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Thursday, October 23rd, 2003

Time:10:07 am.
Music:FLaming Lips.
OMG! Hey y'all! It has been so long! I have not been able to write! I am so sorry... Well I am here dose not work on my stupid computer for some I have to update at mah quite a bit has happened lately!
I got my horse! He is now living at my house...his name is Nash...I think he is about 8 or 9 years of age. My uncle owned him and my uncle moved to Idaho and left Nash in a field...for almost 6 years...without us knowing he had a horse. so when we found out we made a fence and cleaned out our barn, and wala! We have a horse!

Day b-4 yesterday I got in a pretty good fight with Steve...We got home almost the same time and I forgot to lock the back door. he asked me if I locked the door (I never do) I told him no and that I was sorry...he went on to how stupid I as and how I would never do anything in my life but sit and watch TV and spend my mothers much he could not wait until I moved out and that I prob would never move out because I am just too lazy to get a job...he said I never helped out around the house and I am not even smart enough to figure out how to turn off lights or close and lock doors..(by this time I am getting pretty mad) I will just say...the things I said came to him running through the house as fast as (I think) he could go and grab me by the arm and neck...I was scared to death. but I didn’t show it! I was so proud!

Well I have to get going...but I have allot more things to update on later! ttyl ppl!

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

Time:11:25 am.
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Time:11:23 am.
[spoiler=text on the button]testing[/spoiler]
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Time:10:53 am.
I love dreams. They fascinate me, but I can hardly ever remember mine. I'd be interested to see what other people dream about and what they think they mean.

Years back, when I liked the power rangers, and was scared of Freddy Kruegar, I had a dream I was in this huge maze of ladders and tunnels, and Freddy was chasing me, clawing on my legs etc.

Suddenly, the power rangers appeared out of no where and started beating Freddy up :|

A few nights ago, I had a dream I was in a really big building, and we got taken hostage, but a few of us escaped, we got guns and started killing them all, and then the setting changed, I was in a desert, with the buffy cast and we had to walk through a cave, and at the bottoms of the cave, were hands trying to grab our feet, and when we got to the other side, if we didnt have shoes on our feet would be ripped off...

When I was little, I use to have nightmares everynight, they were very graphic, and there's one in particular that scares me, and I still remember it today. But, then all my nightmares went away, when I got a dream catcher, lol, sounds stupid, but it's true.

I love dreams when you're falling and you just never hit the ground, it feels like ya flying while yet falling to your death at the same time. :P
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Subject:AIM with mah daddy-o
Time:8:50 am.
Music:My mother on the phone....
Terrycoop9 [7:51 AM]: Hey daughter
BrownDog179 [7:57 AM]: hey daddy
Terrycoop9 [7:58 AM]: How are Ya
BrownDog179 [7:59 AM]: good good
Terrycoop9 [7:59 AM]: Grounded Again?
BrownDog179 [8:02 AM]: seems that way...
Terrycoop9 [8:04 AM]: Oh well,Need to do your school work ya know ! Enough said. I'd like to see ya, maybe this weekend.
BrownDog179 [8:05 AM]: yea...i think i am doing something on Fri. but other then that...i am free...HEY!!! came i have some friends over at grandpas house instead of over here?
Terrycoop9 [8:06 AM]: Come again
BrownDog179 [8:07 AM]: Can i have -Katie, Allyx and Anthony- over to grandpas house for Fri night?
BrownDog179 [8:07 AM]: instead of over here at my house?
Terrycoop9 [8:09 AM]: I'll have to think about that. Anthony is a funny name for a girl, Correct?
BrownDog179 [8:10 AM]: lol...maybe....
BrownDog179 [8:10 AM]: :-P
Terrycoop9 [8:12 AM]: I would have to whack him with my cain if he got out of line ya know. Could be embarrasing !!!
BrownDog179 [8:12 AM]: he said he would be good!
Terrycoop9 [8:13 AM]: I WAS A TEENAGE BOY once !!
BrownDog179 [8:14 AM]: yes father -rolls eyes-
Terrycoop9 [8:15 AM]: Well other than trying to work me,whats new in your world??
BrownDog179 [8:16 AM]: nothing much...i was told i needed to go into the tattooing
BrownDog179 [8:18 AM]: what do ya this of that? lol
BrownDog179 [8:18 AM]: *think
BrownDog179 [8:21 AM]: you there?
Terrycoop9 [8:22 AM]: no tatoos, no tatoos, no piercings, no piercings,tatoos are bad,tatoos are bad,piercingsare bad, teenage boys are bad....Read this before bed each night
BrownDog179 [8:24 AM]: will do dad
BrownDog179 [8:24 AM]: lol..
BrownDog179 [8:36 AM]: well...i am in drama
Terrycoop9 [8:38 AM]: Is Amber teaching?
BrownDog179 [8:38 AM]: what?
BrownDog179 [8:38 AM]: no
Terrycoop9 [8:38 AM]: The drama queen
BrownDog179 [8:38 AM]: HA HA!! love you!!!
BrownDog179 [8:38 AM]: she is in it tho!
Terrycoop9 [8:40 AM]: I talked to your mom today she was kinda _itchy...
BrownDog179 [8:40 AM]: god...she is getting on my last
Terrycoop9 [8:42 AM]: Hang in there,I'm cooking breafast..Talk to you later Love you ...dadeo
BrownDog179 [8:43 AM]: love ya...breafast? nm...bye
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Thursday, September 18th, 2003

Subject:This thing is messed up!
Time:10:13 am.
I look at my journal and I see that my computer is messing it way up! Unless it is just me. But this post is like not even a day away from the last. Whitch it is about, a full day! yea! it is the 18th today. grrr.. Oh well.

Well, I awoke this morning around 6:30 thanks to mah mother. *bah* So as you can tell I'm the natural mother fuckin grouch. Oh if Warren could talk to me now...I have the fucking mouth of a sailor this morning. Gotten yelled at about it God knows how many times. Fuck it. I dont care. :-p
Theres really nothing to talk about this morning about last night...I bought "Hard Day's Night & THe Osbournes First Season" on I watched the OSbournes all night. WOO HOO. Just laid around and did nothing...watched those...Mom acted she got to lay on the couch all night whyle i went and pulled weeds and trimed the trees. Cleaned up the house a bit...I have to do mah room today...thats it.

<3 ~*Eri*~

Mom is about to is now 6:15...I am going back to bed once she leaves... *yawns* I need it. I didnt get to sleep till 2-3. :( I'm sooooooo tired. And I don't know what the fuck is up with Blurty...I cannot connect to the client whatsoever >:-(
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Friday, June 23rd, 2000

Subject:Just me....
Time:9:52 pm.
Hey there again...
Last night I found an old news paper article from is about me mom and her friends.
They owned a restaurant called "the hole in the wall" But the thing is...they were Juniors! I am a junior this year and it is like my dream to own and cook at a restaurant! It is so cool that my mother had the same idea when she was my age!
I was like...No way! ha ha...

Other then that, noting really happened lastnight. Did some homework, worked on some icons. (Which i got a really cool one that took for ever! and right when i was finishing up the last three frames of it, my damn computer froze up!!!)

Well I have to go to school now. TTyl.

<3 ~*Eri*~
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Tuesday, June 20th, 2000

Time:8:26 pm.
Hey! Look look look!!! I got a new outline backround thing! Thanks to mah new friend....ummm.... xx__igiveup__xx. They also made the totally cool icon. Bell just rang...will be back later....

<3 ~*Eri*~
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Friday, June 16th, 2000

Time:9:28 pm.
P.S. I know it says that i have not posted sence 2000 but my computer is really fucked up so...yea...this is 9-11-2003 just to tell you!!!
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Time:9:26 pm.
Music:A work saw...zeeeeerrrr....
Hey there, I am at school. Lots of fun hummm? Well, today is september 11th. So we are going to do this big thing where we you know...say thank you and stuff to the people that died in 911. Really sad... -dose moment of silence- .............................................................................................

I joined a new group today. I guess it was because i really want to learn how to make them really cool icons you see everyone else with. So i hope that dont like...stick their nose up at me. -hint hint- lol. Well i can get pritty annoying....

Any-who...I just got roped into doing extra i will be going now...ttyl...

<3 ~*Eri*~
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Wednesday, March 1st, 2000

Subject:Number One!
Time:11:51 am.
Hey there everyone who is not reading this!
This is my first real online journal!
-=and the crowd goes wild=-
Well long story short, my name is Erin, I am 16 and I am a Junior at Wahkiakum High school.
I live in like, one of the smallest towns in Washington (The cows over populate the people) I now have 16 people in my whole 11th grade dating for me...not in this town! damn....
Well, (talking to self cause no one is going to read it) I am going to just write about life here, what is going on, about all my friends. My mom, dad, grandpa, pets...bla bla bla...I will thro in a few poems and quotes from my life. It is a journal ya know.
I will tell you right now, never diss the Mariners or Seahalks! Those are my fav. one disses 'em! lol...
(Aint it funny that ppl will say "lol" but really, they dont even smile?)
I am goin in for the night, but I will be back tomorrow! *wink*
ttyl Journal.

~*Eri*~ *kisses*
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