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    Saturday, August 30th, 2003
    7:29 pm
    today was a boring but fun, but sad day. Today I am hanging out with my friends, because during the week I have school and lots of homework, so that is why I am haning out with them. Why today was a bad day, was because all yall know that I really like sara gouldby, well I heard from alysa that she doesn't like me and so I am feeling kind of depressed today. I am not sure if this is true from alysa, but she said that she asked sara and she said a straight NO. So this news made me sad today, but other than that today has been a pretty good day. Yesterday, we played blackjack, and the winner got to dare someone to do whatever they chose. Ashley dared josh to kiss me on the hand and he did. (ewwwww) Not being mean to you josh, but that is nasty. Well that is all I have to talk about today. (ALTHOUGH STILL FEELING DEPRESSED)

    Current Mood: depressed
    5:58 pm
    hey babe
    Today I got up at 6, as always, and was going to mow the lawn, but it had rained last night. I had to wait 3 hours until i could mow the lawn. I got done mowing the lawn and i walked upstairs and got undressed and a towel, and went to get in the shower. My bro was in there so i had to wait till he finished, showering and............., anyways then i called alex and he was still asleep, so i figured i would finish october sky while i had some free time, so i read 90 pages before bj called. Now im at alex's, and we are making up dances. hehe. hehe. you need to see them. they are great . oh, yeah. this blurty thing is the gayest in the world. If you can't tell, i was making fun of 2 people. I think that you know who

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: break stuff-limp bizket