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en clase [05 Dec 2005|01:08pm]
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I am in class at the moment watching time tick by on these metal, time-killers. They are all so professional and deadly. I can't stand the bussiness-look of it all. The walls are yellow and white, yellow and white. With metal fold-out chairs that stack away easily and hide in the secret rooms hidden by the Gibney Gymnasium. Through the Trophy Room and secluded enough for a rave, even 10hours and no one could find us. Or perhaps a quiet afternoon of tea and Langston Hughes. Oh, yes, here in the computer labratory we happen to be researching our chosen 1920s topics. I've chosen J. Langston. He's a new kind of brilliant to me. I'm very pleased to be researching two brilliant literary minds that I have vervor for in both English and U.S. History. I cou-- Mr. Peronace alert. Let's go!

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