictures, admired hot guys, drank Gatorade which came out of my nose, danced, watched you dance a dumb dance to a song you dont know the lyrics to, went potty, called that certain girl, hit cars with that damn golfball, went tanning, harrassed Frucci, pissed off your brother, had a water fight, fell on the ground chasing after a ball, condomized corn on the cob in our minds, ate pork (why???) and it was all in a few happy hours.

I love you Skid.

And we laugh until we pee our pants....

Much love- Marks

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Nope [28 May 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Radiohead ]

Beef...I dont like it.

Except tacos and steak is delicious.

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De-nerd yourself [21 May 2004|05:35pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Offspring ]

At Ale's right now.

Ale says hey.

what did we do tonight? we......snooped, made a condom water balloon and threw it at her bro, went driving around with Micheal doing useless things, I told a lady she was killing herself and she gave me a dirty dirty look, listened to music, ate food, played resteraunt, did pointless shit that made us giggle, took tests on the internet and talked. We are such the best friends.

But were dumb blondes underneath our brunette-ity.
Ale: (Reads) 'Underwear....with skid marks' (pauses) what are skid marks???
Me: Poop stains Ale!!!!


Enough of this. Were wasting valuable best friend time.

Much love- Ash and Ale

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With Micheal and Alexandra [20 May 2004|09:04pm]
Too many potential victims.

Just like I told Ale.
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waterfalls [20 May 2004|09:01pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | "Waterfalls" ]

I seen a rainbow yesterday
But too many storms have come and gone
Leavin' a trace of not one God-given ray
You say because my life is ten shades of grey
I prey all ten fade away
Seldom praise Him for the sunny days

And like his promise is true
Only my faith can undo
The many chances I blew
To bring my life to anew
Clear blue and unconditional skies
Have dried the tears from my eyes
No more lonely cries

My only bleedin' hope
Is for the folk who can't cope
Wit such an endurin' pain
That it keeps 'em in the puourin' rain
Who's to blame
For tootin' caine in your own vein
What a shame
You shoot and aim for someone else's brain
You claim the insane
And name this day and time
For fallin' prey to crime
I say the system got you victim to your own mind
Dreams are hopeless aspirations
In hopes of comin' true
Believe in yourself
The rest is up to me and you.

I am fabulous.

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Keep in touch [12 May 2004|08:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Sublime ]

I'll let you know when I want you to read about my days and my thoughts again. Keep in touch.

Before I go, I think yould find this interesting (maybe)- I think Ive found the guy Ive been waiting for.
Headliner for sure.

Thanks for your time and effort.
-Ashley R.

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The fun is back ;) [10 May 2004|05:25pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Cool Colin Mixa ]

Because of you, Im running out of reasons to cry.

Im finally done with my 3 weeks of groundage. So, naturally I hung out with Nick today. Tomorrow is Ale's day to spend time with me!

Ive really missed my best friend. But now Ive got to face her brother. Bleck.

Mother's Day was fabtabulous. I went golfing for my first time. Exhilarating.

Summer is so close I can taste it. I'll be working at DQ so come visit me.

Current thought: I cant wait until college (hahahaha Ale)


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Entwined fingers [01 May 2004|01:48pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | "The Fallen Interlude" ]

I havent written in 2 weeks. You dont know me very well if you dont know why.
Because of Ale's brother, I got grounded for 3 weeks.

If youre going to go to two parties with juinor guys, dont lie about it. Just tell the truth. Even if there is going to be alcohol, tell your parents where youre going!

otherwise you might end up being brought home by the cops with a lot of explaining to do.
Even if you do make some valuable memories and meet new people.

Kevin (moms English boyfriend) flew in from Wales last saturday and he just left 5 minutes ago. He's nice, and I like his accent.
He also buys me ice cream.

Summer job. Growing up can be a lot of crap, but money is always nice to have.

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Dreading it [15 Apr 2004|06:38pm]
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Lemon Jelly ]

Kevin Countdown: 8 days

Save me.

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As the match burns [15 Apr 2004|06:00pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]
[ music | "Like Humans Do" ]

Sometimes being a girl sucks. Like when you suddenly get that certain girl thing. Yes. A PERIOD.

Guys dont know how easy they have it.
Nick Klar "Im so glad Im not a girl." haha

But then you discover a pill called Midol (Haley Wakefield is QUEEN) and after 15 min of popping it, you feel high and like nothing can bring you down. Well maybe not that good, but its still pretty fuckin cool.

After school....Nicks car with Britt and Ale....going to cup n cone. Walking in the rain....waiting for Britts mom....driving Ale home...driving with Nick....stopping on my street and talking with Nick....ending our conversation because he had to go to work....waiting for the cell to rings and Im driving so I of course cant answer it.....get home and leave him a message....sitting here typing shit you really dont care about.

He's really awesome and I couldnt be happier that Ive met him ((not just cos he has a car :) but you know its a plus))

Want to read a good book girls? Read "A Dance For Three"

'Understand with your heart" Look it up.

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Angel from my nightmare [13 Apr 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | David Lindley ]

I had a fabulous tuesday.

School was school, but a good day of school.
Even though I was jealouss (right ness))

My new soph friend Nick drove me Kris Ale and Britt to South to drop Kris and Britt of for track. BOOOO!
It was crazy though. That boy is lucky he has his license- 90 on white bear ave. Shiiiit boy.

The whole time I had to sit on Kris's lap too. hahaha.

So then we went and tanned like cool kids do. Im sick of being the whitest white girl on the block.
But it was all in good fun.

Friday night- Nick Kris Ale and Me. WARNING: you might want to stay off the roads. If you hear a car with a messed up horn, thats us. :)

Okay, thanks for listening to my useless information about my day and future. You are a true pal.


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We all know whos fault it is [12 Apr 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | "Beer Song" ]

A Thought on America and what weve become:

I begin to fear that in the eyes of the rest of mankind we cant be far from barbarians. This reflection doesnt furnish a stimulating food for national pride. Ive grown more and more ashamed.

The only good things Bush is useful for is fighting against abortion ((gotta save the babies)) and against gay marriages ((nothing wrong with being gay, but I dont believe in Adam and Steve)).

You can disagree all you want, but thats the beauty of opinion.

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Refresh your mind... [12 Apr 2004|04:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Paul Mayasich ]

Your soul. Your spirit. Yourself.

Easter weekend was lovely. Im missing Virginia like mad though.

I want a pet. A pet I can name Asparagus. Just because.

Be careful with your love. Be careful with your heart. <3

Kevin Countdown: 11 days.
This is going to kill.

-The one, the only.

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Friends [08 Apr 2004|01:54pm]
[ mood | grateful ]
[ music | VH1 ]

Nothing beats friendship. If you dont have friends, or your friends arent true to you, you really need to stop and think.

A good friend is like a family member that knows everything about you. Never doubt your friends and what they can do for you.

April 7th, at Leighs, was one of the best talks Ive ever had.

Friendship isn't always easily described, but it is easily felt by the heart. I know that my girls are true friends. Without them Id be a patch of dried grass in a lawn.

Now Im going to end this with a line from a Beatles song:
I get by with a little help from my friends.

^$I-I \_3y


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Open your ears [08 Apr 2004|09:48am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | The Beatles ]

The Beatles. Greatest band.
You say Im wrong. You say some band that came after them are the real music makers. Well, for most bands, if it werent for the Beatles, they wouldnt sound at all like they do.

Revolutions in music.

All my little plans and schemes
Lost like some forgotten dreams
Seems that all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

Don't need to be afraid
No need to be afraid
It's real love, it's real
Yes it's real love, it's real

Thought I'd been in love before
But in my heart, I wanted more
Seems like all I really was doing
Was waiting for you

Its getting better all the time.



Virginia today. Iron Ranger at heart.

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William Zanzinger [06 Apr 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Bob Dylan ]

But you who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears,
Take the rag away from your face.
Now ain't the time for your tears.

I find it disgusting how african americans were treated in the 1950's. Theyre free to not be owned by a white man, but now have to obey white mans rules. They were treated like animals, not human beings.

Filthy white americans. The thing is though that racism is still around and sometimes just as bad as it was then. Lets grow up a little.

Im seriously going to live in Canada or England or Australia. Three good choices. Sure those countries have their own problems, but who doesnt?

Doomed and determined to destroy all the gentle.


-Ashley Rose

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Take a piece and pass it on [05 Apr 2004|06:44pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Red Hot Chili Peppers ]

You only think youre a virgin.
But actually I got you drunk in homebase and took you in the janitors closet and made sweet closet love to you all first mod and into second.

I just couldnt lie to you anymore.

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