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Tuesday, May 20th, 2003

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    My name is Anna, and IM sharing this journal with my friend Maureen. Im jojo she's momo just cuz, if you want to be added to our journal ask and will add you. But anyway, so we KINDA both like this kid named Brandon, maureen is obsessed with him tho. lol soooo this journal is basically for us to say hey and stuff and also to tell about oour day and stuff because its cool. ok so bye bye

    love ya~ momo and jojo

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: -im addicted you-
    Maureen said brandons about to get a whooping...woot woot.
    guess whats!
    Me and maureen walked to brandons house and he gave us stupid little cd paint things. lol but maureen says its the thot that counts.

    hey! momo, whats up, member when we were walking home and you were like i hate you, NO YOU DONT, i love you, EWWW. lol

    so anyway, my day was kinda blah like usual. so yanno we had school yippe. lol it was just too fun. der der. and at school nothing interesting happened except for the fact i lost lotsa money and mrs j payed us to smack our butts. we got new seats in la and they are really dumb i sit by curwin matt gentle and adam, and thats it. whatever. lol so momo how was ur day?? nm went on after school either eh? i was really mad at brandon because i was. ok well i g2g love ya momo and any1 else!

    much <33 from ~!@$$ AnNa $$@!~

    Current Mood: happy

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