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Jay/Snow [08 Jan 2010|10:52am]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Gilmore Girls! :) ]

Jay is at his doctors right now with his mom. He has to do some tests. I forgot what it's called, but he had to go under the knife and now he has a bag attatched to his stomach. (Something to do with his intestense-spelling?) I'm doing the best I can supporting him and being there for him. I hope he notices the changes I've been trying to make. I know that I screwed up, but nobody is perfect and this unperfect person is trying her best.

Last night, it snowed..but not that much..Not even an inch which upsets me because my son loves the snow. Shayna on the other hand, not a big fan of it. I think it's a girl thing because my friend, Stephanie has a daughter, Brianna and she's 1 month younger than Shayna and she hates the snow too.

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oo1 [05 Jan 2010|02:22pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Hey everyone! My first journal exciting! If you all wanna know about me, I filled out my bio. Right now my 4 year old son is watching Little Bear and my daughter is dancing around in her onesie. I love my life. My kids amaze me. After I write in my journal I have to clean and strart making lunch. Not much is going on today.. I'm your typical stay at home momma I clean, I do the dishes, the laundry, I sweep, I mop--I'm tired most of the time and sme days it's hard to find motivation, but I find it. Now that school is opened, I "look after" (not babysit) my friends 13-year-old daughter, Samantha aka-Sammi. Her mother, Rachel also has a 1 in a half year old daughter, Hannah that I some times baby sit. They're nice people...and they live in the next apartment builden! So it's just a few steps away. I'll be writing in this when I come up with a poem/story, when I need to take my frustrations out and when one of my children reach a mile stone. Just a warning-I will be turning this journal into a FRiENDS ONLY let me just throw out there-I'm looking to become friends with other moms, working or stay at home. 18+ please.

Tyler..He's 4 years old now. Turned 4 on Christmas Eve. He's amazing. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba but not as much as SpongeBob Squear Pants. He likes to paint, color, draw...whatever, as long as there's something in his hand to be creative with. He sings while in the car. Loves to run around and play outside. Talks a lot!

Shayna..1 year old. Turned 1 on September 16th. (so, in months that makes her almost 16 months old) She has so many teeth, I lost count. Not only does she walk, she runs. Dances, sings (LaLaLaaa) baby talks. Can say mommy, daddy, baba, binkie, kitty-cat, buh-bye, and asks "whats that?" all the time. Blows kisses and gives hugs to her baby dolls.

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