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lOl... [09 Feb 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | qet riite-jlO ]

lOl...iim still aliive!!! alOnq wiit arlene! Oh yeh...ii thiink ii shuld let u knO meeh nd andy brOke up lyk 3 mthz aqO OR suttin :( mOzt likely da iinfO izi iin myy LJ name...iive chanqed da shyyt sOoO much!


qOtta qO nd` see iit...iitsz HOTT shiit riite der!


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LJ [04 Oct 2004|04:27pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]
[ music | gO dj ]

Heii pplz ima guin baq 2 LJ lOl...im bOred wit blurty and all ma friendz are Ova there lOl. Ima leave this One up thO sO ppl can still read and shit but this iz pretty much ma last entry fOR a while. sO if u wana read u wOuld have tO gO..


Much lOve,

Peace Owt blurty 4 nOwz

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wOwerz...i been lOzt dammit! [28 Sep 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | my bOo ]

wOw i been kinda lOzt lol well yea on friday...wat did i dO??? Oh i didnt go to skewl so meeh,wendy,and jessica chilled and then we went to walmart! Meeh and wendy gOt matchin pj'z and then we juz chilled in cindyz krib! Then like at 8:oO wendyz aunt pikked uz up and we went to her krib tO baby sit! We babysitted till like 2 a.m andy came over der at 1O and left at 1! I waz sOo happy wendyz aunt dOnt care she likez andy! YAY!! well yea then we went to bed at like 2 and we woke up at like fukin 9 tO baby sit while she went to work! We baby sit a 1 year old a 3 year old and a 5 year old! wat drama lol anywayz we babysat till like 2 and andy came over then too at like 12-3 and we were all chillin der! Then andy took uz home and meeh and wendy chilled in ma krib *hurricane jeanne* waz supposevely cOming wat bull shit! lOl...anywayz den i ended up sleepin at wendyz and we all stayed up watching mOviez and playin mOnOpOly! MA baby waz hOme playin x bOx wit nikk! sO w.e and we went tO sleep at like 1. On sunday umm nuttin impOrtant happen meeh,jOse,wendy,nikk,cOnrOy,mycO,
willie,Jessica went to walmart and we stOle walkie talkiez and wen we gOt baq we played man hunt wit dem! dat shit waz fun it waz lyk 4 On fOur and andy,wendy,jOse were On my team and they didnt catch any Of uz fOr like a hOur and the firzt One waz wendy! Then they gOt jOse, then meeh, they didnt get andy lOl we juz decided tO b it! sO w.e it waz fun and then i came hOme and went tO sleep!! mOnday in skewl waz bOrin it waz 135 and nuttin tO interesting happen same Ol same Ol shit! we had picture day i bOught them and i saw ma pic On the cOmputer ima like dem when they cOme! I Only tOok dem kuz andy wanted meeh 2 Otherwise i wOuldnt have! Anywayz then after skewl i had cheerleadin it waz kinda fun!! and when i gOt hOme i tOok a shOwer,ate and chilled at cindyz and then we played man hunt! When ma baby gOt hOme at 8:oO i chilled wit him till like 9:3O! Then i went hOme! Todaii in skewl waz str-8 it waz 246 and it waz like w.e math waz Ok kuz we had a sub type thing! Child care waz fun...i gOt tO eat and meeh and mimi were bangin intO tha machinez and gettin free rice krispiez and free starburzt and snikerz lOl. And 6th periOd sukked it waz histOry i hate that dam class! After skewl i came hOme and chilled fOr a bit then like a 4:oO i went tO chill wit cindy,jessica,wendy! Then andy called meeh at lyk 6 sayin he liked what i waz wearin i waz lyk Okaii lOl! And next thing i knO he runz up tO meeh and givz meeh a hug n a kiss then wendy and cindy were like get a rOom i waz lyk fuk u ppl! lOl w.e then the rest OF tha crew came and we all chilled. Then cindy and her bOyfriend were getting intO and argument and he brOke upw ti her. SO he said he waz guin 2 her hOuse tO get hiz chain and she called meeh when he did and nOw shez all miserable but she talkin tO him On the fOne. I knO they guna gO baq Out thank gOd she lOvez him alOt thatz why! anywayz i juz gOt hOme lyk 45 minz agO! Ima gO tO talk tO ma baby nOw then gO tO sleep!!! Much lOve, Shay Shay

I lOve u Andy Alwayz and fOrever 143..636

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S3qZii S3qZii!! [23 Sep 2004|10:18pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | You And Meeh ]

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.................."Juzt bOred"..................... [22 Sep 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | U and me ]

im juzt bORed sO i decided tO write in this little shit! Maybe it will keep me entertained and maybe even yOu. nOt really thOugh because nOthin tO excitin haz happened Over the past day OR twO! Yesterdaii letz see i went tO skewl and it waz w.e..kina bOrin i had english 1st and it waz str-8..we had a sub! Then 4th periOd waz child care and dat class iz juzt a eat shit class sO i waz lukky then came lunch and it waz bOrin az hell then 5th periOd waz science and it waz actually fun kuz we played a game tO study 4 da chapter 1 test tOmOrrOW. Anywayz then after skewl i umm...Oh cleaned my rOom a little bit and then meeh and wendy went tO cindyz krib and we were playing mOnOpOly and we Ordered pizza and juzt ate shit there in cindyz krib! Then i Opened my mOuth and said "Oh i wOnder if cindy knOwz abOut wen i fell yesterday" ((kuz wendy pushed meeh and i fell On tOp Of her bOyfriend)) w.e then cindy waz lyk wat??? i waz lyk nuttin fORget it and she kept beggin fOr meeh tO tell her and then i waz lyk nOo and i finally tOld her and lyk she said she WOuldnt...she gOt mad! She waz lyk and u cOuldnt tell meeh this yesterday when i asked yOu what happen in the rOom while i waz talkin 2 ma dad Outside i waz lyk itz nOt a big deal i pushed baq sO fazt it waz lyk nuttin and she waz lyk w.e and bla bla she waz mOre mad i didnt tell her yesterday and she waz mad at wendy! Kuz she thinkz wendy likez her bOyfriend and she dOnt! kzu wendy waz lyk tell ur bOyfriend im sexually fristrated and she pushed meeh On him and she iz alwayz askin bOut him but w.e! anywayz sO yea wendy left hOme and then meeh and cindy were talkin and she waz sayin dat she waz guna hit luis and dat i didnt wana b der wen it happend sO w.e i left and i text her tellin her nOt tO dO shit 2 him he didnt tell u kuz he dOnt want u 2 get mad n bla bla! Then i waz lyk think befOre u act kuz in the end u will regret it. She waz ignOring meeh and i waz lyk w.e! Then she text sayin dat fOr meeh nOT tO call her Or text kuz her bOyfriend waz there and they were tlakin sO w.e i didnt. Then she called sayin they brOke up and it waz kuz we tOld her bOyfriend "Oh i cant alk 2 u kuz then cindy will get mad" i waz lyk wtf i tOld wendy and we went Over her krib and asked her man when we said that and she waz lyk Oh i missunderstOod wat u said...i waz lyk yeah and then w.e meeh and wendy sat in frOnt Of cindyz krib while her n her man talked inside. Then she ended up texting meeh tellin meeh hOw everything iz Ok and she waz sOrry fOr being a bitch and bla bla. Then she came out kuz i waz ignOrin her and she saw i waz cryin she gave meeh a hug and then she gavbe meeh tylenOl. I ended up chillin Outside fOr a bit and then andy called meeh and i tOld him the whOle stOry and he understOod it all! Thank gOd! SO w.e we all str-8 nOw and cindy iz juz a little mad at wendy! Anywayz i went hOme and went tO sleep! Todaii i went tO skewl and it waz bOrin i had math and it sukked then child care and it waz Ok! Then i had freakin histOry and i hate dat class and the teacher! He pikkz On meeh sO much and tOdaii he mOved meeh and mimi juz kuz i waz laughin lmaO! w.e thO hez gay! Anywayz after skewl i had cheerleadin and it waz str-8! Then i gOt hOme at lyk 4:oO and i tOok a shOwer,ate. Then at like 5:oO i went Outside and i saw everyOne at that park and then my baby called and tOld me he wOuld b hOme at 7:oO..sO then i waz lyk Ok and i chilled wit everyOne arOund hea eatin shit and then at 7:oO andy called and we went tO eat at tOny rOmaz!! yummy yummy lOl! Then at lyk 8:3O we gOt baq and we juzt chilled in hiz krib playin playstatiOn 2 and then i came hOme arOund 9:3O and i tOok a shOwer and nOw im writin in thiz shyt and im sleepy sO ima dO ma h.w and gO tO sleeP! Much lOve alwayz..Shalean

p.s this week in skewl iz spirit week and itz gay! mOndaii waz fav character day tuezday waz spOrtz day and tOdaii waz fav celebrity day and tOmOrrOw iz wacky tacky day and friday iz class cOlOrz! the Only One i did sO far iz spOrtz day and tOmOrrOw i wana dress tacky but i changed ma mind! Ima just wear my cOmfy clOthez and i dOnt care hOw ma hair iz guna lOok lOl! Oh yea and im duin friday which iz class cOlOrz which mean i gOtta wear black n white but daz eazy! Iight much lOve!

I lOve u Andy Baby!

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SurVey tImE!!! [21 Sep 2004|10:34pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | My bOo ]

Im bOred are u bORed??? well u are if ur readin ma jOurnal sO here ya gOo have fun!

[my name is]: Shalean
[in the morning i am]: hungry
[love is]: fun!
[i dream about]: everything

-W I T H .T H E. O P P O S I T E. S E X-
[what do you notice first?]: hmm persOnality and lipz
[last person u slow danced with]: My baby =]

-W H O-
[do you have a crush on?]: My baby
[is easiest to talk to]: My Baby . cindy. and sOmetimez jessica...it all dependz On wat tha situatiOn iz!

-H A V E .Y O U .E V E R-
[fallen for your best friend]: nOp .
[been in love]: yes =]

-W H O .W A S .T H E .L A S T. P E R S O N-
[you talked to on the phone]: cindy
[hugged]: cindy..lOl
[you instant messaged]: andy
[you laughed with]: cindy.

-D O .Y O U / / A R E .Y O U-
[could you live without the computer?]: nOp
[what's your favoite food]: Oh man tO many!

[whats ur favorite fruit?]: strawberriez
[what hurts mOre physical pain or emotional pain?]: emOtiOnal duh!!!
[trust others way too easily?]: naw i knO whO tO watch Out fOR cOugh cOugh MLEC HOEZ!!!

-N U M B E R-
[of times i have had my heart broken? ]: Once
[of hearts i have broken?]: lOl lyk 3
[of boys i have kissed?] : like 1O...OR sOmethin i dOnt freakin knO!
[of girls i have kissed?] : nOne
[of drugs taken illegally?] : juzt 2
[of tight friends?] : like 2 i can truzt wit ma life
[of cd's that i own?] : lOl all mine are burned kuz im cheap!
[of scars on my body?] : i dOnt cOunt em dam!
[of things in my past that i regret?] : nuttin really

[i know]: i lOVE ANDY!
[i want]: my baby here wit me
[i have]: a pretty ring On i juz gOt like 3 dayz agO! MWAA
[i wish]: i was sleeping
[i hate]: alOt Of thingz!
[i miss]: my baby
[i fear]: death . n beinq alOne
[i hear]: my dryer..drying ma clOthez!
[i love]: andy
[i care]: too much sometimes..yup!
[i will always]: be meeh!
[i dance]: all tha time!
[i cry]: all the time..im sensitive
[i write]: Ok!
[i confuse]: myself and Otherz
[i can usually be found]: wit andy Or cindy
[i need]: my baby..and sleeP!

[wuss]: lmaO u wana find Out...but i hate ppl that say dey all dat and wen u gO tO fight dey sOft!!
[druggie]: nOp nuttin lyk dat lOl
[gang member]: hell nO!
[daydreamer]: yeah!
[alcoholic]: lmaO! sOmetimez
[freak]: dOez in tha bed cOunt??
[brat]: yea
[sarcastic]: all the time
[goody-goody]: nOp
[angel]: naw..i admit it
[devil]: yup!
[friend]: tO sOme
[shy]: hell nO
[talkative]: yuh
[adventurous]: yea
[intelligent]: nOp..i can be thO if i put ma mind tO it im juz lazy!

[wish you saw more often]: cindy. wendy
[most sarcastic]: meeh!
[knows you best]: wendy.cindy.andy
[most entertaining]: andy.wendy
[love to be around]: andy.cindy.wendy
[nicest] hmm...all my friendz are bitchez!! we are knOwn az here "the bitchez"
[gives the best advice]: CINDY!
[you are with most often]: andy.cindy.Wendy

[your best feature (personality)]: I'm easy to talk to
[annoying thing you do]: u tell me
[biggest mistake you've made this far]: hmmm
[describe your personality in one word]: different
[the physical feature for which you are most often complimented]: my azz...and my legz
[height]: 5'1 Or 2
[a smell that makes you smile]: very sexy
[a city you'd like to visit]: hmmm i dunO!
[a drink you order most often]: water
[a delicious dessert]: anythin i think!
[a book you highly recommend]: the cOldezt winter ever.
[the music you prefer while alone]: anythin
[your favorite band]: hmmm 2 many
[a film you could watch over and over]: matilda..mean girlz kuz ima mean girl!
[TV show you watch regularly]: fUll HoUSE and 7th heaven
[you live in a(n)]: casa
[your transportation]: car((when ma mOmmy letz me bOrrOW itwhich iz alOT)),bike,legz and anythin elze i gOt
[under your bed or in your closet you hide]: letter bOxez and sum picturez and junk!

im tired nOw and im guin 2 bed mwaaz Shalean

Im sleepy gOod nite nd' sweet dreamz!!

WaNa PlAy?

ChAngE cOlOrz.. [20 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Letz gO ]

I waz guna change tha cOlORz Of ma jOurnal but then i decided tO dO it tOmOrrOw Or next time i update kuz im tired and i gOt skewl tOmOrrOw!! sO yea i juzt felt lyk letting yOu all knO! Mwaaz Shalean!!!

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wOw... [20 Sep 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Head sPrung ]

nOthing 2 big!!!
wOw i need 2 update u all lOl. Well umm az u knO lyk i said fridaii i didnt gO tO skewl i chilled hOme till lyk 12:oO sleepin and shit and den i went tO cindyz and left der and went baq hOme at lyk 3:oO den we all chilled Outside and shit till like 7 then cindyz man came and she left wit him lyk alwayz On the weekendz...anywayz then i went hOme and wendy went tO a party i didnt wana gO wit Out ma baby but he waz wOrkin sO i didnt gO. I came hOme and ma mOm,dad,grandpa went tO thiz lil dinner thing at ma dadz friendz hOuze...sO i waz hOme alOne till lyk 11:3O juzt eatin shit Online wit krizty lmaO! gOt we were really fuqin bOred! Anywayz mOving On den ma parentz gOt hOme and andy gOt Outa wOrk at 12:oO he came Over till lyk 1:1O and den he left and i went tO sleep! Saturdaii waz w.e kinda bOring...well in the day time it waz...well i wOke up at lyk 11:oO and andy called meeh tO meet him at tha park! sO i did and then we walked arOund rOyal cOuntry then and we saw jOse,carlOz,umm..Oh nikk,cOnrOy and we walked wit them. Den we saw cindy and her bOyfriend pull in rOyal cOuntry and they stOpped and we talked tO them fOr a while den...andy had tO gO tO wOrk at lyk 2:oO sO he went hOme n gOt drezzed...then...umm Oh yea i went tO cindyz till lyk 3:oO then her bOyfriend came and they left again sO i chilled witjOse,
carlOz,cOnrOy,Patrikk,nikk,jessica,whOever elze waz der! lOl i dunt even remember then we went tO the pOol and at 6:oO i went hOme and chilled and then i gOt ready kuz andy waz pikking meeh up at 9:oO tO gO tO the mOviez...we ended up guin in thiz big huge grOup lOl sO it wuld b mORe fun and shit it waz me,andy,nik,wendii,pattrikk,jessica,cOnrOy,jOse,mycO,i think dat waz it! sO w.e we gOt there and we watched half a mOvie and we gOt bORed sO we went tO tha big walmart and meeh and andy went tO the bakk n started makin Out and sum ladii dat wOrkz der waz lyk hey hey hey nOne Of that here lmaO! hOW embaressing! anywayz so then we all went tO dennyz and we gOt hOme at lyk 1:3O and i tOok a shOwer and wen tO sleep! Sundaii waz madd fun andy didnt have tO wOrk!!! BIG SMILEZ!!! anywayz we all went tO the pOol at 1:oO and all Of uz meaning the whOle crew frOm rOyal cOuntry which wOuld include...me,wendy,nikk,andy,jessica,patrikk,cOnrOy,thalez,
nik,jOze,mycO,wyllie,luiz,cindy,lily,and i think daz it!! So we all chilled der played,swam,played gamez,chicken fight i waz tha champiOn wat wat!! lOl...umm we danced tO tha musiq kuz we had a radiO n shit and then we all left der at lyk umm...5:oO and we all went tO walmart well nOT all uz juz meeh,andy,cindy,her man luis,nikk,wendii,mycO,jOze! WE went in andyz car and in luis'z car! WE were der frOm lyk 7-9 juzt eatin shit all the ppl dat went TO walmart wit meeh waz chillin in tha park wen we gOt baq then i gOt hOme at lyk 1O:3O and i started puttin up picturez i had develOped and the glOw in the dark starz! That shyt came Owt sOoO fukin cute!!! anywayz then i talked tO ma babii On tha fOne and i went tO sleep! tOdaii in skewl waz bla math went by slOw and child care waz fazt and histOry sukked azz lOl! Well i wrOte ma baby a nOT tOdaii,wendii a nOte and cindy a friggin 4 page nOte! She had fun readin it datz 4 sure lOl! i had alOt tO tell her lOl...anywayz after skewl i went tO cindyz rite frOm ma buz stOp and then weny came then meeh,wendy went tO my krib 2 change and then we went baq 2 cindyz. Then i went tO andyz till lyk 6 and then he had tO gO tO wOrk sO i went baq 2 cindyz...we helped her Organize her rOom and shit and then she tOok a shOwer. Then meeh,wendii,cindy,jOse,nikk,cOnrOy,patrikk all walked tO casa latina tO get pan cOn bistec! sO we did and when we waz waitin 4 it cindyz man shOwed up and he tOok uz tO cindyz krib wen it waz dOne. meeh,wendii,cindy,luis chilled in cindyz rOom juz eatin shit and then cindyz real dad came tO give her..tha new bed! lOl sO cOmfy!! lOl! anywayz then he left and cindy went Outside tO talk 2 her dad and then meeh,wendii were giving luis a lil shOw lmaO it waz sOo funny! it waz the pimp,hOe shOw lmaO! u had tO b der tOo see it. Then cindy came in all mad kuz we waz all havin fun atleast daz wat we think it waz and we shOwed her the shOw...she laffed and then wen we stOpped she acted all mad again! i tOld her bOyfriend shez a drama queen and he said i knO!!! lmAO w.e then andy called and then i decided tO gO hOme and sO didnt wendy sO did luis lOl! then we all went Outside we were chillin der fOr lyk 1O minz cindy seemed str-8 then meeh,wendyy left On Our purple and blue scOoterz lmaO and then i gOt hOme n shOwered! nOw im hea writin thiz and im bORed!!! and iz textin meeh all diz shyt sO ima gO call her n see wazza wit her! talk 2 u all lataz Mwaaz..Shalean!

I mizz my baby!!!
WaNa PlAy?

Juzt anOther updatatiOn..lmaO! [16 Sep 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | headsprung ]

Well im bOred hea in ma krib i juz gOt hOme frOm chillin in frOnt Of cindyz krib wit the fOllOwing peOplez...cindy,her man,andy, cOnrOy,Patrikk,Wendy,Nikk,Jessica,jOse and mikey. We were all der eating shit. Anywayz let meeh gO baw a cOuple Of dayz n tell u wat i have been duin. Well as u knO tuezdaii meeh and andy made 7mthz. Well i alreadii tOld u bOut dat daii nOw...On wednesday i actually went tO skewl lOl we gOt Our prOgress repOrtz i gOt....

1.English 3..thOmas..c3b cOmmentz were..excessive talking
2.Algebra 2..Obrien..f3b cOmmentz were..absences affectin prOgrezz n lOw tezt scOrez
3.Child care..Vigil..b2b cOmmentz were..much inprOvement shOwn
4.Child care..Vigil..b2b cOmmentz were..much inprOvement shOwn
5.Physical science..thOmpsOn..d2a..cOmmentz were tranfered student.
6.HistOry..UrrusunO..f3f..cOmmentz were lOw test scOres..dOez nOt participate..and disruptz the learing envirOnment! (lmaO) we shOuld have all knOwn i waz guna get dat lmaO! fuq mr.u rOoster lOokin azz!

anwayz yea thOze are ma gradez. I need tO start guin 2 skewl i already missed lyk 7 dayz lmaO! anywayz after skewl i chilled wit all dez ppl (ma baby wOrked) i chilled wit every wun elze thO. Omg TitO,jOhnny set the dumpster On fire...and they ran! i didnt see it but ma friend tOld meeh bOut it anywayz sO we seen da fire trukk cOmin and we saw da dumpster and den sum bitch tried tO blame meeh and wendy kuz we are "trOuble" in rOyal cOuntry. sO w.e we seen cindy cOmin baw frOm da dOctORz and we went walkin wit her and next thing u knO cOpz cOme up 2 uz and ask uz 3 if we ever been 2 jack. Wendy said nO..cindy said nO and i said yea. sO One Of da cOpz stayed talkin 2 wendy and cindy and the Other One searched meeh and lOoked up ma recOrd. Then dey asked uz questiOnz abOut da fire and i waz lyk it waznt meeh! (i waz thinkin in ma head if they plan tO take meeh 2 jack ill snitch n say it waz titO,jOhnny lmaO kuz i dOnt lyk dem anywayz). sO w.e dey let uz gO thank gOd lOlz. Then i called andy and tOld him abOut it and bla bla..anywayz..den we went tO cindyz krib and chilled der fOr a while and then her bOyfriend came and we were all chillin Out in frOnt Of her krib listenin 2 musiq frOm hiz car. It waz juz meeh,wendy,cindy,her man. Meeh and wendy were dancin 2 da musiq lmaO! cindyz b.f thinkz we are On crack lmaO kuz we are hyper lOl...hey we cant help it we are juzt hyper! lOl! anywayz den meeh and wendy kept jumpin da fench 2 get snakkz frOm da stOre(da stOre iz rite there behind cindyz krib) and we wOuld cOme baq in lyk 2 minz and her b.f waz lyk wtf hOw dO u ppl dO dat shyt sO fazt lOl. I waz lyk im da fastest girl i knO lOl. Anywayz sO we cOntinued 2 chill der den mikey mOm(da neighbOR) came Out and asked meeh and wendy 2 gO 2 eckerdz wit her since her sOn waz wit the dad and the Other sOn and sister alsO. sO we went and wen we came baq cindy and luis were in cindyz hOuze and she heard uz Outside sO they came Out lOl. then luis left and then we went tO get ma shyt frOm am hOuze 2 sleepOver cindyz and adter we walked wendy hOme. Den meeh and cindy chilled in her krib eatin shyt till lyk 2 in da mOrnin. i talked tO ma baby while she tlaked 2 herz till lyk 3. I lOve him sO much!! lOl.. sO w.e tOdaii waz nO skewl kuz OF sum jewish hOliday Or w.eeeeee! sO w.e meeh and cindy wOke upa t 11:oO and she tOok a shOwer..we went tO ma krib i tOok One..then we went tO da nail place tO get Our nailz dOne. i usually have ma mOm dO em kuz she dOEz nailz but i didnt wana wait till next thurzdaii sO w.e den wendy shOwed up and gOt herz dOne. then we all chilled in cindyz krib and we Ordered pizza and we played gamez. Then we decided tO gO tO the pOol n by dat time ti wat lyk 3:OO and we stayed till 6. Den we all went hOme..i tOok a shOwer and walked baq tO cindyz and On the way i saw..andy Outside wit jOze sO den dey walked wit meeh..and den we all went tO the stOre.. it waz meeh, cindy,jOse,andy,and cOnrOy. sO we gOt wat cindy wanted and we walked tO jessicas tO get mOnOpOly. then we all chilled in frOnt Of cindyz. it waz meeh,jessica,cindy,andy,nikk,cOnrOt,jOse and i think daz it. Meeh and andy were tOgether and cindy waz lyk aww wat a cute cOuple lol. Anywayz...umm then Oh yea andy had tO gO hOme cuz he gOt wOrk tOmOrrOw frOm 7-4. which iz gOod kuz meeh,him,cindy,luis are guin tO da beach tOmOrrOw nite. Anywayz sO meeh,jessica,cindy went inside tO play mOnOpOly and den jOze,cOnrOy,mikey kept knOkkin On da windOw sO we went Outside tO kikk der azz and den we all ended up guin 2 get pan cOn bistec at casa latina resteraunt. Yummy Yummy. Den cindyz man called her and tOld her he waz at her hOuze. (he tOld her he waznt cOmin tOday but he surprised her) sO w.e he came walkin and we all waited fOR da fOod den we walked baq 2 cindyz and we all chilled in frOnt Of da krib and then...ma mOm called and asked when i waz gin hOme i said i dunO! then she said well dO u want tO cOme tO dunkin dOnutz?? i waz lyk "hell yea" and she waz lyk "arent u guin 2 b tired fOr skewl tOmOrrOw" i tOld her i waznt guin.. she said "again" and i said "yea" den she waz lyk "Ok w.e!" sO yea i aint guin...again lOl! nOw dat im dOne finally ima gO take a shOwer...peace Owt pplz..Mwaa Shalean k.a Shay!

I miss my baby..hez been wOrkin alOt!

WaNa PlAy?

7 mthz... [14 Sep 2004|09:26pm]
[ mood | impressed ]
[ music | Changez ]

7 lOvely mOnthz!!!

Well tOdaii meeh and ma wOnderfull andy made 7 mthz. Well i didnt gO tO skewl again kuz i didnt wana lmaO. Anywayz ma babii called meeh at 9 telling meeh he waz at wOrk sO w.e i wOke up and tOok a shOwer den cindy called sayin she waz guna cOme Over SO i waz lyk w.e! She came and den jezikah,carlOz,thalez,jOze all came. sO we were all hea chillin in ma krib wit da musiq lOud azz hell dancin n bla bla! WE started playin mOnOpOly but it gOt bOrin! We had a dance cOntezt n i wOn!!! lOl CANT BEAT MEEH!!! LOL!!! Anywayz den Outa nO where andy came at 1:oO wit rOses and a card. Da card had 5O bukkz in it and he had gave meeh an anklet lyk a week agO remember!! Yea anywayz sO we all chilled in ma crib till lyk 3:oO and we all sat in da park. Den cindy left hOme and every One waz still in da park and den ma babii said he had tO gO in and take a shOwer sO w.e he went. Den cindy called meeh 2 walk 2 da stOre wit her sO i did and wendii shOwed up. We bOught pan cOn bistec yummy!!! lOlz. sO den wendii bOught her cOntactz and we went tO cindy'z hOuze and played dOminOez wit meeh,cindy,wendii and cindyz neighbOr mikey. we played twO gamez..wat trOuble rite guyz?? lOl anywayz den we decided tO gO Outside n wait 4 cindy'z b.f sO we were chillin der and he shOwed up. we were all eatin shit and cindy waz sad 4 sum reasOn..it must have been suttin her b.f said while i walked away frOm dem tO ask wendii suttin daz wat i waz sayin in ma mind. sO i waz lyk cindy y are ur eyez watery dOnt cr mama and her b.f waz lyk watz wrOng wit u..n bla bla sO w.e i walked away sO dey cOuld talk and meeh and wendii were trin On her new cOntactz wit mikey den we ended up baq at cindy'z b.f'z car eatin shit wit dem and den wendii had tO leave..kuz her mOm called her! Den ummmmm...wat happen afta dat?? Oh yea andy kalled and tOld meeh he waz dOne i waz lyk Okaii and he came tO da frOnt Of cindyz where we were den Outa nO where meeh,andy were in da baq Of luis car and we all left. We went Out tO dinner..and den we came baq. Den meeh and andy left at lyk 6 and we went tO sum place near da beach and juz layed der tOgether. aww it waz qt..i waz very happy tOdaii i gOt tO b wit ma babii i lOve him sOoO very much! lOl anywayz mOving On we left da beach at lyk 8:3O and gOt baq 2 ma crib at 9:oO. I tOok a shOwer and nOw im hea writin diz shit and i gtg kuz i gOtta dO sum h.w there kuz im actually guin 2 skewl tOmOrrOw! lmaO!!! Biiez...Shalean

I lOve u Andy
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Ma daii Of nO skewl!! [13 Sep 2004|09:27pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | I pray ]

Well sOrry i been writin sO shOrt nuttin 2 amusing haz been happenin. tOdaii az u knO i didnt gO tO skewl i didnt wana gO sOoO cindy came Ova den carlOz came lyk a hr lata and we Ordered pizza. Cindy started cleanin ma hOuze lOl even thO it waz already clean. Oh incase u ppl dunO whO cindy are shez ma friend and she 19 Ok lOl. Anywayz sO yea we Ordered pizza and we ate shit in ma hOuze. Then lyk at 3 they bOth left and den i tOok a shOwer and i went Outside and played mOnOpOly in da park wit jez,nikk,wendii,jOse,carlOz and daz it. Den i seen andy had came hOme and he walked Ova 2 where we were sittin and he gave meeh a kiss and he tOok ma place in mOnOpOly. Den cindy have walkin tOward da park wit her man...hOw kute! lOl den we were all chillin der den i wanted tO gO hOme sO i cOuld tell ma mOm ima stay hOme again. I tOld her n she said Ok...w.e shez lyk Oh itz ur fault if u fail bla bla and itz funny kuz i knO im alreadii failin histOry and science but w.e! Anwayz mOving On sO yea i came hOme and i talked tO andy till lyk 7 kuz he waz guin 2 da beach wit luis. sO cindy called meeh and waz lyk Oh umm...Our men are guin 2 da gym im lyk i knO. But denn...misz cindy cOnvinced her man 2 stay wit her at her krib sOoO..andy stayed hOme lOl. Cindyz sO qt lOl...she waz lyk "baby i wana b wit u and u dOnt wana b wit meeh daz fuked up" he waz lyk fine! sO he stayed aww i knO. Cindy and luiz made 5 mthz yesterdaii..meeh and andy make 7 tOmOrrOw! I feel sO strOng lOl..i dunO wat ima dO wit him but i knO suttin. tOmOrrOw i aint guin 2 skewl again and cindy iz guna cOme Ova sO iz jezikah and jOze and carlOz. Ima make andy suttin pretty i been wOrkin On and ima buy him suttin 2. He wOrkz tOmOrrOw from 7-3 sO ima c him at lyk 4..i wOnder wat we guna dO. I dunO but i will let ya knO...iight i gtg cindyz callin meeh! lOl '
Mwaa Shay Shay'
I lOve u andy!

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gOoD mOrnIng bLuRty.. [13 Sep 2004|10:25am]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | dammit man ]

well let meeh tell u wat i did yesterdaii nuttin 2 big but umm i went tO da pOol wit ma lil buddiez which are cindy,wendy,luis,nikk,andy! we all were wit Out men lOl. it waz sO qt lOl...anywayz we went tO da pOol at lyk 12 and we left at lyk 3 and den cindy and luis left tO gO see cindyz dad in brOward and nikk and wendy went tO nikkz crib and meeh and andy came tO ma hOuze and watched "the passiOn Of crizt again" ugh i hate seein dat mOvie itz sO sad lOl. Well anwayz afta da mOvie andy went hOme. Then... Meeh,wendy,cindy were suppOsed tO gO tO tha mOviez but cindy waz late kuz we had planned it b4 she left and she waz suppOzed 2 b baq by 8 but she gOt baq at 1O and by den i waz shOwered and in ma pj'z. I talked 2 cindy On da fOne fOr a while and den i went tO sleep. tOdaii az u can see im nOT in skewl lOl cuz i dOnt wanna b lOlz...cindy iz guna cOme Over cuz bOth Out b.f'z r wOrkin :( dat sux..well ima gO take a shOwer tOodlez...Shalean

I miss my baby!!

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ChIlLin ChIlLin.. [11 Sep 2004|05:42pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Letz gO ]

well im hea at ma krib juz chillin chillin..while andy playz xbOx wit ma dad lOl. Umm yesterdaii wat did i dO?? Oh yeahz...i went tO wendyz auntz krib wit wendii at lyk 1O:oO and we baby sat her cOusinz...dey are 3,7,1 1/2. We watched dem till lyk 2:oO and den we slept Ova. TOdaii we kept babysittin but it waz till 6 and i didnt wana b der all dat time sO i had ma baby pikk meeh up at lyk 1 and meeh,him,cindy,her man went 2 da pOol. It waz fun!!! den we left da poOl at like 4 and cindy and her man went 2 her hOuze and meeh and my man came tO minez. Oh uz 4 are guin On a dOuble date tOnite 2 da mOviez hOW fun thiz will b lOl...iight i gtg pplz i aint gOt nuttin elze 2 daii lOl..Mwaaz Shay Shay

Shay N Cindy friendz 4 lyf...Andy and Luiz friendz 4 lyf

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SkEwl.. [10 Sep 2004|03:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | slOw mOtiOn ]

I knO i dOnt gOt much tO say rite nOw kuz all i did sO far tOdaii waz gO tO skewl. I knO ima have mORe tO write abOut later kuz im guin Out tOnite wit ma babii i juz dunO where yet. Anywayz im bOred...skewl waz Ok tOdaii...2nd periOd waz math and we were all dying tO get Outa der da minute we walked in lOl. GoD dat klazz iz sO fukin bOrin grrr...and it waz cOld. Den child care waz Ok and we really didnt wOrk On nuttin tOdaii kuz we elected da ppl fOr fccla n shit and dat tOok almOzt all class. Den at da end every 1 waz writin whO dey have dOne shit wit lyk kiss, makeOut, finger, eatenOut, fuk and all dat shit. it waz funny lOl anywayz lunch waz fun lOl i bOught diz whOle french bread fOr a dOllar and sum chicken it waz yummy lOl! We were all eatin shti in lunch it waz lyk 12 Of uz lmaO...we were fukin arOund. Oh yea and der waz a lil incident wen we were cummin Out Of da c building afta lunch. Ok we were all walkin Out den dat girl alina waz hOldin da dOor sO w.e wen i waz bOut 2 walk Out she let gO Of da dOor and it hit ma arm den ma face. I waz lyk "Oh nO excuse meeh fukin bitch say sOrry" and she juzt lOoked at meeh i waz lyk fukin slut. N den every 1 waz lyk whO u talkin 2 i waz lyk dat slut in da blue pantz..lmaO they thOugh i waz talkin 2 ma self. n i knO dat girl gOt blurty sO i left her a lil cOmment. ((if ur readin diz i dOnt mean 2 sOund lyk a bitch i juz dOnt take nObOdyz shit)) Anywayz...umm 6th periOd sukked i walked Outa class On mr.u kuz he waz katchin a attitude wit meeh and i knO if i wud have caught One wit him he wOuld have gOne crazii w.e i dOnt feel lyk writin nO mOre sO im nOt guna get intO detail. Oh i gtg anywayz i juz gOt a call and im guin 2 see da new elijah lOl...peace Owt ppl ill talk 2 ya lata lOlz..Mwaa Shay Shay

Skewl iz bOrin..

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WelcOme Elijah...n shOpping! [09 Sep 2004|09:22pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | lean baq remix ]

WelcOme intO da wOrld Elijah!

Well tOdaii ma bezt friendz sister had her babii ((jakie)) she had it at 12:15 and it waz 6 pdz 13Oz'z and 18 inchez lOng! Aww que cute..lOl. Well anywayz mOVing On..i went shOppin tOdaii wit ma mOmmy! I bOught sum jeanz frOm zakO wit diz tan shirt frOm zakO..ima wear it tO skewl tOmOrrOw. I bOught strawberry shOrtcake scrubz and dikkie bOttOmz. I bOught ummm...white reebOkz! A tan shirt a white shirt a black shirt and a pink shirt frOm wet seal. I gOt ma bracelet fixed thanx gOd!!! i gOt a bOok by sister sOljah but i lOzt it in da mall lOl...O-well! Wat elze did i get???hmmm Oh a belly ring...and i think daz it! well anywayz yea i had fun shOppin lOl...i went at 4 and gOt baq at 9:oO sO yea i waz der a while. nOw im lyk sO tired im abOut 2 gO 2 bed lOl. Oh yea skewl tOdaii waz w.e kinda bOrin...nuttin new happened. Oh yea man i gOt dez red dickie scrubz tOp n bOttOm...n nOw i cant wear dem! Kuz diz girl gOt em...and nOw i dunt wana wear dem kuz i dOnt wana b lyk her and i dOnt wana have da saim dam cOlOr! and i juz havent wOre it and i waz guna but nOw im nOt Or atleazt ima wait till she dOnt wear it 4 a while lOl. Well ima gO take a shOwer n gO 2 bed...i miss ma baby alOt he had tO wOrk tOday frOm 3-1O...sO he stil aint hOme! but he will call me when he gets hOme i knOw it lOl! Anwayz yea ima let u ppl gO mwaaz Shalean

Shay lOvez Andy 4 ever and ever!!!
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Hmmm...juz chillin [08 Sep 2004|09:28pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | I like dat ]

Well nuttin really dat excitin tOdaii happened! Well i went tO skewl and it waz w.e i had stupid math and den child care waz str-8 and den 6th periOd waz histOry ewww.mr u i hate him! anywayz afta skewl i came hOme and den at lyk 4:00 ppl startin kallin meeh sO i went Outside. Andy waz wOrkin till 7:oO...well we were all chillin Outside all da crew xcept raymOnd he gOt arrested yesterdaii. anywayz den it started rainin and da stz gOt flOoded and we decided tO get wet n gO swimmin lOl..sO u see lyk 10 Of uz swimmin and cars lOokin at uz lyk if we crazy lmaO. Den andy came and he waz under da carpOrt at nikkz hOuze he dint wana get wet. I gave him a kiss and i waz guin 2 gO baq in and he gOez hellO ur guna get sikk dOnt gO. So i waz lyk w.e...i chilled wit him under nikkz car pOrt watchin every wun swim lOl..den i nOticed ma bracelet waz gOne...sO andy helped meeh find it and he gOt all wet lOl...ha ha! Exactly wat he didnt wana dO..w.e he fOund ma bracelet it brOke...tOmOrrOw im guin 2 da mall thO and ima get it fixed anywayz sO w.e! Den afta everywun waz dOne swimmin we chilled at cOnrOyz krib all wet lOl den at lyk 8:3O andy drOve meeh hOme and he chilled hea Onlii fOr lyk 15 minz kuz he waz tired frOm wOrk. sO w.e den i started scannin sum picz Of ma babii and den...umm...umm...i send dem 2 ppl and nOw im hea writing in diz lOl! iight imma talk 2 u all lataz i gOt shit 2 dO! mwaa Shalean

I lOve u babah!

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Earlii anniversary gift.. [07 Sep 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | thiz i swear lOl ]

I lOve Andy

Wazza ppl?? well i lOve andy! juz felt lyk tellin u all lOl. Well anywayz tOdaii afta skewl..i gOt tO chill wit ma babi all da waii untill nOw! lOl im sO happy i lOve him sO much! MWaaa lOl((2 andy)). Well firzt i came hOme az u knO n wrOte in diz abOut dat hOe. Den andy shOwed up and we went tO wendy'z..da fOod place lOl. Den we gOt baq and went we gOt 2 hiz hOuze we seen everybOdy at da park ((da park in rOyal cOuntry..andy livez in frOnt Of it)). sO we chilled der at da picnic table..and we saw wendii,nikk,jezikah,ray,nanO,eldyz,jOze,cOnrOy,Patrikk and luiz. Oh yea and lil nikk. w.e we all chilled der fOr a while and den jOze,luiz,lil nikk left wit patrikk. sO den we all went tO andyz krib and dey were all playin x bOx n playstatiOn 2 while i waz sitin On da cOuch watchin wit ma babii. Den he waz lyk Oh ill b baq and he tOld meeh 2 watch everyOne in hiz efficency. and he left Out hiz dOor..which meanz he waz guin 2 da hOuze 2 hiz mOmz. ((andy livez ina efficency in hiz krib)). Den he came baq lyk freakin 15 minz lata and handed meeh a bOx..i waz lyk "watz diz" he gOez "ur earlii anniversary gift" i gO "nO ill wait till da 14th" he gOez "nO i want u 2 Open it nOw" i waz lyk "w.e" sO i Opened it and i thOught it waz a bracelet but he said itz a anklet! i waz lyk aww juz wat i needed and itz xOxO 2 match ma bracelet and earringz! i gave him a big kiss and tOld him thank u. He waz lyk ur welcOme babii...awww i knO! lOl. Anywayz sO yea we all stayed chillin der den at lyk 7:Oo..evry wun left hiz krib 2 gO smOke sO it waz Onlii meeh,wendii,andy,nikk left. sO w.e we juz chilled der untill lyk 8:oO and den meeh and andy came 2 my krib! I shOwed ma mOmmy ma anklet and we started watchin sum mOvie wit ma mOmma i dunO wat it waz kalled. Den lyk 15 min agO he left kuz he hada gO help hiz mOm dO sum shit. =( but w.e im happy i gOt 2 b wit him and im happy dat he gave meeh ma anklet. I LOVE HIM sO much! i knO i may say it alOt and i mite b gettin annOyin but itz my blurty!!! u dOnt like it den get da fuq Out n stOp readin lOl. Anwayz i wana say a lil suttin 2 andy sO ya'll kan leave nOw Or u kan stay n b nOzy! lOl.

Andy, babi i lOve u sO much and i knO i have said it alOt but itz tru babii i wudnt lie. I dunO were i wud b wit Out u but i knO i wOuldnt knO whO i am wit Out u. U have helped meeh in every pOssible way u can i knO we gOt thrOugh sOme upz n dOwnz but we alwayz make it thrOugh. I think dat i am da lukkiezt girl in da wOrld...atleazt datz hOw i feel. Nd every day i feel strOnger and strOnger juz because i knO i gOt u. I dunO if diz iz hOw im suppOzed 2 feel but it sure feelz real! Ma feelingz 4 u iz like a chain Of heartz dat getz lOnger and lOnger the mORe im wit u. U have shOwn meeh mOre in life dan anybOdy every haz...and i thank u 4 dat! there iz prOlly nO way i can make up 4 wat u have dOne 4 meeh but i knO i try my bezt. U knO if u eva need anythin im hea fOr u and i will dO EVERYTHING I CAN tO help u Out. lOve iz a strOng wOrd but babii i knO itz 4 sure im sO in lOve i dunO wat tO dO wen im nOt wit u. I can barely breath..i knO i may nOt say it az Often az i shOuld but i really dO care abOut u. "and i will lOve u till fOrever untill death dO uz part we'll b tOgether...sO take ma hand and hOld On tight..and we'll get there..THIS I SWEAR!" LOve alwayz,Shalean

peace Out pplz...i gtg dO ma hiztOry h.w lOl!

Andy N Shay 4 eva untill death dO uz part
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Fuqin hOe!!! [07 Sep 2004|03:19pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]
[ music | fly ]

Omg tOdaii durin lunch i waz funa get intO a fite. Kuz lOok derz diz girl dat i gOt beef wit dat livez arOund meeh well nO her gramma livez arOund meeh and One daii she waz at her grammas hOuze and meeh and ma ppl were at da park lOl. Den she kumz wit her friend and startz prOllemz wit ma friend raymOnd and den startz makin fun Of meeh and wendii sO den i went up 2 her n waz lyk watz ur prOllem bla bla n she waz lyk Oh im nOt makin fun Of u guyz im makin fun Of 2 girlz i dOnt lyk dat gO 2 ma skewl. I waz lyk yea better b and den w.e i walked awaii! Den wen she waz leavin da park she waz lyk fuqin bitch! I waz lyk hell naw i drOpped ma dOughnut and i started runnin 2 her and den andy came and waz lyk nO dOnt wazte ur time n bla bla sO i waz juz yellin n shit and dey juz kept walkin. I WAZ MAD I DROPPED MA DOUGHNUT 4 HER UGLY AZZ!!!GRR...lOl. I hate dat ppl can say shit frOm far away but nOt in ur face! w.e den tOdaii in skewl i happened 2 see her i waz lyk hell naw she gOez 2 ma skewl. sO den she saw meeh wen i waz walkin by her and said "Oh i waz funa wOop dat bitchez azz" 2 her friend sO den i waz lyk hell nO!!!i juz paused and lizzette waz lyk wat heppen? i waz lyk hOld up.. I walked up 2 her and i waz lyk yea bitch??? i think it waz da Other waii arOund i waz guna wOop u!! U cant even handle meeh i tOld her and she waz lyk w.e u wish! I waz lyk Oo girl u lukk yi dunt wana get suspended cuz den i cant b in cheerleadin! I waz lyk hell naw u better watch ur baq wen u gO visit ur lil gramma kuz ima get u nOw.. and she waz lyk w.e. Den sum ppl arOund uz were like OoO beat dat hOe and i waz lyk yea i am wen i catch her Outa skewl. She didnt say shit afta i said dat i think she waz spooked lOl.. anywayz sO yea let meeh see her arOund hea ima jump her azz ugh!! fuqin slut!!! i hate her! and shez Onlii in 1Oth grade. anywayz bezidez dat skewl waz Ok tOdaii 1st periOd waz bOrin az hell and 3rd waz fun..i gOt child care 4 third it waz fun i waz duin ma cda wOrk. Den 5th periOd waz fun i skipped science and went baq 2 child care and we were all wOrkin On Our "me" and "recipe" bOokz i had fun! n nOw im hea eatin cheezum pringlez and drinkin sOda and im writin in diz shit az u knO lOl. Ima dO ma histOry h.w wOrk in a lil while..wen i get realli bOred n decide 2 dO it lOl. Well andy juz kalled meeh and he iz kummin Ova sO ill update lata Or tOmOrrOw! Mwaaaaaaa Shay Shay

fuq u hOe!!! fuq u hOe!!!

WaNa PlAy?

nO Skewl again.. [06 Sep 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Lean baq remix ]

I lOve AnDy

Well az mOzt Of u knO itz labOr daii and der waz nO skewl again..well lyk i said wendii slept Ova last nite and we went tO sleep at lyk 4:3O in da mOrnin lOl. sO yea i wOke up 2 daii ate n juz chilled. Den at lyk 3:oO andy came Ova kuz he hadnt wOrked 2 daii and we chilled here. Den at lyk 5:oO we decided tO gO walk arOund and 2 Out surprize we saw,jOse,nanO,ray,carlOz,giO,mikey,cOnrOy,patrikk,luiz,nikk,lil nikk,jessica,gabriel, whOeva else waz der lOl. Den we juz chilled wit dem fOr a lil while..den we all went tO da park and meeh and andy were at da slide makin Out n every wun waz wisperin sO w.e i gO 2 dem and im lyk wat u ppl talkin shit 4 and dey were all lyk nO we juz sayin hOw ya'll make a cute cOuple and andy waz lyk i knO and have meeh a kiss. lOl. w.e we all chilled der den meeh,andii,nikk,wendii,ray,jezikah went tO andyz hOuze and watched a mOvie..i dunt evek knO wat mOvie it waz lOl. I waznt realli payin dat much attentiOn 2 it. Den wen andyz mOmma gOt hOme we went Ova 2 saii hi 2 her. ((andy livez in a efficency in hiz hOuze lOl)). SO w.e den hiz mOm kOoked and we all ate and den we all left andyz hOuze and we went walkin arOund and andy saw da niggaz him n nikk waz guna fite sO i waz lyk babe dOnt dO shit plz and he waz walkin tOward dem and i stOpped and juz stOod in da rOad he lOoked baq n tOld nikk naw fuq it..ma babiiz guna get mad and wendii gOez yea and sO am i lmaO and he waz lyk iight w.e! sO dey juz kept walkin by and dem niggaz were sO skared lOl. Den andy yellz u lukky ma girl wit meeh lOl. Dey aint say shit!!! W.E den we juz kept walkin and we chilled infrOnt Of mikeyz hOuze and den we went tO da baq n all jumped On da trampOline. Den every wun left mikeyz and juzt went der Own wayz n shit and i tOld andy 2 walk wit me hOme kuz i waz guna take a shOwer. SO den we walked and ma mOm waz Outside and ma mOm n andy were tlakin 4 a bit and den he waz lyk iight babe bye and i gave him a kiss. Nd ma mOm waz lyk ur nOt stayin i waz lyk Ok fine yeah he iz!! lOl and den he came in and we were juz dOwnlOadin musiq and playin x bOx and ma dad came in ma rOom and waz lyk Oh i waz wOnderin hu u waz talkin 2 lOl. And wen he left he left da dOor Open lmaO! w.e we kept playin and den at lyk 8:45 he left =(! I alreadii miss him. I dunO but i feel sO weak wen im nOt wit him i lOve him sO much i dunO wat i wOuld dO wit Out him. We tOok sOme picturez tOdaii but i gOtta develOp dem and i think da camera gOt fuqed up kuz da sun. w.e we will find Out thO well i gOt nuttin mORe 2 saii sO bye byez! Mwaa Shay

p.s im readin diz realli gOod bOok.."walk 2 mOonz" i started yesterdaii and im alreadii On page 1O2 lOl. Ima b ahead fOr da readin lOg i gOtta dO fOr english lOl!

Shay N Andy 4 eVa
WaNa PlAy?

I've fOund a reasOn 2 change!! [06 Sep 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | One call away ]

ChAnGeD OnCe AgAin!!!

Well I have changed ma naim 3 dam timez alreadii and Once again nd let meeh nOt even saii y kuz it mite kauze prOllemz lmaO. Anywayz... I lyk MiSzShAyShAy anywayz sO yea diz it it fOr nOw lOlz. Anywayz...i juz wOke up abOut 3O minz agO..wit wendii. We went tO sleep at 4:3O in da mOrnin! Omg im still sO skared abOut wat happen wit dat crack guy lOl! If u didnt read ma lazt blurty entry On da Other naim den tOo bad i dOnt feel lyk writin it again! Ok maybe i will give ya juzt a quick summary! Ok meeh,wendii,jezzikah were walkin in rOyal cOuntry ((da place we live)) and we walked by da park datz in hea and we saw diz guy dat lOoked lyk he waz On crack ((literally)) and 2 girlz wit him dey all lOoked abOut 15..16! We have NEVER seen dem in hea ever sO it waz kinda weird! Den wendii started makin fun Of One Of da girlz kuz da waii she walked frOm da picnic table tO da swingz lOl! I gOtta admit it waz funny lOl! she waz walkin lyk she waz a wannabe mOdel lmaO! Anwayz sO w.e we kept walkin and den da guy gOt up n started fOllOwin uz and he walked slOw den fazt and den he walked rite Ond a side Of uz and den wen he passed uz he turned..and came tOward meeh and i saw a knife iz hiz hand. So i yelled run and i ran and i waz yellin help help help and wendii and jezzikah were juzt standin der den he started runnin afta meeh and i ran intO da main rd. Which iz 57th ave and i waz yellin and den i seen wendii cOme On da rOad and yell he dipped. SO w.e we ran anwayz tO ma bOyfriendz hOuze and we tOld dem da stOry and jezzikah,andy,wendii,nikk went tO see if dey were at da park and da guy waznt der neither waz da girlz! dat shit gOt meeh spOoked nOw ima have a hard time bein alOne arOund hea lOl.Da weird thiz iz ive never seen dem in hea neither haz anywun else sO it makez it mORe skary lOl. So yea dat shit had me skared all nite wen we were chillin at ma babyz hOuze lOl. Dam man im still skared lOl. I bet all u think im fuqin krazii but i swear i wudnt lie bOut diz lOl. Anywayz...sO yea wendii slept Ova we stayed up till 4 in da mOrnin dacing,stretchin,dOin splitz,being Online and juz eatin shit lOl. Well ima gO eat nOw kuz im HUNGRY!!! ma tummy iz grOwlin...Oh yea i dunO wat im duin 2 daii lOl!
<3 ya all, Shalean
See wat crack kan dO 2 a persOn??lOl
WaNa PlAy?

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