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Thursday, September 11th, 2003
8:43 am - Yay!
He's coming home a day early!! Yay!.

Oh, wait.. I already had plans to go out for coffee this evening. oh well, he knows how to make soup from a can if he gets hungry...heheheheh

I am soooo evil.. fun, innit?!

In other news, It's a BOY!. No not me, you ninny. The baby panda at the San Diego Zoo.

In Rembrance: 11 September 2001. We will never forget. We will never forgive. We will endure.

current mood: bouncy

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Tuesday, September 9th, 2003
9:54 am - Blech
The weather is changing, and my body is rebelling. stoopid seasons.

Yeap, Squidward left yesterday. and he's even emailed me already..wonder of wonders. he has a tendancy to conveniently forget that he has a wifey-poo pining away for him back on dry land. Oh well, I tend to guilt him into remembering.

off to buy his anniversary pressie today. gonna look for a watch to replace the one that died recently.

current mood: grumpy

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Sunday, September 7th, 2003
10:08 am - I love Sundays
even during football(american style) season. Call me crazy, I know. But I love watching football. especially the really GOOD games with lots of great plays and intelligent calls by the refs. I don't even care who is playing.

John has said he's going to go out shopping for my anniversary pressie today. I give half an hour before he's aleep on the couch while the game is on.

I gave him some pretty unsubtle hints, so hopefully he will get the drift and buy me either the Trading Spaces book or those hummingbird ornaments. We are going inexpensive cuz I bought him Jimmy Buffett Concert tickets for the 23rd, and the rest of that week we are going to Anaheim and visit the "evil Empire" otherwise known as Mousetown. and even if I DID ride roller coasters, Big Thunder Mountain just came off the list..heheheheh. and I am about to spend major bucks on a flight to Perth. as in Oz. In december or January..

part of me wants to go in December, during the crew swap. Part of me wants to wait and go in January, when my other Gf who lives inMelbourne will be in Perth. Might check out prices for both dates, just to see....

current mood: lazy

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
6:42 pm - warm fuzzy bonding crap
The squid is leaving soon for a whole week. However shall I survive?! (what I need is a seriously dripping sarcasm smiley. Know where I can get one?!)

sarcasm aside.. sometimes I can understand why these kids run off to join the military. I keep reading these random posts by MOTHERS whining about how it's so HAAARD not to hear from their PREEEESHIOUS son/daughter/next door neighbor's kid while s/he is deployed. They wanna cut the apron strings! Yo! Mom! he's 21.. he's a big boy now.. he has a gun, and he knows how to use it...

I mean, I can almost empathize with the 20 something kids who whine about how hard it is to go weeks on end without hearing from their DG/F/H. I was one once upon a time, although I was NEVER 20 something and I did all my whingeing to the cats. I do have to bite my tongue and force myself not to tell them to grow up and get over it.. cuz I really was just like them 5 years ago.. it's just that, having lived through it, it doesn't seem so bad.. after the fact. trying to find a nice polite, supportive way to say.. suck it up and deal, cuz when it's over you'll think.. "damn, that was easy. when's the next deployment!"

and of course, its just so hard to take ANYTHING an Officer's spouse says without it being derogatory or condescending. Where IS that Sarcasm smiley when you really need it?! It's not like my squid wasn't a Blueshirt for four years or anything. or that I dealt with a deployment myself.. alone, and unmarried, so of course the Navy didn't even acknowledge my existance.

My goal this upcoming deployment: Find or build a sarcasm smiley.. dripping with the stuff...

current mood: hot
current music: the football game in the other room...

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Friday, September 5th, 2003
9:01 am - ppphhhbbbttthhhttttt
well phhooey on them. I have this coffee night I go to every week with a bunch of girls from a few different forums. Found out last night that some of them consider me a snooty Officer's wife..

" Uh oh, here comes Dawnmarie. Her DH is an Officer and she never lets you forget it." Direct quote. Well, EXCCCCCCUSE me for being proud of my husband's accomplishments. So, basically, It's okay for YOU to say stuff like" My DH is the LPOand he's in charge of the workspace." but it's considered hoighty toighty if I say " My DH is a DIVO and has 35 guys that work for him."

Not sure if the girl who told me this was being polite when I asked her if I really did come across that way and she replied she considers that I talk about John the same way she talks about her guy.. just the facts, no boasting or lording it over the others.

so ta heck with them if I like to boast about my squid. if they're so hung up on protocol that they can't be friends with me just cuz my Dh's rank begins with an O, then I don't need em

current mood: bitchy

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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
9:33 am - Laa dee dah
just randomly posting meaningless dribble cuz I have nothing better to do with my time. Actually, that's not true.. I COULD be doing laundry. or dishes. or showering. or cleaning up this pig sty of a computer room. I could even be making out my grocery list and pulling coupons. I could brush that cat. make the bed. search online for a suitably evil and sarcastic birthday egreeting for my father who turns 59 on Monday. Try and figure out how I added my first friend to Blurty, then add the rest of the ones I want to add. Add a pic to my journal/ava/sig/whateva.

Damn.. I got too much crap to do.. so much for vegging in front of the comp all day.....

current mood: complacent
current music: the lawn mower outside

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
10:57 am - lucky wittle sis
I'm on IM with my father.. who has cashed in his life insurance policy.. the kind that accrues value, and is giving her the money to pay for the property taxes. boy, does Kim owe him big time....

John had duty last night.. nothing major, it just means he couldn't come home and pour me copious amounts of wine. very disappointing.
we are rapidly becoming broke though.. I am not working here, for a few different reasons, only some of which are valid. so, No more trips to suncoast video to spend $300 a month. oh well, I have plenty to keep me occupied.. at least until He leaves....

current mood: envious

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8:57 am - oooh, purty colours
Time for vent number one: Little sister. 9 years younger. had a kid at 21.. by a 16 year old. Bought a house last year.. that they couldn't afford, and are now in serious danger of losing it because they can't pay the property taxes. I have the money to pay the taxes for them.. but dammit, I don't wanna.. I want to take the vacation fund and use it for my vacation.. To Perth, to see my husband off on his little six month pleasure cruise.

I'm waiting for either her or Popster to call me up and ask me to for the money.. and I know darn well it won't be "borrow" it will be "have" as in.. don't ever expect to be paid back, even a little bit. Thank the stars I have an answering machine.. I can screen all my calls...

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
6:55 pm - My first Entry
ooh, how exciting... So why did I jump on the blog bandwagon? After all, I do not own a cell phone, don't absolutely have to have the latest gadget out there heck, don't even necessarily have anything important/exciting to say.

basically, I need a place to vent, whine, piss and moan about family and the joys of being a Navy spouse. I belong to a a bunch of boards/Forums/Support groups/whathaveyou, but if I really need to rant about my sister's choices, I can't very well do it on the one she introduced me to. When I just HAVE to flame all the whiney little 20-something kids who cry about every deployment and injustice I can't say what I want to say(suck it up and deal with it.. grow up for cryin' out loud) on the military support forums.

So.. here I am.

if anybody is so bored that they randomly found this, well, I'll try not to put you to sleep.

I'll start by saying my childgood sucked.. big time.. mostly due to medical ailments that still plague me to this day. thank the powers that be that I get free medical...Met Mr Squid( also known as John) when we were both working for a national retail chain. He was married at the time, but was having major problems. even tried working them out, but she would have none of it, so he moved out.. and in with me.. was supposed to be just a friendly roomie type of thing.. he had the couch, I had the cats and the twin bed. we even lied to ourselves for months afterwards and pretended there wasn't any growing feelings. we finally admitted defeat and let the rest of the world know we were a couple. After her intial jealousy ex played nice and gave us her old bedroom set when her parents gave her theirs. John decided that since he couldn't find a job teaching ( he is a secondary math teacher by trade) he'd do something else relatively respectable and joined the Navy. Went enlisted, mainly cuz he didn't know there were two kinds of recruiters. he enjoyed it, spent four yeras before being accepted to OCS. He's now a restricted line Officer in the field of Cryptology. My Husband, the spook...Our first tour was in Japan. Loved almost every minute of it there. Spent all his tax free/sea/hazardous pay on rosewood furniture. We were there for three years. Just left there in March 2003, moved to San Diego.

So far, I like it. less humidity, which means I can actually walk most days( a big plus). the command is fairly cool, even if they are in the middle of several things at once, most notably, a Decommissioning and a crew swap to be followed immediately by a six month deployment to parts.. well, unknown. hey, for having spent 8 years in, I'm doing pretty darn good.. This will be the first ever Christmas he won't be home.. although the chances of me being where he is are pretty good(more on that, later, maybe).

now I think I'm just gonna nose around the main pages and see what I've gotten myself into here....

current mood: okay

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