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Date:2003-02-08 21:22
Subject:Oh Yes Its The Blonde Bombshell With An Uneven Tan

Guess who’s back? Back again. Tell a friend. [Eminem!]

I am back. Back from the island. Back to my rich life. Back to my mansion and diamonds. Back to the spotlight.

Any of you fart heads miss me? I was over in Cancun with Brian for a couple of weeks and unfortunately I had to bring Bailee with us. I could be playing in the water and tossing my blonde hair but nooo I had to change diapers all day! I was hoping for potporozi’s to show up and snap photos of us and put me in magazines… There were so many freaking hot guys there, oops I mean nobody is better than my Brian hu ha…ugh F this! There were so many sxy men out there and with Bailee peeing all over me in my lap sure made me look attractive. There was a minute where I just wanted to bury Bailee in the sand[aw that’s mean! He’s innocent] for just one second but then I forgot that “Midad” was here with me… Ooh if he saw me do that this blonde bit** would be locked up in prison. NOOOOOOOO. That means no more $150 manicures (get my nails done) and pedicures No more liposuction No more blong blong uh blonga uh what do they call it?!

There was some man there who did come up to me and do an interview. It was for some magazine called “Fayk.”

What kind of steps did you take to make it where you are now?
Well, first I was in a couple of commercial classes and theatre groups. Then auditioning for parts and using my good acting skills to convince Brian that I was into him then marrying Brian in order to get my foot in the door.

Got some advice for future actors or actresses who want to make it big in the entertainment business?
I would definitely say marry someone who seems like they will be big in future and just wait it off and see if dough starts rolling in. Get a good education, stay in school, especially if there is theatre class, that way you can learn how to act as if you really do like someone. If your mate is big like mine, and you want to be something, then you have a great chance because you’re just so and so’s mate. Like the true fans will buy anything related to Brian cuz they are true dumb.

Got any plans to venture more into the music biz?
Well knowing that there are many brian fans out there, they’re too stupid and they will buy whatever has to do with Brian. And since im married to him those fans will just buy my stuff even if I did suck. They be like, ‘oh she is the best’ when really, sad to say this about me-im the worst. I would say that writing and producing is one of my highlights but that would just be lies right there.

Do you have a role model, if so who??
Anna nichole smith except I wouldn’t go for a guy that is that old than me. Take brian as an example, he is like almost 6 years younger than me. When I first met him, it felt like statutory rape, almost.

Since you are married, is there anything about being married that you didn't know was going to happen?
I surely didn’t expect that I would cause this ‘no more CD thing for BSB’. I guess it was the wives fault, because they rather concentrate on us than making music which I find fairly wrong….millions of fans or me? Well they picked their “families.”[This is sorta more like my point of view than Leighanne’s. Back to Leighanne’s point:] Come on now, fans of course! How else will we get more greens? Share the talent to the world, fans will actually cry to hear them sing. That gotta show something. I rather let him be on tour so I can have the mansion to myself and just relax with my diamonds all over me.

What kind of stuff do you want the fans to know about you?
umm. That I’m mean, that I do get on the Internet and curse people out some of the time. But when I’m in public of course I will be on my best behavior and make fans think im the “nicest” person around, when all it is is an act! Gosh they are so gullible. I have to “be” nice otherwise someone might catch me on tape being the REAL me. And might show it to Brian, and poof I’ll be gone. See gotta watch yourself at all times! And I appreciate the support for Brian because that’s the only way we get money and just because he’s married doesn’t mean you have to stop liking him because I won’t be getting any more jewelry and nice expensive shoes. And that we’re just not the ordinary couple these days.

What is one thing you can not live without?
Money, I mean Brian and Bolee. Bailee.

How do you get along with the other guys of BSB? Which member do you get along with the best?
Probably me and AJ… AJ and Nick. They sure are hott, they don’t have those boys here in Georgia. Kevin, nah, he’s more like “family” now that I’m married to his cousin.

Well little fart knockers I got another plan in mind to get some money rolling……oh and my little interview with John Edwards… Watch for it in a few weeks.

With FAKE Love,
Leigh*f--kin*anne Littrell

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Date:2003-01-20 14:59
Subject:An Intro to Myself.....

##Sidenote: When you see these [ ] that means I added that myself. If you see ( ) that is like Leighanne's point of view. This is all fiction and for the FUN of it!##

As you know I am married to Brian Littrell, a man who can sure heck sing, but he has more: he has the greens and the fame. And this is how it all started.....

I'm a wannabe actress and I saw an ad for a music video, so I was like I should try out for this, they like girls with huge stuff. So there I was auditioning and boom I got the part....

Day on set: There I was just doing some stuff and these guys called the Backstreet Boys was there doing their thing. And this guy by the name of Brian Littrell comes up to me and flirts and all that crap. And I think to myself wow he's into me...and in the back of my mind.....i think to myself 'hmm this guy and his group seems like they got something going for them, just as something to fall back on maybe i should just try this brian guy and see what happens, who knows he may be worth millions in a couple of years and my big break will be there just because I'll be in the public eye with him....that means I'll get more publicity....and hell i dont need to work.'

After that being thought about,(it took me 5 minutes to think that through, I am a dumb blonde, since when did cow's drink water? i thought they drank milk) me and Brian got together and that was that..............

Years passed and I find myself with a boyfriend who is worth millions and can sing fairly well.... Time to make the move....... MARRIAGE! Somehow someway I got him to propose and I of course said "yes" *fake tears*! September 2, 2000 I can officially say that "im a b--ch, but a b--tch that's rich! [I made that line up myself..hehe im so proud of myself]. That was that... This is the cake, see what you get when you get married to this guy? This is the cake, see what you get when you get married to this guy Gotta love these shoes! Gotta love these shoes!

So there I was getting married to this guy who has the big bucks and fame...... who needs work when you got a guy who can pay your bills. Heard of Anna Nicole Smith? Well thats me except my man ain't dead...... I decided to make sure that we won't split, even if we do I still get some cash....but I had another idea in mind...getting pregnant with him will be a 100% answer..... That for sure will not make me leave the multimillionaire!

Months passed and I found out i was pregnant..oh golly gee I am.... it was with Brian right? I don't recall whose daddy this baby is....but Brian thinks its his....maybe it is or isnt. Oh wells as long as he keeps thinking its his. IF this baby isnt white, I know who I did....sure wasn't Brian....*raises eyebrow and does a 'haha got you now' smile* I just act innocent.. when really (like Britney sings it) "I'm not that innocennt."

And what the heck is Bailey Wylee Thomas Littrell(or however you spell that name), that boy really wants to get picked on in school dont he. Bailey, you can get your as- kicked by Haley...dah nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh nuh....[sorta from Eminem song where he is Robin] Littrell sounds aight, otherwise my last name wouldn't be it. Four names? Dang, can't it be 3 like a regular persons. I could have done better with a boy's name: Midad A. Fool (as in my dad is a fool..lol]) Brian is a fool.

So here I am to this day, just pretending to love Brian... just so I don't need to work, but I'll try looking for jobs so he won't think that there is something up in this alley. Gotta make him believe I can do more.

TV cameras....I love them....more exposure for me! Just like my friend Sarah (you see why AJ likes those, I mean her...) You see why AJ likes those, I mean her Martin....who is gonna get married next month with AJ McLean......

On entertainment tonite i saw the two shopping then going into his car.....and what did sarah do, well i cant explain it but lets put it this way she did this "look" into the camera and started smiling and basically luved the fact she was with aj-fame/being on tv..... she was more into AJ because of the money and fame........heck when she marries him, she dont need to work, just like me, because of the cash he got. she gots the easy road... im pretty sure theres more people out there better for AJ. Remember TAP well some fan[that would be me yay] made up her own “GAS - Go Away Sarah.... She's fake...all in for the money. Sarah Jo Martin? More like Sarah HOE Martin[I made that one up =) ]” Well next month when she's about to say 'i do' (to all the money AJ has left...) we both will be doing that wink expression and the 'money in the mouth' expression....haha.

Well yeah, me and Sarah are exactly alike! She's like a sister to me..... We're both in for the fame and money and make them think we supposedly love em. Well.... they both got a little something in common-they been fooled! Ha! I can't stop laughing....gosh boys are so easy to fool. They think we care about them! Ha!

Well what more can i say but 'cha ching' and 'action!'

With FAKE Love,
Leigh*f--kin*anne Littrell

Well that's the basics of me and my plan. find out more on what I do.......lol

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