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another new diary [08 Apr 2003|06:56pm]
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*the other one i just made is being stupid and not working. here is this one. i coppied the entry for that one. the end.*
well folks, this is my first entry in this diary i have made so my friends can interfere in my personal life. hahahaha. Hmm, i have decided that i will tell the guy i like that i like him tomorrow. i am hoping that this will work out well, but i still have my doubts. I figure now is a better time then never to tell him what im "feeling" I dont want to wait for another month and have all these feelings in my head. I just want to know if he likes me or not so i know if i should just pack it up and get over him. Plus, i have decided that i should tell him, and that even tho im worried about him being mean about it, if hes going to be mean about it, its not someone i would want anyways. I dont know how he is when it comes to things like this, and this is the most important thing to know about him. so tomorrow, i will say something, prolly with the help of dear ol' cheynna. well im done now. - meeeeee

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