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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
10:08a - I love Sundays
even during football(american style) season. Call me crazy, I know. But I love watching football. especially the really GOOD games with lots of great plays and intelligent calls by the refs. I don't even care who is playing.

John has said he's going to go out shopping for my anniversary pressie today. I give half an hour before he's aleep on the couch while the game is on.

I gave him some pretty unsubtle hints, so hopefully he will get the drift and buy me either the Trading Spaces book or those hummingbird ornaments. We are going inexpensive cuz I bought him Jimmy Buffett Concert tickets for the 23rd, and the rest of that week we are going to Anaheim and visit the "evil Empire" otherwise known as Mousetown. and even if I DID ride roller coasters, Big Thunder Mountain just came off the list..heheheheh. and I am about to spend major bucks on a flight to Perth. as in Oz. In december or January..

part of me wants to go in December, during the crew swap. Part of me wants to wait and go in January, when my other Gf who lives inMelbourne will be in Perth. Might check out prices for both dates, just to see....

current mood: lazy

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