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    Thursday, August 5th, 2004
    11:52 am
    You know how I said I was never gonna write another one these? Lol I lied. I'm only writing this because my brother is on his good computer, so whatever. Got my black belt two monthes ago, which is cool. Erika, Dave, and Dan are all testing next month, and Grand Master Whong is gonna be there...that sucks. But anyway, on a happier note in like 3 days I'm off to my godmother's house, while my parents go to Hawaii! So not fair! But then again, it is their Silver Anniversary, so yeah Lol. My godmother, who's name is Helen, her first baby, AJ aka Alex was born on my birthday! So cool! And the one she's pregnant with is sometime soon, so thats really cool! I'm gonna be gome from the 9-20! So whatever all's good. I forgot the rest I was going to say, so yeah....bye!

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    Friday, July 2nd, 2004
    11:30 am
    Finally summer!!! Im glad, but im also sad. I didn't want to see this school year end. It was so much fun, even if some people thought it sucked. It sucks to think that a lot of the people ive been going to school with for the past 3 years, even more, i'll never see again. I will talk to them, but it sucks you know. Other i'll see in Trumbull High School! That school is gonna be cool. We are gonna have so much more freedom then we did at Hillcrest. I'm lovin it. Lol.

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    Current Music: Yellowcard
    Thursday, May 20th, 2004
    4:14 pm
    This is probably the last blurty entry I write. My bro's on his way up from college for good, and hes reformatting the computer away from XP. Meaning all my data, projects, downloads, shit like hat, all gone, which really sucks. Meaning also that blurty will also be erased which really sucks. I'm gonna have to download it over, download aim over, download msn over, its gonna suck really badly. All the programs i have r just going to go down because my bro says out comp from '98 doesnt work well with XP when right now its fine. Oh well adios.....for good.

    Current Mood: lazy
    Tuesday, April 20th, 2004
    3:59 pm
    Why doesnt anyone ever believe me? Is it because there thoughts are better then reality? Is it because im not belivable? It is because a lie makes them happier then the truth? what WHat WHAT?!
    Monday, April 12th, 2004
    10:35 pm
    Finally writing one again, hmm to explain the past couple weeks. Well lets start today..I didnt go to karate. I'm taking a break from Swat class and going tuesdays and thursdays. I need to practice Naihanchi Cho Dan for my test. Then i went swimming for an hour, it was fun. One kid looked like he drowned though. Scary....very scary. I bombed with Ashley today. I still like her..alot, but oh well stuff didnt turn out the right way. Maybe we can still be friends. Yesterday, was EASTER, AND AFTER VISITING FOUR PEOPLE, I MADE $110. Lol score! But i still have to visit two more people like tomorrow or sometime. Hmm, what to buy. Lol. Got a 77 on a S.S. test, but an 80 on Spanish. Then a 60 on Science, and like an 80 on Language Arts. But then Math is 98. Sense? Not really. Report cards come out soon, and next week is SPRING VACATION! mwahahaha. Im going to dance one last time for a grand finale. And boy will there be a finale. Hahahahahaha

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    Current Music: The little guy in my head.
    Thursday, March 25th, 2004
    4:28 pm
    Hey, someone really needs to remind me to write these, lol. Anyway, last week i got my braces off, i mean, i cant even explain how happy i am! We didnt have school friday, but we dont have to make the day up, because the govenor is a god! Wow, im sitting here, cold, and listening to my free songs i got on itunes, lol, im so hopeless. lol, oh well, despite my stupidity, i still have erika dave and gomez :) . Anyway, according to karate, im supposed to test for my black belt tomorrow, but i decided to wait until next month. I am so not ready to test for black belt. It's a big deal, and isn't something to take lightly. So im gonna work my ass off until next test, so i am ready for my black belt, because i want to be as best as i can! Even thought my best prolly still wont be good enough. but oh well. Last night on American Idol, Matt Rodgers got voted off, how much does that suck? A LOT! He was actually one of the best ones Tuesday. America just doesnt have a heart for good music. Camile should go, but oh well, her time is short on that show anyway. Next up The OC. That show is so freakin good. Last night was interesting, too. Of course my mom hates it cause of all the sex, but so what?
    Plus Paris Hilton guest starred on the show, which made it interesting. Luis Out!

    Current Mood: cold
    Sunday, March 14th, 2004
    5:15 pm
    hey everyone, im back! my brother was here 4 the weekend, so i was on his computer. my cousin patricia is over right now staring at this, lol, but any way, my grandma leaves 2morrow, it really sucks. im gonna miss her, i mean this was the first time i saw her since 2000. but oh well, off to go eat some more :)

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    Saturday, March 13th, 2004
    3:11 pm
    lol i always forget to write these. o well. heres one more for the record:

    i went to the dentist on tuesday, and she said im getting my braces off this thursday! im so happy, it isnt even funny! its been a year and a half and these babies are finally coming off! lol this is great. also, i have a feild trip monday to go see something on Anne Frank, then we go to Hometown Buffet, to eat lunch, that place rocks! then tuesday im going to the special olympics to host, its fun, i did it last year, and got a gold medal for helping out, we cant make any baskets, we can only run with it, then pass it to the special kids, and they have to score. its really fun.

    i was sick last week almost the whole weekend with a flu-ish type of thing, but im better now, everything seems so far away, like i cant even hear myself talk, o well, more to come later!!!!

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    Current Music: My Own Thoughts
    Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
    2:42 pm
    lol hey alicia! whats up? you know we dont have to talk on here, we can talk on aim :)
    Monday, February 23rd, 2004
    8:07 pm
    hmmmmmm i have a feeling ur alicia, but u could be bernie, idn, ur prolly alicia, lol
    2:52 pm
    if u respond and dont say ur name, fine thats ok, but im me on aim and tell me who u r, cuz im getting kinda annoyed, k?
    Friday, February 20th, 2004
    3:09 pm
    ok yeah, if ur gonna respond to my journals, people, tell me who ya r, cuz i dont like getting responses from ppl who dont wanna say who they are, k? thank you

    Current Mood: confused
    Thursday, February 19th, 2004
    3:21 pm
    lol 'tis me again, lol im extremely bored, so i decided to write one of these, dammit, erika just left to test, jesus, o well, i feel very acomplished from last nite, i watched three shows: american idol, the oc, and celebrity mole yucatan, and boy those shows were, there was a lil 2 much sex in the oc, but hey that show is suppose to have that, the mole, was interesting, that shows pretty cunning, and american idol....well, i mentioned that last entry, im such a bum, i watched tv all this morning, i watch 7th heaven, and like rugrats and all these game shows, o well time to go do my community service :'(

    Current Mood: cold
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    9:03 am
    the past couple days havnt been the best for me, idn, im been doubting a lot of ppl, and u no, ive just been stressed lately, it feels like frends i had a while ago, wo i thought were good frends, hate me now for no reason, i mean, if its their fucking problem, let them deal with it, and not have me have to put up with it, geez. idn, the past couple days havnt been cool

    i would put up sumthing bout my xmas and new years ''expiriences'', but c i was on my bros comp all of winter vaca, so i couldnt do 1 of these, so well.

    i was watchin american idol last nite, and im semi happy, i guess, one person made it that i wanted to, so its all good. lol i went to karate and since im retarded and lost my gear, i used master chris's, and lol his gear is big, but i like what i had cuz, it was comfortable, and i wanna get gear like these, but there like over 200 bcks, so no, lol, o well have to have breakfast, adios

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    Current Music: Trapt
    Saturday, February 14th, 2004
    9:43 pm
    hey ppl, havent written one of these in a while! im rele glad we r on vacation, cuz i rele needed this! today was rele odd, valentines day is never normal! my parent were way too nice, and i had to be their waiter and crap, but hey i got money so its all good, this past week was interesting, yesterday (friday) was cool, i guess, eevry1 was passin out valentines, and ofcourse, i didnt get 1, but hey w/e. i went to dance that nite which was cool, it was ''Valentines Party'' which was interesting, i guess, me and erika hung out most of time, i showed off my new moves on the dance floor :), then colette acted gay and faggish, and joe acted the same, but hey thats how both of them are.

    thursday was cool, i did a lot of community service, which killed cuz i hate doing it, but i have no choice. this whole week has been odd in 2 many ways. i guess gomez erika and dave r against valerie now, cuz of what she did, it sux she fractured daves foot, punched erika in the face and gicked gomez in the balls, the only good part bout her family is chris her lil baby who is rele cute, owell, my life is going semi-average, i asked sum1 out today, but they havent responded yet, there out doing stuff and havent gotten my email, o well, hope she says yes!

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    Monday, January 5th, 2004
    8:26 pm
    hey its me again, i know my last entry was vague, so here i go:
    vacation was rele fun, i rele needed it badly. xmas was so much fun, i got almost everything i wanted, with the exception of the guinea pig, but o well it was still fun, new years rocked so much, time with the family kix ass

    lol during vacation i went ovr gomez's house, lol it was rele fun up until the foodfight/war, then it was hilarious, lol gomez's lil bro michael threw a peice of pizza crust at gomez's head and it went downhill from there, michael got hit in the balls so many times he needed ice, i got hit like once, and the kid missed, michaels frend got it pretty bad 2, gomez got it bad, but not terrible, but b4 all of that, the bitch (brian) shot me with his gun, and he got in trouble :), lol vacation was fun

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    Sunday, January 4th, 2004
    12:31 pm
    wow i havent written one of these in like forever!!!!
    Thursday, December 18th, 2003
    2:54 pm
    wow, it took me a long time to realize i dont love, let alone like jess ne more, good thing 2, cuz i dont evn think we r frends ne more, but w/e life goes on, and im sure ill like sum1 else in time

    skool wasnt so bad today, its usually boring and gay, but today wasnt so bad, only bad thing was the social studies test, whcih was easy, for once! i guess my new nickname from tim is lucious lu, lol, o well

    todays my day off from karate thank god, i ned 1, my arm still hurts a little even tho i can move it much more, i hope its betr for my karate test 2morrow!!!

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    Current Music: Evanescence
    Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
    9:11 pm
    wow i rele wanna kno whos writing these, i dont get it tho, i dont kno ne1 named klarissa and im sure its just a joke, but.......

    luis.........................i don't think you will ever understand how i feel about u---------------you are such a sweetie-pie and every grl in the world should love you as much as i do your muscles are hot..................u know what karate can do to a man without you in my life...................welllll i don't know how it would be.........................u drive me crazy man...i think about your sexi smile 365 a year 24/7. that bxtch aint takin my man who says ur her secret admirer .. SUGAR you know im your SWEET THANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABY BOI YOU STAY ON MY MIND ; YOUR IN MY FANTASIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN NEONE ELSE

    i rele dont understand, but i hope this person, or ppl or whoever, tell me who they rele r, cuz i wanna no, and do i rele have a nice smile? ;)

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: Id Do Anything
    8:57 pm
    ok wow, today was interesting, karate was fun, lol erika had a ''fruitful'' time at the mall, lol that was funny, karate was cool in general, master chris andmaster rob broke coconuts with their fists, which rocked until the coconut exploded, lol

    i get online, and i check my email, and i find this, i rele wish i knew who sent it:

    hi ..... ok i know who u r ..........i think ur a slutty jerk........ur really annoying too......sounds like u stalk ut friends.......i hate u .............will u go out with me????
    ------------------------------ur secret admirer---------------------------------

    i wish i knew who that was, but o well im sure they will read this, and o well. i kno no1 likes me, everythings always a joke, o well, im cold, its 9, im tired, i jus finished dinner, and im gonna go watch a movie, peace

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    Current Music: Girls and Boys by Good Charlotte
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