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~Friends only~ [07 Aug 2003|12:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]


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▲ahh!!▲ [22 Jul 2003|06:00pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | No music ]

look at my horoscope :

Watch out for the date who's playing for keeps when you're just playing for fun. You'll be the first to move on if it looks like someone might get hurt. You're not ready for commitment. The world will know when you change your mind.

wut does it mean???? im soo lost...???help me out here

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▲i got bored so i stoll this from rocios journal▲ [21 Jul 2003|11:49pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | Watching Monster House ]

here is this thingy... i dunno wut you call it... i didnt post it all... cuz its soo long... so have fun!!!!!!

I AM: Deeana
I WANT:Joey Jordison<3
I HAVE: no idea why im doing this
I WISH: I could meet Joey Jordison
I HATE: When people lie about you
I MISS: All the old horror movies, people need to make the good old black and white b-movies
I FEAR: Of dieing and being hated
I HEAR: People on my TV screaming
I SEARCH: For Joey Jordison <3
I WONDER: Why do fools fall in love? lol
I REGRET: Being hated
I LOVE: Joey Jordison <3 Family Friends
I ACHE: When i get sunburn... ouchies
I ALWAYS: Worrie of the things around me
I AM NOT: Who you want me to be
I DANCE: ALL the time ....***dance** woo hoo
I SING: when im happy, or when i feel like it **singing** LALA
I CRY: when i am hurt
I AM NOT ALWAYS: who you think i am
I WRITE: when i am sad
I WIN: I WIN!!???
I CONFUSE: everything and everyone
I NEED: MURDERDOLLS, Joey Jordison, friends family
I SHOULD: shut up

x. father thinks I am: Odd... but hey, hes odd too lol
x. mother thinks I am: Odd.. Like mother like daughter hehe
x. my boyfriend/girlfriend thinks I am: Single :(
x. three things you are often complimented for: Personality,Looks[ im ugly, i dont get it!!], being me

x. you get embarrassed when: I say sumthing dumb or do sumthing all the time
x. makes you happy: Joey Jordison , friends, music
x. upsets you: When Ally leaves :( or if i hear sumbad happend to a friend or family memeber

yes or no...
x. you keep a diary: this one
x. you like to cook: I will burn a pot of water.. i cant cook :-\
x. you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: yeah [no comment]
x. you set your watch a few minutes ahead: huh?
x. you believe in love: No..

Who is...?
the prettiest male you know: Joey Jordison.. geez i wish i knew him!!! lol
The weirdest person you know: Tara...LIGHTNING DANCE
the Loudest Person you Know: Me!!
the Sexiest Person you Know: Ally, she is muh sexi biatch! lol
Your close friends: Ally,Erica,Tara,Jenn
the Person that Knows the Most about you: Ally( she knows more about me than i do) Erica,Tara
Most Boring Teacher: Teachers??? wtf? why do i care about teachers

What is...?
your most overused phrase on IM: "awsome" & "lol"
the last image/thought you go to sleep with: Joey Jordsion <33 woo hooo
your best feature: Personality
Inside joke: SWEDISH( lol ally) and "I am like a toaster in Macys, Deeana's ass isle 3" ( lol Erica)

Do You...?
take a shower everyday: yes
have a (any) crush (es): Yes ( joey jordison ...DUH)
think you know you've been in love: No...
want to get married: yes.. in teh future
get motion sickness: yeah
think you're a health freak: sumtimes
get along with your parents: sumtimes
like thunderstorms: yes

Ryan: ??????
Rob: graveROBbing u.s.a....HAIL MURDERDOLLS HEHE
Drew: on a piece of paper lol
Stephanie: I kno like 10000 stephanies
Heather: TURKEY!!!!!!..she needs to be beaten
Aaron: erm?...
Amy: My brothers g/f
Will: uh?
Paul: Mc Coy [ of 12stones..SEXI]
Eve: the lady made of Adams ribs
John: Smith...HAIL POCOHAUNTES...[ if i spelled that right]
Laura: Croft?.. tombraider
Alex: Alex loves cheese lol
Dave: Williams of drowning pool R.I.P
Justin: My friend Chris's ex b/f
Ricky: Martin?
Jacob: Short ass mofo from skool, needs to die

well i hope you had as much fun as i did!!!! woo hooo!!!! <33333

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▲IM NOT THE ONLY ONE▲ [21 Jul 2003|08:01pm]
[ music | Joey drum solo on Slipknot dvd ]

i was just talking to jenn about <3 joey jordison<3.... we both love him...HE IS MY GOD!!!!*stares at pic of joey and drools*...look at this one part of our convo:
Bride6Of6Darknes: hehe we both will find him and rape him!! :-D
TeenageZOMBIE121: lol yeah
Bride6Of6Darknes: hehe
TeenageZOMBIE121: lol
Bride6Of6Darknes: <----joey lover hehe
TeenageZOMBIE121: <--- joey obsesser<3333
TeenageZOMBIE121: lol
Bride6Of6Darknes: hehehe

JOEY IS THE BEST!!! and you all see im not his only lover.... ta ta for now <3333333333


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▲Beyond the valley▲ [21 Jul 2003|04:44pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Murderdolls-Kill Miss america ]

Dolls and Ghouls,
I got really bored [like always], so i decided to change my background to the journal, it is a murderdolls background i got off the net, and i kno we will all miss my old background [the sexi joey jordison pic] **tear** but it wont be forgotten.. i mean who can forget the lovely Joey Jordison [<333] i kno i hmm.. im hungry, the monster in my stomach is demanding food at the moment and if i dont feed her, she will eat my insides, and i dont want that, so i will be on my way... ta-ta for now

I wanna be a fucking prize-winning drag queen, with the platform boots and the tomb stone look...

| ~Kill a GIRL scout

▲boredom▲ [20 Jul 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Pretty girls make graves- By the throat ]

Boredom is sooo bleh now-a-days.. i mean why did boredom have to happen in this world... here are a few test results...becuz of "boredom"...damn boredom to hell :-D <33 ta ta for now


Random(take this if your desperatley bored)
brought to you by Quizilla

you are FREDDY KRUEGER. you search to kill the elm
street kids in their sleep. you are comical at
times but you would love to kill.

***What horror movie killer are you?***
brought to you by Quizilla

congrats! you know everything, or almost everything
about joey jordison! do you really apriciate
him for his music though? or just his gorgeus
looks?....either way you know alot about him!
to much to lead a normal life anyways...but hey
that means your like me...

do you really know joey jordison?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Bride Of Valentine. You were created in a
laboratory without a heart. You go rampant
whenever you lose your heart and always try to
steal someones...yur relationships never end

Which of my Living Dead Dolls are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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▲today▲ [20 Jul 2003|05:27pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | KISS- Lick it up ]

I just got home from jenns,today i hung out at the mall with jenn,jessica and stephanie. i bought my moms b day present, it is soo kick ass i hope she likes it, she better like it lol...and after eating food and shit me and jenn went back to jenns house, we planed her b-day party, its gonna be awsome...yeah... and then i went home, and here i am listening to KISS right now, getting in the mood for their show September 12th... god i hope i can go.. it will be the best.. well im gonna go for now, wrap my moms gift and such... ta ta for now <333

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Parting is such sweet sorrow [19 Jul 2003|02:30am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | AFI the leaving song ]

this entry is for ally, you are leaveing soon, and i will miss you forever, you have done nothing but have been a great friend to me, thank you for all you have done, you have stuck with me threw thick and thin,good and bad and was always there to put me in my place when i was wrong, you are the best. no one has ever been a greater friend. i will never forget those awsome times we have shared, from all the concerts we have been to to SWEDISH (lol) and all the way threw the "note", those time are just unforgetable.... i luff ya so much and i will always be here if you ever decide to come down, my place is open. Dont forget me. your are my #1 biatch, no one will take your place or change that. again thank you so much for everything. your are the best friend i have ever had, you have done so many things people have never done, you treate me like a normal person, you stick up for me and help me when i am in need, your are just soo awsome....<333333333 i am going to go for now, be4 i get all teary eyed and cry ( 0o too late, i feel a tear coming down my cheek ) good bye.. <333333

P.S.- i am playing our fav. song

ALLY+DEEANA=BEST BIATCHES..<33.. T.a.r.a. .A.l.l.y. .D.e.e.a.n.a. BFFL...<333

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[18 Jul 2003|01:30am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | nothing ]

JennyGurl2OOO: ok.... well just remember .... youll always have me:-D

out of all this drama i kno, i have one friend :-D.. and i have Ally( my best friend of all time!! :-D),Tara,Jenn and few others, and thats all i need my close friends....THANK YOU ALL FOR STAYING WITH ME!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL<33333333

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▲GREAT NEWS!▲ [17 Jul 2003|08:25pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Frankenstein Drag Queens-Blood suckers Anonymous ]

omg i got news!! i got news!!....wanna kno the news!!!! yes you wanna kno the news!!....Aerosmith and KISS are coming down to florida..September 12th!!!!!!!!woot woot woot.. and my mom said i MIGHT BE ALBE TO GO!! YA!! I <3 KISS!!!! I <3 AEROSMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LA DE DA!! WHOOOOP WHOOP... o0o0o well im outs bye byes<33333


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▲words▲ [17 Jul 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | Manson-Tourniqet ]

i had and intresting convo with on of my friends, i thought it was worthy of putting in here check it out [dont ask how it started he just IMed me this way]:

redielg: automobile
TeenageZOMBIE121: crash
redielg: burn
TeenageZOMBIE121: dead
redielg: burried
TeenageZOMBIE121: decayed
redielg: rotting
TeenageZOMBIE121: infested
redielg: with maggots&worms
TeenageZOMBIE121: and eat by monkeys
redielg: who r eaten by lions
TeenageZOMBIE121: who get killed by humans
redielg: who will die out in the not so distant future
TeenageZOMBIE121: and their souls are taken
redielg: by demons who r destruaght by the devil
TeenageZOMBIE121: and that is the circle of
redielg: yup
redielg: what a world we live in...........
TeenageZOMBIE121: yea i kno
redielg: where is the love?
TeenageZOMBIE121: i dont think ther is any
redielg: oh ok
TeenageZOMBIE121: its better that way
redielg: * goes on a killing spree *
redielg: die presiden die
TeenageZOMBIE121: thats nice..
isnt that odd?... i have no idea how it started but it was he has an odd a dork... 0o0o wells... imma go for now just felt like i should share that with you ta ta for now <333

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[16 Jul 2003|10:25pm]
[ music | Dope-Now or never ]

today..hmm.. well.. i woke up at like 1:00pm..Ally slept over..we would have still been sleeping if the phone wouldnt stop ringing like 1000times a minute..and Ally and I went to the mall at like 3:30.. and we met up with Dan and Laura...and they they left so we hung out with Jenn and was fun even thought we only stayed for like a hour..and then allys mom dropped me off at home and Ally left my house..and then erica came over for a little bit, we talked about shit and all the things thats going on. and then when she left my mom and I went to my Aunt Kathy and Lucieles house and we chilled there.. i was chillin with their little puppies..those things are soo cute!! one like almost pooped on me.. i was like "AHHH".. it was funny..and then we went home.. i just got home soo yeah it brings me to where i am now, im my room listening to dope and "chillaxin" heheee... well imma go for now..boredness... ta ta for now <33


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Fill it out! [16 Jul 2003|12:49am]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | nvklfdboanfk ]

I stole it form Ally's journal who stole it from JenN's n she probably stole it from some1 else and yeah u got the point just fill it out.

I ______ Deeana.
Deeana is ________.
If I were alone in a room with Deeana, I would __________.
I think Deeana should __________.
Deeana needs ___________.
I want to ________ Deeana.
Deeana reminds me of ________.
Without Deeana _______.
Memories of Deeana are _______.
Deeana can be _______.
Worst thing about Deeana is ______.
Best thing about Deeana is ______.
I am ______ with Deeana.

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~Blank in a Bottle~ [15 Jul 2003|09:18pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Hello everyoneee!!
Missed me? I kno u didnt okay here's my -b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l- day: I woke up n Ally was still "sleeping" hehe we watched a movie listened to King Diamond and talked alott n then got ready to leave then we left and went to the mall cuz we had nowhere else to go, then we chilled with Chris and then Tara got to the mal n we chilled there. Then Chris left with some girl n me,tara and Ally were gonna go see a movie THE -B- MISSION IS COMPLETE! -thanx Tara- i shall not tell you what it was but hopefully he does the same thing back. Anyways moving on..we went to the movies and saw Terminator 3. It was allright we were soo loud we got so many :"SHHHH'":'s hehe in the silent part Tara goes: "I GOTTA PEE" n everyone is like ::loud cough!:: hehe it was funny. Then we saw Andres and his friends. We left the movies and Tara's mom picked her up and me and biatch -Ally- walked back to the mall. There was some more stupid drama but it was misunderstanding so its okay. Hmmm....then we ate food. My mom made good food -yumm- hehehe anyways now we're gonna watcha a movies,


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BLAKE!=( [14 Jul 2003|07:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Sentenced ]

Hello peoples,
Blake and I broke up =\ well i guess it was for the best but i'm still upset here's the convo:

TeenageZOMBIE121: can i tell you sumthing..
xMRsUpErFuCx: yeah
TeenageZOMBIE121: i have been hearing from people [no names] that you think i ahve been ignoring when i go places, well thats not true.. i have been thinking about you alot lately, and im soo confused, and scared
xMRsUpErFuCx: really?
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah
xMRsUpErFuCx: why are u confused and scared baby
TeenageZOMBIE121: i dont kno why, i just like am not ready for this whole "love" thing, like i really like you blake, and i wanna see where this relation ship goes, but im just not ready to fall in love, and i dont want to hurt you and i dont kno wut to do
xMRsUpErFuCx: o
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah...:-(
xMRsUpErFuCx: well i guess we both think differently on that matter
TeenageZOMBIE121: well i want to kno wut you think.. im sorry i just had to tell you, i dont want to hide anything from you
xMRsUpErFuCx: i respect u for that
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah
xMRsUpErFuCx: i dunno iam just looking for something serious I guess but i understand why ur not i mean ur younger then iam and i understand
xMRsUpErFuCx: i just really want suttin serious with someone
TeenageZOMBIE121: i kno, i am young and i just want to see where my life can take me... i dont want to break up r anything, i care to much, im just not ready to fall in love yett
TeenageZOMBIE121: :'( im sorry
xMRsUpErFuCx: well i dont know what 2 say
TeenageZOMBIE121: niether do i
xMRsUpErFuCx: I dont wana be the one 2 be with u and end up falling in love with u one day and have 2 know that u dont want that feelings
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah...
TeenageZOMBIE121: but you do relieze i care about you alot right, i mean im just scared, i have never had a boyfriend like you..your great and im scared becuz its just a new feeling for me
TeenageZOMBIE121: :'(
xMRsUpErFuCx: i like u alot deeana you know that and so does everyone else and i wish i could take love out of the picture but I cant and I know later on not now or anything but one day when were still 2gether love is gonna find me again and its gonna be for u
xMRsUpErFuCx: and it scares me 2 know u dont wana fall in love with me
TeenageZOMBIE121: its not that i dont wanna fall in love with you, its i dont wanna fall in lvoe with anyone right now
xMRsUpErFuCx: well how do u stop that from happening?
TeenageZOMBIE121: i dont kno
xMRsUpErFuCx: I dont wana give u feelings that u dont wana have
TeenageZOMBIE121: i kno.. im sorry
xMRsUpErFuCx: well what do u think we should do? do u think we should stay 2gether? or be apart?
TeenageZOMBIE121: i want to stay together, i dont want to break up...
xMRsUpErFuCx: deeana u say u dont wana fall in love but how can u say that>
xMRsUpErFuCx: no1 sayes one day i dont wana fall in love and then have it never happen its just not possiable
TeenageZOMBIE121: i dont kno blake, im soo confused.. you see i care about you alot, you make me happy.. i just feel im too young for the love part..
xMRsUpErFuCx: and iam not iam only 18 deeana iam still young love is hard for me also but i take my chances with u cause i dont think u would ever backstab me
TeenageZOMBIE121: and i wont back stab you.. im just so lost, i think you deserve sum1 better than me, your soo great and you deserve sumthing great
xMRsUpErFuCx: I have someone great........but it just hurts cause I know love is out of the picture and thats what I need
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah
TeenageZOMBIE121: im so sorry, i just had to tell you
xMRsUpErFuCx: ive never been happy when i was younger i always hated myself and it hurt me inside and it changed who iam when i got older and love is what makes me alive it makes me feel good about myself and maybe iam not such a fuck up
xMRsUpErFuCx: it takes away all the pain I feel inside
TeenageZOMBIE121: you are not a fuck up, at all..
TeenageZOMBIE121: and i want you to stay happy and i dont want you to think i ahve false feelings for you, becuz i have feelings for you, just not love ones
xMRsUpErFuCx: i wana fall in love with u deeana but I dont wana now if u dont want love
TeenageZOMBIE121: geez, im sorry i todl you all this...i dont want to hurt you blake, thats the last thing i would do...
xMRsUpErFuCx: i know but i'd rather know now
xMRsUpErFuCx: but I just dont know what 2 do now
TeenageZOMBIE121: same here, i have no clue
xMRsUpErFuCx: i wana stay with u but i know my feelings for u will get stronger and stronger and i dont want u feeling bad cause ur not ready for love
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah
xMRsUpErFuCx: so what do u think? do u think we should end it here? or what? iam so confused
TeenageZOMBIE121: i am confused too
xMRsUpErFuCx: you know i like u sooooo much but i cant be with someone iam scared 2 fall in love with cause we wount be able 2 share that love
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah
xMRsUpErFuCx: so maybe we should just stop here then
TeenageZOMBIE121: blake, i want you to be happy, and i want you to find your love, i dont want to base or relationship on false feelings..
xMRsUpErFuCx: i know
xMRsUpErFuCx: so i guess this is it
TeenageZOMBIE121: i dont kno
TeenageZOMBIE121: if that is wut you want, i just wanted to talk to you about it
xMRsUpErFuCx: its not what I want but i think its whats best
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah
xMRsUpErFuCx: iam sorry
TeenageZOMBIE121: im soo sorry blake :-(
xMRsUpErFuCx: its not ur fault i respect u so much for talking 2 me about this b4 it was 2 late
TeenageZOMBIE121: yeah, i dont want to hurt you
xMRsUpErFuCx: your always gonna be apart of me deeana
TeenageZOMBIE121: and please dont hate me for this.. :-(.. i still want to have a friendship with you
xMRsUpErFuCx: i can never hate u
TeenageZOMBIE121: ok good, becuz i could never hate you too
xMRsUpErFuCx: thank you
TeenageZOMBIE121: no problem
TeenageZOMBIE121: can we still be friends?
xMRsUpErFuCx: yes
xMRsUpErFuCx: of course
TeenageZOMBIE121: ok good

well there it is all of u should understand wat happened. wel gtg now Ally's over byebye


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▲tests▲ [14 Jul 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Watching the fairy odd parents ]

Ebony. You're very smart, sly, and wicked, but
that's what your known best for. You don't
trust anyone, but you do tend to get attatched.

What Color Hair Should You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

MONKEY DANCE!! no this esensent the dance when you
falil your arms around like a stupid idiot....

SHIT!! Witch Weird Quirk Of Mine Are You???
brought to you by Quizilla

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▲illness has come over me▲ [14 Jul 2003|01:02am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Watching a movie [Night of the living dead] ]

i feel like such crap right now, im soo sick... everything on my body aches of burning up and my mouth is bright red.. i dont kno wut happend either, or even how it started.. it just hit me.. ever have one of those illnesses where it just suddenly hits you... it hurts soo bad..and i kno i should be resting right now, but i just cant. im watching Night of the Living Dead right now, its on the Mystery chanel.. so that should keep me up for a little bit.. well im gonna go for now, maybe even lie down and rest my body.... ta ta for now <3

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▲today▲ [13 Jul 2003|10:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Motley Crue- Dr.Feelgood ]

today, i woke up around 12:00, and then around 2 i went to blakes house..there was - emily,aaron,and sum other kid who plays the keyboard [patrick i think his name was] and we all chilled in his room. it was fun, i am glad i got to see him today. Blake cut his finger on his mic today, it was funny i got blake to say " joey jordison is not a seel-out"..YAY!! you all hear it..he is NOT a sell well then after all the funness, i left blakes at like 4:00 [ i kno i only chilled for like 2 hours, which sucks magerly]. and then i went to my aunt kathy and luciles house. we ate dinner there and we all decided to go see a movie, they all wanted to go see Find Nemo, so i tagged along, it was such a cute movie[ even though i have seen it before]. and then we went back to my aunt kathy and luciles house and chilled for like 5 or 10 mins and then went home, which brings me to this part of my day, typing in this journal, useless info of my well im outs for now...**singing motley crue** HE THE ONE THEY CALL DR FEELGOOD!! sorry - good song!<33 ta ta for now

i dont kno wheer your going but i kno where im going, im going to P. Sherman 42 wallaby way Sydney!!!

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▲la de da▲ [12 Jul 2003|11:14pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Faster pussy cat-house of pain ]

today was awsome... me and tara went to the mall around 1:30 and we chilled and walked around... we bought these really awsome marilyn monroe-bettie page pictures...i have this black and white one of marilyn monroe..and tara has this color one of mariyln monroe and bettie page... and we saw Stacey[blakes ex], at first i didnt kno it was her, like blakes ex, i just thought it was sum other girl named stacey, but she looks soo familiar i think she went to my old skool.i didnt find out it was her until tara told me later on in the day and then after the mall me and tara went to taras house...we watched sum of the movie "Life as a house" but we couldnt finish it becuz we went to her dad motocross i must say it was the best saw this UBER hott guy named Brandon. He says he knows me from last year [ suposedly he met me on the last day of skool last year and asked for my # and i gave it to him,im surpirsed he remembers me, and still has my #]... well anywho.. we kinda followed his tracks lol... and we took taras aunt to see him and he wasnt where he was and tara said " do you think he knows we are stalking him?".. and he was right behind her!!! it was soo funny...well im going to go for now.. im bored and tired and i smell like the inside of a knee pad lol... ta ta for now..MUCH LOVE lol hehehhehehe

BAT THUMB!!!!!!!!!!![ lol the movie store ]

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[12 Jul 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | New york dolls- looking for a kiss ]

hello people... i had the best day planned...SLEEP.. all day, but no.. tara called and woek me up.. she wants me to go to the mall with her, i dunno maybe.. i have $ so i wanna spend it lol.. im still like extra extra tired right now.. around 1:00-1:30 i might leave to go..**thinking about it**.... well there really isnt muhc more to type on sincie its soo early in the morning.. imm leave you with a few test rusults..enjoy

Mortisha. you r the dying heart and decaying soul
of the family. every one luvs and respects u
tho many r afraid. you always come up with good
ideas and r a bit of a flirt wen it comes to
ur bf or husband. you rule

Which Character from The Adams Family are you?
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Bright purple

What color Nail Polish are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

The most rockin' drummer of all time. And even
though you rock solo, you should go back to

Which Motley Crue Member Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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