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Sunday, September 21, 2003

9:29PM - F*ckin' Eh!!!

G*D D*MN SCHOOL!!! F*CK SCHOOL!!! I can't wait to get the F*ck outta Northern Virginia. College is gonna be hella sweet!! I can't wait. My school is the gayest freakin school ever, they can all suck my dick and go to hell. Work was fun... not really, but it was the easiest 50 bucks I've ever made.

F*ck New York Giants, and the Skins, they shoulda won, but they made too many stupid ass mistakes... 16 penalties!!! LOSERS! (which is funny cause they are still one of the better teams this year)

I never post here, so you know I'm bored. I should be doin homework, oh well. I have no idea how people can write so much on these things... (*cough* Kim *cough*)...

I met an amazing girl, but she's west coast and I'm east... F*ck!!! She's crazy cool too...

Anywho, I guess I'm done whing, ranting, venting, whatever you wanna call it.

~Peace easy.

Current mood: aggravated
Current music: "Love Song for No One" ~John Mayer
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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

7:48PM - My First Entry

Whoo! I have another jounal, haha. I can't keep up with one, how am I gonna keep up with two??? Ok, No one will ever read this, but I don't care.... I can better vent without anyone's knowledge then. My life is boring if anyone actually does read this first entry... so don't expect mind blowing storied and very few entries per week. Oh well, I really have nothing to write, I just wanted to have a post. Later days!!

Current mood: tired
Current music: Adrienne ~The Calling
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