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Monday, July 28th, 2003

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    Todays' just today
    Well today i got a wakeup by my little cousin Jennah and my cousin Kim. We went to the clay cafe cause i promised Jennah id go with her and it was fun. We painted for about 3 hours and it cost me a fourtune. Then i had to go with them to pick up Travis from basketball camp and i saw so many people i knew there that were teaching/coaching. Charlene was there and i mean i havent seen her in well it must be almost 6 or 7 months. It was great seeing her and we exchanged e-mail addresses. Hopefully this time we can keep in touch. Who else was there...umm...oh yeah Chad and Allen were there too. I think were gonna get together sometime this weekend since i wont be going out to the cottage. I was there all weekend and i got to try out our new jet ski. I was out on that for a long time. Must be close to 3 hours at least. I got out far enough that i couldnt see land anywhere around me. I went to some little island in the middle of French lake ithink..well thats where im guessing i was at that point. No body seems to be on the island but there were some broken beers bottles so obviously someone has been there. I stayed there til almost 9pm and then decided it might be a good thing to head back to the cottage. I didnt make it back til almost 11pm and it was so hard finding my way in to shore, at least to the right spot. Usually i look for the water slide we have in the lake but you cant see that in the pitch dark. So i waited until Bill saw/heard me out there and he came out to guide me in. HEs a pretty good neighbor...just a bit drunk too often. Last night i went to go see my aunt in the hospital. She had some sort of surgery, but of course i cant remember what it was called. So tonight im gonna go buy her some flowers cause i noticed she didnt have any. Every person who goes in for surgery/ or even just goes to the hospital needs flowers at some point and time. Tomorrow i have a hair appointment and a doctors appointment (yet again). Urgh, im getting sick and tired of going to the doctors. Im gonna be one and all but still, seems like this guy has no idea what hes doing. Oh well, as long as hes not killing me i guess.
    Well im not hugnry! thats food and still not craving any. its been, well not 100% sure how long but im gonna go one more day without it then have a light supper on wednesday....jsut so i dont like pass out or anything. Well i gotta get going, i gotta go to the flower shop. Ciao!

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