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My last days as a free man... [16 Jun 2003|03:36am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well, lets just say its been an interesting day, and that the only thing I'm looking forward to is sleep. Sleep, followed by hunting down Fleur, pinning her against some random wall, and then groveling my sorry arse off for probably the rest of the week. Okay, so mabye I'm only liking that pinning-Fleur-to-the-wall-part. At least thats half of it.

At least there are a few more things to add to my pencive. Quite a few things, actually.

-Private Pensive-
A Hufflepuff in the Rafters
Hufflepuff, part deux
The transfer, Medli
Medli, part deux.

Yes, very odd day. On some related but random notes..

Medli tried to steal my oh-so-precious-virginity today. Women. They just assult me right in the middle of the Ravenclaw common room. Can't catch a break; it'll be a story for Pucey, though. But, more seriously, she got me in a hell of alot of trouble with Fleur, too. What a pain in the neck. Now I'll admit our 2nd metting was much more pleasant. Very tempting, too. But, I've made my choice, haven't I?
-Finite Incantatem-


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An Interesting Night... [05 Jun 2003|10:26pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

...to say the least.

Just a quick note to all those about: I've moved into Ravenclaw commons and am currently kipping on a couch. Not the most private of places, but it suits me better than sharing a room with a Gryffindor.

On a second note: Fleur and I, well, got to know each other a touch better today. Who knew Ravenclaw girls did more than just study?

And on a related note, I now have a lump on the back of my head for my troubles. I'm now sure it was Ravenclaw trying to sabotage Slytherin's chances of winning the Quidditch Cup, and I shall not be dissuaded.

-Private Pensive-
Fleur and me, the girl's dorm...and an angry Seeker.
-Finite Incantatem-


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I'm out of bed and I made it to the keyboard, what more do you want? [08 May 2003|11:19pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

This looks like its going to be about the last time I write in this thing. No point in discussing the fight in Slytherin Common. People say its Voldemort - I say 'like hell'. I landed a punch on that bastard, and my knuckles are still swollen. My parents, they know. You speak even the slightest word of sarcasm of ill-intentioned wit near the Dark Lord, and your life is forfeit. I can't stomach the stupidity of those who insist I could have gotten away with a lesser punishment.

But what I really love is those people who say 'Go see the common room for yourself." As if that proves their case; as if I can bloody well see anything right now. Everything is stone gray - shadows I can make out, but such methods aren't actually helpful in navigating this grace-forsaken school.

Don't forget the limp, can't forget that limp. Or the scar that Pucey was so helpful in pointing out.

You know, nearly 18 years of refinement just seem to slough away in times like these, so to hell with it. I've never written my parents before, and I won't now - they can read about it in the Daily Prophet. Pucey sends enough letters for us all, anyhow.

I'm going to go harass an owl into delivering a message to Fleur for me. This is dependant on both the owl cooperating, and the letter actually being legible. I'm quite sure it looks like the handwriting of a five-year old mudblood, but what an I do about it?


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Rushed and going nowhere. [19 Apr 2003|08:43pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Sympathy for the Devil ]

School. OWLS. NEWTS. Finals. Homework. Teachers. Classes half way across the castle from each other.

Have I now exhausted my quota for sentence fragments today? Good then, it was weighing heavily upon me. In any case, I have not written; I have not been about; I have avoided others and focused quite heavily upon my grades.

A tip to the younger generation, if I may; after intense study you will see both a marked improvement in grades and magical ability, and both are quite beneficial. I wish someone had told me that when I was a 1st year. Someone other than my father, that is.

I think I'll head down to the Common Room though tonight, and see if I can't find Aiden to break my hermitage. I sent an owl to her earlier, so it might do well for me to follow up with that. On a related note, I've been tinkering with the idea of casting a particularly strong Cheering Charm on the girl. I'll be sure to set up Wards about myself before I do so, however (though I do harbor the personal opinion that it wont do any more than bring her to normal). We'll see how that's goes; I expect an all out duel, which could be interesting if all we do it toss around little 2nd year charms and jinxes. Though, Lord, between the two of us, I suspect we could bring down the dungeon walls on all of our heads, if we really tried. Though I really doubt anyone would mind the loss of that freezing cess-pit. And I hear those blood Gryffindors live the life of kings. Just who in the hell is running this place? Ah, Dumbledore - that does explain a great deal.


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[19 Mar 2003|05:34pm]
[ mood | numbed ]
[ music | silence ]

I've just returned from the main doors... and that little Gryffindor boy who was hung there. I've seen the Dark Arts used before but, they usually leave no mark. No blood. I've never seen so much blood. And they way they nailed him there...I've never seen anything like it.

As a 4th year I could rock with amusement as Gryffindor house got picked off; petrified one by one. But mark me, not even Draco himself could have scorned them then, where those kids crucified as that boy was, hung for all to see. Even Cedric had a bloodless death and, I hear, a quick one. Out before he knew what happened; but not this boy.

Why a Gryffindor, though? Why that one? To be frank I've never heard his name spoken; never seen his face before. And as much as I am loath to say it; I still haven't asked around to find his name. I say now, I don't want to know either; let the Gryffindor's mourn him in their scarlets and golds. But if someone wanted to make a statement, the obvious choice is Potter.

The odd thing was though; there was a ward up around the boy, just my thing, I guess. Other people do common Transfiguration or DADA or Potions. I do Wards and Protections. I did what I could, but I wish I hadn't. I'd have withheld my hand, were it not for Krum's direction. Good man, Krum; good to see him again.

I don't doubt that a lot of students will leave Hogwarts now. Probably a wise move for the young ones. I know I wont be with them, though. My family's not the sort; and I'd rather stay. But I do think I'll be skipping classes today. Yes. Classes and the Ball, both. Blaise should be happy for that, on any account.

May as well head down to the common room while its empty and sit by the fire.


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[17 Mar 2003|07:22pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Well. That was certainly interesting.

Note to Pucey: you were right.
Note to myself: Blaise isn't as bitchy at her reputation, but she's not all that accommodating, either.

I do suppose this means I'll be heading to the ball alone. Then again the mind and thought are fickle, and another girl might catch my fancy between now and then. But I don't think I'll pay the Ball any more mind. I'm not required to bring a partner, after all, and for that I am grateful. Pucey, however, that poor git of a Prefect, will have to be trot out like a cob.

But, I ought to get to Potions. Those laggard Gryffindors can be late all they'd like, but I don't have an excuse. Snape might not take away house points from a Slytherin, or point one out in front of the class when they err, but when one has him as their house leader, one is wise to march to the prescribed beat.

Ah, just a final thought; an addition to my growing pensive.

- Private Pensive -
Blaise In the Hall
- Finite Incantatem -


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[16 Mar 2003|09:08pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]
[ music | Silence ]

What a day. I'm beginning to wonder just what the house-elves put into the pumpkin juice this morning. It did taste a little off. Also, I'm starting to understand the reason that one might come to find these journals useful. There are several people who deserve to be hung by a garland of thorned black roses for even setting themselves across my path. The other could use a Wit Sharpening Potion. Make that a few of them.

- Private -
Now, I should not like to think of myself as the type to go spreading something about the school that is no better than petty gossip but, I still am wondering what came over Pucey. Not to question his sanity or his bloodline (though the former I'm not so readily able to defend to myself anymore) but the man was about to ask a Gryffindor, a Gryffindor to the ball, and the devil may care! Excuse my outburst.
- Finite Incantatem -

Now, I must admit I was quite the outspoken underclassman in my day, but those years are past. Even as a 6th year, I would like to claim I had a better wit about me than to seek to agitate those of a high rank and stature. That 6th year, Echidna, is it? obviously hasn't such restraint, but enough on her.

Thankfully, before we were so crassly interrupted, Pucey and I were able to have a fair discussion on the asking of girls to the ball. Apparently Pucey will be taking de Portier, and may Merlin add his blessing to that. Lucky bloke though, that girl has got such a lovely face, and such a tidy little body. I however, have no idea who I am going with. I suspect I might ask Blaise, if I get the chance. I'm hoping now she isn't spoken for, but Pucey seemed to think not, and he's generally more up on the school news than I am. He's got his ear to the wall at all times; I happen to keep mine to the ground.

In any case, I think I'll go ask around a bit about Blaise, and maybe script a note to her tonight about seeing her sometime tomorrow. If I do get it done, she should get it with the owl post in the morning, so we'll see how that goes. Then again, if one puts much stock in Pucey, I may just be getting myself intro trouble. But, then again, what Slytherin doesn't have a good healthy obsession with trouble?

Ah, once last contribution tonight. I've decided to rig this journal as a sort of pensive for myself, if only for future reference. So, here goes:

- Private Pensive -
Pucey and Echidna
- Finite Incantatem -


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[16 Mar 2003|02:14pm]
[ mood | skeptical ]
[ music | Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man ]

Well, let it never be said that I am free from all outside influences. Pucey has finally got me to take up one of these journals. I'm not entirely sure about this, though. Private thoughts, written down for a lucky passer-by to take a long look at? Insanity, if you ask me. Though enough people are doing them that I wonder how many house points would be taken if all the journals were delivered to the teachers, and the students' secrets exposed. Cheats on homework, foul words about Dumbledore (or Snape, for those Gryffindors) enough petty things to get any one man or woman into trouble.

Anyhow, so forgive me if I hold back at first until I can find some suitable spell that will work on this contraption to make at least certain portions of his journal legible to my eyes only.

On another note, I notice there has been quite a lot of flurry about this Spring Ball. I've yet to ask anyone, or be asked (is it birds ask blokes, now? what an odd way to do things) but I've my own dress robes neatly prepared, as always. Though I might think to charm them a dull matte black, instead of letting the black color glint blue, as such deep blacks are wont to do. In any case, I ought to go see how Pucey is doing with his own Ball decision; maybe he can give me some advice on my own.


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[15 Mar 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

This is a but a test.

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