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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
8:57a - oooh, purty colours
Time for vent number one: Little sister. 9 years younger. had a kid at 21.. by a 16 year old. Bought a house last year.. that they couldn't afford, and are now in serious danger of losing it because they can't pay the property taxes. I have the money to pay the taxes for them.. but dammit, I don't wanna.. I want to take the vacation fund and use it for my vacation.. To Perth, to see my husband off on his little six month pleasure cruise.

I'm waiting for either her or Popster to call me up and ask me to for the money.. and I know darn well it won't be "borrow" it will be "have" as in.. don't ever expect to be paid back, even a little bit. Thank the stars I have an answering machine.. I can screen all my calls...

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10:57a - lucky wittle sis
I'm on IM with my father.. who has cashed in his life insurance policy.. the kind that accrues value, and is giving her the money to pay for the property taxes. boy, does Kim owe him big time....

John had duty last night.. nothing major, it just means he couldn't come home and pour me copious amounts of wine. very disappointing.
we are rapidly becoming broke though.. I am not working here, for a few different reasons, only some of which are valid. so, No more trips to suncoast video to spend $300 a month. oh well, I have plenty to keep me occupied.. at least until He leaves....

current mood: envious

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