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about; 17 yr old high school senior. i'm the lead singer in a band without a name. i live in southern new jersey. no matter how many times i try to say something about myself, i always end up sounding retarded.
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journal; this is my only public journal out on the web that isn't 5000 years old. i started it so my friends who didn't have livejournals could see what i had to say and other such things. mostly, it's just another pointless journal to own.
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March 03, 2003 (4:24 pm)
heading back to the old blurty journal. check me out hizzah.


March 01, 2003 (10:24 am)
oh man. there are some annoying baby birds in the vent above my fridge. they woke me up this morning they were so loud. if i was a mean person, i would kill them with a pointy stick. bah. its so early. im contemplating going back to sleep - but im downloading some music before i make that decision. you know it. i dont know what im doing today. i have money to spend at 2 malls, and i dont really feel like going anywhere. blah. im kind of hungry too. possibly time for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?? yes, i think so. good morning kiddos.

current mood: tired
current music: taking back sunday "there's no 'I' in team


February 28, 2003 (4:21 pm)
pictures. as promised! [14] )

current mood: nerdy
current music: trent steel "untitled"


February 28, 2003 (2:18 pm)
i skipped school today. haha. screw hour delays!!! they can eat my ass. anyway. i took some pictures today. im going to upload them in a bit. i have to send them to nick. he's a sex addict.

nick: i'm a sex addict. did i tell you this?
nick: i need to find a 12 step program. its going to ruin my life

awww, poor kiddo.

current mood: amused
current music: killswitch engage "fixation on the darkness"


February 27, 2003 (7:47 pm)
oh, we might have off from school tomorrow? what the fuck? no. i think not. I HATE THE SNOW!


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