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    Sunday, August 8th, 2004
    6:05 pm
    Teachcom is moving
    Hi everyone,
    Unfortunately this community has taken off the way I was hoping it would so I'm attempting msn group pages as there are alot more users and easier access. One of the main problems people have told me about using a blurty is that the signing up process in long-winded and many people are not into keeping an online journal. So, in another attempt I've started up an msn group. Hope to see some of you there!

    Here is the url if you're interested:

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    Tuesday, May 11th, 2004
    10:03 pm
    Prac has been going really well. I'm loving teaching the grade 2s even though I was really nervous about it when I first found out, I think it was the fear of the 'unknown' aka the change from all my teaching pracs being in the upper primary going to early childhood. All in all, I'm as pleased as pleased can be that I got this prac and luckily I have a supportive teacher with a fantastic sense of humour.

    Today I spent sleeping instead of going on prac because I've managed to catch a virus that has been going around amongst the kids. I went to see the doctor hoping he'd give me some strong drugs to attack the virus but he said the only thing he could give me would be tablets to take for the naseau and that the virus would just take it's time. He said he highly recommends that I take tomorrow off too but sheesh i really don't want to. This is my final prac, my lecturer is coming in to observe me, I have a unit that I need to finish teaching before the end of the week AND my big interview is exactly one week away from tomorrow. ARG! So the dilemma of the day, do I take tomorrow off too and hope that I'm better by thursday OR do I go in and teach regardless?

    I'm thinking that going in tomorrow is a good idea for the reasons mentioned above and because I don't want my mum to catch what I have (her immune system is still very weak). But on the other hand, if I do go in, I'm likely to need to run to the toilet at least twice to be sick and I'm not going to get better as I'll be tired at the end of the day which will also mean that I'll be sick longer and then mum will be more open to catching what I have. Also, my supervising teacher might catch it and she is also around someone whose immune system is weak and will be in a dangerous situation if they end up with a virus.

    I don't think I'll go in. Both I and my teacher have people that we need to protect from viruses and I'll be doing neither myself or our close ones a favour by going in. Right. Decided. Not going in.
    Friday, March 5th, 2004
    9:24 pm
    TV Ad
    I saw this tv ad earlier that was a bit of a laugh. It's for Just Right cereal and you have this man waking up and heading towards the kitchen with all these ppl (hundreds of them) dressed in pink oval shaped suits and saying over and over "apricots, sultanas, wheat" (they are meant to be his taste buds talking). Anyway, he gets to the kitchen and sits down, still surrounded by his mumbling tastebuds, pours himself a bowl of cereal and as he goes to put a spoonful in his mouth the tastebuds go "apricots, sultanas..." he puts the cereal in his mouth "...honey?" *in a questioning tone* lol a NEW flavour of Just Right has hit the supermarket ahhh gotta luv ads

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    Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
    4:02 pm
    Today I visited my prac school to find out what grade I would be teaching and details about what time to be there on the first day and where I should park. I've been given a grade 2 class at a new basics school (these are trial schools and work around the concept of rich tasks - see if you want details). We'll be doing the rich task called, Physical Fitness but I am yet to find out what that will involve exactly. I'm pretty nervous about teaching grade 2 as I have never taught that grade before. All my pracs so far have been with the upper primary (9+ year olds) so I'm not too sure what I should expect. One week until I find out *drum beat*

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    Tuesday, January 13th, 2004
    5:55 pm
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    Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
    2:13 pm
    Yesterday was a fun and eventful day. It started with the greatest event in our church year, The Epiphany. In our church this day is even more important than Christmas because it is the day that God spoke. The baptism of Jesus where God spoke and said, "this is my only begotton Son with whom I am pleased" (i think that's how it was said anyway).

    It was such a hot day so after church we (Mum, Dad and I) went to Wynnum. I lay under a tree and gazed into the sky through the branches and leaves of the tree I was lying under. I love that view, it's one of those beautiful moments which stay imprinted in my memory, as does the endless straight of blue sky and sea. I went for a walk on the jetty with mum, the jetty has stairs at the end that lead into the water. We went down them and just stood there for a bit while the waves splashed against our feet. I wish I could do this everyday, but at the same time it's something to look forward to on these days that i have off where the weather is perfect (i love hot weather).

    In the evening, Stamatia came and picked me up to go to the movies. We were to meet with Carol and Jess but we were late so we'd assumed they'd gone in. We purchased our tickets and went in to find that they weren't there so we met up with them after the movie. We saw Peter Pan and i loved it! I would have to say taht it definately is one of my fave movies! After the movie we went for coffee and we all indulged in my all time fave Italian hot chocolate. mmm i'm yet to meet anyone to like it as much as I do though. The conversation was a bit awkward as we don't all know each other well. Stamatia is my friend from highschool and Carol my uni friend who lives down the road. Jess is Carol's ex next door neighbour who I've met a couple of times before. We didn't all know each other well enough to just hit it off so it was all small talk at first with many silent moments. Then we started talking about my mum and her treatment. Jess gave me a contact for support and we all talked about what we knew about it. It was good to talk to someone who knew something about all this but at the same time I felt a bit emotional. I don't tend to like being in the center of the conversation and especially about something that I'm quite emotional about. I don't know why I'm so emotional about it because the truth is, i did want to talk about it, and I did want to know stuff. Anyway, after escaping to the ladies room for a bit, I cam back not feeling so emotional and we talked abit more. By the end of the night I was feeling alot better about the talk.

    Sleeping was a bit difficult as it was sooo hot. And I got woken up twice by my dad shouting on the phone to my brother about him not being home yet. It was only 12:30am so I didnt think my brother was that late, i just didnt see the need for my dad to be shouting like that. Overall though, it's got to be the best day I've had in awhile. I love being outdoors and going out with friends, it's not something I do very often and the combination of church, outdoors and company made for a brilliant day.

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    Thursday, January 1st, 2004
    5:12 pm
    I went for a half hour walk this afternoon and I have to say it felt great! I walked over the bridge and back, then along the river. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks as ferries and speed boats went past and the sound of people walking and talking, sound of kids playing - it was all really nice. So my aim is to do the same tomorrow. I was going to go for a swim too but the beach was just full of kids and families and not much room for swimming so I decided to give it a miss today and go tomorrow instead. Hopefully tomorrow morning.
    Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
    10:52 pm
    We got mum and dads xmas pressie yesterday. I've been looking around for wicker chairs for ages and it ended up being the first place that i visited that i ended up buying from. It was kinda fun running around to lots of different stores though coz i got to see heaps of different furniture and other interesting bits and pieces that I liked. So we bought the chairs yesterday and we were intending on hiding them somewhere until xmas morning and setting them up next to the xmas tress as a surprise, but we couldnt find anywhere to hide them. Plus mum and dad were suss that we were up to something - they thought that we bought a canoe and were trying to set it up under the house lol. The thought that coz i told them that i wanted to get into kyaking and we went looking for kiyaks (sp?) that same day. Anyway, we had no chance of hiding them so we ran around to the front door, set them up, rang the door bell and sat down and waited for them to come answer the door.

    Dad answered the door, the first thing he said was "you're mum's going to kill you" (but in greek), meaning that she wasn't going to be happy about us spending so much money. Anyway, I told him to call mum over. She was sooo excited. She's been wanting these chairs for ages (and i mean years) so i knew it would be the perfect gift. I wish my camera had it's batteries, I would have taken a photo of my mums face. I haven't seen her so happy in a long time, and she was surprised too :) We took the chairs inside and unwrapped them from their cardboard protective layer. Set them up and let mum and dad sit down. I can't forget how happy mums face was. I don't want to forget that look on her face, it was a very sweet and touching moment that i want to hold onto forever.

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    Wednesday, December 10th, 2003
    8:55 pm
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    Tuesday, December 9th, 2003
    8:38 pm
    The funniest day!
    Today was a funny day, I worked all day, the first half with Catherine and the second half with Mel. Now the second half was the funniest, this is after we closed the doors. We had to shut down the EFTPOS machine and Mel and I never remember the password for it without having to look it up. Today we decided to guess it. So I had a turn and got it wrong, then mel told me what she thought i was and we got it wrong, then i said, "oh I think i typed it wrong" after Mel told me it, so she told me again and - the EFTPOS shut down because we got it wrong 3 times :s We didn't think that it would probably shut down after 3 wrong attempts, it said to contact the help desk. I looked at the number we had and it said Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. It was 6:00pm. So i thought bugger, my next bright idea was to unplug the machine, but I couldn't work out which wire to unplug. Then i looked for the phone number again, and found it, just above the one I originally looked at. Called the help desk and got through on the first ring! Thank God! I told the lady the problem and she verified some details, then she asked for the business name which i told her. Then she asked for the address, instead of replying with the name of the shopping centre " Location Shopping Centre" I replied with "Business Name Shopping Centre". Mel on hearing this burst out laughing which made me realise what I had just said, and burst out laughing on the phone, now i mean hysterical laughter! 1 min later I was off the phone and Mel and I were in stitches laughing!

    After we got over it, Mel was going to drive me home, she parked on level 1, we got in the lift at ground and were in it for about 2 minutes talking before we realised it wasn't moving. So we hit level 1 again, still no movement, so we decided to hit level 3, and see if we could come down from there. We went to 3 and tried to hit level 1 and it wouldnt go, then we tried to hit ground, still no movement. We were officially stuck in the lift at a quarter to 7, when the centre has been officially closed for almost 2 hours, until someone at ground hit the button to come up, we returned to ground and used the stairs. But my God it was funny! Mel was kinda scared but I was all excited coz I wanted to use the 'alarm' button. I have to admit though, i did get a bit light headed when I realised we were stuck on level 3, I had this fear of the lift crashing down to the bottom floor - yes I've watched too many movies! LOL. But that fear was quickly evaporated when I realised it was an opportunity to use the untouchable 'alarm' button, luckily that girl on ground saved us otherwise we might have been stuck inside there for awhile!
    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2003
    6:06 pm
    yeaahhh!!! I have my teaching community underway!!! teachcom I'm sooo excited!!!! Ecstatic!!! I really hope it's successful!!! Blurty is a bit slow though, i didnt' realise that my first post actually worked so i made another one saying nearly the same thing - well about the teaching community anyway! heh! ah well can't be bothered to delete it now!
    But yeah for my community journal!

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    5:08 pm
    Today has been a day of projects - my first aim was to start a teaching community here on blurty so i can develop my skills as a teacher by talking with other teachers around the world and it would be a bonus to show at the interview next year - especially since i'm a technology major student! I haven't got it done yet since blurty has just sent me the email to confirm this account!

    The second project is one that my friend Panayiota and I had talked about at Bribie Island about a week ago - to organise an Orthodox Youth Charity Ball to raise funds for the Bribie Island project. Our ideas and plans are grand but we're determined to make it happen - and thus starts the dream :)

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