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school work and such [20 Feb 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | ludacris - freaky thangs [haha] ]

hey kids ! im almost done with my homework for today . i had a shitload! sheesh. i dunno what they're thinking !! ya kno? hehe.. soo am i the last one who knows what college they're goin to ?? cuz.. i dunno. i feel REALLY behind. i hate that. but u kno.. it did pay off bein a nerd the past.. oh i dunno.. almost EIGHTEEN years of my life!! yuck. whats my social life like ? oh yeah.. i hardly have one. haha.. sucks. this summer baby !! baby gurl is lettin loose !! hehe.. watch out now.

im sOoOo not lookin forward to my birthday this saturday. the whole idea of turning legalized weirds me out !! like.. i can start voting, buy cigarettes, buy porn, lottery tickets.. etc. im a *gasp* adult soon. wow. i still consider myself a chiLd. plans for "birthday eve" i like to call it .. go out with my parents.. then sean and brian have somewhere to take me. saturday : out to eat with my BOYS ! then they have a suprise for me.. afterwards strip club with my ladies.. after that.. BOWLING !! yaaay !! hehe.. ok so maybe im a LITTLE excited about my bday. shhh! dont tell anyone tho. *wink.

i've been watchin waaaaaay too much tv lately. joe millionaire, clone high [best show ever !!], real world road rules challenge, star search, AMERICAN IDOL, friends, michael jackson interview, and ER.. ugh i never watch this much television. thats what i do now.. eat and watch tv.. soon i'll be smashing beer cans on my forehead. hahaha.. =)

right now, nikki is FEENIN for : a niceeee long bubble bath with "love spell" bubbles, with norah jones - "dont know why" playing in the background, aromatherapy candles lit everywhere, and the bonesetter's daughter by amy tan being read by me. *sighhh.. sounds heavenly.. too bad i have no time for that.

*muwah me plz

another survey !?! [19 Feb 2003|04:17pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | r. kelly - ignition remix ]

***All about me***
* name; miss nicole
* nicknames; nikki . badtz . mango . shawtie . yicz . the list goes on and on
* born; 02.22.85
* nationality; filipinay
* hair color; bLack
* eye color; dark brown
* height; 5'8
* location; jersey
* birth place; jersey city, nj

***my personality***
* do you consider yourself nice or mean?; very nice. until u ignite somethin.
* what do you do for fun?; drive around .. dance .. sing. blah.
* are you shy or talkative?; depends.
* are you the type to start shit?; nope !!
* if you see someone staring at you, you...; give em tha finger. hehe no. i dunno.
* who do you hate?; ur mom !! hah.
* sum yourself up in a word; "maarte"

* drink?; snappLe apple & sugO !! yuuum !
* fruit; watermelon, mango, and pineapple !
* restaurant? hop kee [chinatown]
* movie?; a walk to remember . roman hoLiday
* book?; joy luck cLub
* color?; pink !
* t.v. show?; american idoL . tehehe.
* animal?: bull dogs
* song?; extreme - more than words

* seeing neone?; blah !
* crush?; i guess .. maaaybe.
* have you ever loved someone?; ya huh.
* was (will) your first kiss (be) special?; hah. no.. i was pLayin spin tha bottle.
* ever been hurt by someone you really cared about?; of course
* ever said "i love you" to neone and not meant it?; noooope
* who is your crush?; ur mom.
* is it wrong to see other people when you're seeing someone? depends on the agreement.

* what would you do if you saw your guy/girl flirting with someone?: i dunno. bite him. rawr !!
* are you the jealous type?; heeeellll yes.
* would you be jealous if your ex found someone?; depends on tha ex. heh.
* what would you do to win back the heart of an ex?; i dunno.. strut my stuff ?? haha.
* if you had access to your guy/girl's cell would you check their messages?; noo way.. cuz i would never want sumone to do that to mee !
* a "must" for you're dream guy/girl; smells nice . respectfuL . thoughtful . sense of humor.

***friends aka. my life***
* who sent you this survey?; aiza.
* who do you consider ur "real friends"?; chris, meLvin, n mark
* funniest friend?; chris !!
* hyperest friend?; hyperest? cheq ur english son. that wouLd be mee !
* nicest friend?; all of them.
* best silly convos; chris. are u kidding me !?
* best advice; "kingan sa puso mo.. " translation : listen to ur heart..
* ever fallen for a close friend?; blahhh ! a few years back !
* do you believe in second chances?; definitely.
* what would you do if a friend told you they had feelings for you?; i have no cLueeee
* have you ever backstabbed someone?; i think so.
* do you believe in friends forever?; yep. definitely . and i kno thoe ones that are stickin around for a whiLe.

* how many kids will you have?; hopefully more than 2
* how old do you wanna be when you get married?: 28
* when you grow up?; doctor ? maybe nurse..
* do you think you'll be successful?; we shaLL seeeee
* what college do you want to go to?; villanova
* where do you want to live when you grow up? nj . or nyc.
* what are you doing this summer; partying !! me and chris are goin to CALI !! wOo hoOoo !!

***past 24 hours***
* cried?; nope
* laughed; i cant stop laughin
* helped someone?; gave 10 million people rides home !!
* bought something?; lunch? haha
* felt stupid; no.. cuz we had a sub for AP bio today
* said "i love you?"; nooope
* wrote a letter; yeah.. to mommie.. aka jessie d !
* wrote on paper?; yeeerp
* met someone new?; ya huh
* written in a journal?; this thing. heheh
* talked to someone you love?; my mom? lol
* missed someone?; no. because im mad at him !! ggggrrrr !
* hugged someone?; angieee !! we give daily hugs to eachother whiLe all the boys get turned on because they get lesbian fantasies !! hahah
* fought with your parents?; not yet. but i got time.
* fought with a friend?; yeah. meLvin. and hes still mad at me.
* slept?; yes i shouLd hope so.
*Would you rather wake up next to a dead octopus, or a living, naked, 90 year old woman: woah. that was kinda random. haha.. ummm.. none of the above!

4 *muwah me plz

[16 Feb 2003|09:05pm]
for boredom's sake.. i did a survey.

01 | drowning
02 | the exorcist
03 | thinkin bout my future

01 | school
02 | crying
03 | heartbreakers

01 | boys
02 | girls
03 | life

01 | phone
02 | a valentine D made for me
03 | my nets hat

01 | fillin this out
02 | talkin to ppl
03 | thinking

01 | fall in love
02 | have children
03 | truly be happy

01 | piss people off
02 | procrastinate
03 | smile and giggle A LOT

01 | stubborn
02 | sweet
03 | passionate [bout eevverrythinggg]

01 | tall
02 | asian
03 | weird lookin

01 | focus
02 | fall in love
03 | get thru to my parents

01 | ur heart
02 | someone u trust
03 | God

01 | hehe
02 | o ok
03 | what?

01 | japanese
02 | italian
03 | filipino

01 | my grades
02 | my future
03 | my life

01 | how to get smarter
02 | how to hook up cars
03 | how to improve myself

01 | water
02 | snapple apple
03 | milk

01 | muppet babies
02 | eureka's castle
03 | alvin and the chipmunks

01 | philippines
02 | florida
03 | cali

01 | nikki
02 | badtz
03 | yicz

01 | my family
02 | my friends
03 | God
*muwah me plz

bOoOo. `=*( [16 Feb 2003|01:55am]
[ mood | sad ]
[ music | jay-z - excuse me miss ]

hey.. hope everyone's valentines day was good. mine was.. pretty good i guess. it ended well anyways. thanks to tek, bin, and sergio for the flowers. u guys are so sweet! *muwah. so yeah.. since my friend denise and i didnt have a real valentine.. we [anti-valentines day inc] decided to drown our sorrows at the nets vs. bulls game. lol.. what better way to do it then go to a basketball game and watch our "husbands" [kenyon martin and richard jefferson] play. BUT OF COURSE my husband .. kenyon.. didnt play. damn u valentines day. it just HAD to rub it in. aye nako. `=oP hehe reguardless tho.. we had a good time. too bad jason kidd didnt do that well.. but hey.. the nets won. `=o)

u kno wat amuses me? watching men in a victoria's secret store. lol.. u can tell they get sOoO nervous waiting for their wife/girlfriend/friend etc. as they pick out undergarments and such. hahah. i went shopping today and went inside VS and just observed how alllllll the guys in the store were just so uncomfortable. its like.. why dont u just wait outside. i'd say.."u dont have to come in and watch me shop for gstrings, bras, hoisery, etc. that ur probably gonna get to actually see on me later [if ur lucky]." heheh.

so yeah.. why did i put my mood as sad? well.. i am. more missing then anything else. but.. yeah.. its been a while since i've talked to _____. and i've been really cold. i had a chance to explain why.. but i just didnt. and now im afraid to lose him. *sigh. he knows who he is. no need for names. i dont even think he reads this anyway. but.. oh well. i can complain to the rest of u. it's 2:03 AM.. and all i want is just to hear his voice... bOoO. its payback for bein a bitch.

*muwah me plz

buwahaha. [13 Feb 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | stevie wonder - lately ]

hi everyone. =) i was reading over my last entry and.. damn. i was in a bad mood. lol. its ok tho.. every gurl gets them. troo? troo. i just havent been in a good mood lately i guess. bleh..

so yesterday me and chris almost got in trouble by the police. hahaha. we're fcukin renegades !! k this is wat happened .. me and chris were just drivin around and i had a camera on me.. so i was like.. damn lets take pics of ur car. [cuz he recently added mods to it]. the park was the best place to go cuz its empty and has nice scenery [hard to find in jurzee]. but the problem was that it was 8 pm. the rule of the park is that u can only be in it till one hr after sundown otherwise u get a fcukin $200 fine. sheesh. but i was like .. "just go chris.. whos gonna kno. i mean.. i dont think they check it." sOoOo we're there.. and we take pictures and its freakin BRICK out there. argh! so i run back into the car.. while chris is still outside like.. fixing somethin on his car.. when all of a sudden i see headlights and a truck coming. i freaked out and screamed : "GET IN THE CAR!!!!!!" he didnt turn on the headlights and sped out of there sOooOo fast. i saw the truck tryin to catch up but it couldnt.. and i heard a loudspeaker "whoever is in that car get back here!" lol.. i was freakin out. we got out safe and sound. it was way too dark in the park for him to see our license plate or even wat kind of car it was. sOo we lucked out. yup.. me and chris.. bonnie & clyde. hahaha =)

just got back from nyc with chris. fun fun fun.. we went to chinatown and ate at hop kee. MmMmMm.. watercrest and snails and peking style pork. yuuuum! =) we were just walkin around. haha about 9 people came up to me and chris and was like .. "aww u two are such a good looking couple.. hope u have a good valentines day" haha we like threw up. ewwww.. chris is like my brotherrrrrrr!! heheh. s`all good tho. its cuz we look DAMN good. tee hee. omg it was seriously freeeeeezing out there. im not kidding when i say i have frostbite on my thighs. ahhhh! it hurts? somebody come rub them for me.. hahaha. =)

oh btw. im selling my audi. those of u who kno me.. tell me if ur interested in buying. or if ur in the north jersey area e-mail me. its a black 2001 audi tt. very low mileage, manual, kenwood soundsystem, 14 in. rims, equipped with black leather heated seats. oh and it has prettie purple leds. tee hee. im selling it cuz.. well.. i dont want it anymore. cuz i cant modify it.. i mean.. who modifys an audi?? bleh.. i want something more subtle.. maybe a mitsubishi lancer. something i can add a bodi kit, spoiler, etc. to. *shrug. k..

*DROOOOOOOL.. glowing lightsssssss.. *drOooOooL. eww now my keyboard is wet. lol

5 *muwah me plz

uh huh [10 Feb 2003|11:58pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]
[ music | sean paul - get busy ]

today at school everyone was talkin bout valentines day. uhhh.. shutup!?! haha.. seriously tho.. like.. its one day a year that everyone makes such a big fuss about. its not fcukin christmas. grrr.. do i sound cynical? i should.. im not in a good mood.

first of all.. its a hallmark invented holiday. do u kno the history behind st. valentine? go read about it.. he got his fcukin head chopped off for this day. YEAH.. REAL ROMANTIC! only losers buy into this holiday with its stupid kissing.. hugging.. and yuck. with its chocolate thats gunna make u fat.. allergy filled flowers ur probably gonna sneeze from anyways.. yeah. only losers actually have a valentine. who wants to be a loser ANYWAY!?!? .............

... i do! `=*(

*muwah me plz

^_~ [09 Feb 2003|04:37pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | deep foundation - hip hop is this ]

i havent wrote in here in a couple of days cuz i've been prettie busy with stuff. `-=oP but yeah.. before i say anything eLse, a quick happie birthday to mark [dahLing] !! tee hee. yesterday was his suprise bday party.. toO bad he already knew about it. grrr.. hehe. its ok.. we still had fun. me, meL, and ryan spent tha whole day decorating the hall whiLe chris and kuya irv were figurin out wat music was gonna be spinnin cuz they were gonna be tha DJs. but yeahhh.. it was nice seein some peopLe i havent chilled with in a whiLe.. like tracey!! hehe i missed that chick. and of course kuya neiL

i had to leave tha partie earLy tho cuz i promised i'd chill with my cousins..and go to another party. sOo of course when i get there they're not ready yet.. so im just waitin and they started pLayin game cube wit the my lil cousin kyLe. *sigh.. soo by this time we're reallie late for the party so im too lazy to go anymore. so we just chilled at the house.. hehe. i ended up taLkin to brian on the phone for most of tha nite.. whiLe kyLe and my cousin bri were bothering me. hehe.

i just got home from goin out to lunch with my boys.. ugh im so fuLL once again. `-=oP hehe.. dammit.. i cant keep eating like this.. prom is comin up. ah well.. `-=o) so yeah.. i dont feel like writing anymore.. so thats it for now. take care! *muwahhhh

*muwah me plz

busy busy busy.. [06 Feb 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | 50 cent - back down ]

just finished my stupid homework. ap bio.. *sigh.. i hate it so much. i dont give a shit about recombinant dna and dna lygase. grrr.. and i need to actually care cuz of goin into the medical field. makes me so mad. `=oP

so today was a pretty busy day. i thought it was jus gonna be me and chris chillin at my house. but noooo.. he wanted to mess around with his car and leds and shit. ended up breaking his car. lol.. his alarm doesnt work, wiring isnt working, etc. sooo we basically drove around lookin for someone to fix it. no luck tho.. plus i had to go cuz i needed to go the doctor's and get my hepatitus shot. `=*(

after the shot.. i stopped at the "big important" basketball game. i promised matt i wouLd stop by at least.. so i just came for a quarter. i couldnt stay cuz me, mark, melvin, and chris had dinner plans at our faaaave place charlie brown's. hehe.. yuuum. *rubs tummy* im so full. ^_^ old guy to me: "miss, ur parents let u out with all these strappy young lads by yourself? if i were ur father i'd never allow this." hehee ^_^ i lahhhv my strappy young lads.

basically.. im tired. hehe.. i was watchin ER a lil while ago.. dr. chen is with umm wats mekhi pfeifer's character? i dunno.. but they're together. Ooh im jealousss! lol i sound like such a nerd.. but denise knows wat im talkin bout. makes me think tho.. if u watch the show u kno wat im talkin bout.. dr.chen has this certain taste for men that i have as well. and shes asian..a doctor hmm. coincidence? or foreshadowing? lalala.. maybe im really that tired.. `=oP

till next time kids.. *muwahhh.

*muwah me plz

*sigh [05 Feb 2003|10:56pm]
[ mood | complacent ]
[ music | dru hill - i should be ]

today at school i registered to vote. that kinda makes me feel old. i'm not even 18 yet.. but now that i think about it, its only 12 days away till my birthday. and i'll be legal. im not even lookin forward to it this year unlike past years in which at this time, countdown already commensed. but i dunno.. for some reason.. im just turned off by the whole idea of gettin another year older. *sigh..

now that im already upset, i guess i should just bring forth another sad subject. well, for me anyway. and that's valentines day. lol.. dammit! i have never had a valentine for valentines day. is there some kind of destiny for me that i can never have a valentine? cuz now that i think about it, i've had a significant guy in my life every year but never on valentines day. lol i remember last year.. Terrell and i broke up on feb. 1st then got back together feb. 18th. lol wtf. and it sucks more this year.. cuz i have someone in mind as my valentine.. but due to certain circumstances, i cant be with him. bOooOo.. valentines day = sadness for nicole `=P

watched american idol before.. i was very disappointed. they're just not as good as last year's. `=o/ im not impressed. where are the kellys, tamyras, or justins? bleh.. they better shape up. hehe.. i sound like a judge. `=oP

oo look at the outfit my mommie bought for me! lolz.. cuz they had a sale at french connection so she got me a bunch of fcuk stuff.

edited : aww the pics arent showin nemore!! =*(

oh and she got me a shirt that says "arrete looking at mes boobies".. haha.. my mom got me that. kinda funny. shes so cute. ^_^ ok well im done for tonite.. till next time. *muwahhhz

8 *muwah me plz

prom and such [04 Feb 2003|01:55pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | brian mcknight - sorry song ]

brian mcknight singin in tagalog? hehe pretty hott. its not so bad either.. he just says "kita" weird and a few other words. at least he didnt brutally terrorize the language. ^_^

edit entry // 8:29 pm :: so chris came and installed my leds! woo hoo. im happy now. hehe.. i lahhhv him. but my computer is still in a shitty state. ahhh.. but he'll come back tomorrow. hehe.

oh so my prom idea. hehe. i was tryina think of a way i could look really different. last year i was lucky enough to get an original dress but this year i want to stand out. soo i thought of a chinese theme. im gettin a chinese dress made.. but not like a regular one w/ the high collar and stuff.. this one is gonna be a lil sexier. hehe.

its gonna be a low cut halter dress with 2 really high cut slits. then ms jackie offered to do my hair and makeup (meanin i dont have to make an appointment OR pay!) & put chopsticks and make me eyes really dark and lips really red. woo hoo! oh and accessory wise chinatown is the answer.. the cute flat shoes and purse will match the dress PERFECTLY! the print of the dress is gonna be traditional and i decided to get red. mark helped me wit that decision cuz of well, his car. lol.. most of u kno he drives a red mitsubishi spyder. so we'll be rollin in on that [not gettin a limo this yr.. why? *sigh long ass story -- deals with last years limo situation] but anyway how hott would that look if we matched the car? yup.

ok obviously i have no life seeing that i typed this long ass entry. lol.. im doin it durin the commercials of american idol. hehe till next time.. *muwahhhhz!

9 *muwah me plz

yay i`m back! ^_^ [03 Feb 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

i decided to get dis thing back agen.. cuz.. i feel motivated. its been like 2 months since i've had this. i dont care if neone reads it.. but here i am anyways.. ^_^ now let's see if i get tired of it again soon..

after drivin all of my ladiez home after schooL, i was by the middle schooL and passed Jim in his weak ass yellow mustang. hehehe.. hmm we were the middle school kids' entertainment to say tha least *smiles* hehe.. so when i got home, jus chilled and ate. blehh. i was mindin my business when all of a sudden mister mark [alphinity] kindapped meee at around 5. hehe.. he had to gimme back my cellie but then he dragged me to tha mall wit him. we did some "prom shoppin." this was such a dumbass idea cuz #1: i cant get around that easily on my crutches. #2: he already knowz wat i wanna do for prom and #3: he hates shoppin with me anywayz. *sigh. what a nerd.

so now im sittin here. boooorrrrreedd. i wanna talk to brian. *hmph* hes prolly playin his xbox. `=P lol. maybe tomorrow i`ll explain my prom idea. mark seems to like it.. so *shrug. but i definitely dont want bitchez coppin my shit. haha.. `=P

chris.. when u installin my prettiee purpLe LEDs to my audi? tee`hee.

yummie. its YES. my husband. hehe
thank goodness for the real world / road rules challenge.

5 *muwah me plz

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