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theres a black moon tonight. and its shining down... [13 Nov 2003|09:19pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | the distillers ]

blurty had to be bastads and delete my journal. BAH! that pissed me off very badly but oh well i made another one because i had nothing else to do, and felt like it. i think they suspended my journal because i took pictures of the cards with the porn on it that where in the grass lol with jeanney, and i posted them on my journal. so yeah i think thats why. ooh well :)

today was a fun day. i stayed after with...jeanney, chris, brianna, dan, ace, chelsea and joe. it was fun. we went on the late bus. i hate sitting on the late bus, i think it just makes me sad oh well...:(. uhh then nick called me and he came to pick me up and we hung out. it was lots of fun. i love him sooo much. we had a good time tonight i think. we watched dumb and dumber and ate with his family. then went out and saw pat and jordan. good times. i love you babayyy...<3

thats it for now...RANCID. . . 3 DAYS!!!!!

hate the world with me

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