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~.:."♥".::."♥".:.~Lotsa Love & Kisses to All~.:."♥".::."♥".:.~ [13 Nov 2004|02:22am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hihi~ everyone, ^_^v its been quite a while since i've last blogged... And also, to update my new layout too~!! its an explosive PINKKK!! PINKKK & moree pink wif sweetsweet mariechan~! aaahhh~ she's soo kawaiii~!! osyare marichan no koto ga daisukiyo~!!

I'm currently working at hsbc bank, atrium@orchard. its been more than a mth, since i've been there. The pple there are very friendly & nice~ and also a great time for me cos my hubby, kaze is now my colleague!!!! ^-^v WEee~! yay~~

Xmas will be coming soon~~ has anyone start to write down a list of presents to get?? I'm feeling soo excited over tis festive season~ Tis yr, i'm well-prepareddd.. no more HEADACHES!! kakaka.. For the past few weeks, i've seen lotsaaa disney princess posters, stickers, and all sorts of stationeries in s'pore~ but not much on mariechan~ ahhh~ doushitaaaa?! ~>.<~ but at least mikachan's present, i've already settled it~ yeahhh~yeahhh!! XD

Ahhh~ its 2.22am already~ time to sleep...kakaka,~ i'll try to update more wif pixsss on the stuff i've managed to buy during my shopping hunts!!

UPDATES::: AMORE top, pinky girls-like wallet - (pink base wif black borders & bow), mariechan poster, pinkish bedsheet set, kiraakiraaa pinkuu studydesk~! ^-^V

Love & Peace to all felloww blurty friends ^-^ mata ne!

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Spooky Sunday...T-T [15 Aug 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | weird ]
[ music | ........ ]

This is the very 1st time i got mistakened for a ghost...

Just few mins ago, i was in the Ladies at the back office... it was raining a storm outside...just when i was about to touch the handle of the door... It opened by itself & i came face to face with mediacorp artiste, Aileen Tan. She was soo shocked to see me tat she spoke in cantonese which i interpret as, "SCared me to DEATH!!!" I too was shocked & thought i saw a ghost too, cos of her makeup. I felt soo bad for scaring her tat i kept on apologising to her~ and faster ran bk into my office. I felt soo embarrassed... T-T

Just when i sat down in my chair, i started to think...ehh...why was she doing here in our office building??? Its raining a storm outside, impossible they're filming here...cos nxt door, no pple.... no cameras...no tv crew... She'll have to go thru the security guards & access card in order to come up to my floor... ;(

I walked back to the toilet which is near to the cargo lift....but she was nowhere in sight... She appeared out of the blue & disappeared w/o a trace... *shivers*

Did i really saw a ghost????!!! O.o; *stressed* the lunar 7th mth is tomorrow leh....

Spooky Sunday - Part II

I decided to search more thoroughly...i dun believe i really saw a ghost....
So i took the cargo lift....and went down to 4th floor to check, but there was nothing.
So i pressed the lift button again...but apparently, the lift had went down....So when the door opened...i saw...

*gulp* Xu Qi?? She was shocked to see me & we both stared at each other for few secs. LOL
she is tall...and endowed wif a pair of long slender legs. -_- okke, im definitely not hallucinating.....

The lift went down to the 1st floor....i came out of the lift and saw tis big red banner tat says, "La Mei Xi Zhe' - Spice girls wash car?!!! o.o;; but i didnt see any spice gers washing car. hahahaha... i felt more assured tat i saw the tv crew etc... phew...^^;;

Okkies, gotta rush off now to see the fireworksss.. ^^V

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.:. ♥ .:. Love*Love Fireworks Festival 8/8/04.:. ♥ .:. [09 Aug 2004|01:20am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | Sounds of Fireworks...ringing... ]

ahhh~ ohanabi...this is the ever first time i get to view fireworks with moi prince kaze~~ we reached esplanade at 7pm.. he started to feel hungryy...and all da restaurants there were packed...!! while in search of the perfect spot to view ohanabi & convenient place to eat... we walkedd....and walked...till we reached..Raffles Place!! I used to go there pretty often when i was still working in CBD but all the cafes, food places tat i know of were already closed...T_T. It was until we saw some lights of blue/purple/pink/yellow tat caught our eyes..!! HOPE!!

We were soo lucky to find a kopitiam tucked in tis ulu corner along MARKET street.. We had a gd feast of beef noodles, mixed pig intestines soup & gyoza...!! By the time we ci bao bao le it was already 8.05pm~ We walked back towards ESPLANADE to see...tat the whole stretchhh of Hotel Fullerton -> bridge -> Durian E~ all crowded... T.T All da vehiclesss were jammed. And all drivers had turned off their engines~ and some even climbed up onto the top of their cars, trucks & sat there!!!

hubby *"* didnt give up~ as he wanted us to get a bettaaa..view so we managed to squeeze our way to the middle of the ROAD...and there it begin...*BOOM*PuWAaaaaaa* OHANABI~!!! in all shades of colorssss~ kiRaakiRaaaa~~swirls, spiralsss~ It was hard to take good pics of ohanabi cos my shutter speed wasn't tat fast.. i managed to get some vid clips but it jus aint prettty enuff..datte blocked by tis building & also the breakages of each ohanabi took soo long...

T.T we vowed to watch ohanabi again~ nxt sunday... for the HK team~!! I feel they shld be really pro as they often display fireworks on their BAY, tis pt was both agreed by kuromichan & me. hubby & me will be better prepared tis time. WE MUZ chop best place~ and arm ourselves with lotsa food, snacks, sandwiches...PICNIC~!!

Make a wish~!!

Pictures taken randomly~ itss a sparkling kirakiraaa disco lion~!!!
Hotel Fullerton...soo elegant..and grand.. ;)~
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.:.♥:.:.♥:♥.:. Fickle-minded me .:.♥:♥.:. .:.:♥.:. [08 Aug 2004|12:47am]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | silence of the night.. ]

Yes~ i couldn't resist the temptation...!! I bought a new set of yukata again... ;X
It looks pretty formal cos of the black & purple combi~ along wif chrysanthemums & sakura motifs... It may look somehow obaa-ish...but what the heck, i'm 21++ and going to 22 soon!!! ^^

Orchard wass extremely packed, hmm...it felt as if it was more packed than usual. When i reached Kino~ the queue for every counter wasss long!!! Kino 5th anniversary, storewide 20% discount for all items..!! hahaha i shld haf guessed it earlier instead of feeling astonished by the sudden purge of crowd. X.x;;

I've been in town for the past 2 days, fri & sat. T_T Had went down to kino on fri to browse JJ-bis. wa s told tat the shipment was delayed & to return bk to the store at 8pm. I returned bk to the store at 8pm & was told tat shipment was super delayed & will only arrived on sat noon... Arrghhh... oh well.. no point getting angry over a trivial matter. ^^ JJ-bis was fine...but wasnt what i expected to see...especially wif AMI on her paris trip. Boring...really bored with ami now. Wanted to buy the mag but once i saw the long que...total turnoff. I wanted to reserve the mag, so i cld return when there's lesser crowd...but the counter staff told me they won't be accepting any reservations within tis 3days due to the discount thingie. =_=

I wish i can update u guys with moreee gossips, juicy bits & stuff..but everything seems normal.. & ordinary.. T_T

Will try to update as much as i can. I can't wait to see all of u again @natsu matsuri.

Nana, rika & karen~ hope to see u all at summer festival~ pls come.. *^_^* Make it as AYUNITE & blurty outing okke? *^0^*

ps: kuromichan~ tis is for ya. i promised to show u my old & ordinary 'chandelier' at home.
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Sick, SHocked, Disappointed, hAPPy?! cos... [05 Aug 2004|01:10am]
[ mood | shocked ]
[ music | silence.. ]

I can't believe my eyes.....the number tat just struck me, minutes ago...tat gave me inspiration to bet for tis saturday & sunday's 4D...already came out as starter prize tonite.

4459.... i cld have won $250 or more.. Life is just soo unpredictable. God of Fortune jus went pass me. To think ayachan or kuromichan jus talked to me yesterday abt my maneki mariechan~ I even told 'em, yea gonna bring me fortune!!! Mariechan realli bringing me luck? tis is realli queer. Coincidence, muz be.. O.O;

But there's no point regretting now... You'll never know what else may happen.. $250 isnt a big sum, and its just enuff to learn a good lesson. hahahaha :D

I actually got to know tis number since last week, but it just didnt cross my mind to buy 4D. But tis weird idea jus struck me. Oh well....the morale of tis incident, teaches me to pay attention to even the slightest small details...or u'll lose a chance to meet someone really special or a really important opportunity.. :)

Now my new motto will be...
Treasure every min, every moment, everything & everyone you have. We only get to live once.

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AAAArrrghhhhhhhhhh UNLUCKY!!! >. [18 Jul 2004|10:09am]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | my stupendous fast typing/murderin of my keyboard......... ]

I can't believe tis...its been 3days and i haven't been able to get my starhub maxonline working... T-T

I feel soo farkinggg pisseddddd & kindaaa angry with myself. Firstly, i didnt request to have a 20m cable, cos i tot the czble will be able to reach my room from the living room. Apparently, i've no idea how long 2m is. LOL

So when the cableman came down on Fri, we couldn't test the modem. He didnt bring extra cable for me either. So he advised me to buy the USB cable from Sim Lim Square. oh well, i tot getting the cable aint tat much of a problem, so i just went ahead, paid my 1st mth subscription on the spot.

So i went to popular n the com shop in Yishun to find the USB cable, but they didnt have 10m or 20m long cable...so i went all the way to town to get it.... I thought, hey~ maybe the Starhub Centre might have it. So i called up 1633 cust svc hotline, and the farking cust svc officer, told me to go down to Plaza Sing Starhub Centre, to get it. So i took the train all the way to Plaza Sing, to be told, "No, we dun sell USB cables here."
I really felt like murdering tat dumbass....who bluff-ed me...

Kaze met me up at SimLim sq then....We found tis shop tat uses a 10m USB cable...before paying up, we asked him, if its the right one, male A to male B...he said, of cos! its the correct one. But when i reached home and tried to plug it into my modem, I felt as if a bolt of lightning striked me. No i wasn't electrified....instead it was a wrong cable...totally cant fit into my modem. I WAS PISSED~!!!!!! so was kaze, when i called him up...

So i made a trip to Sim Lim Sq again, the next day... and the BOSS of the store told me, was it a fat salesman who sold tat cable to me, I said yes. And good old boss apologised to me, tat the Fat GUY was new & has been making dumb mistakesss for the past few days... So BOSS gave me a brand new cable.... THANK GAWD, i tot tis crisis was over... But when i reached home n tried to install my new cable modem... WINDOWS CAN'T DETECT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!! i called up the starhub tech helpdesk, n was put on hold for 7mins...and finally when the tech help officer went thru all da procedures wif me...the call lasted for 40mins...we concluded tat my cable modem was faulty.......T_T and he advised me to go to their svc centre which is at Ayer Rajah.......

YISHUN TO AYER RAJAH jus to change for a new modem?!!!!!!!??????? IT AINT EVEN MY FAULT?!?! or was it my fault...for not requesting for a 20m cable in the 1st place when i 1st applied for maxonline???

I really dunno...i'm in a dilemna..i'm lost...i'm angry...petrified....>.< T_T

I called up my agent and told him what happened...he said he'll speak to his supervisor if there's other alternatives for me to get a new modem, w/o going all da way to Ayer Rajah....

I'm still waiting for an answer...the worst thing is...i can't even terminate my svc now, if not i'll gotta pay a penalty of $120 bucks...farking hell....i bet u guys never see me typed soo much vulgarities before... I'm pissed...i'm ready to kill anyone in my way...I'll complain to Starhub till they die if they dun settle tis problem for me. I'm a customer, they're the svc provider...they're supposed to prov me wif convenience in the 1st place...but if they refused to help me, I'm totally disappointed.

ARRRGHhhhhhhhhhhhh.......!!!!!!!! FRUSTRATION!!!!!

p/s the abv was updated via my office com...

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~*~*~Baby Daphne~*~*~~ Aishiteruze Babyyy~~ I love yaaa, sweet babyy [11 Jul 2004|10:34am]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | beegees - no idea wad song is it cos colleague playing it... ]

Hihi everyoneeeeee!!! I'm backkkkk!!! TADA-iMA~~~!!!!

Glad to see everyone doing well & kurocchi's back too! :D

I've been a really lazy gal for the past few mths for not updating blurty. ;xxx

Am now at work in the office..slacking as usual. shhh...hope boss not logging tis. lol

I had a tremendous time with my friends yesterday, 10/7/04. It was really Double Happiness for me, kaze & dear best gal pal, shirin & her hubby, andy.

kaze finally got his Sg Citizenship~!! Looked at his pink ic & passport..he really looked like a ahbeng..mafiaa~!!! My very first time, seeing him dressed up in a blue long sleeved shirt, grey pants & tie!!!! o.O;;; hehehe....managed to take pixs of him, wif his sleeves folded up, he does look like a salesman...tat he agrees with me totally. He hated the outfit~ ahahahaha... The ceremony was full of speeches by the MP of Bukit Timah GRC? videos of early singapore...and abt our forefathers who came to sg to work as migrants...nostalgic yea..

Later in the evening, we went to Woodlands, for baby daphne's 1mth bday party!!! She's really special to all of us...as the 1st baby to be born among our 6yrs sisterhood. *^o^* Me & kaze bought her a gold charm bracelet with stars, teddy bears & hearts dangling from it. Though it was costly but it was love @ first sight when me n kaze saw it & really had to buy it for her!!! Her hands n feet are soo small~ soo soft...ahhhhhhhhhHhhhhh~!!!!!!
Totally besotted by her... but ermm....after a talk with rin mama~ i had 2nd thoughts abt having children...SOUNDS AWFULLY PAINFUL~!!! Baby Daphne was really nice to mom, cos it only took her 6hrs++ to go thru a natural smooth delivery, which was deemed as really quick.... ^^;;

I'll post up pixss asap~ hehehe


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☆★-☆★BarbieのParadise★☆-★☆ [01 Apr 2004|05:29pm]
Yo~~ konnichiWassu!!! This entry's gonna made into really short...

Just some updates, I've already resigned from SingTel, currently working for another telecom~ media company.
*^-^* yay~~ finally outtaa that backstabbing, horrible office politics SingTel. \^o^/

I've been really busy & lazy to update!! But rest assured i do visit blurtyyy religiously everydAY!! dun wanna lose touch wif my friendly blurtyyy princes & princesses, ya~ *^0^*

Recently been eating lots & lotsss~!! All kaze's fault! ahahahaaa, blame it on him! We've been going to Crystal Jade to hab dinner way too often...3 days in a row!!! I lURVee their shanghai xiao long pau! yummY!!!

Tomorrow's my off day! gonna dye hair & kazekun's gonna cut + highlight! We'll be going to the newly opened french restaurant near my house for dinner, ya & also to celebrate our 2years 7mth anniversary! *^-^*

I'll try to take pixssss & update again really soon!! Lurve you all, lots & lotsss

Yours truly,
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I Love You, Granny...Rest In Peace [10 Oct 2003|07:41pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I pray to God that your soul will find peace....i pray to Him to cleanse ur soul in purgatory...
You will go to Heaven & there u will not find sorrows & sufferings...

Don't worry about us here, grand... go in peace & may the Love & Peace of Christ be with you, always....forever & ever...Amen..

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.:.♥:♥.:.Harro KITTY SATURDAY!! \^-^/.:.♥:♥.:. [20 Sep 2003|10:44pm]
[ mood | loved ]

alohaaa~!!!! *waves*waves* its finally saturday, comes fast & gone within a wink
yay~ didnt hafta work today~!!!! but i still woke up pretty early, 8.00am!!! i must be mad rite???
=_=, yesterdae, i went to the salon with my other colleagues to color our hair for magdalene(my colleague)'s wedding tomorrow!!! hehe!!! all of us wanna look our best for her BIG DAY!!! soo happy for herrr!!!!

i did a lighter shade than my usual color!!!! dye + treatment = $47 bucks only!!! my goodness, furthermore, the service not badddd! its the 2nd time i did my hair at I-Salon!!! Though its location seemed kindaaa ulu, its at rochor centre but the salon's pretty well renovated. the aircon was really COLD!!! *BRRRrrrr*

the price of the coloring was rather cheap & hairlength ard bra-line is $45bucks which was be inclusive of treatment too. $35 package is for those who come wif more than 2 pple. so all 4 of us did our hair!!! so we got discountssssss!! yipeee!!!!

okke, the above was to compensate for my absence of updating blurty yesterdae. =x

now let's begin wif my sat.

kazekun had to be in camp, so by the time he finishes, it was already 12pm. we tot of goin to nick's hse to hang out & watch LEGALLY BLONDE vcd, but i still couldnt decide wot to wear for mag's wedding. i told kaze tt i'll head to orchard for shopping before meeting him. he agreed & requested to go to suntec for the prelease of the latest magic cards thingie. i took bus 167 to far east, damn~!! i hate the jam & the rain!!!!! it took me almost 1hr++ to reach there... i took da bus at 12.30pm & reached 1.45pm.

i bought a pair of new shades!!!! went over to da icecream stall to find my buddy, jolene!! can't resist their latest product, X-treme shake!!! i tried their hyper creamy CHOCO MILKSHAKE!!! yummy, she put a total of 5 scoops of icecream..1 tsp of honey...and choco chips!!! *SINFUL*!!!!!!!!!

next, i went shopping alone..from far east, ck tangs, shaw isetan, wisma atria...
finally kazekun met up wif me at ard 4.30pm. he sold & traded magic cards & earned about $70+++. he wanted to give a treat at breeks, whom i rejected...dun wan him to spend too much money. We went to Kino, VIVI latest issue come out already!!! but i didnt buy it cos its all on fall/winter....nothing barbie or pink about it. T-T and furthermore, i'll be goin to japan for next summer! fall/winter's outta qn. i cant wear the thick clothing here! T-T
me & kazekun, then went to taka & had macdonalds! it was at tt very moment, i saw there was a toy fair right at taka square!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh HARRO KITTYCHAN!!!!!!!!!! must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanted to buy the merry-go-round set & gyaruuu kitty but all sold outtt!!! SOOO saddddd!!! mikachan's eldest sis bought all da setsssssssss!!!! urayamasiijan!!!! >.<;

kazekun bought me 3 harrokitty setss!! soo happiiii!!!!

i decided to give 1 set to mikachan cos she lurvesss Hello Kitty alot!!!! *^^* it was ard 6.30pm already...soo tired...so me & kazekun went to taka taxistand...took cabbie to nick's hse to chill out & WATCH LEGALLY BLONDE!!!!!!!!! i left at ard 9.30pm, took cabbie & reached home jus ard 9.45pm cos marsiling is quite near to yishun!!!!

okke, tts about all!!!! oyasumiiii everyone!!! *CHUUs* alotsss !!!!

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what else can i say??? its hyper BORING DAE~!!! [16 Sep 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ohhh goshh, everyone seemed soo quiet nowadays~ heh, me feeling low too~! yeah, luckily i've my cammie to play around with~ been taking shots of almost everything... heh~

i miss everybodyyyyy~~~~~ let's all liven up ourselvesss, yeah?!?

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HAPPY THURSDAY~!!! MID-AUTUMN HOLIDAY!! [11 Sep 2003|10:53pm]
harro everyoneee!!! are ya all having a great time??? it was pretty disappointing tt suddenly there's such a heavy downpour. me & kazekun actually took leave todae~ we tot of goin to chinese garden for the SANRIO characters lantern festival~

well nevertheless, we had a great time at our fren, neek's house. i helped him to clean up the whole hse.
hehehe, i also cant help but take a few pics of his great soft toys!! ahhh, mecchaaaa kawaiinaa~!!

cant wait to go his house again, he gave me and kazekun, each a key to his house~!! we can go there anytime we like! yay!!!
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MONDAY!!!!! [08 Sep 2003|07:55pm]
Yoyoyo~!!! whaazzupppp pple?!!! hehehehe

monday always seemed to be boring yea? but at least something cheered me up!!!
mikachan showed me the makeover pixsss of her twin sister & oldest sis, fumichan~
the makeup etc was done by a fren of theirs, the pixs were taken on 23/8/03 on natsu matsuri,
tts why her sistas didnt attend. poor mikachan neber get to attend to da foto session but nvm, we enjoyed ourselves tt day~!!!! here are da pixs, enjoy~

mikachan's twin sister
mika's oldest sis fumi~amira~
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Happy Saturday~!!!!! [06 Sep 2003|11:00pm]
kakaka, sorry everyone!!! i've been soo busy @work tt i really didnt have time to recollect my thoughts & update my blog!!!! now tt i'm all relaxed in my room, i'll share my happiness w all of you!!!

6/9/03, 6.30am
me woke up to wash up, put on makeup etc & rushed off to work!!! brought my ikea 2004 catalogue!!! soo excited!!! i saw alot of furniture tt i wld like to get~!! will be moving to kaze~kun's fren hse, neek @marsiling rise during dec or nxt yr!!! heh~ uresiii-jan~

i finally finished my work!!!! soo many thingies to do but luckily i managed to finish 'em. i called mikachan up to meet me at 2pm, causeway pt. kazekun & steve was already waiting for us! i cant wait for da train to faster bring me to my kaze~! fr tanjong pagar to woodlands mrt stn....soo far.. T-T

reached right on time!!! we went down to Cold Storage! i bought alot of groceries, hehehe, steve paid for it cos he specially invited me to go to neek's hse to cook! i bought 3 packets of spaghetti, 1 packet of tempura-ko, 1 bottle of black pepper & english parsley, 3 packets of chicken nuggets, 1 big bag of shiitake mushrooms, 1 big bottle of pasta sauce, 300g of minced beef, 1 packet of carrots, 1 big watermelon O_O, 6 kiwis & etc...spent ard $100+++ the stuff were soo heavy, we hailed a cab back & tts when i really started cooking!!!

i cooked from 3pm - 6pm+++. u wanna know why? cos i had to prepare 10pple's servings!!! cooked till mad !!!
the whole kitchen, lets say the hse was in a mess....eversince neek's mom passed away suddenly, 2yrs ago...there wasnt anyone to help clean up the hse...the kitchen was awfully dirty... i spent more time on cleaning & finding the right utensils etc...before i can start cooking.

marche`-like, cream of mushroom soup, beef pasta wif potato cubes & carrots, 60 pieces of chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes & alot of other finger food. ^^;;;; quite happy to see the guys enjoy a nice home-cooked meal~ its been ages since neek hse has soo many visitors.... its quite sad to see him stay alone...w no kin..at all.

i'm planning to clean up his hse soon~ =^o^= probably next sat, wish me luck & support worrr!!!!

credits:- kaze

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bon odori~ natu maturi 2001 [17 Aug 2003|11:50pm]
ooohh, i just found some pics taken 2yrs ago, at natu maturi...where i met kaze~kun & his frens...

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woohoo~!! my 1st blurty online diary!! [04 Aug 2003|10:17pm]
[ mood | jubilant ]

cho~happi desuyo! *^^* my 1st online journal~!! leaving a trace of my existence in this big wide world...with endless boundaries... *phew*
i dedicate this journal to my beloved parents, friends, my dearest boyfriend, kaze & my adorable black cat, maneki~!!! i lurveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuu all~!!!!

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