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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
9:06p - ...it keeps me stronger
Well i got wool wraps..
wool wraps

I met up with Giles today, hes sweet. We went to see terminator 3, then we went and had a drink in a bar, it was nice, I felt a bit un easy with him at first because he is 29 and im only 18... but hes sweet :)

well i dunno what to think about my hair... it was waist length, but my mum 'trimmed it' now its just past my shoulders... I really cried when i looked in the mirror. I really loved my hair.

Im just gonna keep wool wrapping it untill it grows back

current mood: discontent
current music: Kidney thieves - Mustard Seed
Comments: 5 Diseases - Infect Me.

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