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[30 May 2004|01:33am]
i'm thinkin...
maybe i should update this thing more
like i used to


i made a new voicemail for my cell tonight
it's awesome
...like your mom

i don't have to work tomorrrrrroowwww

i was gettin cat food today
my boss walks up in the place
and he's all tryna talk to me and shit
..not to mention he calls me pretty. like it's my name.
like.."hey pretty"
i swear all the time
yea but no

i went to the movies today
saw raising helen
made me cry
i'm gay
but it was good
and i love kate hudson

not this thursday
but next thursday
my mom-mom wants me to go to erie with her
all the way up near canada
to visit relatives i don't like
kristi...my uncle skip and aunt kathy..and denise..and gary
and other people i don't like
so i don't think i'm gonna go
if i did, it wouldn't be for myself
it'd be for mom-mom..so she'd have company..
8 hours. in a car. no music. no nicotine.
psh...i'd want to lynch myself.

kit had kittens.
3. 1 died. so 2.
dakota and smokey.
i named dakota.
and james named smokey after himself.
cuz people call him smoke like it's on his birth certificate.

and today
luna had kittens too.
5. 2 died.
fucking kittens.
i don't want the new ones.

i have straight a's.
cuz i'm smart like that.

they need to send me a new subject..like now.
i wanna get the work done.

i'm tired
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[06 May 2004|01:14am]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | britney ]

figured i should update...
it's been almost a month.
i've been lazy.

i guess i'll update about the carnival.
it was maggie and ryan and i basically all week
yea, we had lots of fun
ryan's cool
tom came down one of the nights with his friend
and shawn has a weird shaped head. ahem, stalker.
poor mags :/

i have a tannnnnnnnnn

got done all my english
with an A
yea, bitch.

prom is tomorrow...or today rather.
better be fun.
i gotta wake up early though
stupid hair
oh well

found out some bad news with my mom :(

james got a job
as a plumber
making good money

friends ended.
i cried an ocean.

i like britney spears' new cd.
i'm gay.

i don't know what else.

maggie got her license today..well, yesterday
but still

ok i'm done


[14 Apr 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | radiohead ]

this will be a super long entry.
i gave a warning
that's fair, right?

sunday night...
liz came over
and it was raining and icky out and shit
and i wanted to listen to the nirvana a-z on y100
and the stereo was in the garage
but it kinda dirty in there
so we decided to take everything out
spray it off with the hose
and clean EVERYTHING
bored much?
so we did
and it's perty
then i was tired as fuckckckckckck
so we went to sleeeeeeep

liz's mom was being
long story
but yea
no good
i don't like her much
at all
so liz was supposed to go back to her mom's
but she didn't because of their argument and stuff
so she stayed with me
and she went to work
and then james and i picked her up
and i applied there today

then on tuesday
got up and got ready and everything
then tom and nick came and picked us up
and took us to his cousin frank's for his party thing
i said i wouldn't drink anything.
i did.
a lot.
a fuck of a lot.
but i didn't get that drunk.
i took like 9 shots of shit, and then like 4 mixed drinks.
cool though.
i had fun
so we spent the night there...
i never slept...
between jason waking up and screaming random shit, the noisy ass fan, and zach like breathing funny
no sleep
but i'm still not tired
so whatevevveveveverrererevever

end of that.

i like tom though.
he's cool.
i love him.

god, i'm gay.
'tis okay

then today
tom drove us home
and then i got a shower
and then went with liz to her work
cuz she had a meeting for 2 fucking hours
and i was being harassed by this 32 year old
just ew
then we left
and went back to her mom's cuz she had to watch her brother
while her mom went out
then mom picked me up
and here i ammm
mom's taking a half day tomorrow
good, cuz i need to do some shit
like get stamps
and i gotta send my tax crap in
cuz tomorrow is the last day

this weekend
i'm going with liz to rock hall
and we're gonna
do fun stuff
or whatever

ok i'm sick of writing
this is long enough
bye :)

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[11 Apr 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | deftones ]

happy easter.

james went.
that was my entertainment.
that and the 2 kids that fell during everything.
and the people raising their hands.
omg i was laughing when james was talking shit.
so disrespectful.

it's a crappy ass day.

we went to fox point.
and this was the first time i saw russ.
and he asked me why i didn't come in to work
but he said i come back any time and get money if i needed it
and i don't have to commit to an actual job
that's cool though...

i don't feel like doing anything today
at all

jj and kevin
one of them
were in my fucking room
when the door was locked
i found programs opened up on my computer
that i don't open up
and then
when i asked them about it
they lied

retaliation is in order
mark my word.
typed letters, rather

ok bye

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[07 Apr 2004|07:54pm]
i'm sick as all fuck.
i am barely able to just sit here...

i've been throwing up all day
and my stomache hurts soooooo bad

i'm eating animal crackers to try to get something in my stomach
because i keep throwing up my stomache acids

someone save me :(
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[06 Apr 2004|11:21am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | sugarcult ]


lots of shopping

sunday=james took me over kristen's
i don't like his car
it scares me
and i don't like his driving
that scares me too

me and kristen have lots of fun brushing our teeth
it's not even cool
well, yeah it is
but yeah

monday=we took the bus up to zingo's
and walked around there
because we're gay
and our hats kept blowing away
not cool.
then aunt linda picked us up
and we ate
then aunt linda took me home
and i watched everwood
i'm a dork.

i woke up a few minutes ago
luna was in my room

i don't know how she got in here
she was sleeping on my leg and purring really loudly
and i think i kept moving aorund and kicking her because i remember waking up earlier
cuz i felt something on me
no one needed to know that, but i felt i should share

mom's home sick
today and yesterday
i dunno what's wrong with her

and i don't know what's wrong with my computer either
all these stupid pop-up's keeping..popping up
and being homo
like a retard
getting hit by an ice cream truck

my dog is barking outside
she's so gay

today is pretty out
i have to mail these 2 tests

i'm about to watch the cat in the hat

my entries are so exciting


[02 Apr 2004|04:46pm]
went grocery shoppin with mom last night
then mike and jackie picked me up around 9
and we went over there
and i watched the texas chainsaw massacre
and it wasn't scary
but i had fun
i told mike to pick me up an application next time he's at work

today's gay
the rain is making me more tired and more tired

something weird that i've noticed-
people tell me shit that's supposed to get me mad
and i get mad
for like 2 minutes
and then i just don't care
it's like i don't care about anything
doesn't effect me
oh well

"she a lil chunky"
i died

i'm leavin
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[01 Apr 2004|01:24pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | trapt-when all is said and done ]

i really don't like getting in depth with english
it's too confusing
ok, i understand infinitive and participle phrases and clauses
but why the fuck do i have to know if they're adjective or adverbial?
this is retarded
i'm DONE all my english work
i just have 2 parts of my 3rd test to complete
and i don't understand it...no matter how many times i read over it
just doesn't make sense
the very last test was easy as all fuck.
but i can't send that in before i send in the 3rd one so blah
i've been really motivated the last 2 days
that's how i got everything done
i kinda miss school
and all the work
fuck that, no i don't
i hated book reports and projects
atleast i don't have to deal with those
now i'm fortunate to have adverbial clauses.

it's hot as fuck in my room
i hate hot weather.
and it's not even hot out
but my room is
stupid room.

i went to bed early last night
and got up at 9:30
i'm proud

i wanna do something tonighttttttttttt~!~!~!~
that was gay
but i'll probably just end up being gay and renting movies or something
i keep thinking today is wednesday
and it's not
it's thursday
this week went by fast
and it's april fool's day
didn't know that either
i never did prank anyone on april fool's day
i'm just gay

my mom said last night, when i was asleep
cuz i went to sleep at 7:30 and told her to wake me up at 8:30
for american idol
that she tried 7 times
and that i woke up and talked to her and shit
and how i kept whining
and since i wouldn't go downstairs
she turned the tv on for me in my room
and i whined something about how my remote didn't have batteries cuz james stole them
why don't i remember any of this
-my whole not sleeping issue or whatever..has got me really fucked up...i'm like a heavy grump violent sleeper now
it's weird
and then i don't remember shit that i should remember

i like writing about pointless shit.

but anyway, maggie's on
so i'll talk to her...


[31 Mar 2004|07:46am]
the crow
i love that movie

im borrrred

i dont have anything to update

[29 Mar 2004|08:51am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | blues traveler-run around ]

i got up at like 3?
then went out with mom and we picked kristen up then we went down to the wal-mart near dupont hwy
i got earrings
mom was looking at patio furniture and shit
then we took kristen home.
lol, big day.

i got up early so i could go to church
i wore a skirt
yea, i was cute
we have a new pastor there and i hadn't met him
so yea
i did....he seems nice
and he's really funny
and atleast i didn't fall asleep =-\
so yea....and he's really quick...so that's really good
then we went out for breakfast
then we came home
then we left again
and looked at houses and shit
then we went up to a wal-mart in pa....so mom could see what they had for patio furniture
yea, i got nail polish there
it's like hot pink and chromed out metallic stuff
shit's pimp
i'm a dork
and i got perfume
cuz i'm cool
then we came home..and i fell asleep at 7 pm
then i woke up at like 11:30
and then went to bed at like 4
and woke up at 6
cuz randy called me lol
so i talked to him a little while
and made iced tea
and watched saved by the bell
then my girl came on
and i was watching that
but i turned it off before macaulay culkin dies cuz..then i cry...rivers and ponds and stuff
so yea
i gotta wake up james at 9:30 so we can go get mcdonald's breakfast
i guess i should get a shower now



[26 Mar 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]
[ music | soty ]

i fucking hate ants
they scare me
i saw one in the kitchen
and i sprayed it with the hose thing
and got everything wet
and then i thought i saw another one
so i blew inbetween the corner crack thingie
and then a spider popped out
but i spared him, and picked him and carried him outside
if i like spiders, why don't i like ants?
so we got ant killer stuff crap

mom took a half day today
and she went shopping and brought me home some clothes
i don't have frickin room for all these clothes
god damnit
but then we went out
went to my uncle's
and saw this big thing he did at a mall in jersey and it was cool
but really boring
then we left there
to boscov's and we were just lookin at shit
and i got wendy's
cuz wendy's is good
then we came home

and in a few mins i'm gonna watch gothika again with my mom
i love that movie

on the 23rd
me and kristen are gonna go to six flags
cuz it's closed to the public
and since we're homeschooled
yea it's homeschoolers day
we're cool
so hopefully we'll go
and it won't hot out
and no lines

james isn't home
he never is
he's always over jj's

mom-mom thinks i should go back to work at fox point...
i dunno
i dunno
i dunno
i dunno

ok bye.


[26 Mar 2004|02:38am]
[ music | Chevelle ]


I hate not being able to have what I want.

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[25 Mar 2004|04:22pm]
last night was fucking horrible.
no no no no no no no no no no.
i don't like matt.
i don't like when guys are sweet.
i don't like when they're clingy.
i don't like when they're annoying.
i'll just be a bitch.
i don't care.

i think i'm going to the movies tonight
with mike and jackie
should be fun
we're gonna see dawn of the dead
i just need to kinda hide myself when i go there
cuz i don't want the bitch to see me

randy fell asleep on the phone with me last night
like out of no where
he took too many pills i think
i'm worried
but yea...
like mid-conversation he stops talking
and i can still hear him breathing
so i kept talking to him
even though i knew he was asleep
i didn't want to hang up...and then like the operator and that beepy thing come on and wake him up
cuz that would affect his slumber
and i didn't wanna do that
so i just fell asleep with the phone on
i'm so nice
i woke up and it wasn't on so i dunno what happened

i'm talking to mark
i want him to beat this loser up

i'm gonna leave now

[24 Mar 2004|10:08am]
i just got a nose bleed
and i havent had one in like 3759 years
out of nowhere
and it had like chunks of blood
maybe i should stop those lines
lol no
but that was weird...

we got a letter from david yesterday
and he sent us iraqian money
and it has hussein on it
and hes ugly
and he has an email address
so i dont have to write him
which is awesome
and he told me that
ho bitch in iraqian means i love you

james needs to wake up soon
like now
so we can leave
but i still need to get a shower and shit

im watching maury
im cool

[23 Mar 2004|07:22am]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | dave matthews band ]

it's party time )


[22 Mar 2004|04:39am]
stupid x43763876370473484960960
'tis what i am

i want weed
like right now

[21 Mar 2004|10:44pm]
i had the weirdest dream...

we were looking at houses and then we came to this really big one. and we moved in. it was me, jackie, and mike. and i remember beating everyone in dodgeball...? because there was a gymnasium in the house. and there was also a mountain but...yea..wtf.
but the weird part...
me and jackie were in this room....and then i took my eyes out. (wtf?)
and i didn't think i could see without them...but i opened my eyes anyway and i was looking at the clock...
and i could kinda see it so i opened my eyes all the way...and i could see...without my frickin' eyes.
so i went to the bathroom mirror...but the light was out...cuz it was thundering and lightening...
but it somehow came on anyway..
and i had eyes.
i had eyes in my hand.
and eyes in my...eye place.
so i had 2 pairs of eyes.
so then i showed jackie and it was just crazy.
and then mike went to work.
and me and jackie kept losing my eyes....like they fell in the sink and shit.
then i woke up.
and thought my dream was weird.

end of day.

[21 Mar 2004|07:59am]
[ mood | la la la ]
[ music | Journey-Faithfully.......fuck I love this song ]

Stayed up all night...oops?

Didn't do much last night.
Went out to eat with Mom....we went to Jimmy's. And Lina now works there. Gave her a big hug, and we talked for a few. I got a stuffed jumbo shrimp thing..and the crab crap had too much fucking mayonnaise in it and it was gross.
Oh well.
Then we took the movies back.
Mom took me over Magdalena's house for like an hour and a half.
Then I left.
Talked to Jaclyn.....and we're plotting.
God, we're evil.

Talked to Randy.
What the fuck, man.
He was mad at me...for a dumb reason.
And he wouldn't tell me til' I was like begging to know why...
and then it was just stupid.

Then I just got done talking to Matt for like 80 hours about anything and everything.
He's cool.
But he left to go to bed.

I'm obsessed with this song. I've been playing it on repeat since about 11 pm.
I know I'm gay.

Kristen left for work.
Stupid workaholic.

I talked to Ryan earlier too.
But he sounded weird.
And really worried....
that I'd be in the middle of a fight..
I don't know.
The whole thing was pretty random.

I'm not taking the job at Regal.
Wanna know why?
Cuz I don't want to work for an idiot.
That's why.
3 letters of recommendation.

I guess I should go to bed.
I have to get up at like 11 or 12.
Yea, I have a sleeping disorder.



[20 Mar 2004|02:41am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | lp ]

i have to get up at 10
and im not tired right now
we are goin up to some mall in new jersey...cuz my uncle is designing this big thing for it
for free
he should make the bitches charge
oh well

didnt do anything tonight
im sick
and i dont feel good
and i sound like i got kicked in my windpipe by your dad
kinda sucks

im not gonna take the job at regal
just cuz i dont feel like getting 3 letters or whatever
thats crackhead shit
and i dont wanna do it

james went to jj's
that was pointless to say but still the same

today i got back one of my tests
and i got an A
yay for me

ew i smell filter

maggie has to work tomorrow
that makes me mad
damn her and her stupid stupid job

i think randys mad at me
and i think i know why
i dunno

why do people have to be so gay?

on that note
im leaving


[18 Mar 2004|11:19pm]
im tired
i didnt go to bed til like 8
and woke up cuz randy called me at 2:03
got ready and dressed etc etc
and then we left for my interview
and i found the chick at the top
and all these people kept bothering and all
but yea
i got the job
i gotta bring in 3 letters of recommendation or some shit
wtf is that?
like its a big job
my dick
one from my old boss..who doesn't write english let alone speak it very well
one from a teacher or a doctor....i think not
and one from lizs dad...dunno why
and then working papers
i dont like working papers
i dont wanna work there
and james went and they told him that they would call him
so i dunno whats up with that

so we left
and then met my mom at sears
and i got my hair cut
the dumb ho cut it too short
but i like it
it was really long
and now its like up to my shoulders
but its okay

my eyes hurt
and theyre all watery
and voice is fucked
i sound like i have a crackpipe stuck in my throat
i dont feel good

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