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    Thursday, February 5th, 2004
    10:12 pm
    Some people are so fucking judgemental. I've really only noticed it about halfway through this year. I listen to my roommate talk, and I'm just in awe of some of her comments. For example, Real Life: I'm in a Wheelchair is on MTV right now. It's showing people who have absolutely no legs, or people who have legs that are completely paralyzed. The first boy they showed had his legs amputated, and gets around my kind of using his arms as legs. To me, I'm amazed that people can survive like this. I couldn't even begin to imagine living my life the way these people do. I take such advantage of my legs that I don't even stop to think, "What if they were gone tomorrow?" My roommate saw the boy with no legs and said, "Eww, that's freaky." It stuns me how closed-minded people can be. My first reaction is appreciation, while her's is disgust. I'm just in awe, and I know it's not just her. There are so many people with these reactions and their quickness to negatively judge someone based on first looks.

    OK, just needed to vent on that. I'm done. I'm glad my friends don't know about this Blurty, because I wouldn't be able to write half the stuff I do.

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    Saturday, January 31st, 2004
    9:22 pm
    Home is where my heart is.
    So I never finished the second part of my last entry. Get over it.

    I've been at school two weeks now, and it may have been the most hell-ish two weeeks I've had in a while. Between the split of the 10.2 and Joe becoming a loner, I've basically been on the verge of tears for an entire 14 days. I was considering going home this current weekend, but Heidi's birthday party was supposed to be Friday night, which entailed drinking. But, of course, MSM never lets me down - the party was cancelled. So I was stuck here this weekend. The only people here with me this weekend were Kait, Mary, & Nick. It was fine - saw Radio last night, movie night tonight. But I talked to my mommy this afternoon, which made me really homesick, crying, etc. I wish I could be home this weekend. My mom told me that I can come home whenever I want. She said I could either drive to Maryland House and meet them halfway, or they could even come all the way to get me. Homecoming is next weekend, which is supposedly not as big a deal as the Christmas Dance. I don't think I'll stick around for it - I'll probably head home after class on Friday.

    Blah blah blah.
    Thursday, January 1st, 2004
    11:44 pm
    recap of 1st semester..
    Yes, I've been a hardcore slacker, and haven't updated in a while. So sue me.

    Since everyone with a Blurty/LiveJournal/etc. seems to be covering first semesters in their entries, I guess I'll join the trend.

    I survived high school, but just barely. There were the good times, and yet they always seemed to be slightly overshadowed by the bad times, especially when they revolved around Adam. No matter how much I smiled, I always felt like crying. There was always an underlying depression in me..until now.

    The Mount has made me happier than I've ever been in my entire life. When I smile now, I mean that smile. I 've met the most amazing people I've ever known. It's weird, but I've only known these people for 4 months, and yet I feel as if I've known them my entire life. I've found my own Dawson in Joe. He's the most wonderful guy I've ever known. We're by each other's sides for absolutely everything. I thought my Jersey boys were great, but they don't even compare to my Dawson.

    My girls are absolutely wonderful. Katie Mills, Kaitlyn, Mary, Sara, Danielle, Rocio, Herzog, and Stephanie are amazing friends. A majority of my good times have been spent with them by my side. Whether it be regular old dinners, party hopping, or movie nights, I absolutely adore these girls with all my heart.

    Then, the Pang Gang. Annliese, Natawee, Celeste, Michelle, Kristin, and Jules are amazing. I've had some great sober times with them, such as Wal-Mart for Johnny and Orlando, and sledding in the Grotto, complete with hospital trips. Some of the greatest laughs have come from these kids, and I absolutely love spending time with them.

    Then, there's the random people who haven't been put in a category. There are my hook-ups: Marc, Joe, Kyle, Jordan, and Nick. I'm still very close friends with Marc, and although he can be quite the asshole at times, I'm gonna miss him sooo much when he studies abroad spring semester on Florence. Then, there's Nick. I've been "with" him for over 2 months now, and although we're not positive about the official couple thing yet, I think I'm content with just being with him. He treats me wonderfully, and he always makes me feel so special. Moving on, Kristin is still a doll, despite her ditching all us girls. I loves my chances to hang out and chat with her, 'cause she still is such a sweetheart. Then there's Casey, whom I adore to no end. We always end up chatting for a while in the bathroom, for some reason. She's helped me with alot of Nick stuff, because she's friendly with him. She's a wonderful girl. Katie Schmidt, whom also lives in Pang but is not Wellness, is a great kid. Her wit and sarcasm about life is so refreshing to see in a person.

    I would write more, but I'm tired. So I'll resume my recap next time. Night.
    Saturday, November 29th, 2003
    11:51 pm
    i'm a slacker..
    ..for not writing in about 10 years. Yet I'm over it. You should be too.

    Well, tonight's my last night in my own bed. Tomorrow morning, Joe and I head back to the Mount bright and early.

    This break was definitely better than Fall Break. I got home on Tuesday, and just hung around the house. Wednesday, I took the kids to the movies to see The Cat in the Hat. And yes, it was the biggest waste of my life. Ever. Mike Myers, what's going on man?!? After I brought the kids home, I met Becky at Friendly's. We caught up for a little bit, and then Tisha and her new "friend" Dustin joined us. We hung out there for a little bit, then came back to my house and watched "Head of State". Funny as hell. Thursday: Thanksgiving. Becky, Tisha, and I went to the Vineland/Millville football game, but Becky and I were bored, so we went to visit Dan. It was soo amazing to see him again: I needed my dose of Dan Testa. Came home, had dinner. Later that night, I headed out to the Golden Pigeon for a B-Town Thanksgiving. Everyone was there: it was great. It was me, Becky, Tisha, Adam, Ernie, Andy, Jon, Frank, Michelle, Gina, and Lindsay. We ate, caught up, basically bullshitting the whole time. Then, everyone headed out to Greenwich, but I went home, because I had an early start for Friday morning. My mom, sister, and I went into Philly for Black Friday shopping. Yay for new jeans, black pants for clubbing next week, glow-in-the-dark undies that say "Toadily Cool", a black bra [it's true - you instantly feel sexy when you wear one], and two new thongs that are totally gorgeous. Since then, I've just been hanging around the house, attempting to do work [haha], sleeping, the usual. Tonight, I did some laundry and packed up.

    All in all, a decent break. Oh, and two other things. Saw Eric in the mall yesterday. He had wanted to chill [aka hook up] this week, and although I did want to hang out, I'm kinda glad I didn't. Something would have happened, and although Nick and I are not "together", I would have felt guilty as hell. Second, saw Elaine at work yesterday. She's fucking engaged to Vance, who she's known for all of two months. I nearly shit a brick.
    Saturday, November 15th, 2003
    7:20 pm
    I'm at the place where I'm happiest, the Mount. Everything's been going relatively well lately. Friends are great, classes are great, yada yada.

    So why, for the past two days, am I the most depressed I've been in the past who knows how long?

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    Friday, November 14th, 2003
    12:04 pm
    you're just jealous 'cause we're young and in love.
    The last time I wrote this entry, I was a dumbass and deleted it when my mom called. I don't know why. I just did. And I was so frustrated that I didn't try to re-write it at the time. So here goes my second shot. I hope my mom doesn't feel the need to call.

    Wednesday night was the Taking Back Sunday / Saves The Day / Moneen concert. One of the most surreal experiences of my life.

    Moneen was pretty good. Joe was right. He said that I'd like them live the most, which was untrue. After their set, I ran down to the Merch table and bought a red STD t-shirt. I wanted something with TBS, but all they had was STD stuff, so that was OK with me.

    Taking Back Sunday. I don't think that any words I can conjure up can appropriately describe their set. Stunning. Exhilarating. Breathtaking. Thrilling. Energetic. Astounding. And those words only touch the surface. TBS has the ability to connect on so many levels to their audience, which they did beautifully Wednesday night. When Adam sang, he sang to me. When he reached out to the audience, he reached to me. It's like the band became intertwined with every single audience member, like they knew us inside and out. When I saw it was surreal, almost haunting, I mean it. From their stage presence to the musicianship to their performance to their audience interaction, they put on a flawless show. Ever since the show, I've just been in a daze, floating somewhere on Cloud 9. From their "Tell All Your Friends" CD, they played "You Know How I Do" [opener], "Bike Scene", "Cute Without the 'E' (Cut From the Team)", "Great Romances of the 20th Century" [you know you have a connection when you cry during a song], "Ghost Man on Third", "Timberwolves at New Jersey", "You're So Last Summer", a few new songs, and they closed with "There's No 'I' In Team". And it's great, because during that song, Andy and I saw two girls wearing Brand New shirt. That's # 1 on the list of what not to do at a TBS show.

    Finally, Saves The Day. They were really good. They played alot of their older songs, which surprised me. I knew it was getting toward the end of the set, and they hadn't played "Freakish". If they didn't play it, it would have ruined my night greatly. Then, finally, they played it. And I was in tears. And my favorite part of the night was during that song. During one of the end choruses, Chris stepped away from the mic, the band stopped playing, and the audience sang. That was such an energizing, amazing experience. All these people had that bond for one moment, something in common with people I've never met before. Then, they played one more song, and the night was done. We got back to the Mount at 1am.

    I can't wait to get my pictures developed. I took about 3 Moneen pics, 5 STD..and 19 TBS. LoL.

    Last night, Joe and I went to the Cafe, and then to Knott Auditorium to see Pirates of the Caribbean. We ended up sitting with Natalie, Michelle, Jules, Rory, and Ainsley. Soo much fun. Joe and I came back here, and then we walked over to the Terrace. I went to visit Nick, and he went to visit Scott. I'm still kissless from Nick, and now, it's grating on me. I could have cried last night. Him not kissing me is making me think that maybe he really doesn't like me, that he's just playing the role. I hope not.
    Tuesday, November 11th, 2003
    7:43 pm
    one day more..
    ..until Taking Back Sunday, Saves The Day, and Moneen @ the 9:30 Club! Holla!

    Today was a productive day. Good classes, got my homework done, wrote letters, yada yada. I love Tuesdays and Thursdays, because my roommate works from 1-5, so I get some chill by myself time. I look forward to it soo much. I finally got everything squared away with Dean Werne. I can officially take the Stat class at CCC during the winter session. Yes, it may be 1-5pm every weekday during winter break, from Jan. 3-15. But it's only an 11 day course. And it'll get me out of my house, which is always good.

    I haven't seen J Munz today. I miss him.

    My roommate got a bouquet of roses from her boyfriend today. How perpetually alone am I?

    Christmas dance is in less than a month. I hope someone's thinking of popping the question..

    Honestly, I don't feel like updating. But I wanna try to everyday. Hence this really forced and awkward entry. And I'm spent.
    Monday, November 10th, 2003
    10:24 am
    manic monday
    Yesterday was a decent day, for a Sunday. I worked at the desk from 2-5, which was good, because I studied for my Spanish exam for 3 straight hours. I needed it. Then I went w/ Loser Nick to dinner, because the girls ditched me. I met up with them there, and Kaitlyn, Sara, Herzog, and Danielle had their Day in the Life-rs. After dinner, we came back to Sheridan and Katie Mills was back! I was soo excited, but that disappeared when I realized that she was already on the phone. That's one thing I definitely didn't miss this weekend. Anyway, we just hung out for a little bit, and then I went to the Pizza Social w/ the girls & their Day in the Life-rs. Joe was working it this time, not Anthony. Mildly upsetting, but I moved on. Hey, the free pizza was worth it. Everytime there are Day in the Life-rs involved, we do a movie night, and since Sara had to study for her Spanish exam, we held it in our room. It began with me, Katie Mills, Kaitlyn, and Lindsay and Melissa [the Life-rs]. Then, Nick showed up, we kinda cuddled on the bed, whatever. But we've now been talking two weeks, and no kiss yet. I wanna slap him upside the head. Then, Joe came up. Then Mary. Then Loser Nick. We had so much fun. We began watching Center Stage, but ended up just being crazy. What can I say-we're all retarded. Loser Nick left at around 11:45, and at 12:01am, a fuckin RA knocks on the door and says that the guys have to leave. OK, no other college in the world has that rule-why should we? Come on, we're fuckin Mount Saint Mattress! So the guys left, and two seconds later, our RA, Julie knocks on the door and asks us to quiet down so she can study. I hate that bitch. If you need to cram that bad, it's called the lounge and/or library. Ugh.

    Now, it's today, and I just finished my Spanish exam, which went pretty well.

    Oh yea, I forgot to mention in my last entry that Marc visited me Saturday night after work. I hadn't seen him at all during the week, so it was nice to get a visit. We just sat around and watched a little bit of Finding Nemo. He's such a bitch though. I swear to God, he's gay and just hasn't realized it yet. There's no way that kid's straight.

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    Sunday, November 9th, 2003
    1:42 pm
    and another weekend comes to a close.
    I have to go to work at 2, so I'm gonna write this really quick.

    This weekend was definitely an interesting one. Friday night, I had to work from 8-11, and I came back to Sheridan and played damage control with Joe. It seemed like the whole world was drunk and on first floor. And it was so funny, because Mike the RA just stood there and laughed at everyone, didn't write anyone up. Schmidt and Bobby were having a dance party in Joe's room, Herzog was hooking up with Miller for the sole reason of getting back at Dan, Rocio hooked up with Jason, Mary was randomly dancing in the hall, Danielle hooked up with Gavin, and Kaitlyn just sat in the middle of the hall. Between all this, Joe # 2 and Hot Mike were feeding their obsession of hugging me, and Eric and Josh were invading every hall with their water guns. And I went to bed..LoL.

    Saturday, I had to work from 2-5, and then 8-11. And my mom called at 11am to tell me that Rascal had to be put to sleep. An awful day, I cried so much that my face was covered in my dripping mascara. Gross. Anyway, Andrew came to visit me at work during my afternoon shift, and Nick visited my during my night shift. He sat with me for an hour and watched Empire Records on my laptop. He left around 10:15, and I snuck out early at 10:45. Then I met up with the girls, who were drinking in Will's room, and we went to the Afterparty. Everybody was drunk, even Joe! Hell, I talked to him this morning, and he doesn't even remember being there..LoL. Nick hung out w/ me there for a little bit, but then he left. Will ended up grabbing me, and I danced with him for a while. He is the only cute redhead guy I've ever seen. I stayed there til 1:30, and then I went back to Sheridan and called Nick. He came over for a little bit, and we just laid around and watched TV and cuddled, and I thought maybe, just maybe, he'd finally kiss me. No such luck. Grr. He left around 2:15am, and I went to bed.

    And this morning, I went to breakfast w/ Kaitlyn, Mary, and Heidi. Nick, Andy, and Sandor were there. I swear, I picked the wrong roommate to get with..Andy is sooo hot. I feel bad saying that, but it's the truth!

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    Friday, November 7th, 2003
    2:29 pm
    holla for friday
    Bad parts of this week: Studying Sunday-Thursday for my Origins exam . Drama between Kristin and Steph . Not being kissed by Nick yet . Having to work both Friday and Saturday nights from 8-11.

    Good parts of this week: Acing the Origins exam I studied so diligently for . Spending time with Nick . Hanson dance parties . Afterparty. Criminal Justice being cancelled [adore it, but began the weekend early] . Beginning work on my quote book . Nemo Night . Getting a ticket to the Taking Back Sunday/Saves The Day/Moneen show for next Wednesday . Picking my next semester classes and not having to wake up before 10:15am every day . TBS showing the first season's finale of Dawson's Creek . Walking right by Jordan with my arm linked in Nick's . Mariah Carey and crying to Savage Garden.

    Holla, it's the weekend.
    Saturday, November 1st, 2003
    9:02 pm
    way for my to pick the most haunted campus ever.
    Yes, that's right. I'm the asswipe that picked the Civil War battleground-college to attend. And last night was Halloween. I was petrified alllllllll night. They tried to get me on Echo Field, but I would have gone so far as to rather have been in Jersey. OK, not really. Anything's better than Jersey.

    So I never realized how big of a deal Halloween is in college. Everyone gets all costumed-up. And me, lacking the funds for a real costume, dressed up as a field hockey player. I rocked me SHHS FH t-shirt, my shin guards, cleats, etc. Fun shtuff. Out of my group were a couple thugs, a couple sluts, etc. Marc and Paul came and visited before we went out. Marc was a blown-up pumpkin [yep, just decided that he's pretending to be straight], and Paul had on a wifebeater, tropical shorts, and flip flops. When I asked him what he was supposed to be, all he said was, "I thought it was the Tiki Dance." Ahh, Tiki Dance memories..good times. But, let me tell you, Paul is definitely, without a doubt, my upperclassman crush. He's just soooo perfect. He's my ideal..why, oh why, oh why, did I go and hook up with the best friend, aka Marc? Stupid me.

    OK, we all then ventured to Pang to find Charles. He has a freakin single! Sweetness. Oh, yea, PS-by now, all my friends were drunk except me. I only had 1 shot of Malibu to try it. I really hate when people drink, it's getting on my nerves. We then ventured over to the Halloween party at Purcell. Interesting musical choices by the DJs. I saw my RA crush, Mike, and I was almost possessed enough to ask him to dance. He's really shy, and just stood against the wall. Too adorible.

    Stayed there for a little bit, but then Nick called. So I ran back to Sheridan, got changed, and ran all the way back to the Terrace, across campus. We did cute little cuddly stuff while watching "The Whole Nine Yards." Then, at 1am, Casey called and asked us to come pick her, Kaytee, and Jason up from a party on the mountain. Her brakes went out. So we drove to this party out in jabip. Got back on campus around 2-ish. And he made me walk on Echo Field to get back to his dorm! I wanted to cry. So we got back, and managed to sneak past Public Safety to get on the floor. So we watched more of the movie, cuddling and being cute, when I began to fall asleep. At first, he was like, "I'll kick your ass if you fall asleep!" But then he said I could just spend the night if I wanted.

    Therefore, I took the Walk-O-Shame this morning. Which is funny, 'cause all we did was sleep.

    Kaitlyn, Loser Nick, and I volunteered for Special Olympics today. It went really well. We worked from 1-4:30. Came back, and everyone went out to dinner in Frederick, but all I wanted to do was sleep. Which I did. And in about 15 minutes, all us girls are heading over to the campus Bonfire on Echo. GET THIS: President Powell is gonna be there. He realizes that people usually get drunk before campus activities take place. So, if he sees that a majority of people are sober, he's gonna put more money towards getting better bands for Mountapolooza. Bands that were mentioned as possibilities? Fucking BRAND NEW and DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL. And we all know that if either of them came here, I'd simply pass out while pissing myself.

    After that, we're heading over to K2. After 2 months of not having parties there, they're finally having one again! And I'm soo glad-their parties are simply the best.

    I'm the only thing that you'll (n)ever know.
    Sunday, October 26th, 2003
    12:29 am
    way to completely forget that i even have a blurty.
    Yep, that's me the dumbass. I've been so since getting back to school that this got away from me. I hope that blurty will forgive me..some day.

    Best of Tracy Morgan on SNL. How much do I love that man?!? Yes, it's true. I'm sitting in the dorm with Katie, watching SNL at exactly 12:31am on a Saturday night, rather than being out. Why, you may ask? I needed a chill night after the drunken state that overtook me last night. All us girls went to Mary's room, because she loaded up during break. Keep in mind that since I haven't drank alot since, well, June, it didn't take me long to lose the feeling in my legs [quite fun, if you ask me]. I had a double shot of Captain Morgan's, a rum and Pepsi [strongly dislike the stuff, but I just wanted to drink whatever I could get my hands on], some other mixed drink, another shot of CM..and I was done. Katie helped me stumble back to the room, and all I wanted to do was die in bed, so I threw all my clothes on the floor and tucked myself in. But everytime I was just about to pass out, somebody came in. First, drunk Kaitlyn-too loud for shut eye. Second, Sara-ditto. Third, Marc-ditto again. But, somehow, Marc has healing powers, because my stomach ache disappeared. Finally, Nick-drunk as fuck. We had to bring him back down to his room, which was an adventure.

    I have more to type, but not right now. I just started not giving a shit.
    Tuesday, October 7th, 2003
    9:40 pm
    if college were easy, it'd be called your mom.
    Daniel Testa, the love of my life [minus the whole him being gay aspect], said that beauty. And I felt that today exemplified that beautifully. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my sleep-in days, and, knowing my luck, I've been scheduled to work everyday this week in the office from 10-11am. Therefore, I have to wake up an hour earlier on those days. Which, looking back on it, made the midnight run to Sheetz with Zach and Donny a bad idea. But I still had fun. Miller gave us a shout out on his radio show! Fun shtuff. So yea, today. Work first, which sucked. I go, and they have nothing for me to do. What's the point? Then, Freshman Seminar at 11. Of course, sucked big hairy monkey balls. God, it's the most worthless class ever. Then, lunch. Fun times with Mary. Then, back to work from 1-2pm. Again, nothing for me to do, so they rescheduled that hour for Thursday afternoon, and I got to go back to the dorm. Then, Origins at 2pm. I did really well in class, for one, because I actually did the reading for once. Fancy that. We got our midterms back. I managed to pull a C. For Hamel, I'm happy with it. I think that's the only class I have a C in. I have A's in Sociology, Spanish, Fresh Sem, and a B in Criminal Justice. I guess I'm happy with how I'm doing academically. And the important thing is, my parents know how hard I'm working, and they're so impressed with me. I'm here for me, but alot of me being here is for them, to make them proud. I hope I'm doing so. Anyway, came back to the dorm, finished my CJ paper. Then, drove out to Thurmont to babysit for Nick and Anna. It's Mary & Steve's anniversary, so they went out to dinner. I got $25 and a bag of brownies out of 3 1/2 hours..sweet!
    Apparently, while I was gone, Zach came looking for me twice. I saw him when I got back, and he'll probably be back before the night is over. The general consensus among, well, everyone is that he spends more time with me than with his girlfriend. Hmm.. I saw his girlfriend, Kim, today. I wanted to kick her teeth out. She's soo, just, blahh. No expression, no emotion, nothing. She's the total opposite of me.
    2 days until fall break! I was really missing people this afternoon. I was driving to Thurmont, the windows open, blasting HFS [the rock station down here]. And what song comes on? "All the Small Things." As in the sophomore semi-formal theme song; my party afterwards, when Adam and Jon went streaking in my backyard. Think about it. How much do I miss Adam? I stood in the shower Sunday afternoon and cried my eyes out while shampooing, because I was simply thinking about him. I need to see everyone again, especially him.
    The thing is, everyone here's going home for break. It's only 9 days. But we're all taking about how much we're gonna miss each other. Can you imagine how it'll be for Christmas break? That'll be a whole freakin month! And then summer! AHHH!
    Saturday, October 4th, 2003
    7:55 pm
    talk about a party pooper.
    I don't feel like partying. I'm sick of people drinking to get drunk. I'm sick of people not being able to stop puking, or people who call everyone listed on their phone when they're intoxicated, or people who cheat on their boyfriends when they're wasted and then cry about it for an hour afterwards. Unlike every other normal college student, I don't wanna get drunk every weekend and fuck any person who's, um, alive and breathing. And I don't understand how people can have scholarship after grant after loan and not worry about getting it taken away, or worried about when their parents get the letter home saying that their son and/or daughter were intoxicated. Yes, I have drunken here before. I haven't been drunk. Honestly, I'm petrified to get drunk here. When they say you're in the red zone, they mean it. Come on: the one night I was tipsy, I was invited to leave with a junior and go back to his place. And I was tipsy enough that I probably would have done whatever. That's scary shit. Don't get me wrong: I do want to go to parties, 'cause they're lots of fun. But everyone drinks at them, and you definitely feel odd when everyone's getting wasted, minus you. Enough of that.
    And I still like Zach. Alot.
    Friday, October 3rd, 2003
    10:07 pm
    i'm all about guys with girlfriends.
    So I really like Zach. Really. Alot. Loads. Yes, I've liked guys here, I've hooked up with guys here. But this is the first guy I've really liked. I mean, really liked. Not stupid like. And of course, I have the worst force working against me. He has a girlfriend who's a sophomore here. They've only been together for three weeks, so it's still new. But he's just so cute and funny and sweet and fun to chill with..I couldn't help it! And he definitely flirts with me. I thought that maybe it was just my imagination going crazy, but everyone has told me that he really flirts with me. Everynight, he IM's me to tell me sweet dreams and to dream of him. And last night, online, he told me that he thinks I'm really cute. And I'm just like AHHHH! I know it sounds like a 6th grader's writing this instead of a freshman in college, but I always get like this when I really like a guy. And I do.
    Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
    10:11 pm
    std's and condoms.
    I don't know why, but I'm feeling incredibly lonely tonight. But I'm the complete opposite of alone. Katie's sitting next to me, the whole hall is buzzing..and here I am, wanting something more. Maybe I'm missing my Jersey kids. Not even all of them..just Adam. I need to see him again. Even if I couldn't hug him or really talk to him or hang out with him. Just to glance at him would be enough. Don't get me wrong, I adore and miss everyone terribly..but Adam's just on this whole other level. For four years, he was everything to me. Now? He's nearly 5 hours away, and I miss him more and more everyday.
    So, anyway, my day. I had to work in the Campus Life office from 10-11, pretty much typed the whole time. Had Freshman Seminar at 11, which sucked ass, as usual. I swear, it's the most pointless class with the most boring professor. Ughh. And of course, with my brilliant scheduling skills, it's one of my hour and 15 minute classes. Ahh! Anyway, after that, went to lunch with Katie, Mary, and Schmitter. Fun times. Then, I was scheduled to work in the office again from 1-2, but when I went, they had nothing for me to do, so they let me leave. That was the high point of my day. Then, immediate low: Origins of the West, which sucks almost as much ass as Freshman Seminar. Oh well..once all that was done, I was able to chill/nap/whatever. I got a jump on Thursday's Origins class and actually did the reading for once.
    OK, I just have one thing to say: Zach Emerson is the funniest fucker on earth.

    OriolesChick24: :-P:-P:-P:-P
    DanceBTJ84: i was hoping u'd im me
    DanceBTJ84: iv been waiting
    DanceBTJ84: long time no see, sweetie
    DanceBTJ84: i have to talk to btw
    DanceBTJ84: about that test, i got the results back
    DanceBTJ84: we reaaaaallllly need to talk
    OriolesChick24: what test?
    OriolesChick24: why???
    DanceBTJ84: the std test
    DanceBTJ84: i have it
    DanceBTJ84: u may wanna get checked out
    DanceBTJ84: i love u
    OriolesChick24: bridget!!!
    DanceBTJ84: i know, i know it was stupid not to use one, but it partly is ur fault
    DanceBTJ84: dont yell at me
    OriolesChick24: hahaha...
    OriolesChick24: you are nuts
    DanceBTJ84: jack, why rnt u saying anything?
    DanceBTJ84: i really need u to comfort me right now
    DanceBTJ84: dont yell
    DanceBTJ84: im so soooooorrrry
    DanceBTJ84: jack please
    DanceBTJ84: jack?
    OriolesChick24: bridget, what are you talking about?
    DanceBTJ84: i old u
    DanceBTJ84: told*
    DanceBTJ84: rememebr the time after the fair?
    DanceBTJ84: when u said we didnt need to use one?
    DanceBTJ84: remember?
    DanceBTJ84: well i caught summtin
    DanceBTJ84: and u should get checked out
    OriolesChick24: who do you think this is?
    DanceBTJ84: i only want the best fo u
    DanceBTJ84: i love u jack
    DanceBTJ84: jack wilson
    DanceBTJ84: i love u, dont b mad
    OriolesChick24: stop playin around!
    DanceBTJ84: im not
    DanceBTJ84: why wont u believ me jack?
    DanceBTJ84: ur makin me cry
    DanceBTJ84: i need right now
    OriolesChick24: you're so convincing that it's scary!
    DanceBTJ84: im not kidding jack
    DanceBTJ84: y would i kid about this?
    DanceBTJ84: im scared too
    DanceBTJ84: they gave m all these pills, and some cream
    DanceBTJ84: im so scared jack
    DanceBTJ84: i am
    DanceBTJ84: i need u
    OriolesChick24: you dirty slut
    DanceBTJ84: i know
    DanceBTJ84: ur not helping
    OriolesChick24: sorry....
    OriolesChick24: not my fault you can't control your hormones