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earth to jess.. [14 Feb 2003|03:48pm]
[ music | not by choice - maybe one day ]

In all that ranty-Jessness, I forgot to say the main thing...


Meet my friends and I at the movies tonite... Daredevil @ 8pm!

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hmm. [14 Feb 2003|11:37pm]
[ music | goldfinger - just like heaven ]

Back from the movies. Actually I got back around 10:30. The movie SUCKED. Don't go see Daredevil. And guess what? Highlight the next part for major spoiler... Jennifer Garner dies in the end!!! That's just DEPRESSING. I started getting all teary... man I'm obsessed.

Julie and I are discussing our friends. Blah on friends.

I dunno, now I'm all subdued and awake.. but not. I'm kind of depressed now. What the fuck.

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