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[16 Mar 2003|10:10am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | decoded feedback - bio vital [funker vogt remix] ]

i'm tired. i spent the night with chris last night and i'm 92.7% sure that my grandma knows we had sex. i came home at 9:45am and i said good morning and she says, "where've you been?" and i told her that we fell asleep and she said, "doing what?" and i said "watching tv" [which isn't entirely a lie. i did fall asleep watching shrek, but that was way before we went to bed for the night]. anyway. we had sex twice last night and i woke up at 8:45am today and he had "morning wood" so we had sex again. he was cute last night.. but he's always cute. [: anyway, we outside so he could have his cigarette and his brother was out there. i totally looked like i had just had sex three times in eight hours. ]:

why do i get e-mails guaranteeing that my penis size will be bigger? i do not have a penis!

anyway - i went to my mom's house yesterday. there were quite a few people there. mom, dad, taylor, michael, uncle wayne, papa, aunt sherry, carolyn and the dogs [chase, milo and the taz monster.. then duffy came over later]. taylor and michael are so cute. mom had those baby gates up so taylor was confined to the living room, kitchen and part of the back hall and michael came up to one of them and was asking me to play nintendo with him and taylor walked right up to him and reached out for him like she wanted him to pick her up, so he put his arms down and it was just so cute. he couldn't pick her up because he's only 5 and she's 1, but still. i leaned over and picked him up and brought him over to our side and he sat on the floor and taylor gave him a hug and a kiss. it was so adorable. then she crawled into his lap and just lounged there with her babydoll. they're such cute kids. i wish i had a camera. anyway. later on, michael and i were playing and he was pulling my hair and i told him that if he pulled my head off, he'd have to buy me a new one and my uncle said, "we'll get you a different model this time.. something that works." and i said, "you just wish your head was as good as mine!" and he started laughing. he's such a pervert. then later, michael and i were pretending to cut each other up with his plastic tools and he pulled out his screwdriver and put it to use on my arm and i said, "ow. michael, stop screwing me!" ah, awkwardness. i didn't play with michael much after that.

i'm supposed to go out with matt later on, but i don't know if i will. i paged him and told him i'd rather go out for dinner or something because my grandma's pissed at me right now [for staying the night with chris] and i felt the need to stay home. he didn't seem very happy about it and i haven't heard from him in quite some time so i'm assuming i pissed him off and we may not go out. it's really not that big of a deal, though. i feel like it's causing a lot of problems with bubby, so.. bah.

heather moved out yesterday. it's different without her here. i'm going to get the rest of the stuff out of her room [it's mostly my stuff that she was borrowing] and turn it into my computer room. i'm eventually going to get one of those wood frame futons from wal-mart [or somewhere cheaper if i find one] and stick it in there so i'll have a place other than my computer chair to sit and watch tv. i may just buy a bunch of bean bags. i'm undecided.

wow. i'm talking to andrew. it feels so.. weird. bah.

i'm going to go. brunch is served. [:

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