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wOwerz...i been lOzt dammit! [28 Sep 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | my bOo ]

wOw i been kinda lOzt lol well yea on friday...wat did i dO??? Oh i didnt go to skewl so meeh,wendy,and jessica chilled and then we went to walmart! Meeh and wendy gOt matchin pj'z and then we juz chilled in cindyz krib! Then like at 8:oO wendyz aunt pikked uz up and we went to her krib tO baby sit! We babysitted till like 2 a.m andy came over der at 1O and left at 1! I waz sOo happy wendyz aunt dOnt care she likez andy! YAY!! well yea then we went to bed at like 2 and we woke up at like fukin 9 tO baby sit while she went to work! We baby sit a 1 year old a 3 year old and a 5 year old! wat drama lol anywayz we babysat till like 2 and andy came over then too at like 12-3 and we were all chillin der! Then andy took uz home and meeh and wendy chilled in ma krib *hurricane jeanne* waz supposevely cOming wat bull shit! lOl...anywayz den i ended up sleepin at wendyz and we all stayed up watching mOviez and playin mOnOpOly! MA baby waz hOme playin x bOx wit nikk! sO w.e and we went tO sleep at like 1. On sunday umm nuttin impOrtant happen meeh,jOse,wendy,nikk,cOnrOy,mycO,
willie,Jessica went to walmart and we stOle walkie talkiez and wen we gOt baq we played man hunt wit dem! dat shit waz fun it waz lyk 4 On fOur and andy,wendy,jOse were On my team and they didnt catch any Of uz fOr like a hOur and the firzt One waz wendy! Then they gOt jOse, then meeh, they didnt get andy lOl we juz decided tO b it! sO w.e it waz fun and then i came hOme and went tO sleep!! mOnday in skewl waz bOrin it waz 135 and nuttin tO interesting happen same Ol same Ol shit! we had picture day i bOught them and i saw ma pic On the cOmputer ima like dem when they cOme! I Only tOok dem kuz andy wanted meeh 2 Otherwise i wOuldnt have! Anywayz then after skewl i had cheerleadin it waz kinda fun!! and when i gOt hOme i tOok a shOwer,ate and chilled at cindyz and then we played man hunt! When ma baby gOt hOme at 8:oO i chilled wit him till like 9:3O! Then i went hOme! Todaii in skewl waz str-8 it waz 246 and it waz like w.e math waz Ok kuz we had a sub type thing! Child care waz fun...i gOt tO eat and meeh and mimi were bangin intO tha machinez and gettin free rice krispiez and free starburzt and snikerz lOl. And 6th periOd sukked it waz histOry i hate that dam class! After skewl i came hOme and chilled fOr a bit then like a 4:oO i went tO chill wit cindy,jessica,wendy! Then andy called meeh at lyk 6 sayin he liked what i waz wearin i waz lyk Okaii lOl! And next thing i knO he runz up tO meeh and givz meeh a hug n a kiss then wendy and cindy were like get a rOom i waz lyk fuk u ppl! lOl w.e then the rest OF tha crew came and we all chilled. Then cindy and her bOyfriend were getting intO and argument and he brOke upw ti her. SO he said he waz guin 2 her hOuse tO get hiz chain and she called meeh when he did and nOw shez all miserable but she talkin tO him On the fOne. I knO they guna gO baq Out thank gOd she lOvez him alOt thatz why! anywayz i juz gOt hOme lyk 45 minz agO! Ima gO tO talk tO ma baby nOw then gO tO sleep!!! Much lOve, Shay Shay

I lOve u Andy Alwayz and fOrever 143..636

(2) PlAyEd <3 WaNa PlAy??

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