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wOw... [20 Sep 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Head sPrung ]

nOthing 2 big!!!
wOw i need 2 update u all lOl. Well umm az u knO lyk i said fridaii i didnt gO tO skewl i chilled hOme till lyk 12:oO sleepin and shit and den i went tO cindyz and left der and went baq hOme at lyk 3:oO den we all chilled Outside and shit till like 7 then cindyz man came and she left wit him lyk alwayz On the weekendz...anywayz then i went hOme and wendy went tO a party i didnt wana gO wit Out ma baby but he waz wOrkin sO i didnt gO. I came hOme and ma mOm,dad,grandpa went tO thiz lil dinner thing at ma dadz friendz hOuze...sO i waz hOme alOne till lyk 11:3O juzt eatin shit Online wit krizty lmaO! gOt we were really fuqin bOred! Anywayz mOving On den ma parentz gOt hOme and andy gOt Outa wOrk at 12:oO he came Over till lyk 1:1O and den he left and i went tO sleep! Saturdaii waz w.e kinda bOring...well in the day time it waz...well i wOke up at lyk 11:oO and andy called meeh tO meet him at tha park! sO i did and then we walked arOund rOyal cOuntry then and we saw jOse,carlOz,umm..Oh nikk,cOnrOy and we walked wit them. Den we saw cindy and her bOyfriend pull in rOyal cOuntry and they stOpped and we talked tO them fOr a while den...andy had tO gO tO wOrk at lyk 2:oO sO he went hOme n gOt drezzed...then...umm Oh yea i went tO cindyz till lyk 3:oO then her bOyfriend came and they left again sO i chilled witjOse,
carlOz,cOnrOy,Patrikk,nikk,jessica,whOever elze waz der! lOl i dunt even remember then we went tO the pOol and at 6:oO i went hOme and chilled and then i gOt ready kuz andy waz pikking meeh up at 9:oO tO gO tO the mOviez...we ended up guin in thiz big huge grOup lOl sO it wuld b mORe fun and shit it waz me,andy,nik,wendii,pattrikk,jessica,cOnrOy,jOse,mycO,i think dat waz it! sO w.e we gOt there and we watched half a mOvie and we gOt bORed sO we went tO tha big walmart and meeh and andy went tO the bakk n started makin Out and sum ladii dat wOrkz der waz lyk hey hey hey nOne Of that here lmaO! hOW embaressing! anywayz so then we all went tO dennyz and we gOt hOme at lyk 1:3O and i tOok a shOwer and wen tO sleep! Sundaii waz madd fun andy didnt have tO wOrk!!! BIG SMILEZ!!! anywayz we all went tO the pOol at 1:oO and all Of uz meaning the whOle crew frOm rOyal cOuntry which wOuld include...me,wendy,nikk,andy,jessica,patrikk,cOnrOy,thalez,
nik,jOze,mycO,wyllie,luiz,cindy,lily,and i think daz it!! So we all chilled der played,swam,played gamez,chicken fight i waz tha champiOn wat wat!! lOl...umm we danced tO tha musiq kuz we had a radiO n shit and then we all left der at lyk umm...5:oO and we all went tO walmart well nOT all uz juz meeh,andy,cindy,her man luis,nikk,wendii,mycO,jOze! WE went in andyz car and in luis'z car! WE were der frOm lyk 7-9 juzt eatin shit all the ppl dat went TO walmart wit meeh waz chillin in tha park wen we gOt baq then i gOt hOme at lyk 1O:3O and i started puttin up picturez i had develOped and the glOw in the dark starz! That shyt came Owt sOoO fukin cute!!! anywayz then i talked tO ma babii On tha fOne and i went tO sleep! tOdaii in skewl waz bla math went by slOw and child care waz fazt and histOry sukked azz lOl! Well i wrOte ma baby a nOT tOdaii,wendii a nOte and cindy a friggin 4 page nOte! She had fun readin it datz 4 sure lOl! i had alOt tO tell her lOl...anywayz after skewl i went tO cindyz rite frOm ma buz stOp and then weny came then meeh,wendy went tO my krib 2 change and then we went baq 2 cindyz. Then i went tO andyz till lyk 6 and then he had tO gO tO wOrk sO i went baq 2 cindyz...we helped her Organize her rOom and shit and then she tOok a shOwer. Then meeh,wendii,cindy,jOse,nikk,cOnrOy,patrikk all walked tO casa latina tO get pan cOn bistec! sO we did and when we waz waitin 4 it cindyz man shOwed up and he tOok uz tO cindyz krib wen it waz dOne. meeh,wendii,cindy,luis chilled in cindyz rOom juz eatin shit and then cindyz real dad came tO give her..tha new bed! lOl sO cOmfy!! lOl! anywayz then he left and cindy went Outside tO talk 2 her dad and then meeh,wendii were giving luis a lil shOw lmaO it waz sOo funny! it waz the pimp,hOe shOw lmaO! u had tO b der tOo see it. Then cindy came in all mad kuz we waz all havin fun atleast daz wat we think it waz and we shOwed her the shOw...she laffed and then wen we stOpped she acted all mad again! i tOld her bOyfriend shez a drama queen and he said i knO!!! lmAO w.e then andy called and then i decided tO gO hOme and sO didnt wendy sO did luis lOl! then we all went Outside we were chillin der fOr lyk 1O minz cindy seemed str-8 then meeh,wendyy left On Our purple and blue scOoterz lmaO and then i gOt hOme n shOwered! nOw im hea writin thiz and im bORed!!! and iz textin meeh all diz shyt sO ima gO call her n see wazza wit her! talk 2 u all lataz Mwaaz..Shalean!

I mizz my baby!!!
WaNa PlAy??

ChAngE cOlOrz.. [20 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Letz gO ]

I waz guna change tha cOlORz Of ma jOurnal but then i decided tO dO it tOmOrrOw Or next time i update kuz im tired and i gOt skewl tOmOrrOw!! sO yea i juzt felt lyk letting yOu all knO! Mwaaz Shalean!!!

WaNa PlAy??

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