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[15 Apr 2006|07:49am]
he spoke ordinary words
Although they did not feel
For I felt what I had not felt before
You'd swear those words could heal.
And as I looked up into those eyes
His vision borrows mine.
And to know he's no stranger,
For I feel I've held him for all of time.

come with me,
See what I see.
Touch the stars for time will not flee.
Time will not flee.
Can you see?
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[02 Apr 2006|07:37pm]
everything is illuminated

everything is illuminated
in the light of the past
it is always along the inside of us
on the inside looking out

in this way i will always be
along side of you
and you will always be
along side of me
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[28 Mar 2006|02:10pm]
the whipped cream has melted
the whiteness broken by the
rivers of coffee which
streams against the glass
cold with condensation
small bubbles forming

and with a quick couple swirls
with the straw, it all is
smoothed and blended in a
color i can not name

it has now been exactly twenty four hours
it is like a bite from a whip
which only had stung at first
but now burns, long after the lash had since fallen

they can not break me
i will not fall
i will remain standing
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