hey ho,.   
07:46pm 07/06/2003
mood: chipper
music: coheed and cambria-delirium trigger
i am with rach *hi* we are bored and she has a new fone :D

i am tired and cant be bothered to write anything.

power in the park tomorow YEY!

*em* xoxox
same day   
10:49pm 06/06/2003
mood: drunk
music: christina aguilara-come on over,
yea im drunk now.:D
06:25pm 06/06/2003
mood: energetic
music: k's choice-virgin state of mind.
WOW tday was soooooo funny.rach made me a cd :D:D and it rocks!!thxzu sweedie. <3 ya.
ok.right.the morning wa slightly boring.but I.t was funny.especially the test where i kept shouting out the answers ha!OMG P.E was soooooo funny i was crying.i screamed real loud coz the v.ball can flying towards me and i hit it out so i went.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH really high pitched for ages.then the ball went to rachel and she just lightly tapped it wuth the side of her hand.then i hit the ball at kim and she fell over backwards HA!science was boring and textiles.drama was a bit annoying and stressful.and r.s was gay but i had to leave early to have and interview for wrk experience and rach forged a note from her mum and i went and collected her frm her lssn.oooooo REBELS.and we just strolled out of school.im really looking forward to wrk experience.its not as bad as some ppl made it out to be.

I had prefect duty today and normally it REALLY boring but instead of just saying "can you go round the bk plz" we were like "oi u stupid dick where the hell do you think yr going" and kathy and rach and me were in tears.Also i bought a chocolate muffin at lunch *num num* and rach said the powder on the top was cocaine so she held one of my nostrils and i sniffed and we were cracking up so i bought another mufin to do it with.*iv had 3 muffins today :S* ooops.

Emma is gay.we saw her and she was like "hi guys" and i shouted at her and went "nooooo get out of here." then she laughed and i gave her and evilo and went "muff."

wow today has been FAB!!

'girl you should be my grlfriend.'

heh.so today was a gd day and p.e was gd for once.Cheers rach for a gd day it wud have been boring wthout you. <3

laters skaters. *sugarcult* <3

*em* xox
07:07pm 05/06/2003
mood: artistic
music: the used-the taste of ink.
Today was ok.I'm talking to Joe <3 he is so cute and hes sending me pics of all the men he fancies.
Yea nothing really fun happened today just bor bor boring.
my net is being gay!!rraaaaaaa!
WAAAAY power in the park on sunday!! :d i'm really looking for ward to it but i dojnt know why :S.
i shud be gettin my live journal today i hop but shhhhh.nothing against blurty its just the live journal is more professional.

ok bye bye *em* xoxox <3
*i smell chicken pie.*
back again.   
07:44pm 04/06/2003
mood: bored
music: the used-on my own. *amazing song.*
*Without it all im choking on nothing its clear in my head and im screaming for something.knwoing nothing is better then knowing it all.*
oh how i love the used.i got bored so i decided to write in here.
im downloading some music still.
wow this is flippin fun.
i have nothing to do.
*on my own.*
ok bye bye *em*<3 the used.
06:24pm 04/06/2003
mood: lonely
music: boy sets fire-last years nest.
i was just listning to my mums piano cd and i really want to take the piano up and iv thought of a dance to go with a song and now it can go in my drama peice.
I'm talking to this guy i met on face party.com hes very pretty and sweet.
he's so cute.I'm still madly in love with someone thought but it's never gonna happen so i'm gonna have to keep dreaming i guess.hmmm.how gay is life!!school is so boring.i guess it was quite funny today well better then yesturday anyway.i have <3 burn ow.
rachel <3 just thxz foe being there i <3 u and yr the best mate ever and i dont know what id do without you.*id probably be dead :S* seriously.
ok i'm gonna download some music now.
bye *em* <3 xox.
06:33pm 03/06/2003
mood: exhausted
music: coheed and cambria-delirium trigger
hi.today so was so fucking boring.i have a real bad head ache and i'm tired and ill and generally fed up.
life is so shit!! :S
just downloading some music emo <3 yey!!

ok bye bye xoxox <3

Drained-i hate myself.

Under a red sky, I told her, "I want to die."
And how I cry with no concrete reason why
and have bad dreams every night,
or every other night.
I feel sickly,
like I am lost at sea.
And all the girls I used to know
are high on ecstasy,
and they're much happier than me,
I think.
She told me things would pass,
like the girls who smoke the grass,
like huffing gas
out in the dried-up meadow grass
under stars that shine like glass
in the sun.
And she said,
"Would you shoot me in the head?"
We shot the breeze and had malt liquor instead.
Passed out together in the shed or the bed -
I don't recall.
I said: "What better way to put myself in my place?
What better way to get out of this goddamn place?
Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in this fucking place.
What better way to put myself in my place?"
She said: "Broken hearts are easy to hide.
Broken hearts are easy to ignore.
See, when you break your heart,
nothing really breaks.
Look at me, and look at you:
18, and dead -
At 16 you were almost dead.
Just sleep with me in my bed,
and don't say those things you said."

"Song For All the Young Casanovas and Casanovettes":

I suggest you only ever tell lies.
because once you tell the truth they'll break your heart.
Don't ever look them in the eyes.
because those eyes are gonna rip your heart apart.
I recommend you keep your distance,
because once you get too close you'll lose control.
Don't ever fall in love;
just stay buried in your lonely hole.
Take it from experience:
desperate acts are ridiculous.
Don't ever tell the truth,
because the ones you love will do the same to you.
If they lose your hand and drop you and you fall,
you'll have to pretend it meant nothing at all.
You know sometimes the saddest laugh the loudest.
same day   
07:27pm 02/06/2003
mood: drunk
music: simple plan-perfect
hello ppl i just wanted tp let you all know that im drunk!

*em* xox
06:43pm 02/06/2003
mood: stressed
music: the used-maybe memories
hello.i am so bored.im just talking to people on msn.school was boring today :S i hate school so much.got a le ketchup down my prefect tie OH no shock :O.ok so i am bored and very very tired.

Emo <3

*em* xoxox
04:28pm 01/06/2003
mood: drained
music: unsung zeros-my bad
hey.i'm at Rachyys :D heh we went to town and then came back to her house and ate pizza :D:D.Saw Chad and Josey brillo!
poo to blurty.
depressed.i'm home now.depressed.feel very sleepy.

night night <3
xoxox em xoxox
heyy heyy   
05:52pm 31/05/2003
mood: awake
music: coheed and cambria-delirium trigger
Hi.I went to work today :( boring.
rachyy is round shes the only person who can truely make me smile :)
feeling v.depressed inside but then again i alwasy do!!

taa taa!!
em xoxox
08:21pm 30/05/2003
mood: content
music: missy elliot v's george michael
i have a journal wooo!!
Ok today i went to Southampton with Rachyy,Sophie,Grace,Rory and Michael.:D i bought KNICKERS :D:Dand some other stuff oooo yea a justin poster num num!!i am listening to missy elliot woohooo!!
hehe i don't know what to write!!I have to go to work tomorow :'( nooooooooo i hate work!!
everyone else :D:D (smile)

love Fem! xoxox
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