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its fridayyy im in loveee [27 Jul 2007|04:48pm]
[ mood | pleased ]
[ music | food network in the background ]

i'm very happy to say that today i was able to eat a whole plate of food. Up until today i could hardly take a few bites of noodles in soup, so i was only drinking the broth. and i could take only the teeniest bites of mashed potatoes. Today i ate mashed potatoes & salisbury steaks that were realllly smashed up. LOL it reminds me of when my poppop was in the hospital and he couldn't eat any real food because he'd choke, so they ground everything up like baby food...i miss himm......right now i'm making some premade lasagna, hopefully i can have some of that without a problem, if not i'll make Ramen Noodles because they went down really easy today when i crushed the noodles up super small before i cooked them.

I miss work so much...i deff miss my $200 something dollar paycheck...and i deff miss my little baby Jonathan. he's suuuch a little asshole. but he's so funny and i miss him. I cant wait to see him, i'm going back to work on monday no matter what because i NEED $$$ for my insurance + other things i wanna buy.

I've been sooo bored here & unneccessarily spending money on my credit card, I bought How To Make Love Like A Pornstar by Jenna Jamison & this book called Loss of Innocence about this girl who got addicted to Meth and almost tore apart her whole family. I saw them on Montel, lol. ...& I'm trying with allll my might not to spend anything else on my Victoria's Secret credit card, but i think i'm going to buy a bathing suit anyway...i haven't gone to the shore all summer and I deff need to b/c I have off the last week in AUG. & i've bidded on a couple things on eBay that hopefully I wiiin b/c i've wanted forever.

I just can't wait to get better, I wanna eaatttt!!!!!!

Joe came over last night for a couple hours, which made me sooo happy. I look horrrrible, i haven't put makeup on since sunday and i didn't bring any with me. My hair is NOT done b/c i've been wearing it curly but my mom won't let me wash it b/c she thinks i'll get sick since my throat is healing and i'll be sitting there with a wet head, so i deff was not looking hot. But of course, Joe insisted that i looked beautiful...haha, I love him!

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