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Saturday, October 25th, 2003
8:07 am - woot im at my grandma and grandpa's house fun
yea, im at my grandma and grandpa's house like the title says. their computer only has a dial up connection, so its really annoying but w/e. im pretty bored. still miss jason. and im really annoyed b/c of this whole deal wit jake epstein. heleyna, kathleen and i were obsessed with him, right? so now they're not, not and i was about to say 'oh, jake this jake that' and then im like no, they'll get annoyed so yea. i hate how they lose interest in things so quickly, but on the other hand i hate how i DONT lose intrest like, ever. im more mad at myself than i am mad at them. i hate it how i could like, meet or see a hot, cool guy and then not lose interest till the 24th of never. it sux butt. i have found out from mary's journal that you can curse on this site. how god damn fucking fun. anyway, life is pretty good right now. i have an awsome group of friends at school, so much cooler than the popular freeks. oh, and my intergrated math class played a prank on mr. Poulter and it was pretty funny. mrs. Sheehan called him into her room along with the two other teachers. basically everyone in the cluster was in on it except for Mr. Poulter. so mrs. sheehan told all the teachers about jakie cheating on a test (she obviously didnt, that was part of the joke) and while mr. poulter was out of the room, our class ran outside and hid in this little hallway type thing, hard to explain exactly what it was lol. so we waited for him to come find us, and jakie runs up to where we're hiding, and tells us that mr. poulter is in the class room teaching! so we run back to the door, and he locked us out! we saw the PJ and Bridie were still in there, and when mr. poulter let us in, we asked them why they stayed in. Bridie said it was b/c she had to finish her hw for social studies, and PJ said that he had no idea what we were doing (hes retarded, not litterally lol) mr. poulter said that it was a good joke, and that he had to get even, even though he had already given us those fake tests.ok well im gonna go so cyalater.

current mood: bored
current music: nothing, cant play music on this computer

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Tuesday, October 21st, 2003
3:33 pm - ok yea, i miss jason right about now
as the title of this entry says, i miss jason. lol yea, i thought i was over him but i guess not. its really sad how i was watching the cd that james gave me, and i learned how to play the song by looking at his fingers lol. AHH no one understands! to understand, you would have to actually be there at camp with me, and see what i saw through my eyes, which is not possible, which means that no one will know how i feel, which sucks. i used to go by the ''more for me!'' thing, but now it just doesnt work. it is a lot more fun to be obsessed with someone when there is someone else that is just as obsessed as you. and of course, i was the only one who liked him so that never happened. blah unatainable men are annoying me right now, and... yea. anyway, i really wanna have a party. i think that i definitely have enough friends for it to be considered a party (unlike last year where i only had enough friends for it to be considered a small gathering of friends) so that is good. ive been to... um.. two parties this year. yea lol that is not alot but w/e i dont care, i wanna have one. they can get hectic but that's sorta wut makes them fun. the drama factor. i finished all my homework and i'm bored. i really wanna go back to camp right now, but on the other hand i'm having a really good year in school. this is scary but right now i would rather see jason than meet jake epstein. yes, i kno it is scary but dont be TOO scared! lol all my friends think im on drugs cuz im always so retarded and over excited. really, all i wanna do is have fun. i HATE all those popular retards who go around saying "omg, i broke a nail... look at all those stupid people. they're like, actually having a life. we are so cool, wearing our abercrombie designer clothing and making out with boys ANd girls.. i bet EVERYONE wishes they were us" um yea, not me. i wish you were dead. they piss me off so much. so now heleyna is going out with drew and kathleen thinks it's hysterical! lol I ON THE OTHER HAND THINK IT IS KIND, AND SWEET! HELEYNA SAYS THAT I AM A QUALITY FRIEND. lol heleyna you rock my pants and i want to be in yours! kathleen you are my boo and i want you so boo hoo hoo. that was quite a lovely poem. anyway, i think i'm going to go cuz my name is joe and i gots to go like WOAH!

current mood: annoyed and lovestruck how fun
current music: nothin homie, but i might listen to something in a minute!

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Saturday, October 18th, 2003
10:15 am - woo my first journal entry
ok, so my friend mary (hello mary!) always uses online journals, and posts on losts of message boards and stuff, so i guess you could say i was inspired by her ;) so any way, i was watching the wade robinsen project about an hour ago, and i thought that the moves were so cool and smooth, and i was like ''damn, i reallly wish i could dance like that'' so i spent like, 5 minutes lol trying stupid moves and looking like a retard. i also tried to moon walk, and yea, that didnt go too well either. all these actors and dancers and singers are like ''yea, i started when i was two years old!'' and if i ever got into any of that stuff, i would look really stupid like, in a line of people saying ''yea! i started when i was two'' ''oh yea! i started when i was three!'' ''um... yea... i started when i was like...13.'' lol yea, it says you have to be 18 or older here, but who really cares? if they wanna kick me off, great, i'll go find another journal site. anyway, i hate it how im sad almost every night. its usually within the hour i go to bed, i start to get really moody and emotional and it sux. ive been to a phycologist and that didnt help me at all. heleyna and i both had bad experiences with them and we had a whole phone conversation about how anyone can be a psycoligist. all they have to do is sit in a big chair and say ''hmmm...yes, i'' it also really sux being upsessed wit unatainable guys, like movie stars and stuff, or even other people's boyfriends (no mary, im not talking about you) but i mean, you sit there and are like ''wow this guy is hot, too bad im never even gonna meet him.. wow that sux'' and yea its really annoying. its pretty annoying to be obsessed with a counselor at your camp (haha, now WHO could i be talking about?) , but its better because you can actually see them and talk to them, but u can never DO anything with them. yea its sad, i kno, but w/e thats just how it is with me. hmmm what else... o yea, i have alot of friend problems... not like, problems with my friends, but my friends have problems of their own and i have to help them deal with them, so that makes them my problems too. yes, i kno its confusing. lol. but it really sux to have a friend that is grounded every weekend for basically having a life (yes heleyna, that means you) and their parents dont even realize that they arent only punishing their kid, they are punishing their friends, when NO ONE did ANYTHING wrong. its all screwed and i wish it would stop. on a happier note, the camp reunion is TOMORROW! i cant wait to see everyone its gonna be so cool! (lol hey mary look! i used an exclamation point! LOOK I USED ANOTHER ONE!! WOO!!!!!!) i really want my mom to meet eric because i think she would die laughing. (eric, if you're reading this, you're cool... lol that wuz random) welllll i really wanna play the guitar. i dont wanna play the violin anymore cuz its getting really boring only being able to play classical crap. i was strumming on my brother's guitar and i wuz like 'yea, this is cool, i wanna play the guitar' and so my dad said he would get me lessons at the end of the school year! coooool. heleyna, kathleen and i (and probably about every other girl on the planet) believe that a hot guy + a guitar = REALLY HOT GUY! lol guitars make a guy a million times sexier... like jake epstein! he is sexxah! lol i have to give a shout out to my Mind The Gap possie! I LOVE YOU HELEYNA AND KATHLEEN YOU ROCK MY PANTALOONS! OLD NAVY BABY! well i think that is enough for my first journal entry, so bye bye!

current mood: beswaggered (my own word lol)
current music: nothing right now, but im gonna listen to mtg in a second!

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