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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3:41PM - The Benefits of a Copper Lined Heating Chamber | Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace

It is well known that quartz infrared heaters could certainly supply warmth for the cool rooms in your house. You will like any unit to be safe and efficient when it is conducting its job. Nevertheless, the Heat-A-Lot portable infrared furnace comes with many advantages which go even up to keeping family and friends healthy inside the the winter season.

Very much like each and every technology features of this machinery, the copper-lined heating chamber was designed chiefly to offer you sophisticated heating. And yet, the copper utilized in conjunction with infrared heat helps make negative ions that are distributed within the air your entire family breathe. If you don't recognize the healthful facets of negative ions it could not appear like an enormously big deal. But during the last ten years, doctors have realized that negative ions supply you with a large number of outstanding benefits for your body's health.

Just one of these particular benefits is one area which may be really important throughout the winter time. Negative ions support & fortify an individual's immune system, just at the time of year when colds & flus can be the the most severe. Aside from that, they reinforce the function of nerves and collagen while enhancing the permeability of your cell's prototype plasma membranes - and that signifies that a person's metabolism will be improved

The copper lining of the Heat-A-Lot's heating chamber is the key to enhancing the quality of the negative ions which are delivered. It happens to be comparable to the sun's rays moving through a magnifying glass. The metallic lining modifies the infrared that radiates out from the heating element and imparts it with a even pattern specifically at a desired range that is most appropriate. These same benefits can also be found on the Comfort Furnace.

As a result Heat-A-Lot infrared furnace isn't just the finest quartz IR heater on the market today, it is equally a healthy solution for your entire family.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

7:06PM - Diffusion With Stainless Steel Coil - The Heat-A-Lot

The concept of diffusion coils built from stainless steel might not appear especially captivating. Let's admit that right this moment at the start of this blog entry. On the other hand, when using the Heat-A-Lot Quartz Infrared Heater, the segment leading diffusion coil solution will make you feel amazing from your head to your toes.

Quite as the concept highly suggests, this important component is liable for diffusing the warmth that's manufactured by the quartz furnace's heating element. The fact that the diffusion coil is crafted from stainless-steel is extremely important. A number of competition units fail to offer a reasonable diffusion mechanism, however devices that do oftentimes feature diffusion coils which are crafted from ineffective materials and content, furthermore poorly formulated from the beginning.

During the time of testing these units, the Heat-A-Lot showed to be near thirty percent more potent in diffusing infrared heat when compared to all other makes that just didn't benefit from a stainless steel design. It represents a great difference overall relating to the span of time the portable infrared heater must perform so that you provide an equivalent level of warmth. So, this makes a serious difference in precisely how much you pay for the cold season to warm your dwelling. Lifetime also happens to be expanded by means of the use of stainless. This is one reason why the Heat-A-Lot can offer a estimated lifetime of 15-20 yrs.

Perhaps the best things about a Heat-A-Lot quartz infrared furnace is that it looks outstanding from the outside as well as runs outstandingly inside. Owners clearly don't desire an unpleasant portable furnace in the home throughout the cold winter months, & not a soul expects a pretty appliance which really doesn't get the job done. Making use of Heat-A-Lot you acquire the best of both worlds.

By the way, if you look into the technology features of the Comfort Furnace, you'll see that those models offer very similar advantages.

We loaded each unit we feature with technology developed of the highest quality components, & the proof is in the guarantees & warranties we provide. To learn to read a little more about the Heat-A-Lot's stainless steel diffusion coils or other technological features, MirageInfraredHeaters.com is the place to see it.

Friday, April 8, 2011

2:21PM - Heat-A-Lot Feature: Onboard Quartz Infrared Heating Techology

Carrying forward with our series on the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater's innovation traits, this page will focus your attention on the point that this model makes use of quartz infrared heating technology. Then to follow up, we can continue to explain the advantages and rewards of having a portable quartz infrared heater.

Facets which have been related to quartz infrared heating systems are often: safety, longevity and efficiency. The reality is, the Heat-A-Lot heats up your residence in addition to your body similarly to how the sun heats the Earth and its human inhabitants. It is the way in which this piece of equipment heats up the objects inside the room first and foremost, versus mainly warming up the air in your areas, which makes the unit so alike to the sun. It makes so-called "soft heat" considering the fact that all these objects retain the warmness, and in turn release it, which in turn gently warms up the air. Also, it is the essential reason why the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace warms up your areas from floor to ceiling & wall to wall.

Everyone has popped open a scorching stove and had the irritating, dry feeling heat whack our faces. It's definitely not what the sun feels like after it touches our skin. That difference happens to be reminiscent of old fashioned space heaters when compared to quartz infrared heaters. With the whole body you're able to sense the dissimilarity yourself.

Additionally, on the point of space heaters vs. infrared furnaces, the safety difference connecting outmoded space heating units and quartz infrared heating technology happens to be remarkable. When anyone contemplate space heaters, instantly one thinks of is fire. Not true with your Heat-A-Lot. The heating elements are secured firmly into fireproof containments, guaranteeing that these devices aren't able to start up a fire. Toughness coupled with usefulness are stellar, and yet safety is in fact the first concern.

Given that the point of extending life has been brought up, we'll consider the remarkable lifespan of the Heat-A-Lot's quartz infrared heater elements. They continue for - at the very minumum - twenty thousand hours, and that's unquestionably significant. A bunch of customers said to us that their elements survived 30 thousand hrs or even more.

As if numerous benefits and advantages were not enough, let's inform you of one additional before we finish. The Heat-A-Lot honestly costs less compared to a everyday coffee maker to function. Include all of those things together and you're able to see how great these systems really are.

The Comfort Furnace makes use of similar innovations, which you can read about on our website.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

1:59PM - Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace - Thermostat Feature

Inside of this 2nd thread of the Heat-A-Lot features and benefits grouping, we are going to move towards a lot of details. The 1st technology feature could make for a modest entry, nonetheless the feature is simply anything but inconsequential when you're thinking of portable, quartz heaters. We are speaking about the Heat-A-Lot's thermostat, which is superbly precise.

The Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace posseses an extraordinarily precise thermostat. The main cause this machine's thermostat is indeed so precise is because of the fact that it's actually monitored by a microprocessor. Now that is unquestionably state-of-the-art technology. And exactly how correct is the thermostat? We're talking within a single degree of the genuine mean temperature within your room.

A few other so-called infrared heaters available today wouldn't even possess a thermostat. Could you believe it? These kind of units offer an off-and-on button... and that's it. You may imagine they cost less than the Heat-A-Lot. It's the time when the expression "you get what you pay for" does seem especially true indeed. The Heat-A-Lot will manage it's own operation, however the others may very well basically keep running until eventually they burn out or else you shut them down.

The thermostat is combined with a good sized, easy to read digital temperature display. You'll be able to view the thermostat's reading in either fahrenheit or celsius-- it happens to be your choice. And you may make that change with a couple quick presses of buttons built on the front of the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater.

All that's left to do is going to be to settle-back, relax and allow your portable quartz infrared heater to do the job of keeping the spaces in your home or perhaps even office toasty warm.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

3:08PM - Tech Features Series: Heat-A-Lot Infrared Furnace

This first contribution is a main of many items that hopefully will show the benefits and features you can appreciate making use of Heat-A-Lot IR Heater from Mirage Distributors. Inside this edition let us sketch the key technical features of this portable quartz heater, which in turn we intend to visit in much more detail throughout further posts.

An item you'll notice immediately around the Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heater is that it is offered complete utilizing innovative technological innovations which you can not just witness. More excitingly, attributes you can easily experience with your ears plus feel with your body. You may take note of the disparity involving this item as opposed to run-of-the-mill space heater, because this model functions essentially noiselessly. As well as the infrared heat it releases is indeed so much more effective coming from an energy usage standpoint and in the way it goes about heating up your home or office. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, allow us to follow the job at hand: the technology features loaded inside of this striking model.

The Heat-A-Lot Infrared Heating System incorporates a clearly accurate thermostat. It's so accurate, that it will read the temperature within the room inside of just one degree of accuracy. Why then is it so precise? It is so accurate since it is governed by a microprocessor. This is paired with a digital temperature display which is easy to read even from across the room.

Secondly, it's a quartz infrared heating system which uses four quartz heating elements. Let's discuss the details in future blogposts, however this technology helps make this portable machine far more cost efficient and just more effective as opposed to numerous other portable choices.

The third, these are not only infrared heaters, also, it is an air sanitizer. The air which travels into the machine is literally stripped of virus, mold, bacteria and other airborne pathogens that make your household in poor health.

The fourth page will look at the benefits and advantages of the Heat-A-Lot's stainless steel diffusion coil. It improves the life span of the item alongside diffusing the warmth it releases in a more effective way compared with its competition.

Number 5, its heating chamber is lined with copper. We are all aware precisely how precious copper is at present. Though via a copper-lined heating chamber, the infrared energy developed is better transfered. Not only that, the copper moreover increases the magnitude of negative ions delivered. This is truly a awesome health benefit.

The sixth factor is the longevity of the elements it utilizes. They will be so long-lasting, in fact, that they have a baseline life span of twenty thousand hrs.

The 7th engineering quality which makes the Heat-A-Lot IR Heater simple to operate is definitely the remote control it has standard. Just think, you could sit back after a long day's work, enjoy some TV and take control of your portable infrared heater from the comfort of your chair.

Another quality we will discuss is the temperature sync feature. This lets you to run the machine in conjunction with your central heating unit. Contrary to working against it, the Heat-A-Lot can perform with your central system.

This is the summary look into the technology you could rely upon. You may see more details on our portable quartz infrared heaters at www.MirageInfraredHeaters.com.

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