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Josh is some guy [05 Nov 2004|05:32pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Jawsh says:
<3.ßãbÿ Gïrl.-We are beautiful in every single way says:
Jawsh says:

lol hmm..i worry :] -xx-

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Nice to meet you :] [05 Nov 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | noneee ]

Just wanted to give you a bit of an idea of who i am :] -xx- mo

1. Name: Monique

2. Nicknames: mo, mofo, mo mo, monikay, lo (long story lol), moniqua, mónica, so many more lol

3. Feet size: 8 1/2

4. Do you have a crush: pssh yeh

5. Boyfriend? : nah

6. Age you act: a lil older

7. Where Do You Live: Ga

8. Where you want to live: Florida or london

9. Birthplace: VA

10. Favorite Salad Dressing: ceaser

11. Ever gone skinny dipping? nah lol dont wanna blind anyone

12. What are you watching? the screen..?

13. Last person you talked to: Ricky n Nick

14. Favorite movie: soo many but i really like Sleeping With The Enemy

15. Favorite Book: Not As Crazy As I Seem

16. Favorite Type of music: rock rap r&b classic rock

17. Favorite types of cars: any suv besides chevies, escalades ford expedition explorers xlts or mustangs corvete bmws lexus

18. Favorite Saying: what the fuck..

19. Favorite Fast Food: Varsity..its bad i know lol

20. Favorite Ice Cream: mint chocolate chip

21. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: i dont drink ;/

22. When Do You Go To Sleep: 11-11:30

23. Most Embarrassing Moment: too many but when i tripped walkin across the

24. Stupidest Person you know: um...god i dont know thats hard lol..not really but yeh :]

25. Funniest Person you know: probably Ryan B.

26. Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving and Valentines day

27. Favorite Food: Chicken Parmesian

28. Favorite Song: Anythin by TBS, Eyeliners, JOJ/Scarling, or Incubus <333

29. Favorite Television Show: Veronica Mars, Real World, and The OC

30. Favorite Radio Station: 95.5 or 99 X

31. Favorite junk food: sour cream and onion chips ;D <3

32. Favorite fruity love song: that song by Savage Garden..damn cant remember the name..i wanna stand with you on a always comes on when im in the nail salon lol

33. Favorite Soft Drink: sweet tea

34. Favorite article of clothing: my ponchos

+||SECTION TWO: The Future

1. School: FSU

2. Where You Want To Live: didnt we already ask this...Florida or london

3. How Many Kids You Want: 2 at the most 3

4. What Kind Of Job You Want: children's psychiatrist

5 Car? escalade or any suv

7. 5 years from now? school

8. 10 years from now? no clue

+||SECTION THREE: Have You Ever..

1. Done Drugs: nah man

2. Run Away From Home: nope

3. Hit A Boy: um

4. Lied: sad to say yea

5. Stolen Anything: no not exactly o.0

6. Broken A Bone: never thank god

7. Cheated On A Test: yes lol

8. Cheated On A Boyfriend:nope

9. Gotten Drunk: no its bad enough im stupid and clutz sober..dont wanna intensify that

10. Been With Two guys/girls At Once: uhm no i aint that much of PIOMP

11. Been In The Hospital: not for myself

12. Let a friend cry on your shoulder: yeah

13. Fell asleep in the shower/bath: no lol

15. Never slept during a night: pssh yeh like every weekend

16. Ever been on a motorcycle or motorbike: no im missin out

17. Been to a camp: yes

18. Been in a restaurant w/o ordering: yea lol in biloxi fun times with kursty

19. Seen someone die: no im glad too..

20. Gone a week w/out shaving: lol yes

21. Didn't wash your hair for a week: yup my type of hair doesnt need to be washed every day

22. Broken something valuable: dont think so

23. Thought you were in love: yup

24. Streaked the streets: um nope

25. Screamed at someone for no reason: no i keep my bad moods to myself

26. Said I love you and meant it: yup

28. Stayed up till 4 am on the phone: yeh

29. Pulled a prank? yepp

30. Made fun of someone? unfortunately

+||SECTION Four: When is the Last Time You..

1. Took a shower: esta manana

2. Cried: practically did today

3. Watched a Disney movie: few months ago? well i saw music video this mornin for a disny movie does that count??

4. Given/gotten a hug: about an 1 and a half ago

5. Been to the movies: last weekend

7. kissed someone: wow its been a while?...

8. Said I love you: yesterday

9. danced: last nite practicing stuff for cheerleading

10. did a survey like this: its been a while..thank god ;p

+||SECTION five:What is...

1. Your Fondest Memory Of This year: no clue

2. Your Most Prized Possession: my teddy bear

4. Your Favorite Food For Breakfast: belgium waffles

5. Your Favorite Food For Dinner: steak with mushrooms and onions

6. Your Favorite Slow Song: sorry 2004..right off the top of my head..


1. full birth name: monique r.

2. hair color: black

3. eye color: brown

4. current height: 5'4

5. glasses/contacts: glasses

6. birthdate: nov. 14

7. religion: episcopalian

8. siblings: none only child

9. location: my house?

10. college plans: go to college and study for as long as it takes to get my masters or more

11. braces? no way jose


2. best girl friend: brittany g.

3. current crush: uh...

4. boyfriend/girlfriend: single

5. are u center of attention or wallflower: im in the middle more so attention...i like having my friends around

6. what type automobile do u drive: nothin lol my mom drives me :]

7. are u timely or always late: timely

8. do u have a job: nah

9. do u like being around people: yes

1. have u ever loved someone u had no chance with? yep lol

2. have u ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did? yeh who hasnt?

3. do u have a "type" of person u always go after: sorta

4. want someone u don't have right now? sorta..he confuses me

5. ever liked a close guyfriend? lol yes

6. are u lonely right now? im okay

7. ever afraid u'll never get married? i have no damn idea lol

8. do u want to get married? heck yeh

9. do u want kids? if i didnt i wouldnt have answered the one about kids

10. would you rather love or be loved? both


1. room in house: patio

2. type of music: rap rock r and b classic rock

3. location for dates: dates?..wat

4. memory: what the fuck lol

5. day of the week: wednesday

6. Color: purple and green

7. cone Prefume: cone? lmao my perfume is a cylinder..

8. song: i onno drop it like its hot and oye mi canto

9. month: noviembre and april

10. season: spring

+||In the last week have you..

1. cried: yup

2. bought something: yeh

3. gotten sick: nah

4. sang: lmao i sing every and ashley!

5. said i love u: yes

6. wanted to tell someone u loved them but didn't: nah

7. met someone new: yes! lol :]

8. Gone to the mall: nope

10. had a serious talk: no

11. missed someone: pssh yeh

12. hugged someone: yep

13. kissed someone: nopee

14. fought with your parents: no

15. dreamed about someone u can't be with: lol yes

16. had a lot of sleep: nah not really..i wake up so early..5:45

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First Time, Again [03 Nov 2004|10:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | None ;/ ]

Hey there! I'm Monique and this is my newwww and improved blurty! I love it. I was going to do a xanga because it'd be easier to stay connected with my friends, but I love blurty more lol. I'm going to try my hardest to update as much as I can. I'm gonna also make a new layout that goes with my screen name more. Try to customize this junk to make it my own :] If you have any ideas or want to help..just drop me a note! I can't wait so I'm excited haha. -xx-


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