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alright so i want a friends only journal, and i started by editing my entries and making them friends only but it was taking too long, so now im using another journal. the uh, name thing is xpurplexguitarx hahha cause my guitars purple...lol get it. okay well yeah, add me!! WOO YEAH!

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*awwww yeeeaaahhh*
~Mood~ ecstatic
~Music~ murderdolls-kill miss america

soo my day...well i woke up at about 10:30 and got ready. me and dearest father went out to eat at fridays. i got this steak thing, i usually dont eat steak so im not 'familar' with it so it was sort of challenging for me to eat it hahaha. well lets see, then we went to jack london so i could get my books off the reading list. i know its kinda late, but i wanted to read them closer to when school starts so i wouldnt forget what i read. they didnt have one of the books i need to read so hopefully i can barrow it off somebody. but its kinda funny cause the other book that they DID have, i was acctually gonna buy last time i was there, even though i didnt know it was on the reading list. lol pretty funny ya?? and OH MY GOD, JOHNNY DEPP IS ON THE COVER OF GQ...I WAS GONNA GET IT BUT I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE WEIRD IF I ASKED MY DAD, BUT OH MY GOD HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING HOT, AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
........................well anyway, uhhh then my dad and i went to the mall. we just did normal mall ness. i saw these shoes that i REALLY wanted, there like those kinda preppy looking ones that you would wear with knee highs or somethin, but their more nyaraish looking. and then there was a skirt, it was like black with this pink stuff and then a black sheer thing underneath. lol sorry yeah im not in a very detailed mood hahah, i didnt have any money though so my dad and i are gonna go back tomarrow so i can get them. yep...
oohh, and my dads girlfriends in town and she gave me an ARMANI DRESS, her and my dad are designer whores, so an ARMANI DRESS is like, nothing to her, so i was like YESSSSSSSS. and it acctually fits me which makes me happy lol, and shes like SKINNY, like you look at her and you go DAMN SHES SKINNY, but eh, its a bit big on her BUT WHATEVER. lol and when i tried it on she goes 'DAMN NY (she calls me ny) YOUR BOOBS ARE BIGGER THEN MINE, IM JEAAALLLOOUUUSSS' and in my head im like 'yeah my dads like, right here' but whatever lol it was funny...ill probably wear it to my cousins wedding cause i have nothing else nice to wear, haha cool, *ARMANI*
(lol and now ill fit in with PETER hahaa)
lol well yeah, thats my day....WOOOOOOO lets all SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


~Mood~ drunk
~Music~ frankenstien drag queens...-i love to say fuck

(if you check my mood it says drunk, heads up, im not really drunk, i just FEEL drunk, get it HAHAHAH)
hey there sexies!!!! LOOK AT MY NEW ICON!! ISNT IT GREAT!?!? ha it took me foreeevverrr, i couldnt understand how to use the program. i still dont, but i understand enough to make that. waaa whooo!! that there ryan, woooo i love that guy. well my day was pretty fucking boring, i went out earlier and bought some new guitar strings though. OH OH and ive been doin good on my diet, i mean sure, i only started a few days ago, but in nyara time, a few days to not break a diet, THAT IS GOOD. since we got out of school ive lost 13 pounds, and 9 of them were unintentional, WOOOO I ROCK!!!!!! lol. oohhh, dude we start school in like 3 weeks, it didnt hit me that it was so soon untill like...3 mintutes ago, and i was like WOAH THATS SOON, i kinda have 'mixed emotions' about it, i sorta wanna go, sorta dont..you catch my drift.
WAAAAAA HAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL, I LOOOVVVEEE THAT ARBYS COMMERCIAL WERE 'OVEN MIT' DOESNT KNOW HE DIDNT HAVE A NOSE OR EARS. lol just his name cracks me up. the first time i saw it was like, on the floor laughing LITTERLY. he goes like 'boy that sandwhich sure smells great' and then the guys goes 'yeah, but OVEN MIT how can you smell if you dont have a nose' and hes like 'I DONT HAVE A NOSE?!?!?!?!' and goes all crazy, woo look out for that one its great hahaahahahha.
im extremely happy right now, i have no clue why...im just in a very I LOVE EVERYBODY mood. i just wanna go up to everyone in this world and give them a big *HUG*



~Mood~ silly
~Music~ watchin clueless!!

(lol andrea)
i made new color thingys :-D and lookie my new icon!!! its mr.dunn. lol hes my fave of the crew, and in case you cant see correctly that bottom thingy says mrs_jordison, but, i didnt want to do that typed thing lol. yeah im stupid.
hahhahahha look at this...
xPerfectxxScarsx: i got drunk last night...and i went up to these guys, put on a cheeeeesy american accent. and told them i was from Nyara land LOL
lol oh that jardine...that jardine...
btw:ive been workin on my english accent, i am GOOD. wooo yah!!

oh and heres a little survey type thing that jardine sent me through e-mail, im supposed to email it to people but well, yeah!! and the great thing about this one is that ITS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS!! sure..its not about anything important (unless you count ME as important..which you should) but its more then just my name, my birthday, and all that stuff!!! yeah!!!!!!

go look at it!!! )

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ahhh IM BORED!!
~Mood~ happy
~Music~ tv in bground

well, im doing NOTHING. lets think about the past few days shall we *thinks* well, nothing really happend then either. i saw 28 days later, i didnt really like it. the main guy was kinda cute if that counts as anything, but well yeah, it just wasnt really my kinda movie. go see it if you want, but i wouldnt recomend it. yesterday me scott and jason went to the great mall. but first we went to san jose becuase um, we just did lol. usually i thought of s.j. as like....nothing, but we went to this one little area that was REALLY cute. like, WOAH I LIKE IT HERE. yeah...i liked it. then we went to the mall and uh, shopped. well they didnt really, but i did. well ehhh i didnt really either cause i spent too much money when i went out with noel, but i bought two shirts and a pair of shoes. one shirt i bought i felt all luckyish. i first saw a black shirt with red design thing, and i REALLY liked it, but i was like ehhh. i sorta wanted it in black and pink. so then i saw this other shirt and i was lookin for my size, and then i saw that same shirt in that i had in red, in pink and i was like yesssssssss. so i bought that instead. ummm, then we left and went home. my mommy bought me some ice cream and i was like yayyyy so um, i ate that (lol some diet im on ey) and ummmm, then they day just kinda, ended. so then i woke up today, made a CHEESE turkey burger (lol andrea) and then came here!! YEAH!!

...and best of all JAZZYS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!

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dressed to...dressed to depress
~Mood~ mischievous
~Music~ murderdolls-dressed to depress

i am SOOOO bored. i wanna do somethin, but no no no, not just ANYTHING, i wanna like...go jay walking or something. MUAHAHAHA IM EVIL!!!! but no...really, im BORED. bored bored bored. ive been sitting around ALL day listening to dressed to depress. seriously, i havnt listened to anything else. the solo makes me feel kinda TIGHT if you catch my drift. ive been talking to andrea for a while. well for a long while. i was telling her about my joseph stories, woo boy lol. what a little slut i am. i was talkin to my drunko friend jazzy earlier. shes leaving for whales tomarrow and shes gonna be gone...FOREVER. well about a week or so. im gonna miss her :-(

ive been making a lot of southpark people too, ive made another nyara, jason, scott, and andrea. oh dear andrea...

there she is holding her breath as a youngin...

oh i see a resemblence....

i ALSO made a joey jordison :-D

lol do you like his little hat?? just like the REAL joey :-)

ahhhhh im bored, okay well ill probably update later...byeeeeeeee...

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burn motherfucker
~Mood~ predatory
~Music~ cky-testing

okay, my mood isnt the greatest. im goin into 'girl mode' and no, not the cramps and crazy hormones girl mode, im talkin about complaining..complaining about every single thing that you can think of to complain about...lets start with a little thing first..

...california stereotypes...now usually this never bothred me, i mean it did, but never anything i took to a second thought. but now im gettin pissed off. why is that everyone thinks you have to be blonde and stupid to be from california?? i personally LOVE california, born and raised...NOT blonde. ugghhh, but ill let it go. and might i add, i was watchin that stupid show california dreams right, and it was about earthquakes. my god...they had two earthquakes in like 5 days, and then they wanted to move or whatever because california was 'full of earthquakes'. in my whole life ive been in 4 earthquakes, and two of which were one of those mini ones that you dont even feel but you just hear about it on tv. STUPID STUPID.


...looks...why is everyone so pretty?? i mean yeah, i know everyones worst critic is themselves, but really...why am i so god damn ugly??? you look at everyone around you and see all these girls that should be models and then you take a look in the mirror and your just like...woah, thats not right. i mean i could make a HUGE list of things i dont like about myself. and then of corse (going back) theres the GUYS that dont even think about how you feel, and they dont realize that THEY are the ones that make you feel ugly, and like your not good enough. all guys only like the pretty girls. its like fuck, its not my fault that im fat and ugly, just give me a break...shit man, its not like i WANT to look like this. i mean right now its anger, but all this look stuff is making me feel really shitty about myself.

-shit list-
california stereotypers (word?)
pretty people
and oh yes... GUYS

seriously dude im so fucking upset about fucking everything right now. ESPECIALLY people that make you feel like shit but claim they dont want to (OH YEAH RIGHT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE) ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wish i could just go to some special world with only friends and sexy guys with no brains...thats it. thats what the world needs to be like...it really is...

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~Mood~ amused
~Music~ mamas and the papas-california dreamin

its late...im bored..thats right, QUIZZES...

...results... )
hehe i even wrote a little 'caption' next to all of them just for fun and well..cause im bored...and im a loser, and i have no life, oh well you get the picture :-)

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save her from herself
~Mood~ lethargic
~Music~ marilyn manson-coma white

well yep, im bored, so as usual i stole a survey...
continue... )

...anyway...today was pretty boring. i woke up around 1:30. i tell my mom to wake me up right, what she does is 'NYARA WAKE UP' and walks away. like i can even hear her, luckily today i heard cause i was already awake. but i went back to sleep anyway. well, then...i woke up, went out with ma, did a few things or whatever. yep. you know i was thinking, i gotta do something with my life (lol as dramatic as that sounds) i mean look, i cant even really tell you anything that happend today, CAUSE NOTHING HAPPEND. seriously..the highlight of my day was watching lizzie mcguire becuase it was the scottish episode. is that what my life is?? watching disney shows and obsessing about a country ive never even been too?? i mean, yeah, im young, its summer...BUT STILL..sheesh. ill have to work on this...

well im off to watch my lava lamp (its in that not lavaish but not dry stage, INTERESTING...)


dodododo dodo dododododo
~Mood~ drained
~Music~ beatles-while my guitar gently weeps

woooo so today was pretty cool but pretty long, so if your not in the mood to read a lot...dont click HERE )

well anyway, remember that book that i bought?? its really good, lol i just started reading it yesterday and im already to the 21st chapter. lol and if you dont know, im usually NOT a reading person, but its one of those hard to put down books lol. but its REALLY good, i like it alot. ha, and then what i told you it was about (a vampire runining her life) is NOT true, hehe sorry i obviously misread the little back thing, but whatever. yeah its good.

oh, and im really happy. my mom said i could bring a friend to holyns (my cousin) wedding. at first she said i could, then she said i couldnt, and now she said i can but only noel, but thats okay, cause even if she let me chose id probably pick noel anyway. my mom really likes noel. well yeah, and noels not sure if shes gonna be out of town on that weekend, but if shes not she can probably go which is a happy feeling :-) and plus she would be fun on a plane cause she might get my mind off of the fact that well..im on a plane. I HATE TO FLY.

alrighty well im off to take a shower *YES!!!*

heres also a little survey that i did...nothin special, i just got a little bored lol
...survey... )


~Mood~ flirty
~Music~ h20-hunted animal

boy i sure am updating a lot. so since i LAST LEFT i went to barnes and nobles (spelling?) with my dad. i got this book called sweet blood. its about some chick who thinks shes a vampire and shes not, and then she like gives up everything but some real vampire like hurts her. lol something like that. hahaha and then i saw some magizine called 'rawker grrl' lol and i was like, excuse me...but what real 'rawker' would buy a fuckin magazine called rawker grrl. ugh lol. ha, then me and father went to lingunis. i love that place, the best italian ive ever had WOOO. goin back to my roots haahaha. then i got home and got online!! lol joe wanted me to IM his friend scott and tell him he was sexy or whatever, but then i didnt cause this scott character called me ugly. so then i asked andrea but she said i could use one of her screen names and well, thats what i did. hahahhahaa and then dearest joseph (ohhhhhh we all know joseph) went on one of his friends screen names and he did that asl thing. usually i reply honestly, but for some reason this time i went '47/male/chattanooga' and i go what about you fine gentalman and he goes '46 female about 20 mintues from there' and we just went on like that for a while. and joes so stupid, but he ALWAYS changes his font to this red thing and he did it this time too. so i was like ohhhh its joe. and he spelt all of his words the same and everything. ha well anyway, once i caught on, he goes so you got a girlfriend (cause i was 'male') and i go, well acctually ive got a sexy boyfriend named joe who lives up in watsonville and he goes like 'GOD DAMMIT NYARA' and gets all mad at me lol. oh that joe. okay you know..pretty fuckin pointless story but, oh well, it amused you now didnt it!!??!? alright well im off to go talk to that sexy joseph. byeeeeeee



~Mood~ ditzy

so i was REALLY bored last night, and took a lot of quizzes, lol its too much to show you though so if your bored you can look right down there (haha get it, okay never mind)

see my *QUIZ RESULTS* )

lol, i also scanned a few pictures of me when i was a youngin...lol feel free to look by simply clicking

HERE!!!!! )

a special thank ya goes to *JAZZY* for teachin me how to do that there linky thingy cause boy did it save a you a lota scrollin :-) and well SPEAK OF THE DEVIL!! GO AND JOIN THE JAZZY AND NYARA FAN CLUB!!! uhhhh...*asks jazzy another html question*...EVERYONE!!! GO MOTHER FUCKING JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOUR NOT A BLURTY MEMBER, SIGN UP...AND JOIN!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
jazzy_and_nyara WAH!! goooooooooo!!!!!!!!

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~Mood~ mellow
~Music~ him-gone with the sin (live)

sooo, if you didnt notice, i made a *NEW LAYOUT* yeah i know, what the hell is wrong with me!?!? and i know i said this for almost every other one, but i REALLY DO think im gonna keep this one. i picked something that couldnt turn into a phase, like, with jack, bam, billy, ect...im always changing my mind on whos my 'favorite' but...the lovely instrument, the *GUITAR* will always be a favorite you see. hopefully i dont like, change my mind on the colors and stuff but -shrugs- OH WELL. i was gettin a bit irked there for a while, cause i couldnt get all the text and stuff to match the picture of the guitar over there ------->
but well...i got it, as you can see. grrrrr im just rambling lol. well ANYWAY, i know this is sooooo fucking stupid, but i cant get abram off my mind lol. im just so..ahhhhhhh. I CANT BELIEVE HES GONE. WHEN WILL I SEE HIM AGAIN?? WHEN!?!?!?!? LOOK AT WHAT I WONT SEE AGAIN!!


stupid idea of making an abram layout just popped into my head, but lol, NO WORRIES..i wont haha

...moving on...ive been really bored this summer, lol, and as much as i hate to say it..EXACTLY like my parents said i would. right now im at my dads, and its a little bit more amusing then my moms cause even though at mas theres more of my friends and stuff, here its just..better. i dont know what it is, but it is. OKAY WILL YOU STOP MY RAMBLING?!!? you know..i think im going to go now hehe...byeeeeee...

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~Mood~ disappointed
~Music~ nothin :-|

so, im really attracted to abram from the road rules, hes mad sexy, like WOAH HES SEXY (even if he does look like a blonde abercrombie model) well anyway, the last two episodes really got me mad. ill just review for those who havnt seen them lol. so donell was givin abram all this shit about how he thinks. and abram tried to keep his cool, but i mean you know, he was 'angry' cause of all the shit this one chick cara was givin him. but he really did try, which shows a lot of maturity. then donell just kept on goin and goin and goin, just to get a 'rise' out of him. and abram REALLY tried to stay calm, but then he just snapped and hit him. then dave, the other guy there was tryin to hold him back, but...i guess he just wasnt strong enough with abrams SEXY body. so then abram just runs and like fuckin attacks donell. *sigh* then in the next show, the prodcuer made all of them get together to discuss if they thought they felt safe with abram there. and when it was all 'said and done' abram went home. i think he shouldve stayed, he was just pushed to the limit, and its his personal problem, but he shoulda still gotten to say. and then it REALLY got to me cause he was 'expressing himself' and started crying, just trying to tell them all about how he really felt sad about how they all were treating him. and i mean, this is gonna sound kinda mean, but i love it when it guys cry. not becuase i want them to be sad, but i mean, a guy that feels free with expressing the way they feel, and being able to cry about it if they need to, it just shows this certain level of strength, and its just really sexy lol. i think thats why im so into guitar guys, becuase some see it as 'just an instrument' but its a form of expression, its amazing how just the way they play can give you a whole new look on a certain song or something. its just...wow. anyway, this is an ABRAM entry. im just really sad/mad that he left, i mean...he was like my main reason for watching the show lol. *tear* oh what a sad sad dissapointing time in my life :-(


hey little sister
~Mood~ peaceful
~Music~ billy idol-white wedding

well the time is late and im just sorta 'sittin around'. my sleepingness is so messed up, i usually dont like to sleep any later then 11-12 but today i slept till 4:00 and nobody woke me up!! so now im all, woah..awake. i just put this comp in my room so now i feel so...at peace lol, not always thinkin somones behind me about to go GET THE FUCK OFF. i havnt done much in the past few days. very 'unproductive'. lol like today my mom and i were gonna go out, but we couldnt decide what to do so we just stayed home and orderd italian haha. hehe its kinda funny, my ma goes 'wow your losing weight' i personally dont think i am but ill take it hahha, and then she goes 'i dont know how, all you do is sit at home and eat pasta' lol okay so its not that funny, but it was at the time.

on a different note, my cousin holyn is gettin married on august 16th. its all the way in palmdale, and im gonna be over there for 3 fucking days. this is my white side of the family that i RARELY see. the last time i saw them was at my grandmas funeral, and before that i hadnt seen them in like 7 years. my moms making me go, but she said i could bring a friend. since i dont really see ruben i thought id bring him, but then i thought about how his mom hates me and how its far, and..all that other stuff. im hoping noel can go, but i think shes out of town or somethin right now cause i havnt talked to her in ages. well uh..yeah...

so im currently just sittin here listenin to billy idol, watchin pretty in pink muted, and well fillin this here thingy out!! there aint really anybody i online i wanna talk to, jazzy was on but she had to go, and then ruben was on but he left UNEXPECTIDLY and never came back, well...and then theres scott and jason, but who in their right mind would wanna talk to those losers :-X

well i shall go return to doing nothing...byeeeeee...


~Mood~ lazy
~Music~ him-gwts

hot damn i bored! and ive been quite bored for the past few days now, im supposed to be cleaning my room but i prefer to fill this here thingy out for you!!! this is a survey i stole from shaina, shes not exactly speaking to me at the momment but im a crazy stalker and read her journal anyway and then i STEAL HER SURVEYS!! ahhhhhhh...


1. Your name spelled backwards: arayn LOL ISNT THAT COOL they a-r-a stays the same!! wooooo lol

2. Where were your parents born? pops was born in minilla and ma was born right here in SAN MATEO! yah!

3. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? him-gone with the sin (live video) DID YALL DOWNLOAD IT YET LIKE I TOLD YOU!?!? woooooo i love it...

4. What?s your favorite restaurant? psh you silly, CHEVYS!!

5. Last time you swam in a pool? a week or two ago

6. Have you ever been in a school play? well, in like 2nd grade, and then that drama thing, but to my choice, no i havnt

7. How many kids do you want? kids...lol...funny...

8. Type of music you dislike most? jazz or r&b

9. Are you registered to vote? nope

10. Do you have cable? yea

11. Have you ever ridden on a moped? one time in vegas, and then those fake ones in the arcades

12. Ever prank call anybody? yeah

13. Ever get a parking ticket? no, but my mommy has :-D

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? bungee jumping, maybe...sky diving noooo wayyyy jose!!!

15. Furthest place you ever traveled? maryland, well and spain but i was litterly like...3/4

16. Do you have a garden? uh no, but theirs some trees in front of my dads house

17. What?s your favorite comic strip? i dunno :o)

18. Do you really know all the words to your national anthem? like the most common verse, but then theres like those four that nobody knows

19. Bath or Shower, morning or night? shower, and usually night but sometimes in the morn, but LOL now with that new shower head...ya never know...hahaha jardeen!!

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month? haggard..ya know, with BAM

21. Favorite pizza topping? CHEESE!!

22. Chips or popcorn? chips *yummy*

23. What color lipstick do you usually wear? sorta this purplish black color, and then i add that clear lip stuff to make it SHIMMERY

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? i dont believe i have

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? ...lol stupid

26. Orange Juice or apple? orange, for the SMOOTHIES

27. Who was the last person you went out to dinner with and where did you dine? daddy at fridays

28. Favorite type chocolate bar? i dont really like chocolate bars :-\

29. When was the last time you voted at the polls? like that school stuff, a few months ago, but all that law stuff, never

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? ew!! NEVER

31. Have you ever won a trophy? yeah!! im *HOLLYWOODS BEST FRIEND* noel <3

32. Are you a good cook? their are somethings i cant cook for jack shit, but when i know what im doin...YOU BET I AM!!

33. Do you know how to pump your own gas? yeah my mom makes me do it for her sometimes

34. Ever order an article from an infomercial? dont think so, but i know my mom has, she has like 29305832 exercise machines that she NEVER uses..NEVER

35. Sprite or 7-up? sprite

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to work? no, but i like uniforms *SHMEXAY*

37. Last thing you bought at a pharmacy? cough drops if that counts

38. Ever throw up in public? well it was in the PUBLIC bathroom, but its not like i was walkin down the street and just threw up

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or find true love? true love, but this 'true love' is gonna be SUCH a good guitarist, hell be a millionaire anyway :-)

40. Do you believe in love at first sight? lol to quote brad pitt, 'i belive in infactuation (spelling?) at first site, which can deffinitly turn into love'

41. Ever call a 1-900 number? uh no

42. Can ex?s be friends? it depends on why their your ex

43. Who was the last person you visited in a Hospital? my grandma before she died :-( :-(

44. Did you have a lot of hair when you were a baby? ...think about it...

45. What message is on your answering machine? i dont know, but i REALLY hate it when people have theirs like 'hello?..................................i cant come to the phone right now...' ugh, its just irritating

46. What?s your all time favorite Saturday Night Live Character? beats me

47. What was the name of your first pet? i dont remember, but it was some fishy kinda name (it was a fish)

48. What is in your purse? currently nothing, but when i bring it, its usually my wallet, my keys, makeup, and if i have one at the time a cell phone (my moms taken away a cell phone from me about 6 times now, grrr)

49. Favorite thing to do before bedtime? take a shower!!! lol jardine!!!

50. What is one thing you are grateful for today? it sure as hell aint being a girl!!!

51. What is the first concert you ever went to? hanson..yeah thats right..HANSON...

52. Vices: whats a vices!!

Do you drink? on occasion

How many times have you been drunk? well like WOAH DRUNK about 4-5, but then that 'woooo' thing i dont know

A. Are you a virgin? YOU BETCHA!!

B. When did you lose your virginity? im a virgin silly!!!

Is you best friend a virgin? i dont really have ONE best friend, but a few good friends of mine arent virgins

How many times a day do you say fuck? i dont know

Do you wear short shorts? i did when i was skinny...now its just skirts because they arent as 'form fitting' lol

How many people have you slept with? yente!

Do you sneak out of the house at night? nah..im a good girl

Do you get along with your mom? yeah

Ever been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? no, id say nyara is a pretty damn easy name to remember!!

Do you have any eating disorders? no, but i had 'eating issues' back in the 7th grade days

Piercings? i dont like the piercing questions untill i get my tounge pierced, roooaaarrrr

Tattoos? no, but you just wait...

Do you wear shirts that show your cleavage? its sorta hard not to

Do you wear shirts that show your belly button? lol!! YEAH...RIGHT...

Have you ever smoked cigarettes? no

Are you a regular smoker? no...ecko

Do you do drugs? nope

Did you once do any drugs? i tried ONCE..thats it

Does your best friend do drugs? oh dearest samantha

Do you have any kids? oh please

Have you ever had sex with someone you barely know? lol, WHAT KINDA SEX!! (hahahahah chelsie)

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~Mood~ amused
~Music~ *golden girls in b-ground*

so...im bored as fuck and i took some quizzes!! *YAH*

You are Italian
You are an Italian.

What's your Inner European?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are a Mod. Yeah baby.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Rebel Yell! You seem to enjoy pumping your
fist and hanging out with cute chicks. Not to
mention that shexay leather. Grrr. Let's snog.

which billy idol album are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You need a tongue piercing! With your biting wit
and cynical manner, you need this piercing to
set your act off the second you open your

what piercing should you get?
brought to you by Quizilla

Wow! You are a huge HIM-fan! You know the lyrics
and you probably have a couple (or all) of
their albums. They are the best band ever! And
you KNOW that damn well!

Do you know EVERYTHING about the Finnish band HIM?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are 100% Scottish, and damn proud of it! As
well you should be. You have a love for the
more simple things in life, and don't like it
when someone treds on your territory. You have
plenty of attitude, and don't mind sharing it
with others. If they don't like it, they can
piss off!

How Scottish Are You?
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You are San Francisco, my hometown!!! YAY for you!
You are constantly changing, diverse,insanly
crazy, fun, and absolutly gorgeous. The people
are very nice, and there is ALWAYS something to
do. People must be attracted to you like bee's
on honey.... And you've got one kick ass bridge
if I do say so myself.

What California City are you?
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yeahhhh SF REPRESENTIN (lol okay so im not really from san fransisco, but id say 10 mins is pretty damn close!!! BURLINGAME REPRESENTIN yahhhh!!!!)


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your pretty face is going to hell...
~Mood~ touched
~Music~ him-gone with the sin (live video)

yeah i updated a good 20 minutes ago, but my dads taking FOREVER after he just rushed me to get ready. he doesnt even know where were going, but i guess were going somewhere. well, i dont have much to say but i STRONGLY recomend everybody to download the him-gone with the sin video/live. ITS SO FUCKING AWESOME. oh my god...it fuckin speaks to me. ESPECIALLY THE GUITAR. i HAVE to learn to play it. beginning-end thats the fucking greatest song. and ville looks really pretty (as usual). if you dont like him...dont download it, its one of the most himish songs that they have. AND ITS FUCKING AMAZING. dear lord its...woah. its sorta like when your listening to give me back my bullets and the solo comes on when your not expecting it, it just like takes over your whole body. i know some of yall are goin what the hell is wrong with this girl, BUT YOU HEAR THE SONG. (the song as in gone with the sin, not give me back my bullet) IT DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! woooooooooooooo okay.

4 away from hellview escape

~Mood~ accomplished
~Music~ white stripes- you're pretty good looking

yeah!!! thats right!! A NEW LAYOUT!! jack lasted for a good, what? three days?? but now now, tell me i didnt tell you that i wanted an idol one. well YAAAA WHOOOOOOO I MADE ONE!! im planning on keeping this one for a while, i think its pretty :-) and hot damn billy was a hot one back in the day. i had this other one that was really cool, but like i told you it was too many 'ks' but it had this quote that i saw him say on vh1, read...

"nobody would ever disrespect me, nobody would ever look down on me, they know better, THEY KNOW what i stand for, THEY KNOW who the hell i am, THEY KNOW...THAT I AM... BILLY IDOL"

haha it was just the way he said it, it was great, pretty cool ya? i think ill put it in my info. wooooo im feelin the *IDOL* haha. yeah well my dad just called and told me to hurry up and get ready...so well, im gonna go get ready. bye bye :-D

ps: joey jordison is SO sexy


~Mood~ horny
~Music~ white stripes-the air near my fingers

hello sexies :-P

im here talking to andrea about well...sex. you simply see, i was 'surfing' the net today, and i came across this little flashing thing, it was a bunch of smiley faces and said 'SEX' in really big letters. so i was like, smiley faces and sex?? rock on. so i clicked on it. little did i realize it was a sexual video. so, im not gonna lie...I DIDNT CLOSE IT. i just sat there and watched it. thats right, I WATCHED PORN. and no it didnt stop there, i watched many!! MANY MANY MANY!!!!!! so now i cant get sex out of my head. and yeah im gonna be honest with yall, i attracted to chicks. you see, im straight...but ill have sex with a chick, and like i told andrea, not in a 'anything for sex' way...i think chicks are hot. most of you know but whatever. so i was watchin this video and they were goin around showin all kinda shit. and there was this one chick on a bed with this MAD HOT GUY eatin her out. lol i dont know if i was more turned on by the guy or the girl, but IT WAS GREAT. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. i feel like such a pervert, i really do...but i cant control it dammit. I NEED A DILDO...get me a dildo? THANKSSSS...

i want to cum...NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!!! DAMMIT MAKE ME CUM!!!!!!!


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