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first entry [23 Oct 2003|03:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hmmm. How should I start this journal off? I guess I could start off by saying hi. So, hi.

Today is another off schedule day. I got up last night at 8:30 and decided to just stay up for the day. Around 9:30 I took a nap so now hopefully I'll last until later on tonight instead of only until around 5-6.

Mom might go to visit aunt Mary tonight so if so I might go along cause I need to return an overdue library book and want to get the "Brother Bear" soundtrack at K-Mart.

Who knows what will really happen though. Plans around here not always go the they were going to go. Things tend to get switched, etc.


Aren't there any communities on this site that are actually active. There isn't any PotC or GH communities that are alive around here. I think I'd have better luck on Live Journal. At least those communities are alive.

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