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Sunday, April 11th, 2004

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    pat in the 50's
    Mryhadlamb87 [7:31 PM]:  hey homes!
    patsoho [7:31 PM]:  doll face, lemma get at you later, i got a few friends comin over
    patsoho [7:31 PM]:  sound like a date?
    Mryhadlamb87 [7:32 PM]:  psh
    patsoho [7:32 PM]:  psh yourself
    Mryhadlamb87 [7:32 PM]:  sure, i'm a girl, i have to obey you
    patsoho [7:32 PM]:  this is why i love you
    patsoho [7:32 PM]:  laaaaattttteeeeeeerrrrrrrrr
    Mryhadlamb87 [7:32 PM]:  alright i'll see ya later
    patsoho [7:32 PM]:  muah

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