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“Nothing unites a group of strangers like pure contempt for the guy in the first place.” [09 Jan 2004|12:59am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Chato (I think)

Ok, yeah, I’ve been denying this thing some content! Shame on me. I’ll have to make it up somehow…

You know how you sometimes get these horrible urges to write, but you haven’t the slightest idea what the fuck you’re going to write about. Yeah. I’ve had this itch to write something, ANYTHING, and be happy about writing it! Notes to friends won't work, a letter to a distant friend (or the first page of it) didn’t work, and writing a bit in my Rosalynn story didn’t even work! I NEED TO WRITE! And it needs to be a free write. Not something that requires thought, just that kinda writing that flows together and makes sense yet took you only seconds to think about. However, I have trouble with that because I always end up crying. Lucky me. Someone smack me and tell me to get a life, please. *is smacked by who knows who* Thank you.

I know what Chris wants for Christmas! I know what Chris wants for Christmas! I now just have to buy it, and I have to buy Joce something… and I have to think of what I want from Joce, because she’s going shopping soon. I haven’t the slightest idea what to get her… Melissa made me a collage of the awesome magazine clippings, and I think I’m going to make her a collage on my computer and print it out… Maybe not anything because she said it was okay to not get her anything… Maybe a lil something for her beloved car though. Hrm. Chris wants “Mario Kart: double dash!!” and he is damn well going to get it from me! If he goes and buys it, I’ll be very upset…

I have heard the best song in the world!!! Imagine the song “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails …*you’re imagining*… Ok, now imagine the Mario theme song …*you’re imagining, again*… Alrighty! Splurge them together and you get… Closer to Mario! This is a must listen to folks, and if you do not, I shall bash your puny head in, take out your brain and dissect it! Then maybe eat it, who knows. Hehehe! This has become my new theme song.

Before I go, I thought I’d let you all know my insult name. This I got off of Rum & Monkey, and I think it’s hilarious. I’ve got a better insult name that you! If you want to insult me, please call me Gherkinpenis Semenquaffer. lol It’ll only make me laugh though.

That’s all for this splurge moment of an entry… aloha!


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definately D... [30 Dec 2003|09:34pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | "Megalomaniac" - Incubus (89X) ]

Today's Homie: ~I could really care less right now... sorry~

Well, my day has been a waste. On Sunday I went out with family and my cousin, Nikki, had this really bad cough... guess who sat next to me... yeah. So now I have this horrible cough. And then I started to develop this horrible headache around 12, after watching Inu Yasha. I figured I'd sleep it off. And then I couldn't sleep... so I waited until Trevor got offline, and got on myself. Around 2:30, Chris got on (he was away on a trip)! Instant happiness! I was up until 4:30 with that boy, and I loved every second of it. So I went to bed, with my headache slowly coming back to me... and like I said, I figured I'd sleep it off. I unfortunately, didn't. I woke up almost every hour after 10 feeling 1.) Sick to my stomach or 2.) Like my head was going to explode. I took some medicine around 3:30, after I got my ass out of bed, and too a shower to ease any tension in my head... Yeah well it's almost 10 and the medicine didn't kick in, I haven't eaten for 23 and a half hours, and my head is still hurting. Not to mention, I have a newly added sickness! That damn cough. >.<

Then to make things worse, Chris tells me that he might soon go out with this girl Ashley... *sighs* And yet he still wants to do things with me... I admit I do too, but I don't want to be in the way, ya know?

a. sick
b. heartbroken
c. alone
d. all of the above


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Stess sucks. [11 Dec 2003|09:28pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Chula

You know when you’re stressed out, you usually tend to say and do things that really aren’t meant to be there? I feel like I’ve done this to Chris… Last night I was so stressed out and I kind of backfired on him. I desperately want to apologize for my actions, yet I don’t know how… it kind hurt when he told me that I was worse than he thought. Depression worse he meant. Thing is, I’m not depressed right now. I’m OK. I’m not crying myself to sleep every night, I’m not looking at my veins with hatred for holding my blood inside… I’m OK, and I mean it. I was just stressed. I’ve had this feeling of guilt sitting in my throat, chest and stomach all day and it’s making me sick. I’m finally back to this level of happiness I had before everything happened, ya know? It’s not as good as when I was with Chris, but I’m at this level of happiness where I won’t kill myself.

I miss what I had with Chris…
I miss the taste of true happiness and harmony… it’s all fluttered off and I did nothing to stop it.

Who can stop a bird from flying away at the last second?


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Good day in a long time [08 Dec 2003|09:46pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Kingdom Hearts music ]

Today’s Homie: Big Wolf

I had an awesome day man! I loved it! IT started off kinda funky… I didn’t fall asleep until 12ish in the morning and I blame that on my 21 hours of sleep on Friday/Saturday. But I woke up in this scared and frantic frenzy around 1:48, thinking it was 6:48. I stumbled upstairs to discover that it was almost 2 and woke my step dad up in the process. lol Ok, so then I kept waking up thinking that my alarm clock didn’t go off… but yeah, I got to school as I normally do >.< in first hour we got a seat change… ugh. I now sit behind Leah, who’s kewlkewl, and next so Sarah B… I seriously think that this girl hates me for some odd reason. But yeah, I don’t have that class tomorrow so SCREW homework! lol I walk into my second class to discover some classmates reading something on the board and I suddenly remember that we have an entire page in the “Detroit News”!!! And guess who is pictured on there. Yours truly!!! With my friend Kelsey ^.^ we were playing “Dance Off” as a warm up… I was wondering what the guy took my name for… anyways, so I was so excited about that! 3rd hour I got to laugh at the stupid people who don’t know how to do work correctly and I didn’t lose 50 points! HARHARHAR! Easy A class… Spanish was stupid… but I mean we got to play a game and my team won, so I got a Starburst. Lunch was hilarious… Chelsea wants to name her car “Snowball” because it’s white and it’s fast. I don’t know why she wants to name her car, but she does. She was telling us how she told a guy that and he asked her if she knew what “snowball” meant… Once Ashley and Chelsea figured it out, they laughed a bit. Then Ashley goes, “What about Snowblower?” I have never laughed so hard during lunch… Health class was a bit boring, but I got to go to the library with my class and goof off basically… that project we’re doing is so stupid >.< I get to Chemistry, and I’m sitting there… we only have one assignment on the board so I was all hunky dory about being in Chem. While the teacher went around stamping our assignment, we sat and chatted away. First there was Matt. Matt has these old, old sunglasses from way back when. The Kind you see in old movies that cops wear. So he’s been wearing them. They he tells us about this girl next to him smacks him in the face with his locker door and bends his awesome glasses. So they’re all bent. Katie is playing around with them and drops them on the cement floor. Twice. It was just funny to see poor Matt’s glasses be tortured… Next was when Matt wanted a drink of my water… Here goes the conversation:

Matt: “Can I have a sip of this?” *lifts up MT’s water bottle*
MT: “Sure, but I’m sick.”
Matt: “You said that last time and nothing happened.”
MT: “Ok, don’t complain to me if you get sick.”

Matt takes my water, untwists top and pours water into mouth without it touchin his lips cause that’d be gross >.< lol j/k He was pouring it a little too fast and I guess his mouth couldn’t hold it and when he tilted his head back forwards, some water fell out of his mouth and landed on his pants. Then he started to choke on the water from having it go in his airways. I have never laughed so hard in my life! My stomach hurt SO bad! I literally fell my way back to get paper towel for him and it was so bad that it looked like he actually did wet himself. Nobody could figure out why we (Scott also watched him) were laughing our asses off! Matt finally got to telling them the story and everyone laughed. Hehe. Then one more thing! Ashley lost her pencil. It had fallen off her desk and rolled under the desk behind mine. She gets up frantically, waving her arms and stomping her feet slightly, does a 180 while up, turns to the row of chairs behind us and dives across them to retrieve her pencil. You have to know Ashley to get a real kick outta that one.

Today was a good day.


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Love, or not Loved? [06 Dec 2003|11:41pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Aerosmith- "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing" ]

Today’s Homie: Pee-Wee

I’m kind of in a confused state… I mean, I’m extremely happy with Chris and all, but the thing is, he told me not to get too comfy with what was going on between us. I haven’t let myself get TOO comfy, but comfy. Then, the other night, he says “Love you honey”. That’s why I’m so confused. What happened to not getting comfy? And the old lyrics “you are so beautiful to me” came back up (they mean a lot between us)… I also feel bi-polar and it’s noticeable. He mentioned it to me the other night when I described how I’ve been getting ups and downs.

I know that I’m not suppose to think that I love him, but I can’t help but know that I do.


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POTC [02 Dec 2003|10:59pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | POTC movie! ]

I love Orlando Bloom...
I love Johnny Depp...

I'll take two scoops of the Pirates of the Caribbean special please! One of each!

Mmm, mmm, good!

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PMS is annoying... [30 Nov 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Budda

Gah, I swear! I am going to inherit this huge, major ass PMS from my mother one day… she must be PMSing or she’s not gettin’ any because she’s been nothing but a bitch all day. I swear. The best thing about sleeping until 2 is that I don’t have to listen to her until then, ya know? First she started on Trevor about money. It’s winter and no one would have a tent rental service going, so Trevor is jobless right now. Fat Shit has offered to get him a job at GM, where he works. Thing is, Trevor is going to go back to Michigan Tent Rental in the summer because it rakes in money. So, if they hire him, they’ll just have to let him go, and he doesn’t want that. Plus, he doesn’t want to work with Fat Shit all day. Which is exactly why Larry didn’t work for him either. So yeah… I was sitting there, watching TV after I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I set the bowl up on the ledge by the front door. And then here comes Rat Child and Beau, playing around with the pillow. Rat swings it, hits the bowl, and it comes crashing down to the floor and shatters. Well, first the dog is put in the cage, then Rat gets yelled at for “fucking around’ and then I get bitched at because it was my bowl. Ok, fine. I’m ok with that; I shouldn’t have set it up there. She continues ranting and raving about ‘fucking kids’ and ‘bustin’ shit’ yadayadayada. We are no long aloud to eat in the front living room. “Eat at the fucking table” she says. Exactly where are we suppose to eat when you have all your fucking trees on the table mom? Huh, answer me that. I don’t see ONE space on the table where I can pull out a chair and sit down. No. The one spot that is possible, her fat ass is sitting in. I don’t care if you’re making money off these damn, smelly little pine trees, take them up in the friggin craft room, that’s what it’s there for! If it’s cold, GET A DAMN HEATER. Are you that cheap woman? I sit in my freezing bedroom all day because I hate being around the rest of this house. You expect me to sit at the table and eat pine needles? Or maybe I can heat up the needles to clear my sinuses… (The trees are actually rosemary and smell like vasoline).

Come to think of it, I think she’s pissed off because we still have the dog. She marked on the calendar that if the puppy didn’t stop peeing on the floor, we were getting rid of him. Well, his time was up the 25th and he’s still here. So, I think she’s pissed about that. You can’t really get rid of a dog that you spent over $800 on to get. Plus, she knows she loves the thing. I’m getting a little tired of him jumping up on me and getting into the food that you were just about to eat, but yeah.


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Buhbye Act2! [23 Nov 2003|09:43pm]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | Incubus- "Echo" ]

Today's Homie: La Negra

Today was Strike! Oh and it was HELL! Gah! I mean, yeah, cleaning the make up room wasn't too bad at first... but Jessica, OMG! You do not have to run out of the room every 5 minutes saying "I can't breathe! I'll be right back!". You know, you have a job to do and that's clean. No one else was having problems! I was just fine for someone who tends to get dizzy... Ok, so after we were done in the make up room, everyone went out to the stage and started dismantling the huge set. Sure! it took 3 hours, but it was ok. It would have been a lot faster had people such as, oh I dunno, EVERYONE ELSE, helped. After costumes was done, they sat down in the drama room and deedled. I mean, hello. There's a huge ass set in stage that needs to be taken down, get off your lazy ASSES and help! GARH! Jill, who wasn't a part of Act2 this year but was still there, sat there on "Gary's" lap and smooched with him for the entire time. It's getting really sick. I no longer have any type of crush on "Gary" whatsoever. And it's nice. And Moch Awards (sp??)! That was fun... we did that at Spad's (a resturant right outside the school) and even though I wasn't given one there, I have one. I got "Best Red Hair" or "Most Red Hair" Something of the sort.

Chris... heh............................ :D I'm not saying anything more than we're having fun =^.^= *purrs*

This morning I was really afraid... my mom had come home early and I was on the net until like 5... and I swear that she was checking the net or something. I mean, I had the phone and yadayada but when I had to sneak upstairs to put the phone back she was at the computer. OMG! It scared me so bad. I thought she would take my net away. But she didn't even mention it. I was at Spad's until 7 and in my room until I got online. And I told her about my step dad's vodka bottle so. HAH! the jack ass... so maybe she 1.) never found out or 2.)let me off with the vodka info.

Woo hoo! SLEEP TONIGHT! Ok, some... I hate being female.


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Anyone there? [19 Nov 2003|02:43am]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | 89X ]

Out of sheer curiosity... I want to know all who reads my blurty... or even just accidently stumbles upon it... so post a comment for me, PWEASE!

Love you alls! =^.^= *purr*

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It's my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [16 Nov 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Silence! o.O; ]

Today's Homie: B-day! (Making this one up folks!)

Yeah, yeah. So it's my birthday! just thought I'd mention that! I got a Game Boy Advance... which I admit was kewl... that's the first actual present in years... and a few games... Yadayada... everyone at Act2 was saying happy birthday! ^.^ Jill was the first, then Steve and then Ashley. =^.^= *purrs* I'm loved. I get online and a whole load of people had sent me e-mails... Thomas! You sent me one! Thankies! I didn't even know you knew my b-day! So yeah... Cyd bought me a carnation! lol even though they were selling them at the ticket booth. It's yellow =^.^=


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A little bit of advice, anyone? [10 Nov 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | "Beyond The Gray Sky"-311 ]

Today’s Homie: P-Rico

Ok, so the last time I posted I mentioned that I was ending it when Jesse. Well, I’m working on that part. But in the meantime…

ACT2!!! I love Act 2. It’s the best place to be. Forever and ever and ever and ever and you get the point. So, yeah. Since the last show, Once Upon a Mattress, I’ve been noticing this guy... We’ll just call him Gary. That’s not his real name but that does happen to be the character he plays in the Fall show, Noises Off. Gary is really tall. Gary has beautiful brown eyes with long lashes. Gary is really dorky… but he’s just so cute! I’ve been kind of feeling that, yeah, I like the guy! And I mean, I mentioned it to Joce and was all hunky-dory with it. And today, it’s like 7 something, everyone just finished eating and the 9 actors are getting dressed to go back and finish the last act, Act 3. When Jill pulls me to the side and says, “Isn’t ‘Gary’ cute?” Of course she said his real name. I agreed with her and she went on talking about his eyes and how he’s hot and yadayada… so I was kinda feeling down now. I mean, he’s the first guy that I’ve actually liked after Chris and this might be a good thing for me! I’ve known Jill since 6th grade. She also knows Gary better than I do… So I’m laying off. I don’t want anything to get in the way. I left shortly after, 1.) Because Jaclyn, my crew chief, said I could and 2.) I didn’t want to be near Jill and feel odd about it. Came home, took a shower… And I’ve been doing nothing for the past 30 minutes. I figured I needed to say this to the world. I want to tell Jill that I like Steve, but she likes Steve too so it’s kind of a no-no. Ya know? And then Ashley told me that Cyd was a lesbian! GAH! I didn’t know that. Why didn’t I know that? This was before dinner but still… Cyd is my freshman that I torture in Spanish 2 and is also a good friend. And I also found another Wiccan person… but I really wasn’t up to divulging my religion to a table full of Christians, especially when the guy that teaches make-up is sitting there with us and another person was a fellow crew member.



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Sorry this is so long… I’ve been upset and you know how that goes. [07 Nov 2003|09:52pm]
[ mood | depressed ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Borricua

Wow… what a week. Everything is so busy. Let me see… Samhain was ok I guess… I mean, it’s not the best one that I’ve done but, hey, oh well, right? I went trick-or-treating for about 40 minutes before Stephanie and I came back home… it was boring. However, I sucked some helium out of my brother balloons. THAT was fun. I love doing that. And then my grandma told me I should do that so I stopped. It really isn’t good for you. Anyways.

Sunday night… IT SUCKED. I finally broke down from all my stress. And the thing is, I didn’t go crying to Jesse, oh no, I went crying to Chris. It first started off with being upset about my academic award. I got a letter in the mail saying that I’d won an Academic Letter, which I thought was kewl! I mean, I’ve never gotten one… So I go to show my mom, who’s sitting on the computer. She reads it, looks up at me, raises her eyebrows and shrugs. JUST SHRUGS! Wholly friggin’ cow! Neither of my brothers have ever brought home an academic award and yet I sit here with the official letter in my hand and I get a damn shrug. I trudged back to my room, upset. I didn’t tell anyone else about it that night, but I did tell Chris and Jesse when I was online that night. At first, I was just mad. She should be proud of me for just once. Just once and I’d be happy! And then I started to cry. My mother has never been proud of me. She never will be. I’m the mistake in the family. The mistake that tries so hard to get passing grades in school. The mistake that will never amount to anything. She’s never pushed me to do anything, and I’m sure that some people would wish their moms didn’t push them but I do. She never tells me, “Yeah! You can do it!” or anything like that. When I tell her I want to do something, she just gives me that, “I gave birth to THAT!?” look and goes on her way. It pisses me off! Ok, so yeah I started crying. It took Jesse 20 minutes to realize I was extremely upset about this (and the stress 10 million other things) and was bawling, yet he didn’t come to my rescue. Chris did. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve told him anything that has been bothering me. Long time. I ended up staying on until 12:45 Monday morning. For months now I haven’t let him hug me, and that night I let him. It hurts so much to think that I feel like I belong there yet I can’t be there. I was crying so hard that I was trembling and my desk was sopping wet with tears. I sat staring at his pic that I have on my wall and cried more. I love him so much and I can’t let him go… I try to think why I love him and it’s because he was the first person, other than a relative, to truly love me back. He cares about every little thing I have to say and who I am and so much more. We, however, live 2,700 miles apart and because of that, it can’t be. I think that Chris was the only person that saved my life that night… I would have sat there and dwelled on all of that and I probably would have cut something. Anything I could. Possibly anything that could end it. I don’t know. I guess that if I get like that again, and there’s no one to catch me on my downfall, you’ll soon be receiving a funeral paper. The hardest part of that night was when he hugged me… for some reason I wanted him too, as if it were some medical treatment that I needed desperately. And when he did, I spent a good while crying and shaking at my desk. It was like when he realized he loved me… he hugged me, wiped away my tears, and held my hand. That’s all I ever wanted. Someone who loved me, someone who’d wipe away my tears of unhappiness, someone to hold my hand to stop the shaking. And here he is, standing in front of me. I wish that we never broke up… it still hurts so much. And now that I think that he did that when he first realized he loved me, yet now, he doesn’t love me. It hurts…

The rest of the week has been pretty uneventful. I’ve stayed after for Make-up for a few days, missed Tuesday because I couldn’t get a ride. My friend Leah turned 16 on Thursday… her boyfriend came down from… where ever he was, to be with her. It was really sweet. I went to a T.A.G. (Teen Advocacy Group) meeting (the first!) on Thursday too… I wanted to enter my drawing in the contest but, well, it had to be in on Monday, and mine obviously wasn’t. So neither Melissa or I could enter. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have won though. My story wasn’t finished when Melissa called to pick me up, so I didn’t even get the chance to TRY and enter it. It’s my Rosalynn story for all of you that have read it (or at least up to Chapter 2). I told Chris last night that I was thinking of deleting it… or just stopping with it because I haven’t gotten anywhere on it. He was upset that I wanted to do that and protested against me doing so… oh well. And then there’s today. It’s long! I’ve gotten homework in EVERY SINGLE CLASS with the exception of Improv. I finished the Chem stuff and Wendy will be bringing the stuff over for the STI… No, not STD, STI. We got human papilloma virus, also known as genital warts. Oh. Joy. I can’t wait to see pics! NOT! I got a glance at some earlier in the week and I literally almost threw up, but then again I was feeling pukey sick all day. I stayed after for make up… Jacklyn pisses me off and I all feel that you should know that. Well, I supervised Beth doing Steve’s makeup today. She’s improving, it’s good. ^.^ and plus, Steve is really cute in a dorky way. You know those guys… tall, skinny… he’s got amazing eyes though! Brown and long lashes. Cutie… so I might be spendin’ more time with him… but I first have to get Jesse off my back… which leads me to my next paragraph….

I sent an e-mail to my friend Joce a while back. She replied and told me some things about Jesse that made me think. He’s pushing me into something I don’t want…. I mean, yeah, he asked me out and I said yes, but now it’s like he’s clinging to me because he can’t live without me. I don’t want that. And I have absolutely no feelings for the guy. I’m sorry, but I don’t. I’ve tried, don’t think I haven’t, but there’s nothing there. Didly squat. I don’t know if I’ll have the heart to do it to the poor guy, but I’m going to soon… possibly before my birthday, which is next Sunday. I’ll have to do it before than. That weekend is also opening weekend and if I’m not happy on opening weekend again, it’ll be that damn miserable experience all over again. I didn’t go to “Magic Moments” (the entire cast and crew hold hands and sings to the song) one time because I was so upset. I almost started crying during one of them… No. I don’t want that. So, soon… it has got to end.

So yeah… that’s about everything. I’m sorry that this is so long and I bet that some of you are looking at me saying I’m crazy but, hey, I know I am. Thanks. I prefer odd though…


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Happy Devils Night! [30 Oct 2003|09:33pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Spooky (just in time for Samhain!)

Heyheyhey! I’ve been perfecting my outfit. I'ma witch! Gothic witch because I'll be all awesomed out... though I did kill a pumpkin earlier…. But now it has a smiling face. So, my outfit. I went to the Pharmacy and picked one out yesterday… it’s nice and SOFT! ^.^ and the hood is immensely deep but I LOVE it! However! It is too short… so, as I was figuring out accessories for the whole thing, I thought “safety pins”. I’ve made a safety pin necklace with my LOTR ring on it, a safety pin bracelet and I’m using safety pins for earrings. I cut off the ends of them though so I don’t poke my ear to oblivion. I had to remake the holes in my ears because the backs had covered up… :( it hurt! They bled a bit.. oh well, they’s betta now! I also pinned the bottom on the skirt thing up so it doesn’t look so stupid being so short for me… I really should have begged to go get hooker boots, but it’s too late. So, I’m going with some black… kinda dressy shoes, but black. And these damn nylons! GR! My mom has shorter legs than I do so… but mine have a run in them! *cries* Oh well, I’ll live. Ok, hopefully I’ve described that enough for ya… oh! No I didn’t. The actual outfit! It’s fake black velvet. The sleeves are kinda like peasant shirts only much longer and on them (as well as the hood) is an embroidered design… that’s gold and red. ^.^ “I feel pretty, oh so pretty” lol

Ok figured I’d say something… OH! They’re trying to change it from Devil’s Night to Angel’s Night ………………………………………………………… dumbasses, I tell ya.


For tomorrow... :
Happy Samhain!!!

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Oy, wassup… [27 Oct 2003|09:17pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Rastaman

Holy fucking shit. I hate this house and the people that live here! My brother is an asshole and my step dad is an arrogant JERK (who smells…) They have no fucking right to push me around like they do. And to think that I was actually having an awesome day at school. First hour wasn’t so bad for once, 2nd hour I was acting crazy and I didn’t care, I got to stay in the Drama room for 3rd hour because Mrs. G*** had an actor coming in for third hour and I really wanted to hear what the guy had to say… and plus, Mrs. G*** got the OK from the administration to excuse us all for that hour. So I missed Vocab/Essay. Good thing. Spanish, 4th hour, we learned about “El dio de los muertos” or however you spell it and how it ties into Celtic (sacrifice!!!*blood*!!! <.<;) and Christian religion (God God God=Jesus Freaks). It was kind of funny listening to Ms. V******** try to pronounce Samhain. Psh… So yeah. Health, 5th hour, JOY! Contraceptives! It was kinda funny. Mrs. F**** showed us that it is not a good idea to use oil based lotions to lubricate condoms! What she did was first she stuck her hand in a Trojan condom… it was kinda funny that she could fit her hand in there. And then she looks at us and says, “I need a volunteer.” Hehehehe… well! The class volunteered Mike. It was great… she was telling us how not to use oil based lubricants for condoms… and then she had Mike spread some baby oil on his hands. This entire time, she was blowing up the condom. Now, I didn’t think a condom could be blown up that big… but yeah. She blew it up and then turned to Mike saying, “Now hold it just like this,” and showed him how to hold it. She set it in Mike’s hand and 2 seconds later, POP! It was so kewl. The condom went flying into the class. Mrs. F**** asked her student aide, Stephanie, “Was it your class where it stuck to the board?” That was a hoot. She asks Stephanie a lot of questions that begin with, “Was it your class that…” Hrm… 6th hour wasn’t so bad, as it usually isn’t. Just a lot of BLAHBLAHBLAH and writing.

So yeah… I get home, see my Beau and Jake and when my brother comes home I go downstairs to do homework. I did half of it… o.O; lol but then Trevor calls downstairs and tells me, “You have three piles of dog shit to clean up.” Who the fuck do you think you are!? GOD!? Yes Master, allow me to bow to the floor and lick your shoes once I am finished with washing your clothes and cooking your food! You didn’t even tell me that you were leaving the house and I had said that I was going downstairs! So yeah, by the time I get upstairs, my step dad is bitchy. He bitches at me, blaming the dog shit business on me. Oh yeah, I shit on the floor. Uh huh. Oh, first he bitched at me for throwing out what I did manage to clean up (Trevor had already cleaned it up, I got what was stuck to the floor~eww) in the kitchen garbage. *whiney voice* “That’s a new bag!” Bull-fucking-shit! It was half full! So I had to take it outside. BITE ME ASS HOLE! Of course he stands in the dining room interrogating me as I try to throw the paper towel away. Hello, I’m standing with paper towel soaked in dog crap; can I go throw this away? Didn’t think so…

And of course none of this helps that I’m PMSing and moody. Now I know that none of this sounds really big or anything, but I’ve been stressed out for weeks because I was absent for a few days, then the PSAT came up and I had so much make-up work to do! So I’ve been breaking down all week… sorry.

Some people I want to strangle.
Some people I want to shoot.
Some people I just want them to die.
My step dad is all three…


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Long time no see [24 Oct 2003|09:18pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today's Homie: Japon

Ah, well. I guess it's been a while, no? Almost a week and a half... yeah I guess I've gotten caught up with school. And I get complaints that I type too much! So I can't say all what's happened...

Let's start with school, shall we? First hour bites ass. It's Trig, what else do you expect? 2nd hour is ok I guess... our team is named the Crayons. Oh joyness! 3rd hour, I HATE THIS CLASS! I love being a writer and such but she turns it into hell. 4th is Spanish, which is muy facil (very easy). 5th is Health and we're doing Repro(ductive). J.O.Y. Eh, well, I know I'm mature enough to handle it. 6th hour is so fun! Yesterday, from 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM was mole Day. Any of you remember Chemistry and mole stuff? So yeah, we celebrated with drinking pop, eating ani
mole crackers and coloring! It was great! I did Moley Potter (a mole reading a book that says "MAGICK" on the binding) and P.J. (he had pjs on that said 6.02 and 10^23 (10 to the power of 23) on them. It was cute! And he had blue fuzzy slippers. Awe, yeah!

Normal life: I'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again. I'm almost done... but then I got caught up in some mangas!!! I LOVE RANMA 1/2!!! It is so funny! Plus, I love Inu Yasha too and it's the same artist so... the library is doing this Teen Advocacy Group thing and I'm joining... they're showing movies tomorrow! I wish they'd show Spirited Away... I know Liz is showing X/1999 and Grave of the Fireflies. Unfortunately, my little brother has to come too because I have to watch him... URG! Maybe I can dump him at his little friends house... yeah, I'll have to talk to his friends mom... Another topic, I haven't been sleeping well. It sucks. I wake up a lot. Another topic, I had a fight with Chris the other day... it just really hurt. And then I had Jesse telling me how I'm this "light" at the end of his depression tunnel... I dunno. I've been really quiet with the two for the past few days because I'm so out of it... I dunno what's wrong. And I hate being female. I love the fact that I won't be a bitch on Halloween (I was hoping to go gothic witch, not bitch) but I hate it like all females hate it.

And that's about it... I'm trying really hard not to go into detail so that I spare your little minds... OH! One more thing! Another DarkAngelDude666 poem! *waves to Dark*

Once Upon A December

An angel falls,
With painted wings,
Tears fell soundly,
A sigh someone cry's
Once upon a December,

Snow falls around me,
The moon drifts by,
Glowing dim as an ember,
Things my heart used to know,
Things it yearns to remember.

Frost on roses,
Nipped and chilled by pain,
My minds unrest,
struggling with me,
recalling the past,
Who I could be.

Someone hold me safe and warm,
Hearts thaw,
Angels fall,
A sigh someone cry's
Once upon a December

By: DarkAngelDude666 (AOL screen name)

*standing ovation* I love it. Very good! Oh, please, no one steal it!!! He doesn't like that. Ask him about it, mmk? He's nodding his head as he reads this, hehe.

=^.^= *pounce* *lick* *purr*

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Whoa... [14 Oct 2003|09:18pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today's Homie: Mr. Pit

I just realized how insanely long some of my entries get and I'm terribly sorry about that... My bad.

My site is up and working!!! YAYYYAY! MoonTigeress's Lair There's a link for ya. I got some piccys of me too... you'll have to see the About Me page thing-a-ma-bob. =^.^=

I'm outtie... I've gotta lay down x.X


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Urg [10 Oct 2003|09:18pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | 89X ]

I hate when my entries get posted twice! It's like, WTF!?


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Long time no see, young Grasshopper [10 Oct 2003|09:07pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today’s Homie: Boxer

All right, the last time I updated was what, the 30th? So yeah… this past week and a half. Hmm… Ok, let’s see. On the first I woke up and said “Rabbit, Rabbit” like I was suppose to ^.^ my Chem teacher said that it’s suppose to bring luck all month *shrugs* Figured I’d try it. There’s no harm in it, no? Didn’t think so. The 2nd (Thursday) I watched The Craft on TBS Superstation! WOO HOO! It was freakin awesome! I loved it! Too bad it was edited… I’ve got to get it on DVD! OMGods! That Friday at school was Red & Black day because it’s Spirit Week… so I was decked out in my Act2 shirt with my red shirt under it and my comfy sweat pants. I normally don’t wear makeup and I wore my eyeliner in my kick ass way ^.^ awe yeah, I was a badass. So yeah… there was the usual stuff that they have at the pep assembly. This year they added the tug-of-war between the Pom Pons and the Cheerleaders. The Poms lost horribly because of their shoes…. Peh, they needed an excuse to lose. This year it’s going to suck at all the pep assemblies because they won’t let the seniors do the tunnel (they create a tunnel of arms and the nominations for whatever run down the steps. They won’t let them because the guys slap the girls’ asses). So yeah, and then the senior girls usually wear boxers with letters painted on the butt end and they spell out stuff like “SENIORS”, “BOW DOWN” and “2004” and such… they won’t let them because it takes up so much time. But the best part of the pep assembly… ya know that cheer thing where you spell out “Freshman” or “Senior” or whatever and so on? Well, the seniors usually win... I mean, they’re all full of it and they’re determined to win. So, the freshman just plain sucked, the sophomores were Ok and it sounded that once again the seniors were going to win… but this year one of the teachers supplied a machine that measured the noise. I forgot what it’s called all right!? So yeah, according to this little machine thing-a-ma-bob, the seniors were not the loudest! WOO HOO! It was however, a tie between Sophomores and Juniors (myself included)… Guess who won? Juniors!!! YEAH!!! I was so excited! I usually don’t get that way at pep assemblies (mainly because I get a giant migraine). The seniors were so mad (my neighbor included hahaha). And when they chanted “senior” the juniors turned their backs on them… it was so defiant. Hehe.

The Homecoming game was that Friday… I didn’t go. Stacey said she was going but added “I’m going to go freeze my ass off to watch a team that never wins.” It was great… Our Varsity team sucks because of Mr. Sloan, the coach. Ugh. Homecoming dance was that Saturday. I don’t go to the dances so… I didn’t go. Plain and simple. I found out that Carl was there, a buddy from last year. I talked to him on Yahoo! (and he had his webcam on! *hugs* CARL!). Ashley didn’t even mention that she saw Carl! And when I asked her about it she said, “Yeah, with his tongue down Tracy’s throat." He mentioned to me that night that he, quote, “Needs sex” And that Tracy was on her period. Poor Carl… He’s going to college up state and can see Canada out his dorm window lol. Which leads me to another topic in a minute…

This week has been ok I guess… Monday night was really hyper. Tuesday and Wednesday morning I saw the video for Linkin Park’s “Numb”. OMGods! I LOVE IT! I want to see it a million times more! I feel like that girl sometimes! ‘Cept I don’t have all the scratches on my arms… I have some not a lot. Anyways, it kicks ass. Thursday was just… boring I guess. And today, T.G.I.F.! This week has felt long. We got our Progress Reports today… Gah. Here’s my grades:

1- Trig/PreCalc: C-
2- Improv.:B-
3- Vocab/Essay: A
4- Spanish2: A
5- Health: B+
6- Chemistry: A-

So yeah… I’m a bit upset by my Trig and Improv grades… I feel so intimidated in my Improv class and the groups I’m in… SUCKS! I mean, Sean, Mar, and Christy are really good actors but Brianna, Brian, and Nicole are just so… Blah! I know that I suck myself but they can at least put some effort into the damn thing! And I feel so out of things because no body’s knows me, no body knows what I’m like. They don’t know my actress side of me because they won’t let me show it. They stunt me basically and it sucks… I’m glad there’s a Full Moon tonight. I need to do some spells… anyways.

Back to that one thing I wanted to say… I’ve only asked 2 people thing but I want to ask everyone. How many people actually know that Michigan is made up of two peninsulas? Ya know, two bodies of land connected to land at one side and surrounded by water on the other sides…? Yeah, Michigan is made up of those! There’s a Lower Peninsula and an Upper Peninsula! They’re connected by a 5 mile bridge called the Mackinac Bridge! Now, there’s also a Mackinaw City in the LP and an island called Mackinac Island. Along with 2 different spelling types (yes, I have them correct-the one with the ‘c’ is the French version). The island so SOO awesome! I love it there! There are only 3 cars on the entire island, the police car, the fire “truck” and an emergency one… Everything is horse drawn carriages… and the island is mainly owned by the Grand Hotel… it’s a really big, really elegant hotel. It’s GOREGOUS inside! I love it. I went there with my class in 8th grade. It was so fun staying at that hotel. We didn’t stay at the Grand Hotel :( Just ate breakfast there. Got to go to this rock formation in the woods on the island. That was kewl. You know that if you step on the grass there or pluck a flower, it’s a $500 to $5000 fine? YEAH! INSANE! It’s because all the area is protected by law… What else… oh yeah! The shopping! It’s expensive but there’s a few clothing shops, a crap load of souvenir places, and food shops all over. There are a few people that live on the island but it’s a crazy amount of money that you have to cough up. Other than that, there’s a lot of history stuff about it. There’s a fort on the island, which we visited. It was kewl because they literally shot off a cannon… it was so KEWL! And a musket. It was a battleground in the civil war I think… I can’t remember! It’s been so long! So yeah… I’m going to stop telling you peoples about this place. I’m sure you don’t want to know and if you do want to know, go to Google and search Mackinac Island. You’ll get a lot of hits. Or the bridge! It’s interesting as well! It’s something like the longest suspension bridge in the world… Wowie.

Adios amigos!


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Better [30 Sep 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | 89X ]

Today's Homie: Joker

Well, some of my day was good. Improv kicked ass! I loved Mar's warm up! She spilt us up into 2 groups and then gave 2 people a necklace. The person with the necklace led his/her group into a dance contest. We eventually got to warring between the groups, going back and forth in the room and doing dance moves such as the wave and a kickline. It was great... you really should see us do it. but yeah, I'm gonna go do something. I'm bored.


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damn AOL [29 Sep 2003|09:48pm]
I posted that last one twice... oh sorry, AOL messed up and posted it twice...

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