Meagan's Day

Thursday, June 2, 2005

3:02PM - warning label

moist eyes
consumed by the undefined
dismissed the obvious
to aviod you
And I can't even say what it is
I meant to say
morse code turned code blue
no one can hear my heart stop
as I fall to miscommunication

Endearing silence is all we share
biting our tongue's
and as the juices erode
miranate in the blood
the pain
soft spoken words please refrain

Because my heart couldn't explode
into some beautiful peice of art
so it elapsed into another year
swelling with beads of sweat
or just another tear

I'd kill myself if I could
because in the end all there is
falls under distress
and its me in an empty hospital room
searching for a pulse that never existed

and through my slits of blue
all I see is a part of you
as my battered mind passes

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