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[03 Aug 2003|06:46pm]
yeah so today was nice, my mom dragged me out to the bronx wit ma family to eat at this resturant called "lundys" or sumthin, it was really nice, but i c no point as in driving all the way there for that resturant. I think im stayin home tonight, cuz last night i went to the movies AgAin...cuz mattituck sucks ass
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she is leavin on a car thing [03 Aug 2003|11:14pm]
xox Diverse xox (11:06:35 PM): u leavin tomorrOW?
rockzxmyxworld (11:06:39 PM): ya
xox Diverse xox (11:08:20 PM): your leavin on a jet plane..dun kno when you'll be back again... you ahte to say good bye...cuz your leavin on a jet plane lol i forgot the woooordds i lll misss u sooo muchhhhh page....
xox Diverse xox (11:08:26 PM): ::Stop singing::
rockzxmyxworld (11:08:47 PM): lol ... im leaving in a car ...
xox Diverse xox (11:08:51 PM): fine
rockzxmyxworld (11:08:54 PM): lol ill call u from camp!
rockzxmyxworld (11:08:57 PM): i promise
rockzxmyxworld (11:09:01 PM): ILL MISS U TOO
xox Diverse xox (11:09:17 PM): cuz your leavin in a car thing dun kno when u will be back again.. you hate to see urself goooo lol hahaha
rockzxmyxworld (11:09:32 PM): lol loser
xox Diverse xox (11:09:45 PM): nahh

--she is my lover hehe jk jk --

haha page is like gonna be gone for the rest of the EVERYONE SAY GOODBYE TO PAGE!!!!!!!!!
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