quiz stoled from hannah.   
02:01pm 29/02/2004
mood: cranky
music: My daddy is watching golf.
What is your name?: Mary Rose

Are you named after anyone?: I got Mary from my aunt and then Rose is my mom's maiden name.

What's your screename?: TT is my hero (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!)

Would you name a child of yours after you?: i dont think so.

If you were born a member of the opposite sex what would your name be?: Alexander. (whoa same as hannah's)

If you could switch names with a friend who would it be?: Probably Robin. It's a cute name.

Are there any mispronounciations/typos that ppl do w/ your name constantly?: lots. I get called Mary, and people write it as Mary-Rose or Maryrose

Would you drop your last name if you became famous?: i dont think so.

Your gender: female.

Straight/Gay/Bi: straight.

Single?: no. Thomas :-)

If not, do you want to be?: ....

Birthdate: February 3rd.

Your age: 15

Age you act: i think i act my age...most of the time.

Age you wish you were: over 16 so I could drive.

Your height: 5'almost 3".

Eye color: brownish/hazelish

Happy with it?: sometimes.

Hair color: brown.

Happy with it?: meh I guess.

Lefty/righty/ambidextrous: righty.

Your living arrangement: 10 Bradford Road.

Your family: mommy, daddy, brother, and sister until next tuesday.

Have any pets?: yes, my puppy :-)

Whats your job?: i dont have one.

Piercings?: 2 in both ears.

Tattoos?: none.

Obsessions?: ermm...taylor twellman?

Addictions?: none that I can think of.

Do you speak another language?: somewhat spanish but not really.

Have a favorite quote?: meh not really.

Do you have a webpage?: my blurty?

Deep Thoughts About Life and You in it

Do you live in the moment?: I guess.

Do you consider yourself tolerant of others?: when they're tolerant towards me.

Do you have any secrets?: mhmm.

Do you hate yourself?: nope.

Do you like your handwriting?: yeah it's nice.

Do you have any bad habits?: biting my nails

What is the compliment you get from most people?: umm...basically robin saying something.

What's your biggest fear?: i know that everyone says this but i would say being alone.

Can you sing?: yeah.

Do you ever pretend to be someone else just to look cool?: no.

Are you a loner?: on occasion.

What are your #1 priorities in life?: family, friends, God, school.

If you were another person, would you be friends with you?: yeah I think so.

Are you a daredevil?: no.

Is there anything you fear or hate about yourself?: not really.

Are you passive or agressive?: it depends.

Do you have a journal?: mhmm.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?: my loud mouth.

Is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?: there's a few.

Do you think life has been good so far?: I would say so.

What is the most important lesson you've learned from life?: that it can end in a second.

What do you like the most about your body?: my dimples.

And least?: my icky scar and my feet.

Do you think you are good looking?: sometimes.

Are you confident?: yeah.

Are you perceived wrongly?: sometimes.

Do You...
Smoke?: nope

Do drugs?: nope

Read the newspaper?: sports and the funnies.

Pray?: yes

Go to church?: yup

Talk to strangers who IM you?: well sure if they IM me.

Sleep with stuffed animals?: sometimes.

Take walks in the rain?: it hasn't rained lately, but next time it does I'll take a walk.

Talk to people even though you hate them?: sure.

Drive?: not yet.

Like to drive fast?: I wish I could.

Would or Have You Ever?
Liked your voice?: yes.

Hurt yourself?: no.

Been out of the country?: Bermuda, Mexico and errr Canada?

Eaten something that made other people sick?: lol there's a couple. Let's see...I eat the cheese from the nacho chips; just the cheese, and I eat all the butter on the sides of the popcorn bag.

Been in love?: i think so.

Done drugs?: nope.

Gone skinny dipping?: I went in my underwear once.

Had a medical emergency?: not really...10 stitches and a broken finger?

Had surgery?: nope.

Ran away from home?: I don't think so.

Played strip poker?: haha not yet.

Gotten beaten up?: no.

Beaten someone up?: oh I wish I could.

Been picked on?: yeah.

Been on stage?: yes.

Slept outdoors?: yup.

Thought about suicide?: no.

Pulled an all nighter?: probably once.

If yes, what is your record?: It was a while ago I dont remember.

Gone one day without food?: haha me? absolutley not.

Talked on the phone all night?: yep.

Slept together with the opposite sex w/o actually having sex?: hoping to someday.

Slept all day?: lol yes.

Killed someone?: no.

Made out with a stranger?: nope

Had sex with a stranger?: lol no

Thought you're going crazy?: yup.

Kissed the same sex?: jokingly yes.

Done anything sexual with the same sex?: no.

Been betrayed?: no.

Had a dream that came true?: I dont think so.

Broken the law?: yes.

Met a famous person?: yes, TAYLOR TWELLMAN!!

Have you ever killed an animal by accident?: lol my brother hit a skunk...it was great.

On purpose?: spiders and catepillers.

Told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell?: yes.

Stolen anything?: umm..candy from the candy machine

Been on radio/tv?: yeah. Channel 11!

Been in a mosh-pit?: nope.

Had a nervous breakdown?: once or twice.

Bungee jumped?: someday.

Had a dream that kept coming back?: yes.

Belive in life on other planets?: sometimes.

Miracles?: yes.

Astrology?: not really.

Magic?: no.

God?: yes.

Satan?: yes.

Santa?: nope

Ghosts?: yeah I guess.

Luck?: yes.

Love at first sight?: maybe with some people.

Yin and yang (that good cant exist w/o bad)?: not really.

Witches?: nope.

Easter bunny?: nooo

Believe its possible to remain faithful forever?: of course.

Believe theres a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow?: maybe.

Do you wish on stars?: yes.

Deep Theological Questions

Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell?: yes.

Do you think God has a gender?: he's a man.

Do you believe in organized religion?: yes.

Where do you think we go when we die?: either heaven or hell.

Do you have any gay/lesbian friends?: I don't think so.

Who is your best friend?: Abbey, Dan, Robin, Jan, Noel

Who's the one person that knows most about you?: Probably Dan and Abbey.

Your favourite inside joke?: lol eggo :-X and plenty with Noel.

Thing you're picked on most about?: my stupidness.

Who's your longest known friend?: well...probably pittman or pete v.

Newest?: Mel.

Shyest?: All of them are pretty outgoing.

Funniest?: Dano and Abbey.

Sweetest?: Tom.

Closest?: Noel.

Weirdest?: lol Noel and Dan

Smartest?: Jan-Jan

Ditziest?: Robin.

Friends you miss being close to the most?: theres one.

Last person you talked to online?: Dano

Who do you talk to most online?: Dano, Robin, Abbey.

Who are you on the phone with most?: Stephanie.

Who do you trust most?: Tom and probably Dano.

Who listens to your problems?: Noel and Evan

Who do you fight most with?: probably Abbey but we dont fight anymore.

Who's the nicest?: Noel.

Who's the most outgoing?: Dano and Abbey

Who's the best singer?: all my chicks from Trebelle.

Who's on your shit-list?: haha there are a couple.

Have you ever thought of having sex with a friend?: lol not really. maybe once.

Who's your second family?: The Kosiba family (I know her mom loves me :-P)

Do you always feel understood?: not at all.

Who's the loudest friend?: all of them are loud.

Do you trust others easily?: yeah.

Who's house were you last at?: Abbey's.

Name one person who's arms you feel safe in: Tom.

Do your friends know you?: I would say so.

Friend that lives farthest away: Noel.

Love and All That

Do you consider love a mistake?: not at all.

What do you find romantic?: the cute little things.

Turn-on?: confident, funny, easy to talk to.

Turn-off?: cockiness, trying to be funny.

If someone you had no interest in had interest in dating you how would
you feel?: I'd feel bad.

Do you prefer knowing someone before dating them or going: I usually already know the person before I go out with them but if it ever did happen, I would date and then go out.

Have u ever wished it was more socially acceptable for a girl two ask a guy out: No. Guys ask girls out.

Do you think the opposite sex finds you good looking?: I guess.

What is best about the opposite sex?: You can talk about anything because girls can take it a different way then guys do.

What is the worst thing about the opposite sex?: they can do something to hurt your feelings and not know they did it.

What's the last present someone gave you?: Thomas gave me super cute things for Valentine's day...and I would say that the trip to Disney was just a present in it's self.

Are you in love?: not yet.

Do you consider your significant other hot?: yes sir.

Who Was the Last Person...

That haunted you?: umm...

You wanted to kill?: haha no comment.

That you laughed at?: probably Abbey.

That laughed at you?: probably Tom.

That turned you on?: haha thomas :-X

You went shopping with?: lol thomas.

That broke your heart?: a guy from a long time ago.

To disappoint you?: Abbey.

To ask you out?: Tom.

To make you cry?: Rachel.

To brighten up your day?: Tom.

That you thought about?: Tom.

You saw a movie with?: I dont even remember. Probably Tom and Abbey and all them.

You talked to on the phone?: Stephanie.

You talked to through IM/ICQ?: Dan and Abbey.

You saw?: my dad.

You lost?: Mr. Mackenzie :-(

Right This Moment...
Are you going out?: most likely not.

Will it be with your significant other?: i wish.

Or some random person?: bleh

What are you wearing right now?: The pj bottoms that Abbey gave me and some random work out shirt.

Body part you're touching right now: my nose because it itches.

What are you worried about right now?: my homework.

What book are you reading?: Ethan Frome for English

What's on your mousepad?: I dont have a mouse pad because we have a nifty nifty laser one.

Use 5 words to describe how you're feeling: tired, cranky, worried, figity, stupid

Are you bored?: not at the moment.

Are you tired?: yes.

Are you talking to anyone online?: yep, dano, abbey, and brian just IMed me

Are you talking to anyone on the phone?: nope.

Are you lonely or content?: content.

Are you listening to music?: not at the moment but I will be soon.

Well that wasted 40 minutes. woop.
10:38pm 20/02/2004
mood: sad
music: The mix that Noel gave me.
I haven't updated in this in quite a long time. Well lets recap.


Birthday- It was fine. All I can say is I love my friends.

Valentine's Day- Very very nice. Had a wonderful time.

now for the big stuff...

Florida with Noel- Hooolllyyy shiat it was so amazing. I really think it is illegal to have so much fun and then have to leave that fun. I haven't laughed so hard in one week then i have in my entire life. Every single minute I was there I had so much fun. I don't think there was one part I was upset or mad except for when I had to leave. Everything was p e r f e c t.

The hotel could have been the cutest thing I have ever seen. It was called Carribean Beach Resort and in it we're different places to stay like Trinadad or Aruba or Jamaica; which is the one that we were in. It was so adorable. So they had a pool and a hot tub. woohoo. I would get a strawberry dacuri and she would get a pina colata every night before we went back to the room. It was perfect.

We went to MGM first and went on Rock n' Rollercoaster and then did all the other really great rides there. We could of gotten the funniest picture i have ever seen where I am some guy from star wars in a constipated-type position and noel is the perfect body Natalie Portman lady. haha I was hairy. it was great.

The next day we slept in and went to Epcot and rode Mission in Space and Test Track. After we ate in China, i got kissed on the hand by some puppet type guy in italy, we got henna tattoo's in Merraco that is on my hand and is wicked hawt, and we got some ice cream in france? maybe? i dont remember. We left Epcot and went back to MGM and went on Rock n' Rollercoaster again. woop. Of course when we got home we watched The OC because even if you are in Disney World...you still have to watch it and and and HOLY SHIT SUMMER WAS A VIRGIN! anywho...

Then we went to Magic Kingdom. ::sigh:: how I love that place. It's so adorable with all the characters and the cute little rides. It was so fun. We went on practically all the rides there were and ate basically everything. yum. It was probably one of the best days I've ever had. After we got back Noel and I got into our cute skirts and tops and went to Blizzard Beach for the last stinkin' hour. But it was still fun. We went on all the water slides except for the massive ones that I'm bummed we didnt get to go on. It was very fun. So we got home and went to the hot tub around 10ish and met some cool people from New York. woop.

So we got packed today and left and did all the fun airplane stuff. awww I miss it so much. So many inside jokes (ooo he's got a whip...rrrawwrrr...arrrufff!....TURKEY LEG TURKEY LEG) humph. so funny. I will miss it very much so. But I may see her next weekend and meet her friend Ray! yay! I love Ray. He calls me Mackenzie. woohoo.
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Finals Suck.   
07:27pm 21/01/2004
mood: refreshed
music: Relient K- The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
Not just finals sucking but reviewing for finals sucking. Who invented finals anyways? what's wrong with learning the thingy, taking the test, and moving on? no. We have to go back to what we learned in September which I have already forgotten. I poop on finals. I wonder if Andy Morgan has done that yet? Anywho...must talk about the fabulo weekend I have had.

Lets recap shall we?

*Well Friday we had no school because it was cold. woohoo! I basically just sat around and watched Regis and Kelly and Price is Right and all that good stuff. Later that night, a couple friends and I went to go see Along Came Polly. very cute. So got home and slept. yay.

*Saturday I forget what I did until Noel came. who cares. So my Noel came around 6ish I think? So we just hung out and talked and all that good stuff. So we called Thomas and had him come over at around 9ish so Noel could finally meet him. yay! So we just hung out in my room and went for walks around the block and played basketball with Noel wearing Tom's shoes, me wearing Tom's jacket, and Tom wearing my pea coat. Quite the funny, and then we played Guess Who and Go Fish with me being the table. As you can see Noel has a very small attention span and get's bored easily. So my thomas left and Noel and I watched some What Women Want and ate some ice cream and then went to bed.

*What did we do sunday? Oh right. We did absolutley nothing until Dan had his little Pats vs. Colts partay. We were in our PJ's till like 4. haha so many great jokes...(If I were a rich man...la dee da dee da dee da...so funny) So we shower and get all prettied up for Noel to meet all my friends. So we get to Dano's and lets see...who was there...erin, abbey, kate, tom, josh, robin and i think thats it. So we just hung out and watched the terrible game (I spit on Brady) and just did stupid stuff that we always do at Dan's house. I felt bad because I could tell that Noel was feeling pretty out of place but once some people started to leave she was becoming more comfortable. We played spit and I lost of course because I always lose. So Noel decides that we're gonna watch Robin Hood (huuu best movie) which I could almost say every line to and then we just did other fun stuff. it was fun...for the most part :-\ So Noel and I go home and watch the rest of what we didnt watch of What Women Want and went to bed.

*Monday I had my marvelous freshman/sophomore track meet. It went pretty well. I was pretty bummed though because I could only do hurdles and not the 300 because they're were too many people or something like that. So I came in 2nd for my first hurdle meet and went to the semi-finals and then lost. wippeedoo. So I just hung out with my Noel and Robin and Erin. We listened to Noel's gorgeous I-Pod which I wish I had. So Noel came on the bus for the ride home and then we went home and got ready to see our Davey Wavey! YAY! So we get to the mall and see him :-D! yay! We had tons o' fun talking and shopping and all that fun stuff. Dave was quite the trooper coming into all those girl's stores we went to. So we went to AF because he said he wanted some clothes so we picked some stuff out for him and he tried them on. UUUHHH those pants! Tom is going to get them. It has already been planned 8-) muahaha. So we say goodbye to our davey wavey ::tear:: and then I had to say goodbye to my Noel! noooo. I'll miss that girl but but but LESS THEN 3 WEEKS TILL NOEL AND I TEAR UP DISNEY!! YYYEEEESSS.

so that was my weekend. it has been splendid.

Hey download: Relient K- The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything
The Darkness- I Believe In A Thing Called Love
The Lost Prophets- Last Train Home
^those are some good songs son.
...only for a moment and the moments gone...   
07:28pm 11/01/2004
mood: cheerful
music: Watching Bruce Almighty with my mommy and daddy :-)
I have not updated this in a while. I'm getting pretty sick of blurty's. I've decided that mine is just looking hideous. I might go to livejournal or deadjournal or something because I heard you can do more stuff with that...or i might just be impaired of making journal's pretty. So what has been going on this week? Well lots of stuff...I just forget most of it. Lets see...

Track: Practices were fine except the one I puked in...ewwy. I think that was tuesday. Robin, Abbey, Lauren, and I challenged eachother for the 200 spot in the meet and I won. woohoo. I think I did pretty well in it. I didn't beat both of the Wachusett girls of course because Wachusett is just the definition of beast. Both the girls and boys lost against Wachusett (no suprise really). I had a fun time sleeping on the way home. woohoo.

School Status: I did extremely well this week. I'm actually proud of myself. Every test/quiz I took this week I got a 90 or higher :-) yay. I was basically extremely stressed out the entire week because of the stupid spanish project due on friday. I finally got it done but it is terrible so I'm re-doing some of it over this weekend.

Central District: On Wednesday I helped out with the Central District thingy. It was really fun actually. We just stayed after track and helped out with people who needed it. We got a free pizza, soda, and hot dog! woohoo! I decided to hang out with all my track buddies at their 6:30-8:30 practice. Twas fun. Sarah and I did Tom's hair. muaha. Good times with Miss Abbey and Robin.

Pasta Dinner: Thursday we had the pasta dinner for track. It was tons o' fun. You can't go wrong with tons of food. Abbey and I sat at "softmore table" where all the softmore girls were just because we're that cool. So they decided to have a contest on how many of those little cupcakes they can fit in their mouth.

Tied for Second Place: Christine Celozzi and Meghan DeDuca with 3 cupcakes each
First Place: Abbey Kosiba with 4 cupcakes

It was quite a hilarious sight to see. So for the rest of the time we just hang out and talk. it was quite fun.

Noel Time: EEEE! I am going to Florida with Noel during February vacation :-D!!! I'm so excited! Guess who else might be going the same time we are? DAVEY WAVEY! EEEK! that would be the coolest! wweee. I think she is also coming over next weekend! yay :-) I love that girl.

Social Status: I would say I had a pretty sociable weekend. Friday I had Thomas over :-) it was very fun. We had pizza and hung out in my bathroom and made random faces in the mirror. I've realized that Tom is the weirdest kid ever. He has so many odd things he can do with his body. I've never met anyone that can crack as many joints as he can. It's so great. So he read my diaries (so many lame things in there) and looked at random pictures of me when I was little. He decided to take home one of me when I was dracula for halloween because when he saw it he asked who it was and I was like "errm me?" and he like spazzed out and now it is on his shelf. lovely. So Saturday Evan had some people over for his birthday. WOOO 4 DAYS NAVE! It was very fun. I was quite tired so I wasn't all hyper like the rest. So Tom's band played and we all just hung out. We ate and Danielle and I played some hard-core UNO...and I lost. So we watched some TV till the pats game came on. Wip-dee-freakin-doo. It was very fun. I had an absolutley fantastic time with Tom :-D Hes just the greatest. I wuv being with him :-) I gave Evan his toe socks and wrote on his wall. It was very fun.

Alrighty I'm out like a trout. Later Alligator.
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Woah I'm home.   
06:21pm 03/01/2004
mood: cold
music: Watching the cowboys kick some ass!
I'm so cold. I miss 70 degree weather at 6 in the morning. What a lovely vacation I had. This is going to be a massively long entry which I doubt half of you will read all of it...but here it goes.

My goodness where do I begin? Well first off if you didn't know I went to Key Largo for one week and then stayed in Orlando for New Years Eve through the 2nd.

Wednesday (Christmas Eve)- Flight was at 11:30...my family was preoccupied with their cell phones...Laura-Calling Jon most of the time...Paul- Putting in peoples numbers...Dad- Trying out different tunes...Mom- Didnt get her cell phone yet but was preoccupied anyways with some one elses...Me- Sitting there listening to my CD player. As you can see I did not get a cell phone this christmas. But life moves on. So the flight was ok...I was next to some snooty poo people who wouldnt shut up about their vacation...dorks. So we get there...nice and warm...get to the hotel...meh it was ok. So we just hung out with the family and blah blah blah.

Thursday (Christmas Day)- WooHoo! It was finally here! So we get up and go to my Grandparents unit and I was 'Santa' so I passed out all the gifts to everyone...woop-dee-doo. I got some nice stuff. One of my favorites were the pants I wanted from Delias...huu so in love with them. I also got my TAYLOR TWELLMAN BOBBLE HEAD! Omigosh it is amazing! Now I know all of Taylors thoughts. Example: Me- 'Will you marry me?' ::taps taylors head so hes nodding:: YAY! WE ARE GETTING MARRIED! I know I'm pathetic but poo. So yeah I got other stuff too but I don't feel like writing about it. So then we went to church and listened to some great chapel music (ha right). For the rest of the day I just hung out with my family, ate alot, hung out in the pool with my cousins, and most likely talked to Stephanie and Tom on the phone.

Friday- Honestly I don't really remember. I think that was the day where I did absolutley nothing because I felt like crap. Usually when I'm on vacation the last thing I'm thinking about is the date because it makes it last longer.

Saturday- Weee I went para sailing with my cousins Bri, Andrew, and Kally. It was very very fun. I'm tellin' ya...para sailing can cure any cold. Thats how good it was. So after that I did some other stuff I kind of forget about.

Sunday- Got up and had to go to church. Yuck. More amazing gospel singing. Errmmm what did I do after that? I dont really remember.

Monday- Went to the southern most tip of the continental United States; Key West. It was really really fun. We went on a tour to get the look around of the whole place. Then I went shopping and got some sandals and sunglasses (haha I guess I forgot I lived in Massachusetts) with my mom and sister and aunt. So we stayed there for a long time and did alot of fun stuff. My Aunt got a little...um whats the word?...well...drunk. It could have been the funniest thing I have ever seen. She sang karoake...thank the Lord she has a nice voice. It was so great. So yeah..went home and slept

Tuesday- Decided to go to Miami with my Mom, sister, and Aunt...it was really fun. We just walked around and went to stores we cant afford to even look at the clothes. Such a good place to look at people. I love looking at people. Ate dinner and hung out. Went to a big make up place and got a make over from my sister...hideous. So went home and did stuff.

Wednesday- Woke up knowing I was going to see Tom :-D yay. So we checked out of the hotel and drove to Orlando. 6 hours...yuck. Got to the hotel and called Tom to see when we were meeting and such. So we established I was going to meet him at Epcot somewhere. So we finally do see eachother with minor complications. I could of been the happiest girl in Disney World. So we go on a couple rides and my family meets them and loves him of course. So we watch the fire works together :-P and celebrate the new year together :-D woohoo. It was a lovely evening. I got his sweatshirt which I am wearing as we speak.

Thursday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANNNNNNY!!!! I WUUUVVV YYYOOOUU!!!! So Got up and went to MGM and went on Rock N' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? Lord it was so funny. Paul was wearing a Yankees Suck t-shirt and he got on the screen and showed everyone his shirt and people started yelling at him. It was so great. So then met up with Thomas :-D and we walked around and went on Star Wars and other stuff. We ate lunch and I find out that my cousin Kally (whos 9 mind you) likes Tom. muahaha...I have competition :-P so then went to the Fantasmic thing but Tom had to leave right before so that sucked. So Thomas left ::tear:: and I watched the show. Those shows are always so damn good. So then we leave MGM and go to Magic Kingdom and just do random stuff. So got home and was DEAD tired and slept.

Friday- Woke up and went to Universal with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Greg and my two cousins Andrew and Kally and Paul and Laura. It was very fun. We went on a bunch of rides. Favorites: The Hulk, Spiderman, Dueling Dragons. Those were some kick ass rides. Jurassic Park was good too. Holy crap I almost peed in my pants it was so scary. There was about a dozen people and I was the only one screaming the entire time. Holy shit it was so scary. haha and guess who I saw at a water ride? Mr. Dustin Vrooman. haha it was so odd. My aunt and uncle are the best. My uncle was like "I like Tom. You should marry him." and i just smiled and said "ok." lol what an odd guy. Sooo..what else...I ate a cinnabon and then go home and then our family is off to the hotel in Ft. Lauderdale (ive basically have been living in a suit case for the past 2 weeks).

Saturday- Woke up and got ready to go on the air plane. Got on the air plane and ::holy crap:: they had TV's on each head rest. oh my. It was amazing. You could play this music trivia thing with other people on the plane...i almost won! So I just watched TLC and E! because they didnt have Disney and MTV and such. It was an enjoyable plane ride. During commercial I would read my book...nothing better. So we get in and I see there is frost on the ground (ewwww) but I did get to put on my scarf :-) yay. So Jeff picks us up and I go home :-D yay. I'm happy to be home. I dont like how it is cold though. Its really cold.

So yeah...all in all this vacation was wonderful. It was very very fun.
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A Great Day.   
10:46pm 23/12/2003
mood: ecstatic
music: Osbournes Christmas Special Mc-Gig
Wow. What an amazing day. So I woke up and got ready for school. Got to school and went to my meeting. I feel really bad because all I did was make Joe Sweeney cookies because I lost the Strawberries gift card I was going to give him...smart kid I am. Yeah so I got a really really cute mug, lots of candy, and some hand cream...it smells yummy. So I go meet my peeps in the lobby and get my gift from Josh :-X eeeek...orange power rangers shirt from target...soooo hott. So then it was spanish...did some random work and then watched Beauty and DA BEAST...in spanish of course. so awesome. So then I went to algebra...had a quiz...did fine...and just yeah hung out. Then it was lunch...yummy of course...and then some chorus. We finally got to see the tape of Mr. Nannasted singing...holy crap...it was so hilarious! So after chorus I had IPS and we had a sub...he was wiched funny...we just watched some random movie and talked. So yeah school was over. SCORE! So I missed track because I had to "do stuff with my family" but I really just was getting my nails done. muahaha. They are so pretty :-D So then I go home and pack for KKKEEEEYY LLLAARRGGOOO! HUUU. So then Abbey and Josh called about the movies and then robin called about the movies so we decided to go over robin's and then her mom bring us to the movies. So yeah...I called Thomas to see if he could still go because before he thought he had to go to watch his sister's soccer tournament but I called and he didnt have to anymore and he could go :-D yay! So I picked up Thomas and we got to Robin's. So her mommy takes us to the movies. I had the best time. I don't think I've ever had a better time with anyone in my life. Tom was the cutest thing alive. Everything he said was just...awww adorable. I'm so in love with my friends. When I had to leave everyone was so cute and nice. I got many many hugs and lots of " I love you's" and "I'll miss you's". They were all so adorable. I love each and every one of them. I definatly had a tear in my eye when I was leaving when we were like far away and Robin was in the car and looked behind her and said "Tom is still waving!" aww I'm gonna miss him so much. But guess what guess what?! I AM going to see him in Disney World! He's going to be at Epcot at 7 on December 31 and I will be there. EEEEEE. It was probably around 10:15 and the door bell rings and guess who it was? TOM! eeee. He gave me my present :-) Bruce Almighty bbabbbyyy. So my mommy and his mommy talked about how we should meet and all that and eeee. I'm going to see him :-D I can't wait :-D

In 12 hours...I will be on a plane...muahaha.
Key Largo, Montigo, oooo I wanna take you to Bermuda...ect. ect.   
08:35pm 21/12/2003
mood: amused
music: Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me
eek. wee. im excited.

OK so anways...weekend. boring.

-School. Nothing special.
-Track. Nothing special.
-Got ready and curled my hair :-X and then was off to Will's party. Met miss Mel. Very nice girl. Ummmm hung out with my thomas :-D of course had a great time with him. Sort of slept for the last half hour because I was dead tired. Uhh yeah if Abbey and Mr. Josh dont go out I will kill myself...yeah so anyways...hung out. Had a lovely time. Tom forgot his cell phone so I took it.
-Went home and got ready to babysit from 11 to freakin 1 in the morning. Yeah so I got there and called Tom because I was bored. Then I slept and then my sister came over to check on me because she wuvs me. So they finally came home and I went home and slept.

-Mom woke me up around 6:20 and I was like "ummm no." So i went back to sleep and woke up around 6:35ish and got ready for my meet. Got to the highschool...uhhh listened to music the whole way there and sort of slept and hung out with mr. thomas. Got to the meet...i did OK i guess. I came in second for my heat and cut my time by .2 seconds...woohoo? I could of done a lot better. So just watched the other meets. Girls won against Fitchburg and lost against Algonquin (no suprise there) and the boys just lost. So basically acted high on the bus ride home just because i was really hyper. ha so many laughs. So thomas gave me a ride home and uh yeah.
-Got home. Slept. alot.
-Woke up. Got ready. Went to soccer game. Lost terribly bad. No second session...darn?
-Got home. Slept once again.

*Today (Sunday)*
-Woke up to hear Abbey and Kate's voices. Kind of forgot that they were coming at 9. So yeah I get up and tell them that I'll be ready in a second. Yeah So I just put a sweatshirt on and just put my hair up. haha I looked awesome. So we get there and start eating...yummmm. So we're eating and Kate's like "Hey look its Bob...and Rachel...and Sam...and..EVAN!!!" haha Abbey and I just dropped everything we were doing and ran over to Evan and gave him a big hug...and then I saw him. ew. Nick. ew. So we hang out with them. fun. They were there because they had a gig. They were really good. Awww Andrew Maynard was there....that kid is so adorable. So just hung out with Joshua and Alex and Andrew. I had alot of bacon. I mean alot of bacon. uuuuhhh sooo goooood. It was alot of fun.
-Uhhh got home. Got ready and went to my mommy's lovely Pop's concert. Awww it was so good. My mommy sang booootiful.
-So uhh yeah got home...hung out...had some KFC (huuu sooo goood)...hung out with the fam...uhh yeah that's it.

WWWEEE 2 1/2 days left! eeee.
Weekends that never end = many many naps.   
06:44pm 16/12/2003
mood: exhausted
music: humming to Bohemian Rhapsody :-)
I have taken so many naps this weekend. It is crazy. I have had such a hectic/fabulous weekend.

Friday- School…forget what I did. Track…did some random stuff I forget about. Went home…danced around my house and blasted Linkin Park because I was in the mood and pissed off. Waited till 10pm…went to my game…we lost…Tom was there :-D Only for like 20 minutes but it was still very nice. So got home…shaved my legs at 11:30 at night for the meet…went to bed.

Saturday- Woke up at an ungodly (Mrs. Stephens said that and I just liked it) hour (6:35 to be exact) and got ready for my meet. Got to the high school around 7ish and went to my meet. I did pretty well…came in 2nd for my heat (I was doing hurdles) and 6th overall for JV. So that’s all I was doing so I just sat around and talked with people and watched other people’s races. Tom had a lot to do (hurdles, high jump, and 4x4) and he did very well I think. He wasn’t feeling to well on the ride home though :-( poor boy. So got home…slept…woke up…showered and got ready…got in my spandex :-D…and went to Miss Erin’s house for her shindig. It was very fun…I spent almost all my time with Thomas and it was just…so wonderful. I couldn’t have had more fun with him. Haha finding porn on Erin’s computer…so great. So we all just hung out and watched Aladdin and some of Pirates of the Caribbean…ate some Papa Gino’s…wore spandex ;-) and had a great time. Thomas forgot his spandex shirt thingy so I took it home and kept smelling it because I’m a loser and in love. So I got home and just hung around and went to sleep.

Sunday- Woke up at again an ungodly hour for a 7pm soccer game. So my mommy takes me at around 6:30 because she was going to Philadelphia for the day to sing with the Boston Pops and Mrs. L was picking her up at 7…so no one was at the bubble so mommy took me to my daddy’s new office at Benjamin Moore. Its pretty…very white and doesn’t have much in it but its pretty. So I got to the bubble and Miss Meghan-Elizabeth was there so we just warmed up and waited for other people to show up. So we lost…once again…no surprise there. Joshy Woshy was there…who knows why. So I got home…slept…missed church because of sleeping…FOUND OUT SADDAM GOT CAPTURED!! YES!!…went back to sleep…got a call from Miss Robin asking if I wanted to go to the Christmas Parade with her and Abbey so I of coursed accepted…went back to sleep…sent my watch alarm for 3:35 to wake up and get ready for them coming at 4…for some reason my alarm didn’t go off…woke up at 4:07 (shit)…got ready in like 2 seconds…then saw it was snowing…went downstairs…checked the answering machine…Robin and Abbey were not going anymore because of the snow…so I got back in my PJ’s…did my homework…ate some more bagel bites (holy crap those Nacho ones are from heaven)....went back to sleep…woke up…went online…and uh…yeah…

Monday- Stuff that was random. Awww but I did go to a lovely concert with Mr. Pete. It was sooo good. There was only like 2 dozen people there and it was just 2 violins, a viola, and a cello and they played like Jimi Hendrex and Led Zeppelin and Queen...it was soo good! I love that kid.

Today (Tuesday)- School. Track...came out quite late today. Gave Julianne a ride home. Gave Thomas a ride to the bubble. Him and my mommy talked about healthy fruits and orange juice. ha o my. So after we dropped him off we finally got our christmas tree! yay! It's like incredibly small but pshh its a freakin christmas tree. My sister would have killed my family if we didnt have one before she was coming (yay shes coming home tomorrow!). So yeah...came home...made some mash potatoes...yummy...and now im here :-) yay.

EEEE going to Key Largo in 8 days!! Holy crap…I’m so excited. I need money to buy people presents…I’ll probably just buy some random candy when I got to Disney World or something. Eek I really really x1000 hope I see Tom in Disney World. What could be better then being in Disney World with the one boy that you want to be with most? I don’t think there is anything better then that.
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Snow Days = The Shiat.   
06:48pm 10/12/2003
music: Eddy Murphy- Party All The Time
Woohoo Snow day on Monday! YESSSAH! We haven't had one in like 2 years so it was awesome. Woke up at like 8 which wasnt so awesome but watched my Regis and Kelly :-) I was gonna go sledding with Miss Abbey but we both were like ehh...so I invited her to basically just do errands with my mom and I. So first we go to Target and look at the oogly clothes. We went into the boy's section and I soo wanted to get this Power Rangers shirt. It was orange and it was so pretty...but my mommy said no. So I got my Evan and Brian some toe socks. Evan's gonna get me the best gift ;-) haha so hott. So then my mommy went to HomeGoods and Abbey and I went to Strawberries because I wanted to see if they had the new Relient K CD but of course they didnt. poo. So then we went to The Mandarin and had some good o' chinese food...mmm...jordan chicken...how I love you. So it was like 3:00 and Alex's shindig started at 2:30 so we were a bit too late to get into some snowy type thingys so we just went in sweatpants and pea coats...haha awesome. So we get there...woohoo. My Jan was covered in snow...but of course I still gave him a hug. So we just kind of hang out outside and watch people play in the snow. I don't think any of the girls there liked me who were there so I just hung out with my boys. Tom came very late. But once he was there it was all good :-) So I go home and do shit I forgot about. Tuesday kind of sucked. It just wasnt the best day. Track was fine though. Today was goooood. School was same old same old. I got a 94 on my algebra quiz. woohoo. Track was especially good today. I ran with Tom the whole mile! it was crazy! He might have been slowing down because of me but meh. So we did our blocking and all that. Hurtles are just grand. I dont think I should even do it but whatever. I'll do it. wee track was fun also because I was with my Thomas most of the time :-D yay. I didn't see him all tuesday...so today made up for it. OK so I'm gonna go make so Bagel Bites because I wuv my mommy and she got some. yay.

Hey download Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy. Its the best song.
ugh snow.   
11:58am 06/12/2003
mood: cold
music: My dad getting mad because the TV wont work.
Yuck I really don't like the snow. Why did God have to make snow? It so icky. Yeah yeah it looks good for a couple days and then it gets all gross and muggy. I can't believe that my aunt wanted to go to Vermont for christmas this year. I would have shot her. Huuu Key Largo in like 18 days. Holy moly I cannot wait. Eek I might get to see my Thomas at disney world. :-D eek. So whats been going on this week? Basically just school and track. Track is getting better. Getting colder but getting better. I tried blocking in track yesterday. Ha that shit is hard. We had our concert on Thursday. Meh it was fine. I think Women's chorus did really well and I'm just in love with our Trebelle song so of course I thought we did well in that one. I went over Mr. Tom's house yesterday. It was quite fun. Kate and I we're trying to get some people to go to the movies so we called Tom but he was having his band practice so he just invited us over. So we just hung out and watched them play. Then we ordered some pizza and watched John B. trying to skateboard on a treadmill. haha quite funny. I dont think girls should be allowed to a guys practice...so much perversion. ha. Bob and Brian T. and John B. left so Tom gave Kate and I a tour of his wonderful home. Its so perty. We just hung out in his room and talked. wee fun. So Ms. Katherine gives me a ride home and I just go online and go to bed happy. weeeee. So today I woke up and saw it was still snowing. ew. I really need to wear sandals right now. I neeeeed sandals. and I need money so I can buy people presents. and I need a freakin tree and get our christmas lights up so our house looks all pretty. My brother is too lazy to go get the boxes. Fag. Hmmm what is going to go on this weekend? Probably nothing knowing there is going to be like 16 inches on the ground by sunday. Meghan tells me that our game wont be cancelled. Joy. 10 PM at the freakin bubble. I love it.

19 days till Christmas :-) shawiiinnngggggg.
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07:48pm 01/12/2003
mood: accomplished
music: The Reel Big Fish CD that Tom burned for me :-D
Holy mother I am so sore. Indoor track is the devil. Today was the first day of it. woohoo...not. So we first meet our coachy lady...shes ok. We stretched for like 15 minutes...felt gooood. So then our coachy lady is like "OK so first we are going to a mile run warm up." ugggh. But then she says "after your mile run you are then going to do sets of excersises (she should us our excersises...they were: 10 jumpy thingys, 10 push ups, 30 crunches, and 10 lunges.) then a lap and then the set of excersises then a lap then another set of excersises and then..." o my...."another mile run". I was just about to die. I kind of expected alot of running but...wow. So we go outside to the track...its pretty darn cold...and we start running the mile. I did pretty well I think...didnt stop running...did my excersises...fine...ran another lap...ok....excersies...meh alright...lap...getting tired...excersises...more tired...mile run...ran really slow I would say but only walked once but started again like 2 seconds after when I heard Robin say "Come on Mary Rose!". We were definatly boosting eachothers confidence through the entire thing. I told Thomas that I am going to run with him tomorrow because he's like AMAZING at it so maybe some of his amazingness will rub off on me...maybe...maybe...doubt it. ERIN IS A BEAST A RUNNING! haha. I get to do it again tomorrow! yyyeesss!
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11:46pm 29/11/2003
mood: curious
music: Incubus- Under My Umbrella
My blurty looks horrendous. Any one who enjoys making blurty's pretty and with pretty backrounds and all that please give me a ring-a-ding-ding because mine looks ugly. Thank you loves.
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Mmmmm Turkey Day :-)   
01:25pm 26/11/2003
mood: cranky
music: Spice Girls- 2 Become 1 (fucking best song ever)
ahhh...so good to be in pajamas at 1:25 in the afternoon instead of stuck in school. mmmmm. Whats on the schedule for the thanksgiving vaca? ha most likely absolutley nothing. I might be hanging out at Pete's today. We want to see Bruce Almighty. My Aunt and Uncle and my cousins were going to come down and spend thanks giving with us but my Aunt's dad is sick so they're going to stay up there. aww. My sister is coming home today! yay! I finally don't have to be with the fag alone. woohoo. I might be hanging out with Robin and Abbey sometime during the week. woohoo. I wuv them. Abbey is sooo going to go out with Mr. Joshua. eeeek. haha we must double date! aww my tom left for New York for the whole week. hummmm.
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o what a great night.   
11:50am 23/11/2003
mood: sore
music: On the phone with stephanie
Well...i must talk about my WONDERFUL night I had at the bubble..haha...right. Let's first talk about the beginning of the day...that sort of sucked too. My mom tells me that I have to help her put these stupid programs for her concert so I had to go to Mrs. L's house and do it with Paul and Mike L. ya...fun. Now its the fun part, I then go to Stephanie's to go to a hotel with stephanie, abbey, meghan, and hilary for a couple hours before her mom's friend was having a party for some of her daughter's friends. So we get there...we go down to the pool...we play around...i kept hitting stephanie with the ball :-X muahaha...we played volleyball...somewhat...we went in the hottttt tub...mmmm...relaxing. So we go back to the room...eat...and then we go home. I just sort of mosey around with nothing to do until our game at 9:00. So I get to the bubble around 9 and blah blah blah...they scored twice in the first 30 seconds...blah blah blah. But Tom was there so that made me very happy but lets get to the bad part...the last like 11 seconds of the game I'm trying to get the guy with the ball and then all of a sudden WHAM! pete v. and me rammed heads right into other. So i just kind of walk around and try to shake it off and then I see that we scored (yay) so I kneel down and try to see straight cause my vision was going crazy...so im just kneeling there and then i just see blood dripping out of my head..ha grand! So I start crying cause I'm scared of course. So I hear Meghan say DAD! and I think it was Mr. Ehramjian that runs over and puts a cloth on my head. So I walk off the feild and sit on the bench and Mr. Foster gave me a ice pack. I asked Dano if I needed stitches and hes like...yeah it basically looks like someone just shot you in the face. haha nice. So Mr. Ehramjian calls my daddy and I walk out to where everyone was waiting or something. They're all asking me if I'm OK and I just give them a thumbs up. My vision was still really messed up. If I looked straight at someone It was just be all blurry and crap. grand. So my daddy comes and is like "meh just glue it back together". What a comedian. So I wanted Abbey to come with me because I was suppose to give her a ride home but she couldnt. So Dan asks his dad if he could come and he said OK so my dano was coming to the hospital with me :-) yay. So my daddy, Tom, and Dan walk me out and Dan and me and my daddy get into the car and Tom waves and blows me kisses and I heart yous to me :-) I tryed to give him one back but it was quite hard when I'm holding an ice pack on my head. So we get to the hospital and Dan was just soooo nice and comforting. I was so glad he was there. Abbey and Janine and Mrs. E came and sat with us. weee. So I go in and the doctors like OK we have to give you some novicane to make it numb. So i got freakin 8 SHOTS OF IT! holy mother of crap it hurt sooooo bad. So then he stitches it...10 stitches to be exact...now i got a big bandage covering it....so hott. OK now I have to go babysit...woopidee...then Im going to dracula again with abbey. woohoo.
Quiz Time   
03:12pm 20/11/2003
mood: glad that this is over.
music: my favorite Maroon 5 song :-)
1. Time started:3:31 PM
2. Full name: Mary Rose Petersen
3. Nick Name(s): Murp
4. Birthday: Febuary 3, 1989
5. Hospital where you were born: Natick I think
6. Location: Milford, Massachusetts
8. Height: 5 almost 3
9. Weight: probably 103-105
12. Shoe size: umm 8 1/2
13. Ring size: I have no idea
14. Skin type (freckles, tan, albino, etc.): Nothing special...normal...
15. Blood type: i have no idea
16. Grade: Freshhhhman
17. GPA: i have no idea...but i got high honors :-)
18. Siblings: Older sister and brother
19. tatoos: not yet
20. Piercings: 2 in each ear
21. Hobbies: Soccer, track, chorus, chamber choir...um yeah
22. Color: Blue
23. Food: Clam Chowda, Ramen Noodles
24. Candy: Skittles, mentos, fruity stuff no chocolate
25. Ice cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies n' Cream
26. Type of Cheese: provolone (mmmmmm)
27. Pizza topping: Pepperoni...nothing fancy
28. Salad Dressing: Ceaser
29. Sandwich: Salomi with a little mustard on white bread
30. Cereal: Lucky Charms
31. Fruit: Strawberries, Apple
32. Vegetable: Carrots, celery (with peanut butter of course)
33. Berry: cran
35. Book: The Lovely Bones
36. Movie: Liar Liar, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Crybaby, Fight Club
37. Magazine: All teen mags.
38. Newspaper: none really...i'll read any sports section
39. T.V. show: lets see...I Love the 80s, I Love the 70s, I Love the 80s: Strike Back!, The O.C., any disney show
40. Website: candystand.com, yahoo.com, blurty.com
41. Radio station: whatever has the music I like
42. Font: Arial
43. Cartoon Character: Twitty Bird :-) or the kid from South Park
44. Artist (Painter): don't really know any
45. Actor: Jim Carrey
46. Actress: Don't really have one
47. CD: Maroon 5- Songs About Jane; Coldplay- Rush of Blood to the Head; Relient K- Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek; Relient K- Two Lefts Don't Make a Right....But Three Do; Incubus- Morning View
48. Song: Maroon 5- Must Get Out
50. Music type: I dont really have a specific type.
51. Day of the week: Friday, Saturday
52. Month: Summer months :-)
53. Season: Summer of course
54. Holiday: Christmas
55. Shampoo: I dunno...that green one
56. Conditioner: whatever one is in the shower
57. Number: 22
58. Phrase: "Thats it! I'm moving out of the country! I'm going to New Mexico!" -Little Giants
59. Store: Delias, Gap
60. Weather: Warm but with a touch of wind
61. Restaurant: UNO's
62. Channel: Disney, MTV, VHI, anything that has good shows
64. Weekend activity: Probably with Abbey or Robin
65. Hangout: people's house
66. House color: yellow or blue
67. Sport to watch: Soccer, Football (only if its the Cowboys 8-)
68. Sport to play: Soccer, Track, Badmitton
69. Animal: little monkey things and pigs
70. Flower: Rose of course
71. Guy's name: Joshua
72. Girl's name: Meckenzie
73. Board Games: Sorry!, Jenga
74. Party Game: haha Kiss the Pig? and Truth of Dare of course
75. Story from childhood: ummm cut myself with a knife? and i got stiches.
Have you ever...
77. Been on a train: yeah
78. Been on a plane: of course
79. Been in a car accident: yup yup...2
80. Caused a car accident: no
81. Run into a wall: haha most likely
82. Burned a potato chip: uhh not that I know of
83. Almost burned the house down: not yet
84. Smoked: nope
87. Broken the law: haha got a ride from Mike Keating :-P
88. Burned a CD(if yes, 87 is yes): nope
89. Kissed: yup yup
96. Been rejected by a crush: I dont really get crushes
97. Loved: I think so
98. Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: yes but it never worked
99. Cried in public: yup when I lost my mommy in a hotel and when I spilled hot chocolate all over me
100. Cried over a movie: yup
101. Fallen asleep in a movie theater: yes
102. Given Someone a bath?: umm...my dog?
103. Been to boarding school: no
104. Been home-schooled: nope...but Dave has!
105. Lost a valuable item: ummm most likely
106. Bungee jumped: not yet but i will
107. Skiied: snowboarded
108. Met the president: pshh like I want to meet that peice of shit
109. Met a celebrity: I MET TAYLOR TWELLMAN!!!!!
110. Gotten a cavity: nope :-D
111. Shopped at Abercrombe & Fitch: once or twice
112. Made a prank call: sadly yes
113. Skipped school: no
114. Feigned sickness to get out of school: yup and it actually worked!
117. Fallen from a tree: probably
118. Broken a bone: I dislocated my pinky
119. Sprained anything: no
120. Passed out: mmm no
121. Made yourself pass out: ha no
122. Been to Disney World: yes and I'm going in December! and might see my tom!
123. Been to a theme park (not Disney): yes
124. Said I love you and meant it: of course
125. Made a working replica of a volcano: haha no
126. Made a clover leaf with your tongue: no but i want to
127. Had Domino's Dots: yes...uuh...soooooo gooooooood
128. What did you do yesterday: Went to school...yeah
129. Memory you miss the most: Camp :-(
130. Memory you most want to forget: thanks for reminding me!
131. Something you regretted doing after it was done: ugh yes
132. The last... Song you heard: Secret- Maroon 5
133. CD you bought: Maroon 5
134. Thing you said: ::singing:: I'm driving fast now...dont think I know how to go slow...
135. Time you cried: yesterday because I was pissed
136. Movie seen in theater: Elf with my Noel :-D
137. Thing you ate: huuu Ceasar Salad with Garlic bread and grilled chicken! FROM SCHOOL!
138. Person who called: probably stephanie
139. Nail polish shade worn: bright pink
140. Time you showered: this morning
141. Person who complimented you: umm one of my brothers friends called me a SILF haha fags
142. What are you... Listening to: Maroon 5 of course
143. Wearing: my favorite shirt in the world from Delias and really tight jeans from like 7th grade
144. Thinking: Why tom wasnt in school today
145. Scared most of: ummm..i dunno
146. How many people do you have on your buddy list: 190
147. Occupation: student
148. Marriage site: Sacred Heart Church
149. Honeymoon: As far away as possible...like Hopedale or something
150. Place to live: I dunno
151. Kids: one or two
152. Car: Z3
153. What are you doing tomorrow: might be going to Dracula with Stephanie and Tom
154. Do you think Bush will be reelected: I hope not
155. Will there be a WWIII: yup
156. Will politics ever be truthful: of course not
158. Can the Government be changed: sure
160. Best friend: Abbey, Robin, Jan, Stephanie
161. Funniest: mmmm Abbey
162. Silliest: Janny, Robin, Stephanie
163. Loudest: Kate
164. Quietest: Hillary by far
165. Craziest: Abbey
166. Calmest: mmmm Jan?
167. Skinniest: probably Marissa or Robin
168. Best secret keeper: Jan
169. Worst secret keeper: me :-X
171. Smartest: Jan by far
172. Preppiest: Abbey or me
175: Hottest: Thomas, Abbey, Robin...pshhh EVERYONE!
176 Weirdest: Steven
178. Most annoying: Kate (still love ya though)
179. Shyest: hmmm Jan?
180. Most religious: I would say me and Jan
Do you believe in
181 Heaven: yup
182 Hell: yup
183 Angels: yup
184 Devil(s): yup
185. God: yup
186. Buddha: no
187. Aliens: i guess
188. Ghosts: yes
189. Spirit (Soul): yes
190. Soulmates: yes
191. Reincarnation: no
192. Love at first sight: sure
193. Karma: mmm yeah
194. Love in general: yup
195. Luck: yes
196. Yourself: I would say so
197. Who and when was your first crush: Ryan Fitzgareld in 3rd grade
198. Any now: Taylor Twellman :-X
199. A celebrity crush: ummm Johnny Depp
200. Who do you want to be with right now: Thomas
201. Who's number do you want: um Taylor Twellman's
202. Who do you want to kiss: Thomas
203. What is something you don't understand about the opposite sex: Why they jack off so much?
204. If you could go on a date with anybody, who would it be? ha Tayloe Twellman but of course my Tom
205. On a scale of one to ten how romantic are you: mmmmm i would say probably 8
206. The first thing you notice about him/her(looks): eyes...hair...clothes
207. What do you look for most personality-wise: sence of humor
208. Biggest turn-on: shaggay hair :-X...pretty eyes
209. Biggest turn-off: cockiness
210. Something they wear that turns you on: huuu chokers
211. Something they wear that turns you off: basketball shoes
212. The most romantic thing you want to happen to you: lol umm...probably if a guy came to my house early early and woke me up and gave me roses and told me I looked beautiful
213. The most romantic thing that actually happened to you: mmm probably when *anoynomous* bought me a bear, chocolates, a single rose and wrote me a poem on valentine's day
214. Your going on a date where you walk around a lake and get some coffee; do you wear: Plain color shirt with a jean or cordaroy skirt
216. Is it right to flirt if you're taken: only if its with your friends
218. (Guys)- a girl gives you a flower; how do you feel:
219. (Girls)- a guy gives you a flower; how do you feel: loved
220. Do you think it's true that the eyes are the passageway to the soul: sure
221. What do you think about guys that wear nail polish normally: either they're gay or they are trying to be all rock and shit
222. Guys- your girlfriend has long beautiful hair and the next day she
comes to
school with a crop cut. How do you really feel:
223. Girls- your guy has perfect hair but the next day comes in with a shiny
head. How do you feel: o my God I would cry
224. Who would you like to take to prom: pshh I'm not taking anyone...the guy is taking me!
225. Do you want to hug someone right now: yes-sir-ee
228. Mellow: meh not really
229. Melancholy: what does that mean?
230. The perfect date: Dinner
231. The perfect mate: funny, good-looking, always wears a smile (:-P)
232. How M&M's are made: I dont know...do I look like a M&M's maker to you?
233. Why manhole covers are round: Well who would make them a pentagon?
One or the other
234. Coke or Pepsi: coke
235. Sprite or 7-up: sprite
236. Boxers or breifs: boxers with pretty designs on them
237. Gold or silver: silver
238. Vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
239. Flowers or candy: candy
240. Book or magazine: magazine
241. TV or radio: TV
244. Colored pencils or markers: colored pencils
245. Coffee or tea: neither
246. Sun or moon: sun
247. Day or night: night
248. Always hot or always cold: hot
249. Dog or cat: dog
250. Button or zipper: zipper
251. Cotton or feather pillow: feather
252. Blue or purple: blue
253. Plumber or trashman: plumber because i love those ass cracks
254. Jeans or shorts: jeans
255. Long-distance relationship or none: if it's worth it then long-distance
256. Mechanical or regular pencil: mechanical
257. Matt or Ben: mmmm thats a tough one...probably Ben
258. That 70's Show or The Simpsons: That 70's Show
259. Kelso or Eric: KELSO!
260. Donna or Jackie: Jackie...i love that girl
261. Bart or Lisa: BART
262. Romeo or Juliet: Romeo
263. Romantic comedy or thriller: romantic comedy
264. N*Sync or Backstreet Boys: NSYNC ALL THE WAY!
265. Peanut butter or jelly: peanut butter
266. Waffles or pancakes: mini eggo waffles are the shit
267. Letter or email: I like how letters are all old fashion and romantic and such but e-mail is just so freakin fast.
268. Florida or California: I liked both
269. Pizza or burgers: burgers
271. Football or rugby: Football is fun to watch but rugby looks so fun to play
272. Ice skating or rollerblading: rollerblading
273. Ballroom or square-dancing: ballroom
274. Is disco alive or dead: ALIVE IN SPIRIT!
275. Movie at home or in theater: mmmm i would say home....more romantic
What's the first thing you think of when you hear...
276. Yellow: Banana
277. Red lipstick: only works on pale skined girls
278. Socks: comfy
279. Cow-tipping: physically tipping a cow
280. Moulin Rouge: HOT HOT HOT
282. Iceland: D2: The Mighty Ducks
283. Harry Potter: JK Rowling or whatever
284. red: HOT
285. Blackberry: ew
286. Rose: Mary
287. A male rooster: that random game from like 2nd grade
288. Taxes: pshh I dunno. I dont do them
289. Bill Clinton: Monica Lewinsky
291. George W Bush, Jr: fag
292. Lollipops: mmmmm
293. Dreams: mmmmm
294. Love: mmmmm
297. Boy bands: Nsync
298. Penguins: black and white
299. Flamingos: bird
300. Girls: Jessica Simpson (i dont know where that came from)
302. Bob the Builder: the best theme song ever
303. Death: not cool
304. Spoons: fun
305. Junk mail: needs to die
306. Dairy: products
308. Your father: 6'6 skinny guy
309. Pizza: Dominos
310. Britney Spears: reminds me of my aunt (except for the whole slut thing)
311. vitamin: Flintstones
312. Rock: ON MAN!
313. Napkin: clean
314. Christmas: Tree
315. Pig farm: cute little piggies
316. Superman: that crippled dude
317. Wonder____: wall
318. College: BC
319. Kazoo: best instrument ever made
320. Skateboarder: skateboarder shoes
322. Dog: my puppy
323. Adam Sandler: ugly
324. Rubber band: That Boy Meets World episode "wooo feel the burn" (great one)
325. Cheerios: yummy in my tummy
326. Diamond: are a girls best friend!
327. Kleenex: ACHOOO
328. Chicken noodle soup: had it yesterday for lunch
329. Keys: took my brothers keys today
330. coffee cup: ew
331. Newspaper: sports
Which is worse...
332. (a) Lose a hand or (b) Lose a foot: foot
333. (a) Biting into a rotten apple or (b) Taking a big swig of what is
apparently now chunky milk: chunky milk
334. (a) Sitting on a wet toilet seat or (b) Finding out there is no toilet
paper halfway through diharrea: oooo both are nasty but i would say B
335. (a) Not knowing how to ride a bike or (b) not knowing how to
rollerblade: not knowing how to ride a bike
337. (a) Reruns of Gilligan's Island or (b) Mr. Roger's Neighborhood: Mr. Rogers (R.I.P)
338. (a) Teletubbies or (b) The Power Rangers: GO GO POWER RANGERS!
339. (a) Drinking the liquid from the bottom of a trash bag or (b)eating a two-month-old hair ring at the bottom of your parent's
shower: WHAT THE FUCK! thats just gross
340. (a) Not brushing your teeth for a month or (b) not washing your hair for a month: teeth
341. (a) No music for the rest of the your life or (b)
or b: pshh fine dont tell me you little ninny
Time Ended : 4:25

mmmm. i love quizes.
The devil made me do it :-O   
05:27pm 19/11/2003
mood: annoyed
music: Watching Hocus Pocus...awww what a great movie
Well...actually Abbey made me do it because we had such a faboolo time at her house. Well I was suppose to go home with my brother like always....but we just didn't make the connection so he left with out me and plus I was hanging out with my Robin and Thomas and didn't really feel like leaving. So I go to my mom's office and she said she wouldn't be done for another hour or so...so I call my Abbey...but she was too busy on the phone with Josh...pshh. So I just decide to walk to her house since its like 2 seconds away. So when I get there she is of course talking to Joshua so we just play around in her room and act like dum butts...but when are we ever not? So I try on all of her clothes of course and stole some of course...I think I'm going to wear the wonderful sweatpants that say WOODSTOCK on the bum :-) from Abbey and then just some random shirt. I finally got my jeans back! WOOHOO! and i stoled some pajamas she doesnt wear anymore :-) woohoo. OK so it was a lovely time and that girl is just my bestest friend and i wuv her :-D wweeeeee. OK tomorrow is thursday and then its friday! Must have plans :-X
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awww weekends with my favorite person is just too fun :-)   
02:47pm 17/11/2003
mood: sad because I miss Noel
music: on the phone with stephanie. yay.
This weekend was just the best. No other way to put it. I got to spend the entire weekend with my Noel :-) If you dont know who Noel is which I highly doubt because I talk about her all the time...she is my friend from camp that I go to during the summer. She lives in RI so she invited me to come to her house for Friday night, saturday, saturday night, and sunday. weee I was icredibly excited :-) I was suppose to go meet her at her cousins football game but it got cancelled becuz the seniors got caught smoking or something SO she said she would just come and pick me up and we would go back to her house. So she picks me up and lots of hugs and laughs and all that. Weeee. So many inside jokes. crazy. We watched Center Stage (i think its called) and I saw Holes (huuu it is soooo good) and Dumb and Dumberer (wow funny). Went to the Providence Mall on Saturday and saw Elf with her friend Billy. He's a cool kid. I got a really really nifty shirt. It's like hot pink and its just hawt. weee. I got another peice of clothing also. weeee. So sunday we wanted to go to the Natick Mall to see Dave :-D and he finally called and so we went to the mall and we saw him!! yay!! He's such a cutie. We talked for him a while about all types of stuff. Noel thinks he's hott :-X hehe...took her long enough. So Noely brings me home and now I'm sad because i miss her. It was just so nice to get away from the stupid drama going on. Hehe i called Tom and Noel's like "awww hes soooo nice" im like "i know :-X" hehe. She saw a picture of him andme and shes like "wow hes pretty hott" hehe. woohoo. I wuv that girl. Shes so awesome. I told her like EVERYTHING that has been going on just because I trust her so much. weeee she likes this kid name Squanto...he sounds nifty. yay. Noel must come over soon so EEVVVEERRRYYOONNNEE can meet her :-D yay.
06:21pm 12/11/2003
mood: exhausted
music: Maroon 5- i forget the song
today sucked. Lets recap shall we? Well the first thing in the morning was actually splendid because I woke to hear Tom's voice saying "Wake up sweetheart. I love you" hehe. Having an alarm clock that records messages is the shit. But the bad thing that instead of actually getting up I said to myself "I didnt get any sleep last night. I'll wake up at 6:30" haha suuuure. So i wake up to my brother turning on my light and saying "GET UP!" and I looked at my clock and it said 7:01. joy. I also didnt know what I was wearing so that sucked too. So I get up and put on some clothes, attempted to make something of my hair, brush my teeth and I was out the door looking like shit. O o o o o and I had a meeting at 7:15 for student council so I missed that also. yuck. From that I knew it was just going to be a terrible day. So I get to school kind of later then usual so I don't even see anyone out in the lobby and go to homeroom. Well first period I had IPS. I forgot my calculator that I needed for our fucking pop quiz so I got a 4/20 and Mrs. Hanley-Periera decided to make a huge deal out of it and giving a fucking lecture to me to almost bringing me to tears. joy. I almost was going to just go to mom's office and tell her I really wanted to go home but Kate was telling me that I needed to be there for badmitton in gym :-P so i stayed. Next was Spanish. Let's see...forgot my homework so I couldnt really follow along with anything. damn. But I did see Tom walking by so that was good. Next was gym which always sucks. We won our first 2 games in badmitton and lost our last 2. I saw Tom in the window again :-) yay. Had lunch...new people in the lunch that took all of our seats. Sat down, realizing that Steven wasnt in my lunch anymore :-( its terrible. So after lunch I go to Algebra. Was there a bad thing in that class? but of course! Get my quiz back and I get a freakin 70. fuck. But I did get a 91 for the term which is quite good :-) So finally the evil day of school was over. But then my brother had to do all these stupid errands for his friends. meh. Now I'm home and I'm feeling a little better (after talking to my janny :-D) but I really need to do my homework or I'll be shot.

and holy crap...who saw Queer Eye last night? I think it was an old one but I never saw it and it was THE SHIT. yup.
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07:39pm 09/11/2003
mood: indescribable
music: me going EEEEEKKKK and screaming!!!
O MY GOD!! I FUCKING MET TAYLOR TWELLMAN!!! HOLY FUCK! OK HERES THE STORY: so after the game they said he was taking autographs so abbey and I ran down and got in line...so he comes up and we're getting really close to meeting him and i start CRYING! so abbey tells me to calm down so i stop crying and we go up and when he starts to sign my shirt im like "can i have a hug?" and he sed sure! so I GOT A HUG FROM HIM and then the girl behind us was like I'll take a pic of you guys and send it to you! SO IM GETTING A PIC WITH HIM TOO!!! HOLY FUCK!!! I AMMMM SOOOO HAPPPPYYYYYY I FUCKING HUGGED TAYLOR TWELLMAN!!! I called everyone when I was in the car!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH...sorry for saying the Lord's name in vain and swearing so much but i am so fucking happy you have no idea. Nothing is better then this!
01:42pm 09/11/2003
mood: anxious
music: My daddy is vaccuuming and I'm singing randomly
Holy mother! I'm seeing my Noel in exactly 5 days! HOLY MOTHER! EEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK. I'm spending the ENTIRE weekend with her :-D I'm driving to Wenston or whatever on Friday to go to her cousins game so I dont have to drive all the way to her house in RI. After the game we're going back to her house and then I'm spending all Saturday together and then Sunday we might be going early and we might be seeing Dave :-D eeeek. It depends on if we talk to him this week. eeeeekkk im so excited!!!

o and I think the Fight Club party is going to be changed to Monday night or Tuesday during the day. EEEEKK.