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seven days a week [13 Sep 2003|05:28pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

darn. darn. darn.

i was transferring pics from my digicam last night when the PC suddenly conked out. when it was finally okay, guess how many pics were saved in my hard disk? ZERO. and guess how many remained in my memory card? ZERO. stupid me. i should have chosen the "transfer-without-delete" option on that EasyShare software. aaarghh. now all the pictures i took are gone. SAYANG!!! dami pa man din magagandang kuha dun! :(

anyway, i brought my camera to the office yesterday coz it was debbie's (one of my team mates) despedida. we had a little get-together at the office pantry and then the team went out that same night. we went to Elbow Room to have dinner and play billiards. lam nyo ba, first time lang magkaron ng night-out yung team namin. tapos last na rin na kasama si debbie. :( so yun, sobrang dami ko talagang nakuhang pictures. haaaaaaayyyyyy. :(

yesterday din chris and i went to Eastwood City with two of our guy friends, lloyd and richard. we're planning to sign up at this new gym called Pinnacle Healthpointe so we went there to inquire. grabe, sobrang cool nung place. may elevated race track, wall-climbing facilities, boxing ring, tapos all the other stuff you get at other gyms (and spas!). as in, we were all about to apply na kaso bad trip, they only recognize Citibank credit cards. ang daya! eh sa kin Unionbank tapos kay richard Standared Chartered. we tried paying up the whole fee (for the four of us) from chris's Citibank Mastercard kaso his credit limit isn't that big din eh. tsk. sayang din! sana makahanap kami ng mababait na taong magpapagamit sa amin ng card nila. O=)

tapos, from now on, i'll be working SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. hell! hehe, no, yung weekends naman is sa parlor lang. i'll be the *ehem* supervisor so my mom can rest up naman. haha. kanina andun ako and sobrang tawa lang ako ng tawa. puro kabaklaan kasi! :p bastusan galore! hehe. kaso mahina pa rin sales namin and we can't figure out why. weekend naman and payday din. *sob* sana maging okay na in the following weeks...

oh, and lastly... aggietha, read my message sa Friendster! sobrang small world no? kwentuhan pa tayo about N _ E _ ! haha! :) take care! :)

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date date date [10 Sep 2003|08:59pm]
[ mood | content ]

15th-monthsary date was:

- strolling around the mall to find gifts for his kid sister (her birthday's tomorrow)
- buying a Lizzie Mcguire CD (soundtrack to the TV show) and W.I.T.C.H #15, all from Powerbooks. heh, we couldn't think of anything else.
- eating baked zitis at Sbarro
- driving home (which included: hand-holding, hand-kissing, singing out loud to whatever's on the radio, laughing at silly jokes, being all mushy and sweet)

*sigh* the simple joys. :)

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one and five we're alive! [09 Sep 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | actually, i am kind of tired. ]

so my baby's also on Friendster. ito yung testimonial sa kanya (terence, chris, whatever - same person):

a man of few words is not always a man of few opinions. take terence, for instance. not many people know that underneath that quiet demeanor is a deep well of thought and unspoken ideas. he's someone who lives by carefully-chosen principles WITHOUT compromising his open mind and non- judgmental disposition. he can be honest without being brutal, sensitive without being emotional, strong without the unnecessary "machismo". my best friend, lover, phone pal, eating buddy, and chillout partner. i swear, there's nothing but 100% good nature inside this guy. he's the real deal. :)

just wanted to share. :) oh, and in case i don't get to update tomorrow (i'm the busiest, BUSIEST person in the world), HAPPY 15TH BABY!!! thanks so much for everything. i love you! :)

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okay [07 Sep 2003|07:57pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

just wanted to tell everyone... i'm okay now. i was just venting through that last post. yoko na ikwento coz i don't wanna remember what happened, but anyway, some stuff that's recently come up:

1. our (mom and i) business is officially starting tomorrow. it's a neighborhood beauty salon! :) girlie girls unite! hehe, wish us luck.

2. my dad's new car. sabi nya he felt like a teenager the first time he drove it (this morning). heh. men and their toys. :p

3. Friendster is actually cool. i've come up with this scheme to eventually be friends with basti artadi through one of chris's grade school classmates - dave aguirre of Razorback. haha! RAK! \m/

4. got my hair straightened. well it's a temporary thing lang coz i just wanted to see what i'd look like. haha, it didn't make that much of a difference.

5. my brother totally freaked out on us because he lost some of his files here sa PC. as in, he was ready to rip the CPU apart and take "HIS processor" daw. hello?! kaming dalawa kaya bumili nito. tapos sa kanya lang? kafalmuks ha!

6. back to work tomorrow! enough bumming around the house. it's time to earn some moolah! :D

yun lang. i'll post something more elaborate next time.

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wish [06 Sep 2003|01:15pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

sana hindi na lang ako nagising kaninang umaga.

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friendster [05 Sep 2003|10:13am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i'm on friendster now! bea alvarez. add me guys!

moonfl0wer, ang kulit mo! hehehe! :p

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gusto kong matutong mag-drive [04 Sep 2003|12:07pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

finally got my student's permit from the LTO. my mom and i headed there first thing in the morning. buti na lang we were early kasi di pa masyado madami yung tao. the people started pouring in around 9 am and by that time, patapos na ako. kulit nung kumukuha nung picture. when it was my turn he shouted "smile!" just before clicking on the camera. hahahaha! eh sa ibang tao parang ang formal nya, parang "tingin lang sa camera sir/ma'am. 1, 2, 3!" maybe i looked sad. haha. the pic came out all right though, unlike my NBI clearance photo which looked like a mug shot! heh. :p

now all i can do is wait for payday so i can enroll in A1. i really, really, REALLY need to learn how to drive soon. well, before my dad decides to sell his old car, at least. sana walang bumili nun kasi if ever, yun ang mapupunta sa kin. it's not the sleekest, classiest vehicle around but hey, it will do. okay na sa kin yun as long as I DRIVE! :)

question: mahirap ba mag-drive? okay ba ang turo sa A1? i'm kinda anxious about it eh, although nakapagpaandar na naman ako ng kotse before. sa EDSA pa. kaso may nagalit sa kin nun and binabaan pa kami. buti na lang hindi ako yung pinagalitan nya kundi yung kasama ko. pero kahit na, katakot pa rin! :s

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ten ten ten ten!!! [03 Sep 2003|05:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

from jamster

10 Bands You've Seen Live

1. Foo Fighters
2. Sonic Youth
3. Beastie Boys
4. Moonpools and Caterpillars
5. Sugar Hiccup
6. Bread
7. Stephen Speaks
8. South Border
9. Side A
10. Freestyle

10 Things You're Looking Forward To

1. talking to my baby on the phone
2. Single (mamaya, 9 pm)
3. going to the salon
4. our usual Friday night date
5. hanging out with college friends
6. our 15th monthsary
7. angel's birthday
8. getting my pics printed
9. wearing/using the new stuff i just bought
10. and yes, going back to work next week (kinda missed it!)

10 Things You Wear Daily

1. underwear
2. some footwear (slippers, shoes, what-have-you)
3. a top
4. a bottom
5. pajamas or a night shirt
6. baby cologne
7. body lotion (yeah, yeah, as long as i put it on my body, it counts, right?)
8. toner
9. moisturizer
10. baby powder

10 Things That Annoy You

1. rain
2. people who pretend to be something they just aren't
3. losing something you really, really need
4. when Blurty's down
5. when i stay longer (than i have to) in the office doing work that isn't even supposed to be mine
6. stupidity
7. mga taong malalaki ang ulo
8. slamming doors
9. noise when i'm trying to sleep
10. invasion of my privacy

10 Things You Touch Every Day

1. my cellphone
2. the computer
3. the phone
4. my hair
5. my hairbrush
6. the TV remote
7. the fridge
8. my bed (and everything that's on it)
9. my face
10. my wallet

10 Things You Do Every Day

1. eat
2. sleep
3. talk
4. text
5. brush my teeth
6. brush my hair
7. shower
8. do something on the PC
9. watch TV
10. listen to music

10 People You'd Want To Spend More Time With

1. chris
2. my kid sister
3. chris's folks
4. my high school friends (anne, caye, lianne)
5. my college friends (michelle, jen, gelo, patrick, etc.)
6. maya
7. my ex-office barkada (alex, arvic, rex, meg)
8. cogeo peeps (eric, jj, lenlen, pixie, marco, etc.)
10. childhood village playmates (ayie, kathy, hazel)

10 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1. High Fidelity
2. Empire Records
3. Reality Bites
4. Before Sunrise
5. Dead Poets' Society
6. A Walk to Remember
7. Legends of the Fall
8. Mallrats
9. Meet Joe Black
10. Clueless

10 Of Your Favorite Songs At This Moment

1. Take This Love - Sergio Mendes
2. Love Moves in Mysterious Ways - Julia Fordham
3. Upside Down - Two Minds Crack
4. Your Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer
5. Sleep All Day - Jason Mraz
6. Long Day - Matchbox 20
7. You Suck - The Murmurs
8. Hung Up With You - Madder Rose
9. Semi-charmed Life - Third Eye Blind
10. Soon - Moonpools and Caterpillars

10 People You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With

1. terence christopher aquino araneta (don't i just love his name)
2. i
3. can't
4. think
5. of
6. anyone
7. else
8. other
9. than
10. him :p

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baboy ako [01 Sep 2003|08:50am]
[ mood | excited ]

one thing i hate about birthdays: so much food to eat! arrrgh! :p

yesterday, my family went to Gerry's Grill to celebrate. madalas kami dun pag may occasion. shempre, san ka pa makakahanap ng cheap but really delicious food diba? anyway, our table was OVERFLOWING, i tell you! dad ko talaga, when he sees all the great stuff on the menu he can't help himself - inoorder nya lahat! hehe! so we had two kinds of sisig (pork and tuna), seafood soup, sizzling squid, bangus belly, spare ribs, and pinakbet. wooh super busog! and then, nung afternoon naman, chris passed by our house coz he was bringing his brother to his wife's place in Marikina. eh malapit lang sa min yun so he picked me up too. franco (chris's brother) remembered na it was my birthday the next day so he kept teasing me to treat them somewhere. ayun, nauto naman ako! pumunta kami sa Friday's and nilibre ko sila. we had mushrooms and chicken fingers and a burger. sarap! it was 600 pesos out of my wallet just like that, but whaddaheck. great food + great company = great fun. don't worry, though, coz i didn't forget to work out last night. i even threw in a few more crunches to my daily routine... preventive measures! hehe! ang bilis ko talaga tumaba eh so kailangan talaga di ako maka-miss ng work out. :)

oh well, gotta go and shower na. chris is picking me up in an hour. we're spending my whole birthday together. :) later!

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keka [26 Aug 2003|08:35pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

watched "Keka" with belle in Megamall. not one of the movies i've been planning to watch, i know, but carla gave us passes so what the heck. it was... disappointing. i dunno, maybe i was expecting too much. quark henares eh. pero the thing i liked most about it (next to the soundtrack! astig!) was how natural the dialogue was. as in, kahit halos puro "tang ina" lang yung sinasabi nila, ang galing pa rin ng delivery. ang sarap pakinggan pag nagsasalita sila, especially si katya kasi parang ang sincere nung mga sinasabi nya. other than that, well, 3 stars lang siguro. it was a decent attempt to come up with an outstandingly indie flick but unfortunately, it ended up just being that - an attempt.

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"but i AM your daughter!" t*ng ina! [25 Aug 2003|08:03pm]
[ mood | freaked out ]

Saturday: "The Sixth Sense"

Sunday: "The Others"

Been sleeping in my sister's room for three nights now.

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kaibigan ba kita o ano? [20 Aug 2003|07:50pm]
[ mood | irate ]

good news: i got myself a digicam! finally, finally. but it's not what i originally wanted (Sony Cybershot-U) kasi my buying it wasn't really planned. the opportunity just came along. :) and hindi sya yung mga uber-modern models that are out in the market now ha. it's just a Kodak DX3215, 1.3 megapixels lang. i bought it for 10K pero complete na sya with the EasyShare camera dock (this thingy which makes transferring pics to the PC so much easier), EasyShare software, and extra 64 MB memory. tsaka may warranty pa. okay na ba yun for the price? kasi secondhand lang sya eh, bought last April. my "friend" kasi told me na mahal daw. pero OKAY LANG! kasi masaya na ako dito sa ganitong klaseng digicam. :)

bad news: some friend she is! kasi nga i was asking her opinion about the cam tapos she kept telling me na, "ha? bibilhin mo yun? wag yun noh! ang pangit pangit nun kasi 1.3 mp lang! eh ang dami naman dyang mas maganda! ako nga gusto ko yung sa sony, yung 27 thousand. yun na lang bilhin mo!" hello?! okay lang sya? hindi ba nya naisip na kaya ako interested dito dahil first off, wala naman akong budget to buy those high-tech digicams na sina-suggest nya. secondly, kung gustung-gusto nya yung magandang klaseng camera, EH BAKIT HINDI SYA ANG BUMILI NG GANUN? what's keeping her, diba? bakit nya kailangan ipagyabang yun eh hindi pa naman sa kanya? if i know, hindi rin naman kasi nya afford. hay naku! lastly (and more importantly!), PERA KO ANG GINAMIT KO PAMBILI NG CAMERA NA TO. 100% hard-earned cash. so wag nyang i-dictate sa kin kung anong dapat at hindi ko dapat bilhin. pero sige. i guess it's not completely her fault. i mean, i did ask her opinion, and so it was given. pero kahit na. nakaka-bwisit pa rin sya. basta ako nakabili ng camera sa SARILI KONG PERA at sya HINDI. basta kami mag-eenjoy kakakuha ng pictures kung saan-saan! and pag mangyari yun, wag na wag syang makikisali. baka masira pa to pag nag-focus sa mukha nya. :p

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fourteen [10 Aug 2003|09:56am]
[ mood | content ]

if one song could describe how i feel about chris, this probably would be it.

now we're stronger than before... we've made it through... )

when we were just starting out, i asked my friend if she thought magtatagal kami. and she said, "kung maghiwalay man kayo, malamang ikaw ang magiging dahilan. fleeting ka eh." well, look at me now. fourteen months and i'm still very much in love with the guy. i swear, KINIKILIG PA RIN AKO SA KANYA. kahit na parang sobrang comfy na namin sa isa't isa, ganun pa rin... there's still that spark. :)

last night i was talking to his kid sister on the phone and napagkwentuhan namin yung isang girl na dati nyang crush. his sister was surprised that i even knew about it, and she told me, "you guys aren't boyfriend-girlfriend! boyfriends don't tell their girlfriends about past crushes! you're more like, BEST FRIENDS." i laughed. kala nyo madidisappoint ako? hindi kaya. i personally think that being best friends comes first and foremost in a relationship. so what his sister said, i took it as a good sign. it made me feel proud that i may now be the single person who knows the most about chris, even the most trivial details of his life. ang galing lang.

*sigh* bakit kasi i get all sappy and mushy every tenth of the month? hahaha. :p


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today was... [08 Aug 2003|11:40pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

1. food trip day. yup, you guessed it. umiral na naman ang katakawan ko! aaargh. i feel so bloated right now. it's one of those days eh. lam nyo yun girls? yung parang gusto ko lang talagang tikman yung mga pagkain, lalo na pag mukang masarap. uhhh... everyday yata ganun! hehehe! pero di nga, my appetite turned WILD today. tingnan nyo - i had breakfast before going to work, tapos when i got to the office kinain ko yung cheese bread na baon ko. but i shared that with everyone else so i only got to eat, like, a tiny bit of that (yeah right! hehe!). and then, lunch time. my teammates and i went to Congo Grill and i swear, para talagang fiesta sa table namin sa sobrang dami ng food! there was sisig, sinigang, crispy pata, gambas, garlic kangkong, and LOTS of rice. grabe. pano ba naman, apat yung kasama namin na guys and mind you, walang payat sa kanila. :p and then for dinner, chris and i devoured Shakey's food. it was my treat naman coz last week nilibre nya ako sa Friday's. haha, ang cheap ko no? sya sa Friday's nanlibre, ako sa Shakey's lang. :p anyway, kanina we ordered a garlic and cheese pizza, mojos, and a Bunch of Lunch. at OO, DALAWA LANG KAMING UMUBOS NUN. haha! ibang klase! pero kala nyo tapos na? there's more! when i got home naman, i snacked pa on some Lay's potato chips. couldn't help it eh, favorite ko talaga yung sour cream and onion. hayyyy. i am now officially a pig. :p

2. date day. finally i got to be with chris. last time i saw him was three days ago. *sigh* samantalang dati, araw-araw kami magkasama. *sob* oh well. so yun, he picked me up from the office tapos we went to Galleria. we had dinner nga and then we watched "Finding Nemo." haha, kiddie. pero ang ganda, promise! kahit puro bata yung mga kasama namin sa sinehan, okay lang. (may isang kid pa nga sa harap namin na sobrang weird nung tawa. as in, ang lakas pa and natatawa sya sa mga parts na di naman talaga nakakatawa. eh everytime tumatawa sya, natatawa din kami ni chris. kaya nagmukha rin kaming weird! hehe, labo.) nakakaaliw talaga yung movie, panoorin nyo. :) after that we wanted to go pa somewhere kaso di naman nagtetext sina aj kung san gimik nila. siguro nagsawa na sila kakayaya sa kin kasi lagi naman ako hindi sumasama! hehe! tinext ko na lang si michelle and asked her where she was, hoping that we could join. kaso nasa birthday party sya nung officemate nya. boohoo. so chris and i decided na lang to have coffee kaso naman, it started to rain na. eh sa kahit anong coffee place ayaw namin sa loob umuupo, lagi kami sa labas. kaso nga umulan, so out na rin yun. waaahhhh ang loser namin, umuwi na lang kami. we planned to watch TV na lang and have dessert kaso when we got here naman, my dad was watching TV in the living room. eh hindi ko naman sya mapaalis noh, and hindi rin naman kami pwedeng manood ni chris sa bedroom kaya wala! wala na lang kami ginawa! hehe! but anyway, i still had fun naman. tsaka, dami pa namang time gawin yung lahat ng mga gusto namin gawin. :)

that was my day. hope you had fun reading about it. (nyek ang formal.) hehe. bangag na ako. goodnight! :)

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schizophrenic [06 Aug 2003|08:25am]
[ mood | lost ]

sometimes i feel like i don't know who i am anymore.

my friend belle and i had dinner at NYPD last night. we were talking about one of our teammates and how everyone's been complaining about her attitude towards work. we both agreed that it all boiled down to her (lack of) flexibility and adaptability when it comes to dealing with the changes that our team faces from time to time. that got me thinking, and i blurted out, "ako na yata ang pinaka-flexible na tao sa mundo. kahit saan mo ko ilagay, kaya kong makibagay."
belle's amused response was something i did not take lightly. she said, "oo, kahit saan hindi ka nagsa-stand out!"

a pause.

a half-hearted smile.

and a timid bite of pizza.

i realized then that belle's words were nothing but spoken truth. it's like, i've let my whole personality become completely dependent on the people around me. when i'm with chris, i'm this sweet, affectionate, emotional, and somewhat childish girl-next-door. when i'm with office friends, i'm a loud bully whose idea of fun is laughing at other people's flaws. when i'm with my family, i become passive and nonchalant - someone who'd never be caught revealing any hint of what she's feeling inside.

i guess i'm just a lot of people stuck inside the body of a single person, if that's even conceivable. i worry a lot, though, that one day everyone around me would just disappear. WHO WILL I BE THEN?

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to go or not to go? [01 Aug 2003|11:11am]
[ mood | PMS-ing ]
[ music | "Deep Inside of You" - Third Eye Blind ]

didn't go to work today. i'm so tired. since Tuesday, i've been getting home late. kasi naman, halos everyday i need to put in extra hours at work so nilulubos ko na... i hang out na rin with my friends after. nung Wednesday i had dinner with belle at Dulcinea tapos we walked around the mall and i got a shirt for chris. then yesterday niyaya ko sila aj to have dinner at Congo Grille, treat ko. well, yung ulam lang. rice and drinks KKB na. hehe, payday eh. i got extra money sa account ko pero di ko alam kung san galing. baka night differential when i was on graveyard shift. pero shit, a day after, half na lang natitira sa sweldo ko. hahahahaha. dami ko kasi binili eh! grrr! yesterday morning had breakfast at Starbucks, yesterday lunch i got another shirt for my baby and a top for me, tapos lunch and dinner out pa. i had to pay rin my bills and stuff. punyeta, galit sa pera! la lang, parang therapeutic gumastos. haha. iniisip ko pa kung magha-halfday ako today. i called maui up kanina and pinipilit nya ko pumasok. aabot din naman kasi it's just 11:30. pero... katamad! parang gusto ko na lang dito sa bahay. *sigh*

i'm don't feel so happy right now. i don't know why. :(

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wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee [24 Jul 2003|08:25am]
[ mood | excitedgiddyhappykilig ]
[ music | "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" - Aerosmith ]

we're going out tonight.

we're going out tonight.

we're going out tonight.

we're going out tonight.

we're going out tonight.

*jump jump*

grabe i miss my bubu na sobra. baka pag nakita ko yun mamaya maging Inside-Out Boy sya sa sobrang tight ng hug ko. haha, kilala nyo ba yun? yung sa Nickelodeon? :p

wheeeeeeeeeeeeee talaga! sana 6:30 na!!! :)

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your love's coming down like rain [23 Jul 2003|10:05am]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | "Tattooed on My Mind" - D Sound ]

grabe yung weather kahapon no? i was so scared for chris kasi he didn't bring his car to Malacanang. coding eh. so he had to commute going there and coming home. eh binabaha yata dun sa area na yun eh. tapos he doesn't bring pa an umbrella, jacket lang. hay naku, tigas ulo eh. buti na lang he got home safely. :) eh ako? i had to be rescued by my dad (again). hahaha. kasi super lakas nga ng wind and ng rain, eh magco-commute din ako coz wala nga si chris. eh yung roads papunta sa min, binabaha din (especially Marcos Highway! grrrr!). wala, i texted Daddy na lang and asked if i could ride home with him. he said yes naman kaso galing pa sya Alabang so matatagalan sya makarating sa office. ok lang sa kin coz sina aj and francis din magpapalipas ng oras (coding din car nila so they had to wait until 7 pm). ayun, nagkayayaan magpunta sa Podium. i met them at Watsons coz they were buying medicine yata. ako naman nakabili ng Chips Ahoy, Hershey's Kisses, and Lay's Potato Chips. har har, puro junk food. :p pero hindi for me yun! bibigay ko lahat yun kay chris kasi madalas magutom yun in the afternoon or late at night so at least may makakain na sya when that happens. :) after that we had dinner at NYPD. favorite! we got a 14-inch half-Sicilian and half-BOMB pizza. sayang wala daw buffalo wings. :( tapos francis ordered a chocolate milkshake and we tasted it and super duper sarap. i'm getting that next time, i swear!!! after eating, aj wanted to window-shop pero francis and i were chanting "billiards billiards billiards" so she had no choice but to give in. we went to Elbow Room and played for about half an hour lang kasi the table we got was reserved for 7 pm. wawa naman si francis laging loser! hahahaha! anyway, tamang-tama naman coz around 7 my dad called and told me that he was near the office already, so i had to go and meet him na. oh, when we were playing pala, chris kept texting and calling and asking me to come home na coz he missed me na daw (nasa house na kasi sya by that time). awwwwwwwwwwwww. namimiss ko na rin sya sobra. we haven't seen each other for FOUR LONG DAYS. huhuhuhuhu. :( pero he promised me we'd go out tomorrow night, so i'm really, really excited. despedida kasi ni jb, one of his college friends. sana lang the rain lets up, though. hassle gumimik ng bumabagyo eh...

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nakiuso [22 Jul 2003|02:06pm]
[ mood | scared of the storm ]

didn't wanna post it here kasi nakakahiya :p

pero sa mga matitiyaga jan... click HERE na lang.

*runs away and hides in shame*


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the one [21 Jul 2003|03:09pm]
[ mood | senti... ]
[ music | "Angel" - Sarah Mclachlan ]

i remember getting teary-eyed the first time i read this...

for you )

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