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    Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
    10:30 pm
    this subject has nothing to do with cheese
    well its the day befro christmas ho ho hummmm
    the dramma and problems begin me and him he shall be nameless got in a fight about everything you can possibally think no good but its offical nobody can beat me at simpsons games and i can do the south park impressions but if somebody tells the teachers one more time well jsut dotn cause it makes me mad im shy and do it when its nessecary! now than movieng on my day consisted of absoutly tnohnig me playign x box watching s.n.l and oh aved by the bell was one loved that mm humm some people just arnt what they used to be no things have changed and alot of people lie soem tiemes you just want big brown .....................pudding and do you get that no so you resort to chips the green kind how pethtic and you know what puts me over the endge when you wake uo nobodys home and i wake up to a hey steph were all oput doing fun stuff you decided to be a fag and sleep so make some food do i know how to do that of course not

    here i will list some things that were on my mind read if you wanna
    I WILL expand my listening repertoire beyond "John Phillip Sousa's Greatest Hits".

    I WILL venture outside the band room at least once a day.

    I WILL buy some t-shirts that are not old band shirts.

    I WILL NOT conduct along with my car stereo.

    I WILL convince at least one person that duct tape is magic.

    I WILL NOT attempt to teach cheerleaders to twirl flags.

    I WILL NOT drum hemiolas on my desk during math class.

    I WILL stop practicing when my fingers feel as though they will fall off.

    I WILL NOT quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail more than once a week.

    I WILL NOT eat in the band room.

    I WILL NOT amuse myself at percussionists' expence.

    I WILL take only one band class per semester.

    I WILL NOT kill the annoying sophomore sax player who can't play anything exept "Take 5" and "Tequila".

    I WILL refer to athletic teams with respect, never as pre-show entertainment.

    I WILL NOT hide in the music library to avoid going to pep rallies.

    I WILL return bandroom keys to the director when he ask for them.

    I WILL NOT believe that a baton, flag, ladder, or any other inanimate object is a living entity who deserves respect.

    I WILL figure out where my black socks went.

    I WILL remeber to remove all nail polish before every performance.

    I WILL NOT make inside jokes when non bandies are present.

    I WILL invent a device to keep piccolos in tune.

    I WILL NOT complain when we have to rehearse inside during a rainstorm.

    I WILL cut back to one caffienated beverage per day.

    I WILL NOT replace the director's scores with something inappropriate, silly, and/or confusing before a concert.

    I WILL go to bed before 4 am during marching season.

    I WILL NOT cringe visably when songs on the radio are grossly out of tune.

    I WILL acknowledge that piccolo players are people too.

    I WILL understand that nutty bars, graham crackers with chocolate frosting, gummy worms, and Mountain Dew is not a balanced meal.

    I WILL NOT use cheerleaders as scientific test subjects.

    I WILL thank a band parent before every show.

    I WILL NOT repaint the sign on the football stdium so it says "band field".

    I WILL hang my uniform the correct way.

    I WILL wear SPF 15 or higher to band camp.

    I WILL NOT allow underclassmen to be in charge of the VCR on band trips.

    I WILL drive in a safe and courteous manner, even when I'm going to be late to band practice.

    I WILL NOT run over the football team with the marimba.

    I WILL remain awake during theory lectures.

    I WILL NOT refer to the band director as "that short round old guy"

    I WILL remember to eat, even when my schedule is hectic.

    I WILL get a social life. (whatever that is...)
    1. My sister (half the time when i dont get attention

    2. When people constantly misspell words and don't bother
    to correct them when they know they're wrong(witch is me but when other people do it oh boy )

    3. When people say "Just kidding" when they're wrong

    4. When my band director makes us have a rehearsal,
    even though the bottom is about to drop out of the sky any second, and we all get soaked

    5. Stupid marching judges who are biased against jazz music

    6. Stupid belton band people who think they are better than
    everyone else because the judges are biased towards their school

    7. People who think they're 'all that and a bag of potato chips'
    because their mom happens to be a teacher at the school

    8. People who just randomly stop talking to you and don't give you a reason why

    9. Mosquitos

    10. not know what the hell everybodys talking about and than you
    try to fit in but you just dont understand whats going on that part sucks and you smile and try to play it off
    and everybody knows but they dont wanna say than the one jerk says it and he gets slapped

    11. Males who try to make me feel better when I'm on the rag.
    The only way I'll feel better is if I had a butt load of chocolate and a nice bubble bath.

    12. People constantly rubbing it into your face that they are
    better than you at something

    13. girls with alot of make up

    14. People who think they can sing, but can't

    15. People who get pissed off if they have a 99 in a class
    and all the rest of their grades are 100s

    16. People who fail classes because they are lazy

    17. People who cheat

    18. people who dont like Rap

    19. people who diss onPop Boy Bands when they know damm well 3
    years ago they liked them and they still got there c/ds dont hide it

    20. People who tease me about anything

    21. Being called a hoe, slut, whore, bitch, etc.
    in a non-playful manner. Sometimes people insist that they were
    using it in a playful manner, but you can never be sure.

    22. Males in General( no i love them)

    23. My mom trying to be my best friend

    24. Getting bruises from unknown origins

    25. Not having any orange soda or mt dew in the house

    26. Being the only one stuck at home, while everyone else is off having a grand time

    27. People not talking in IM conversations

    28. How "being beautiful" is classified as
    small hips, big boobs, size 0 waist, long legs, blonde, and stupid.

    29. Stupid teenage guys who can't keep their wankers in their
    pants when i say no leave me alone

    30. Missing spots while shaving

    31. haveing a pet fish die everytime you feed it cheese

    32.gettin in trouble

    33.getting bossed around

    34.not being able to legally have achoal(do it anyway? *hell yes)

    35. people gettin awards when they should

    36.girls that are fake and nasty legs *&* my body

    now you know a little bout me theres alot more IM me

    and heres the things that piss me off