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not such a good day [18 Sep 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Alicia Keys Diary ]

well today i woke up at like 1:30. i woke up cuz i heard jazz doing sum thing. but any ways i watched twishter. its a really good movie. after that i went down stairs and was watching a movie in the living room. when i was in the living room i was watching lighting fire in the sky. i dont really know was its about cuz i idndt watch the whole thing. i didnt watch the whole thing cuz jazz came in from outside and told me to come outside and look at this thing pual had outside. it was sum thing kool. i didnt ride it tohugh.

it was a electric (how ever u spell it i dont feel like thinking) skooter. after that ceslie came by wit her dad and we were out side talking to them for the longest time. when they left. JR and iris sent me jaz and bubby to rocky's to get pizza. and they left. we got bac ot the house and we ate our food and was watching some movies. well let me tell u about this kid i raelly like. i mean if u knew me and every thing u would know they kid im talking anout (and if u do no who im talking about tell me his name when u camment). i mean like i think he likes me but im not sure. when we are around his parents he acts like he dont like me ans every thing. but then when its jus me adn him or me him nad his sister he acts like he likes me and he wants to be wit me. i mean i kiss and every thing and do a lot of other stuff but i dont no wat to do cuz i dont no if he really likes me or not. nad i odnt wanna say any thing to him cuz if he dont like me then i dont wanna fell stupid or any thing. but any ways im going to go now ill try and update more 2morrow okay buh bye ttyl


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new theme for mars bars also! [12 Sep 2004|11:46pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | ashlee simpson "lala" ]

-- * hey mars.

it's amanda. i hope you like it. the icons that we picked out were not working so i had mallie help me pick one. if you don't like it i will modify it. haha so proud of myself learning how to do this! =) love ya girlie girl. goodnight night amanda jill

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one of the best moods i've been in in a while [09 Sep 2004|09:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Llyod Banks I'm So Fly ]

I JUS FOUND OUT THAT I GOT A NEW TV WOO HOO LOL but any ways lol. today i got up at 6:25. i got up late. i should have gotton up at 6:00. but i didnt hear my phone go off. yea well i was still done and ready by 7. and of course like usual jazz and her dad was at my house at 7:40 when they should be there at 7:30. yea well ill get over it lol. well then we went up to the school. me and jazz were standing there until marcie got there thne we went up to the steps. it started to rain so we went up to the doors. we went in and i had to go to gym. i hate having gym 2nd period, 8 sum thing in the morning. that shit sucks.

then i went to homeroom and walked around. then i went to math, english, and science. after that i had to run down and catch the bus to go to vo- tech. well right now vo-tech is kinda boring but i think it will get fun soon. after i left vo-tech, i went back to the school and was waiting for jazz at a plus. we went to meet her mom. then i went up to the field where the football team practices at. and found out that we had to go to jazz house to get bubby his sneaker cuz they were practicing in the gym today.

after we took bubby his sneakers, we went to the bank, and then to get sum thing to eat. we went back to jazz's house so we could take out te dog. and then we left right away to go to cheerleading. i had fun today at cheerleading. but when i was done running my 3 laps i really couldnt breath. my cheast really hurt. but then we went in and did some cheers. then JV went there way and varcity went there well we did every thing we had to do. we got done at 7. but i guess jazz's mom forgot when we got done and she got there at 8. but while we were waiting carlos helped me do a back handspring. i can almost do it by my self. its really cool. but then we took our one friend home and jazz went to her house nad got her stuff to sleep over. i got home and came on the computer. i was talking to amanda and here is our convo.

mTiPsY324 (9:16:01 PM): yea i guess so lol hey amanda did i ever tell u that I LOVE U??? well guess wat I LOVE U <3
mTiPsY324 (9:16:03 PM): lol
AiBabie143 (9:16:09 PM): lol
AiBabie143 (9:16:19 PM): your the second love of my life..
AiBabie143 (9:16:31 PM): sorry ya just can't fufill my needs.
mTiPsY324 (9:16:43 PM): okay ill stand for 2nd
AiBabie143 (9:16:47 PM): lol
mTiPsY324 (9:16:53 PM): i dont think i would wanna fullfill ur needs lol
AiBabie143 (9:17:03 PM): exactly
mTiPsY324 (9:17:13 PM): yup yup lol
AiBabie143 (9:17:31 PM): well the vib is good and all but sometime its a little to stiff... it's getting old we need to spice it up!
AiBabie143 ( 9:17:33 PM): lmao
mTiPsY324 (9:18:12 PM): lol lmfao
AiBabie143 (9:18:35 PM): :-)
mTiPsY324 (9:18:52 PM): :-)god u make u laugh
mTiPsY324 (9:18:55 PM): lol
AiBabie143 (9:19:38 PM): i think that was the most i laughed all night
AiBabie143 (9:19:50 PM): i think that might have to go in your

and then i went in and helped my nanny make some cakes and every thing. and here im now updating my blurty. but im gonna go now so i can get my stuff ready for school adn every thing and then go to bed. okay ill update more 2morrow


p.s. my grandfather got a brand new tv today. lol .

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sry once again long time no update [08 Sep 2004|08:51pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Usher f/ lil jon and ludacris Yeah ]

hey hey ppls again im sorry i didnt update but i have been really busy since school started and then having cheerleading and every thing but ill start to update more now okay. but any ways this weekend i was wit jazz, cuz my nanny asked them if i could stay wit then for the weekend. but we had fun. friday we had a game. well buring the game it was like near the end of the 2nd quarter and right then i for reallly really scared. the reason i got scared is cuz i relized i was the only 10th grader out of every one in cheerleading. so when we did the one cheer battlecry i have to do the 10th grade thing all by my self. but then right before we went out on the field carlos told me i could ask one of the freshmens to do it wit me so i wasnt the only one.

but then saturday we went up to allentown to go to bubby's game. but we got lost and we were there for the end of the game. we lost the game but me and jazz didnt care cuz we beat the same people on friday. me and jazz we yelling to this one lady from allentown. it was sooo funny. but when i got bac in the car from yelling and every thing i could breath at all or any thing. my cheast really hurt. after that we came home and jus sat around.

then on sunday we went to jazz's family picnic thing. it was fun. we were there like all day. but if u had any ideal how much i like this kid. man and if u really no me u will know the boy im talking about ((Amanda and some other ppl)). i really like him. i think he likes me but im not sure. he makes it seem like he does when we r alone together, but when every one else is around he makes it seem like he dont like me at all. but i think he does that cuz he dont want his mom or dad to know he likes me. its jus the things he does when we r a lone together that makes me like him sooo much. and i think he is soooo cute. he makes me laugh and smile when im really mad. i dont no i jus wish he would come out adn tell me how he feels so i no if i should wait for him or jus go find some one else. cuz i no there is lke 1 or 2 other ppl out there that like me. i really like this kid but if he dont like me then ill jus have to get over it and go find sum one else, but any ways.

on monday i wasnt really gonna do any thing but then amanda called me and asked if me and jazz would meet her at riverside to watch the paride (sry i no i spelled it wrong). so i fast got ready and went to meet her. jazz and i ran the whole way there so we didnt miss any of it. we watch the whole thing. after that we went to my house so i could get changed. when we were done at my house we went to jazz house. we chilled at jazz's for a while. then we started to walk to the pool but then we seen bobby and he told us they closed the pool. so the last day the pool was open we couldnt say bye to any one. i was really mad. i wanted to say bye to every one that i talked to there. so then aaron came to get amanda and after amanda left we went inside and sat around. then we ate sum food and watch a movie.

nothing really happened on tuesday, so ill jus go right to today. today jazz got up and took a shower at 6 i got up at 6:20 and got a shower. we were both done and ready by 7. her dad got there at 7:30. we were at school really early and every thing. but then we went into school. the same thing happened, jus like any other day. BORING SCHOOL lol then after school i went to jazz's then at 5:45 we left and went to cheerleading. i wasnt really in the mood to be in cheerleading today but i had to do it any ways. but then i got in the mood when it was jus JV cheerleaders. we had to re-do every thing cuz 2 of the girls arent in cheerleading any more. but we did it i had fun. i was messing around wit jay jay when he came. it is so funny when i mess around wit him. he makes me laugh. but any ways i was done wit cheerleading at 8:10. i got home around 8:30. i came in and got on the computer. i was talking to some ppls for a lil nad now here i am updating the blurty. but im gonna go now ill update more 2morrow okay buh bye ttyl

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once again long time no update lol [03 Sep 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Usher f/ Alicia Keys My Boo ]

well once again im sorry i didnt update in a while. its cuz my computer wasnt letting me sign on my s/n for some reason. but any ways a lot has happened since i last updated. i have been kinda busy wit cheerleading. cuz of learning all the cheers and dances, and every thing. and today is my first game. i only cheer 4th quarter cuz im on jv. but i still get to cheer. my first game wit out varcity is on september 13th ts a soccer game aganst the muhls. haha i hope we beat them. but any ways. i started school on tuesday. and my homeroom teacher is one of my teachers from last year. and i couldnt stand her last year, i always got kicked out of her class. but its not gonna be like that this year in homeroom. im gonna be a good kid this year in school. vo-tech is kinda boring right now cuz we jus started that and muhlenberg isnt there yet cuz they didnt start school.

but after school i had to go to the doctors. i have to go to the hospital and and her a chest X-ray and sum thing done cuz my doctor found a heart meermur (i so spelled that wrong) so yea. then after the doctors i came home got my stuff for cheerleading and went to jazz/s house so hr mom could take us. i had cheerleading till like 8:15. then i came home sat around for a couple of hours and thne went to sleep at 11:30.


i woke up at 8:30 cuz i heard the phone ring. i got up watched tv for a lil. then my nanny came home and i went wit her to the family dollar to get some stuff i needed. after that we went to GK so i could see if they had his thing i need for cheerleading and of course they only had one left and that wouldnt have fit me so jazz tried it on and she got it. after that we went to the mall to see if they had sum thing for my belly cuz i cant wear it in during the game. but they didnt have the thing i was looking for. so i went shopping in agenst all odds (or how ever u spell it) i got 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants. my nanny got jazz a pair of pants and she didnt even know she was buying them for her.

when she found out she got mad cuz her mom doesnt like it when other ppl buy her stuff. but yea well my nanny said if her moms says any thing to call her. so thats wat im gonna do. and then we came home jazz got a shower, i got a shower. and we got ready. and here we are now sitting here updating the blurty. well i g2g ill update more later!! LOVE MARS <3

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new computer!!!!!! YES !!!!! [26 Aug 2004|11:53pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Nelly f/ jaheim My Place ]

DUDE I GOT A DELL!!!! lol im such a dork. every one has been telling me that, but of course i dont care. well since i last updated at amanda house i did a lot but there is too much to tell u about. but ill jus tell u about today. well i woke up at 7. me and jazz came back to my house. i got in the shower. then when i got out, jazz went in and took a shower. i got ready. thne i had to wait for my nanny to get ready cuz she woke up late. and she made me late for cheerleading. i got to cheerleading at 9:10 i ate my food. then i started to learn all the dances i need to know. then at 11 i went home. i stayed at my house for a while. then me and jazz walked over to ceslies house. we stayed there for like an hour. i had to leave cuz we got hungry. so we came bac to my house and we jus sat down when my uncle came in talking to jazz's mom. so we left with her and went to get sum thing to eat. after that we went to jazz's so her mom could give the dog a walk. when she was done we went back to cheerleading. we had to be there till 8. when we were done me, jazz, and her mom were outside talking to carlos for a while. we left nad went to jazz for a lil then we came to my house. and here we are now updating the blurty. so when ever more stuff happens ill come and update when i can. im gonna go now duh bye ttyl

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sorry didnt update in a while [16 Aug 2004|02:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | -none- talking to the one and only Amanda at her hous ]

HEY!!! long time no write.... sorry but i have been busy and my computer at home isnt working right now. and we dont no whats wrong wit it. but the past week or how ever long its been since i uodated last has been fun. i went to knobels ((how ever u spell it)) with my nanny, her friend, and my cousins girl friend. it was fun but then again it was boring, cuz the rides there sucks ass. but then the day i came home i got to go to cheerleading. Jazz got me in to cheerleading YES then i have been hanging out wit jazz. and i finally slept over at her house saturday night. it was fun fun fun. her mom cooked us food at like 11 sum thing at night. the food was good. then on sunday when we woke up and we were al done getting ready we went to get jazz aunt. then we all went to allentowm. we had sooo much fun trying on dresses. we finally left there at 7 pm. then e and jazz went back to my house cuz she was sleeping over again. we went to sleep at 1. we woke up at 7:30 and got showers. we went out to eat, then to wal-mart and i finally got my eye brows done. them things were really messed up. but then we went back to my house and my dad was there. wow thats unusual. but we left my house right away, and went to fashion bug. i got this really cute outfit. wit shoes. and i went home and got changed. then my nanny took us to amandas house. now im sitting here at amandas updating my blurty. and mow we are gonna go watch some tv. okay LOVE MARS <3

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chuckle chuckle chuckle...... [05 Aug 2004|01:03am]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | -none- aarons well our wannabe aaron laugh ]

well i updated last night lol.....

the rest of last night

i went in the living room and sat down wit manda and katie. we were watching win a date with tad hamlton. its such a great movie. isnt manda such a sucker for love movies. after that movie was over, we put in carrie. we thought it was gonna be a scary movie but it wasnt even that scary. well when that movie was over bri bri and bryce came home, by then it was like 3 sum thing. bri bri came in with a fan cuz it was so hott in the house. and he also came home to light a candle. lol. then they wanted to watch a movie. so we were jus sitting there for a while waiting for bryce to find a movie. then finally he jus put on pipe dream. that is one of the stupidest movies i ever seen. when that was over bri bri went down to his room to sleep. and me and bryce decided we were gonna watch another movie. so we were looking and looking, then we found from dusk till dawn. that is a good movie. i never watched it cuz i didnt think it would be good, but then it turned out to be pretty good. lol. by the time that was over it was 6:45. bryce turned off the tv and went to sleep, but i didnt fall alseep till 7.


i woke up at 11:30 cuz of manda woke me up. whoop whoop!! i was really really tired cuz i only went to sleep at 7. me and manda made sum food cuz we were hungry. cuz u no how fat ppl r always hungry - fat ppl need food too. lol katie was still sleeping cuz that is all she does is sleep at mandas house. but then again she said she wasnt hungry and went back to sleep. after i was done eating i went and took a shower. when i was done i the i came down and ate more food, and sat around in my towel for like an hour and a half. i did a amanda. then i got dressed after a while. lol. manda went and took a shower. when she was getting ready we sat around and listened to a mixed cd - the sound track to a cinderella story - ashlee simpson - jessica simpson - and the one and only BARRY WHITE we were calling every where trying to find a ride to the pool. finally manda jus called my nanny. and of course my nanny said yeah she will come adn get us.

she came and picked us up at like 3. she took manda and katie to their bank, so they could cash their checks. then she took us over to my bank, to cash my check. and then we went over to the pool. when we got in the pool i went over and was talking to jazz. she was sooo upset thanks to little miss big mouth - don't think before she speaks - i am sorry this i am sorry that - suck up - stuck up - snob - tattle tale natalie! we jus sat around making fun of the new rules evelyn put up today. well lets see how quick i can get detention!!

then we all went swimming. it was me, manda, aaron, lamont, malllie, lavyrt, lt, dj"natalie", and rocky. then we got out of the pool cuz we were getting tired of shannon bitching cuz we were having fun and she wasnt. lol!!!!! then manda got us all food, well i payed for my own. after i was done eating i went back in the pool. i was swimming for a while. then aaron came over and made me get out of the pool and get ready to leave. but i didnt want to get out, so he pulled me out of the pool. i was trying to get back in the pool but aaron wouldnt get out of my way. so i jus got my stuff and went to get ready. we left the pool and started to walk home. we were walking mad slow, and thats unusal for me. then we ran into miss nicole. wow that was really fun. wat a bitch. we were a block away from north west and it started to rain. but by the time we got to spring st it was really raining. manda called bri bri and asked him if he cold come and take me home, so i didnt have to walk in the rain. so he came i got in the car and we left!!!

i got home and went up to my room. i actaully cleaned my room. its nice. lol. then i came down and sat on the computer jus talking to ppls. i went back up to my room, and my phone rang. u will never guess who it was. yup it was JAZZ. we were talking on the phone for a hot minute. then manda called and told me that she was near my house. so i got the keys to my nannys van, and went outside to wait for her and aaron. we came bac in the house and here we are now jus sitting here updating the blurty. ill update more 2morrow iight nighty nighty
well guess wat else happened!!!! manda and aaron one year was today whoop whoop. aaron got to unrap the presents lol!!!!


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Sorry didnt update in a while....... [03 Aug 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | Jessice Simpson In The Skin ]

well it been a really long time since i last updated. so here is wat happened since friday...


I woke up at 1:45. i looked at my phone and seen that i had a voice mail. and u will never guess who it was JAZZ. i got hermessage and called her cell phone, but her mom picked up. then i called her dads cell phone cuz she said to on her message, so her dad told me that she was at the pool. so i called her at the pool. i told her that i needed to find a ride to the pool, and that i would call her when i was done getting ready and when i found a ride. so in the mean time when i was getting ready jazz's mom called me and told me that JR was on her way to get me. i was like i had to hurry up and finish getting ready. her dad pulled up outside, and i ran out to his car. when i got in the car JR goes to me, now why didnt u tell me that u needed a ride when u call my phone. i was i dont know.

when we got to the pool jazz was waiting outside for us. then we went in side i sat there for a little. then me and jazz went and got changed into our bathing suits. we both went in the pool for a while cuz it was really really hott!!! the we got out of the pool cuz jazz ha to get ready for work, which she realy didnt want to do. jazz really doesnt wanna work at the pool any more. so then lamont, jon, rice, and some other ppls came to the pool. i went swimming again wit lamont. we were going off the diving board. the i got out and was jus there for a while. after that i went home. jazz, amanda, nad katie slept over at my house. it was soo fun when danny and carmlo came over around 9:30. we were jus bugging out in my room, taking pictures. the danny and carmlo went home. after that we were supposed to chill wit bartlow but he didnt come. then we jus sat there and every one started to fall asleep so we all jus decided to go to sleep.

then i woke up cuz jazz had me aganst the bad and it was also cold cuz she took all the covers from me. then i seen that amanda was awake. and she told me that her tooth hurted really really bad. i told her to take sum thing for it, and she said she already did. amanda told me that in the middle of the night katie pocked her and said yo amanda ur taking all the covers. ans here amanda only had a little corner of the blanket. lol. so i got a blanket and layed it on the floor, then i got another blanket so i could cover up wit it. and me and amanda slept on the floor.


we all woke up uz jazz's cell phone was ringing, it was her mom. so we all stayed up. i did katie hair, it was nice. when i was done wit her hair i did jazz's hair. that was also nice lol. the i went and took a shower myself. when i got our jazz's mom was already there, so i told her to go cuz she had to work. and i told her to ask her mom if she could come back to pick us up nad take us to the pool. so then i finished getting ready. and jazz's mom came back and got us. she took us to McDonald's to get food. we all ate our food in the car. we got to the pool and we went in and was jus sitting there for a while. then we met this new life gaurd. i dont likke the stupid bitch. she got an attitude for no reason at all. i jus asked her to stop the ice crean man for me and she said NO!. then i said jus stop him real quick, and she said if u want the ice cream u go and stop him!!! i was like wow u dont know u but u need to stop getting an attitude for no reason. i jus asked that dum bitch a real simple question and she got an attitude. the we all went swimming. we got out cuz it started to get cold.

jazz got off work at 4. she went and got changed adn we both went in the pool. then we got out and was jus sitting there eating sum food. thne bubby asked her if she could take him to play basketball wit his dad. then we had to call jazz's mom cuz they were closing the pool early. so when she got there me, jazz, and katie got in the car. then we went over to get gas. then we went over to the prak near my house to see if JR was there but he wasnt there. the we went over to city park to see if he was there and he wasnt there. after that we went over to pendora park to see if he was there but once again he was there. so then bubby said mom can we go over to 11th and pike. we went over there and bubby called sum one and they said that they were at 11th and pike but they left that they werent there any more. so then iris drove us bac to my house. we got there i quick got changed and did my hair. after that i quick ran down to marcies house so i could give her her movies. when i got down there i seen margery, mitzie, and erica. well they were all about to get into a fight. so i stayed down there for a little. then me and jazz walked back up to my house.

we got bac to my house and went up to my room. katie was in there watching remember the titans. i love that movie. then i called amanda and she said that she was out side sitting on my porch with my cousin david. we went out side for a little. then we went up to my room and got ready cuz we thought bartlow was gonna come again. then here he was gonna come cuz he was still at his autns house. so we all ogt ready for nothing. my nanny came home, so i asked her if she could take us to amandas house. so she took us to amandas house. when we got there brain and bryce was sitting in the living room watching tv. so when they were done watching tv, we put in the butter fly effect. i fell asleep during that and i dont no when every one else went to sleep.


i woke at 10 cuz jazz woke up and told me to call my nanny. then my nanny came to pick us up and took us me my house. me and jazz wen up to my room for a while and was jus sitting there watching tv. then jaz decided to get my old phone adn text every one. so i got my phone adn text her on my old phone. after that i went over to my bathroom to shave my legs. i shaved them and wet bac over to my room and i got dressed. i went down and asked my nanny to take us to the pool. we got there and like every one i knew/wanted to see was there. jazz's mom called her and told her that she was on her way to the pool to pick her up. so jazz left me at the pool all by myself. i went and got changed into my bathing suit. i went swimming wit lamont, and lt. then amanda came to the pool and i was still swimming. then i got out and ate sum food. after that i went and got changed back into my clothes and i did my hair.

then i called my nanny and asked her to come pick us up. while we were waiting for her lamont decided he wanted amanda to take a picture of me and him. my nanny came and we got in the car. she was being a bitch the whole time and i dont no why. so i went in my house and go my stuff. we went out and got back in the car. then my nanny quick took us to wawa so we could get some stuff. right when we pulled up at amanda house, katie pulled up at the same time. we came in and sat there for a while. then we watched a movie. then we started to watch another movie but i fell asleep. i woke up to the voices of brian and bryce. he was saying how i was in his bed and that i wasnt sleeping there tonight. then we watched D3 the mighty ducks. after that was over brain went to bed. me amanda kaite and bryce ecided to watch another movie. i started to watch it but i fell alseep.


i woke up at 1:45 cuz i heard amanda and katie talking about eating food. so i got up and made me sum food. and when i was standing at the counter, amandas butter knife fell on my foot, and now my one toe hurs really really bad. so when i was done eating i went and took a shower. when i came down, amanda was sitting at the omputer updating her blurty. she went up to take a shower her self. she came down in her towel. she was sitting around her house in a towel for like2 hours. then she went and got ready cuz my nanny was on her way to get us. when my nanny got here , we all got in the car and she took us to the pool. when we got to the pool, we went in and got our checks. then we went over and was talking to sam cuz she was in the pool. then she got out and we all went over to the bench and was sitting here jus talking. then it was time for the pool to close. we had to walk home. we left at about 7:55. we started to walk home. we wereat riverside and lamont told me to give him my hand. so we walked home holding hands. we got to his house and i gave him a hug and he went in side. me amanda and kaite walked to my house. when we got there i went in nad got my stuff i needed to sleep over at amandas house. then we left and went to hollywood viedo to rent movies. we got carrie, win a date with tad hamlton and 13 going on 30. we got to amanda house and brian and ananda were here. we started watching 13 going on 30. it was over and then we all jus started to bug out for no reason. after that brian left to go sum where. i came in and ate sum thing cuz i was hungry. afte that i came in the cmputer room and here i am now updating my blurty. im gonna go now an watch the movie amanda and katie are watching okay, ill update more later. okay buh bye
it is 08-04-2004 its 12:47 and that mean it is amandas one year of being wit aaron woo hoo amanda good going!!


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wow wat a fun firday i had [31 Jul 2004|06:06am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Lloyd Banks I'm still fly ]

well today was kinda boring till around like 8. i woke up cuz i heard jazz on the phone wit her dad. then i went to the bathroom cuz my nanny was in there and she asked if we wanted to go eat wit her. so me and jazz got ready, then we left to eat some food. we came back to my house nad waited for jazz's mom to come pick us up. we went over to jazz's aunts work, so her mom could talk to her. then she took us to the pool, cuz jazz had to work at 12. i was sitting there and i got really hot so i decided to go in the pool. it was mad boring cuz i didnt have any one to swim with. then i got out cuz i wanted to go to the store wit jazz. we walked over got salt for the pool, and got some ice cream. we walk back to the pool. i sat there eating my ice cream, and talking to gary, markie, and iris. then i got back in the pool for a lil. i got out washed my hair and got dressed. jazz got off at 4.

jazz's mom took us to get food, then she took us over to katies house, cuz katies mom was taking us to kaites show. we were sitting on the porch waiting for her mom to get ready. then we left her house at 5 and went out to kaites show. when we got there katie was trying to call laural. then she took her batons from me and started to twirl. so me, jazz, and vinnie walked to get his mom some thing to drink. i had to go the bathroom really really bad, so i went to the bathroom. after that we sat around and talked for a lil cuz her show wasnt starting for another 15 minutes. then her show started. i liked the show. i thought katie did really really good, but she said she didnt do good at all. then after that katies mom asked her mom if she could take me and jazz back to the pool, cuz her om was gonna be late for a concert she was going to. so katies grandmother was talking us back to the pool. she had to stop at wal-mark real wuick. so we went in there they got their stuff and we left. she dropped us off and we went into the pool.

we were gonna have the moonlight swim but then they decided that they werent gonna have it. aaron walk all the way down to the pool so he could go to the moonlight and they didnt even have it, i felt soo bad for him. then iris came over and told me i had a phone call, and u will never guess who it was. yup yup it was evelyn. she said to me,

~her~marissa i thought u had to be some where, thats y u needed off today.
~me~ i did but i can home early.
~her~ yea but u were at the pool all day swimming. u shouldnt have been at the pool.
~me~ i was aloud at the pool till the time i had to go where i had to go, and till the time i worked. i left at 4
~her~ well u no wat marissa we dont nee
~me~ HAHA click i hung up on here

so haha i was fired lol i think that it soooo funny. yeah well i dont even care about the gay ass pool any more. thats y neaxt year that aint gonna open. well they might open but no one is gonna be there. so we all left the pool. iris took aaron home. then we went to jazzs house for a lil. we were sitting out side their house for a while jus talking. then katie called me and told me that they were getting ready then, so i had to go home and get ready then. so i went home, and took a shower. i got dressed. i was tying to do my hair and katie called me and told me that they were out side. then in the mean time my cousin comes in the bathroom and told me to get out cuz he had to take a shit. so i finished my hair, went in my room nad got my purse, and went out to the car. and then we were on our mary way to the coli.

we got there and no one was there. omg i seen this one kid that was in my classes there, Eddie. oh gosh that kid is sooo funny lol. so we went out and i was dancing and dancing. well the night was too long so im not gonna say every thing. so when we left the coli, we were jus driving around. we dropped alex off at his house. then we went over to the guys house that we met on franklin st. laruen and vinnie got out of the car, but me and katie stayed in the car. they were there for the longest time. i fell asleep in the car. and i woke up to some guys voice. he was talking to katie and then talking to me. then me and katie both fell asleep. i dont no y but we both woke up at the same time. we called laruens cell cuz we wanted to go home. katie clled her phone 5 times, and i called it 3 time. the 5th time katie called it she answered it. lauren and vinnie came out and we left. i got in the house at 5:35. i went up to my room nad got in my pj's, then went to the bathroom. and now im here updating my blurty. so i had fun but now im gonna go cuz im really really tired and i wanna go to sleep. ill update more late okay


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sry didnt update in a while i have been busy!!! [29 Jul 2004|10:04pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Kevin Lyttle Turn Me On ]

well this is wat happened since the last time i updated

wednesday july 28th

well today i woke up at about 10 i took a shower and then amanda took one. we both got ready. we went down stairs, and we were waiting for her mom to get done. so in the mean time amanda, justin, and me mad some eggs, and toast. i made the aggs, amanda made the toast, and well justin ate it. lol. when her mom was done she took us to the pool cuz i worked at 12. well i was cleaning out the pool. and amanda was TRYING to help nat cuz she was the only one in the food stand. and evelyn yelled at amanda for being in the stand so amanda bitched her out and she quit. so then every thing was soooo wrong the rest of they day. well then they closed the pool early AGAIN. so amanda, aaron, lamont, jon, bobby, bryan, lavyrt, me and a lot of other people walked home. i called my brother in-law and i talked to him cuz i wanted to go to his house for a little. so he said he would meet me half way in like a 1/2 hour.

so i went to my house for a little and i did sum stuff i had to do. then i walked and met my brother. i walked with him so he could get sum thing from this guy. then we walked bac to his house and we started watching the butterfly affect. i was in the middle of it when katie called me and told me that she would be at my house real soon. so i had to like run home. i got there and i was locked out, but my uncle came and opened the door. i got my stuff and went over to katies house. we werent at her house too long when her and her mom got into a huge fight. so katie called josh and josh came and picked us up. we went to josh's house for a little and then we had to go pick up laural. we took josh to get his car. we had to go to laurals house so she could get her stuff to go to joshs house. when we got back to joshs house katie dyed my hair. now my hair look reddish brown. lol. well i like it. then me and katie went to bed.

thursday july 29th Today

we woke up cuz josh called laural cuz he had to tell her that he for in a car accident. he was sooo shook up. but he is okay now. so then after we picked josh we went back to his house and went back to sleep. i woke up again cuz of katie asking me if i knew the # to information so she could call her bank, cuz she wanted to get money out and get some food. so we woke up and we went to katies bank. after that we went to dick's cuz laural needed briefs. so we left there went to katies house so she could get clothes. then we went to McD's and got food. we took it back to joshs, sat there and ate. when we were done we sat there and jus talked. then laural went on the computer and was playing game. i went and got ready. laural, josh, and katie dropped me off at the pool.

i went in the pool and of course the pal was there today. it was right at 12 when i got there. so sam, and mallie had to go up on chair. i went and got changed. by then it was 12:20 so i had to go up on chair for sam. i had to sit up on chair for 40 minutes like always when the pal or glenside is there. but then when they left evelyn let mallie off work. and she sat there wit us for a while then she went home. sam got off at 5. at 5:20 when i was done on chair i jumped off the chair into the pool. it was fun. lol. so iwas swimming for a while then i got out. well then it was almost time to close so when i got off chair i cleaned the bathrooms. then evelyn made me to the trash. i was soooo pissed off. then when i was done i left. jazz called me and asked if she could come to house for a little. so jazz and her mom came and picked me up and took us to my house. we started to watch the butterfly affect but then my nanny told me that her dad was here to pick her up. so when i opened the door bubby scared the living shit out if me cuz i didnt no he was standing there. jazz went out and asked her dad if she could sleep over at my house. he said yea. so we came back in my house and here we are now updating the blurty. well im gonna go so me and jazz can finish watching the movie okay.


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tired and ready for bed [27 Jul 2004|11:55pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Edwin Mccain I'll Be ]

well today was jus fun....NOT. i woke up at 10. i watched finding nemo. after that was over i went adn took a shower and got ready for work. i was all ready and looking for a ride cuz my grandmother wasnt home and i didnt no where she was at. so i couldnt find a ride, and here it is 12:02 and my phone rings and its evelyn telling me that the pool wasnt gonna open. it was 12:02 and i said to jazz wat if i was already at the pool and every thing, she doesnt have any of my cell phone numbers. i would have been so mad if i was at the pool already and every thing. well since i didnt have to work i stayed at home all day wit jazz and watched tv. we finally watch passions for the first time in a while. passions is one of the best show ever. well when my nanny came home she came back wit some sandwichs. i was sooo hungry. then it stopped raining so me and jazz decided to walk down to the store and got some stuff. after we left the store we walked down and visited marcie for a little till jazz'a mom called her adn told her that she needed to come back up to my house but plus it started to rain really really. we got bck to my house and was watching some more tv. jazz'a dad came to pick her up at 5:30. jazz went home and amanda called me and i asked her if she wantedmeto sleep over cuz i didnt want to stay home tonight. when i was on the phone wit her she asked me if i wanted to go to the movies. so i got my stuff ready and my grandmother took me over to amandas house. then we left and went to the movies. me and amanda wnt to see a cinderella story. ong that is such a good movie. i almost cried at the one part. if u didnt see it and u wanna come and ask me cuz i will go see it again, and i think amanda would go see itagain too. then we went into the mall after cuz we had to wait for amandas mom, she was doing sum thing. but in the mean time i seen this one kid james that i know. and i was talking to him about my brother and how he is locked up and every thing. after that we let adn took eric home. we came back to amandas house and here we are now sitting on the computer updating the blurty. im gonna go cuz amanda wants to go up in her room so she can do sum thing, so ill update ore late okay

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boring but fun [26 Jul 2004|09:37pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | NiNa Sky Move ya body ]

well today was kinda boring but fun at the same time. i woke up at 8. took a shower and got ready. then me, my nanny, and poppop went out to eat. after that we went to wal-mart. i got a couple of things. my poppop had to go the to the pet store, to get fish to feed his one pet. i took jazz and bubby over to the pool. then i went over to my other grandmothers house. i got my birthday card. and then both my grandmother were sitting there talking for like ever. lol. then when we left my grandmothers house we went and picked up amanda. after that we went over to raido shack. we went to verizon my the mall and i got a new cell phone thank goodness i was getting tired of my other one. when we were at the mall we all got a subway sandwich. we left there and went to the pool. i showed every one my new phone. then i got changed and i went in the pool. i was swimming for a while then i got out cuz well i dont even remember why i got out. lol. i went wit iris to take jazz to cheerleading. we came bac to the pool and found out that they were closing it at 6:30 for no reason. we took nat home. then we drove down to the park and was sitting there talking to jazz's aunts for a while. we left so we could take amanda to aarons house. we stopped by iris's friends house. then we went to miguels house so i could get my birthday present back from him. we left there and went to pick jazz back up from cheerleading. we went back to the park and jazz asked her dad if she could sleep over at my house and he said yes. so then we drove back to jazz's house so she could get stuff. i saw her house for the first time today. lol. iris and bubby walked us down to my house. and here we are now, im sitting here updating the blurty. and now me and jazz are gonna go up to my room and watch some movies. ill update more later okay

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Lazy days [25 Jul 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | Keith Urban somebody like you ]

well today was jus on of those lazy days when u jus sit around in ur pj's and do nothing. well i woke up at 11 cuz i had to use the bathroom. i came down stairs cuz the phone rang. i went back up to my room nad went back to sleep. then i woke up at 12 sum thing. me and amanda stayed up in my room till like 1:15 and then we came down stairs and got food cuz we were hungry. we went back up to my room nad was watching tv for a long time. we watched the wedding planner. thne when that was over at 6, we both went back to sleep. i woke up when katie called me at 7:15. i was gonna go chill wit her but then i told her that i had to be home cuz my lil sister was coming over at 9 and i had to be here, we didnt chill. so i went back to sleep nad woke up again at 8:15. i went to the bathroom nad came down stairs on the computer. and now im here updating the blurty, im gonna go now ill update more later okay

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notihng at all to do [24 Jul 2004|07:26pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Lil Flip Sunshine ]

well a lot has happened since i last updated.
Amanda, Jazz, and me all woke up at 9:00 cuz we were gonna help my grandmother with the wash. so by the time we were done getting ready it was like 10. and my grandmother wanted to start bitching cuz we took so long to get ready. to we got in a fight and she told me i could walk to the pool. so amanda jazz and me walked to jazz's house and amandas mom came and picked us up. then i had to work at 12. the pal came and me and sam had to sit up on chair for an hour till katie and pual came. but paul called off work and his brother came in for him. when the pal left evelyn let sam get off early. it was like 4:30 when she let me clock out. Oh yea beth came to the pool. so when i clocked out i went swimming wit her and amanda. i was jumping off the diving board and i like ALMOST jumped on beth and pual's brother jus had to make a BIG deal about it when it wasnt. but then we waited for katie to get off work at 8 cuz amanda, katie, and, me were sleeping over at beth house. so when she got off, kaite's mom came and got us. we ran to katies, amd my house to get clothes. then we went to beth's house. we all got ready cuz we were going to the movies. we took a taxi to and from the movies. we went to see I ROBOT. that was a good movie. thne wwhen we got back we watched a movie and fell asleep.

we woke up to beths lil brother and sister jumping on us. we finished watching the movie deliver us from eva. then we went to the market wit beths mom. we didnt even get ready to go. when we came back we got changed into our bathing suits and went swimming in her pool. we played chicken, her mom took pictures of us dancing on the side of the pool. then we got out cuz we got a lil cold. we went up and got showers. we got ready so we could go to friendly's to eat. katies mom came to take us to friendly's. when we were in the car her mom was like bitching at her the whole time. we got to friendly'd and we had to wait to be seated cuz there were so many people there. amanda and i got some really good burgers. and beth and katie shared chicken tenders. amanda beth and i got ice cream. when we were finished i went up to pay and we left to walk over to katies friend jeremys house. we were there for a lil then lauren came nad picked us up. we went to beths house so she could get money. then we went to the mall so we could find some clothes. after that we went to katies so she could get clothes and get money from her mom. then we went to my house so we could get ready. when we were done we left and went to wal-mart so lauren could take money out of the mac machine. thne we were on our way to the coli. oh man thats when all the fun started. i was dancing so much it aint even funny. nad i usually never dance when im there. well its all beths fault i was dancing. some kid asked katie and lauren for their number but i dont think the kid knew that they werre friends. then when it was over we left and started to drive around cuz there was nothing else to do. we were driving on franklin st. and were beeping at every one. the one time we stopped and lauren gave this one guy her number. then we went up to reading high to meet jason. beth wanted to go home so we took her home. when beth got out of the car amanda went in jason's car and drove wit him. then we took lauren's car to her house and we all went in his car. after that we drove back to franklin st. and jason was messing wit the guy cuz lauren was on the phone wit him. then we took katie home. after we dropped her off jason took me and amanda to my house. me and amanda came in nad sat on the computer for a lil then went up to bed at 5.

amanda woke up at 10 so she could take a shower and get ready. then i woke up at 11 and got ready. we couldnt find a ride so we called JR and asked him. he came and picked us up and took us to the pool. like 5 minutes before he came to pick us up evelyn called amanda and told her that they didnt need her. so JR took us to the pool any way cuz i started work at 1. we got there and bugged out for a while. today was mallie first day. woo hoo mallie lol. then judy decided to close the pool at 4. so i clocked out at 4 and iris and JR took me and amanda home. when we came inside we went right up to my room and went to sleep. i woke up cuz my cell was ringing. and u will never guess who it was. it was my MOM!!!!! then when i got off the phone with her i went bac to sleep for a half an hour. i got up at 6:20 and went to take a shower. i got ready and we had nothing to do since jason decided he was going to the baseball game. and here i am now updating the blurty. and when im done with mines amanda is gonna do her's. so im gonna go now ill update more later okay LOVE MARS

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Another sleepover but no natalie this time [21 Jul 2004|09:24pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Fat Joe Lean Back ]

Well last night i slept over at jess's house with katie. yesterday was so funny cuz katie tried to do a back flip off the diving board and she landed on her belly. it was sooo funny. we woke up at like 11:15 and jess took me to work. and of course katie didnt work today. amanda came to the pool mad cuz of her mom and justin. Jazz like ran from her house to the pool so she wouldnt be late for work, but she came like right at 12. glenside came today at like 1:30, right when i had to go up on chair. amanda had to leave work cuz she had a doctors appointment. and while amanda was gone jazz got yelled at. amanda came back and found out that she got yelled at and yelled at evelyn. i jumped off the gaurds chair and was swimming with amanda and jazz. today was great, i had fun. i met a new kid today. his name is steve, he is a new lifeguard. i dont really remember any thing that happened today lol. oh yea let me tell u how we were driving home from amandas house and we seen her one brother driving and he doesnt have his license or his permit. then we drove to jazzs house so she could get her stuff so sleep over. while we were there waiting for her we were outside talking to her mom and dad. and wilson got yelled at. but any ways here we are now just sitting here at the computer and doing not a dam tihng. and danny might come over to visit. but ill update more later okay LOVE MARS

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WELCOME HOME WELCOME HOME [19 Jul 2004|10:36pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | D12 How Come ]

well i came home today around 1am. i went and got amanda like right when i got home. she was chillin wit her cousin and her aunt till i got home. we went and got her thne came back to my house nad went to sleep. when we woke up i quick got ready and went wit my grandmother. we went and got some food. we had to go to amandas and beths house so she could get her stuff. then we came back to my house amanda got a shower and i was in the camper getting all my stuff out of it. me and amanda went to the pool cuz she worked at 12. i was at the pool and i went to cash my check. then wilson and iris came to the pool. every one played a real mean trick on me. they threw me a me a party. i was sooo happy. they had iris make me leave and run around getting stuff and stopping places with her, so they had time to set up. the called and said that bubby sprained his ankle and that we had to get there right away. so we rushed to the pool. and jazz, amanda, natalie and katie all jumped out and suprised me. than we went over to everyone else. i looked over towards the front desk cus amanda and katie ran over there. miguel came to the pool, omg i was so happy i like jumped on him, cus he really really hates that pool and would never go there for anything. we went over and cut the ice cream cake. we opened up the presents and i got::

+ amanda & natalie got me all the stuff for the party... they threw it ((jazz helped them!))
+ amanda & natalie got me a gag's a glow in the dark 10" dildo
+ natalie got me the jojo cd
+ natalie also got me wife beaters
+ amanda & jazz got me a charm bracelet filled with charms resembling my friends
+ amanda got me 2 posters- 1 of g-unit and the other of the o.c.
+ aaron got me a purse...::cough cough:: thanks amanda
+ miguel got me a necklace with a heart and "M" in it. he took it back to get a bigger chain
+ katie got me a charm bracelet... she left some blank so we can get ones to resemble each other
+ katie got me mango maderine body spray, lotion and body wash
+ amanda got me some under*roos so i can feel like a present.
+ jazz got me 2 really cute belly button rings, one lights up and says super bitch and the other one is really girlie.
+ she got me mucho airheads and

than me and amanda went in the pool, cus evelyn was trying to close the pool. it was mucho cold. we were swimming and talking to miguel and katie. since jazz left for cheerleading practice. and natalie was over talking to all the boys forgetting about us. we got out the pool and cleaned up. everyone left. so me, amanda and natalie went with iris. we dropped off our stuff at my house. than we went to the park and talked to jr and saw the boys playing baskeball. than we went to rhs to pick up jazz. we sat in the car waiting and were bugging out with iris. than we left and stopped at their house to get jazz's stuff.

iris dropped us back off at my house. josh came over and we chiiled in the camper for a little. when the boats a rockin' don't come a knockin'! lol. we need flashlights...wheres the dildo. lol. and than it was thundering and lightening and natalie got scared and tried running across the street and almost got hit by a car. than we came insidpe and now here we sit updating the blurty, the first time in forever. but i am gonna go cus we are bored. i would tell u all about my trip to ohio but i odnt have enough time to do that right now and it is too long to rightg and i get tired of typing after a while. soo ill try nad let u no about some of the fun i had. ill update more later. LOVE MARS <3

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My buddy my buddy where ever i go he go my buddy buddy [08 Jul 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Gunit My Buddy ]

Today was kinda fun. i got off work early!! so did amanda!! like yesterday i got up and took katie to summer school. nanny, popop, and me went out to eat. then went to get amanda the great at her house. it was great cuz she wasnt even done gettin ready, and her pants kept falling down. lol. me and amanda had twin day today. we both had on pink and black dickies shirt, wit white shorts, we both had out hair down, and we had to the underwear on but different colors. We got so many compliments on our outfits. It was MAD SHITTER!! Then me and amanda went to get katie, we walked home wit jezzy. we were jus talking about our times when we got drunk and every thing. amanda went to aarons house and me and katie had to go to work. work was kinda fun cuz the pal was there and 2 of there staff was trying to get me wet when i was up on chair. then when i got to watch the baby pool this really cute guy and his friend got me really wet cuz i couldnt get in the pool. then the pal left and my boss let me get off work early at 3:15. i was swimming for a while and then when i was in the pool is when i got really pissed off. cuz of bubbi. that kid jus pisses me off so bad its not even funny but let me tell u how jealous i am of him and his little girlfriend and every thing.. HAHA thats soooo funny. oh yeah i almost forgot say about how bubbi tried start shit wit aaron and this kid joey (thats amanda's Ex). bubbi had aaron like mad and wanting to bet this kid up the rest of the day and every thing. well that was my day ill update 2morrow sum time since im kinda leaving 2morrow morning to go to ohio. LOVE MARS

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Shopping is great [07 Jul 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | JoJo Leave (Get out) ]

Hey!! wat a great day i had since i last updated. At like 6:45 me, amanda, and natalie all went to the mall to go shopping. it was great, u jus had to be there. we went into like every store and was looking at underwear, purses, and clothes. but me and amanda were bugging out on the underwear lol. it was mucho funni. So amanda and i got like the same underwear (they are soo cute!!). Then we got matching shits from Areo. and we also got matching dickies shirts. i felt bad for natalie though cuz hse couldnt get any thing cuz she didnt have any money. but every store we went in amanda jus had to look at the underwear. then we got in the car and showed my nanny like every thing we got. she was laughin. we took amanda to her house to see if she could sleep over her mom and scott were being mean and said she couldnt sleep over. even though this is the last day amanda could sleep at my house for lie 2 weeks cuz im leaving for vacation on froday. amanda i still LOVE u even though u werent allowed to sleep over. u can sleep over the very first day i come bac okay. well right now im sitting here talking on the phone wit my cousin and being bored. so ill update 2morrow. MARS

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This is the first one [07 Jul 2004|04:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | Lloyd Banks On Fire ]

Hey guys..... This would be my very first entry of my own blurty lol. well today was kinda fun but not really cuz i had to work 12-7 but i got off at 4:30, that was the great part of my day. well first i got up to take katie to summer school at 6:30. then after i took her to school, me and my nanny went to eat sum food. Cuz u no how Marissa LOVES food. then i went and got my nails redone. picked kaite up from school and took her home. Then we to pick up amanda and we went to work at 12. Then my good friend wilson's girlfriend came to the pool. Then it started to rain and the pool closed and amanda, natalie, and me came bac to my house and here we are now sitting here at my computer. well im done updating for now cuz i dont have any thing else to write so ill update later Love Mars

P.S. Thanks Beth for making this for me Luv YA

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