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Hey dear visitor! [07 Nov 2003|05:03pm]
This is my first time when I wrote here. My (ex-) friend spoke bad things at me, to my very good friend (no names, sorry). I'm sad, I think that girl are really my friend and she wants to be, but no. I wanna say seven words to her; Fuck Off and get a life, kid!! And we have got a history test in school, I think my test goes under the chair.

I do new website to me, it's suprise, that's why I don't tell what kind website it is. Hmm, I think too nobody never read this, but no matters. It's can be better, if things really go that way.

I have to stop now :( My mum comes home soon! I hope she never sees this journal. Bye bye. Next time I promise tell more about myself and where live and who's my best friend.
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