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Nothing inparticular, just recent random thoughts. [30 Mar 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I deleted the whole 5 or 6 journal entries about a week or so ago because I didnt want to remind myself of certain times in my life. I did keep one though obviously because even when I was furious as hell when I was editing this, Septemeber 24th was still one of my happiest days. And still is. Good memories.

Other than all that confusion, lately i've felt pretty empty and unhappy. Not depressed, or stressed out with life... none of that bullshit, just kinda realizing that everything pretty much sucks but im teaching myself on how to deal with everything. Im not a exploding violent offending person anymore, I tryed hard to change. It is true though however, that if you talk to God more it does help. I grew up in a very religious family but never really committed myself to anything. Because everything good in my life was gone, and I mean everything, I knew I couldnt turn to anyone else except the only One who knows me better than I do. Hopefully I can keep this up and im sure my life will run alot smoother.

As far as music goes, im real excited about this Denon Dj mixer that I put on layaway at work. I got it for really really cheap and i've been wanting a new toy. Hell yeah! As soon as thats paid off, i've made a list of hip hop records im ordering because I decided I wanted to make a cd everyone will listen to. I sitll have a little hip hop in me, its just your forced to be so picky with all the bullshit that comes out now. ::Adam holds back on self debate on why mainstream music can kiss his ass::

Yeah I dont think theres too much more to type. I'll probably be updating more do to myconstant insomnia. I like Raspbrry Cooler Nestea, it reminds me of sea sharks.

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