11:46pm 01/01/2003
  a start of the new year! it is fresh, make choices wisely. The eve of the new years, i attend the party with close friends. got drunk.(laugh)

today, i went to the market. I bought five kinds of fruit there. At this location, the price increased some. This did not please me, since i wanted more money for other things.
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02:42pm 30/12/2002
  That is start, therefore I start writing! Directly this past week has been very busy. sleep is not frequent. Having the live, alot was taken from me! That is, a value for the fan. My excessive time is training where the private trainer was used. The diet where it removed sweet food to the mouth, obtained well. However, it did not work.(laugh)
weather feeling is pleasent. The snow cannot view, with such reason I go to sapporo. As for Kirito " you can move to sapporo " the movement of all furniture, but as for private item it is excessively tiring. (laugh)